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people are tired of watching blowouts, with the same teams every year.
no surprise--osu will pull some strings to get at max strength. They know all the tricks.
todd would take the job for 5 million, plus a boatload of benefits.
Good point about Johsnon--he'll be getting coaching offers soon. Florida should look at him closely when mullen leaves.
dan should take the nfl millions and run! At florida he'll always be 3 or 4 in the SEC with no chance for a title. In the league, he gets paid millions with no recruiting, babysitting 18-20 year olds, or hassling with boosters. EAsy decision!
Grantham — mediocre coach , not championship level — but he’s good buddies with Dan and will not get fired
Alabama will be dominating the sec for years until nick retires — the rest of the league is a bunch of pretenders
if alabama was going to a non-playoff bowl game, their stars would have opted out too. Why take the risk and get hurt, with nfl millions on the line??
mullen--good coach, not close to great. too many gaps on his coaching staff and offensive gaffes during the game with shaky playcalling. He's a 2-3 loss type of coach. Fla fans will have to accept that.
Mac or davonta will win the heisman - voters like champions
Jeremy — not a head coach — he needs to take his 15 million in buyout money - head back to Tuscaloosa and take over nicks D for 2-3 million per year -/ the man will be richer than ever!
Lsu need to pay the dude more so he don’t have to steal stuff to get by!
Lsu or auburn will hire Derek for a couple of million — easy money
Fat terry will collect millions —- lose a bunch of games — get fired — then collect millions more in buyout money — congrats!
Kirk makes millions with ESPN and a bunch of endorsement deals — he makes a couple of calls and gets his kids on the team at any program he wants
These three superstars should be #1, 2 and 3 in the heisman voting. Lawrence didn’t do enough this year
Dan has several big gaps on his coaching staff — but he’s too loyal to ever fire anyone
UT was likely turned in by Alabama or Georgia — Jeremy will not be happy with them
Phil’s making millions for running this disaster - why change?
Alabama will beat Norte dame like a rented mule 44 - 23 then knock off clemson by 13— nicks looking for another ring
A&M will beat unc easily - Jimbo is furious about missing the playoffs!
Mullen - good coaching job — he was overmatched talent - wise and has some gaps on his coaching staff
Bowl games should be for younger players to practice for next year - stars should opt out and get ready for the combine
AU needs one of the offensive candidates — avoid Steele
Very good game by florida--they were outmatched physically, especially on the oline and dline and DB, but stayed in the game. A couple of big mistakes cost them a chance to win. You have to play perfect to beat a team like alabama.
Defense o; Florida — bad all year — Dan’s covering up,for,his good friend Todd
Florida - some very good talent at certain positions — some oline and secondary issues - very questionable coaching in this game — especially coverage and clock management
Dan — a coordinator type — not an elite head coach — he got schooled again — by the master