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That is in poor taste but they probably didn't have too many Kentucky fans to use for this post. Pretty much all of the fans were gone half way through the 3rd quarter.
He forgot to say "Asian women" driving. I don't think anyone would have got all up in arms over an absolute truth.
Well they also didn't notice that 12 Gators were on the field so there wouldn't have been too much to cry about.
If he loses to Florida this Saturday, that could be the beginning of the end for Butch. He has done a great job recruiting but he needs to show he can actually coach.
I will stay at home but that is because I am stuck in Texas. I don't consider 29 being exactly an old geezer.
I do wish we would stop the "Third Down For What?". It is terrible. Rocky Top is all I need.
Nobody cares about this game. Beat Florida.