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"This result was the first time in the history of the tournament that a #16 seed knocked off a #1 seed." Not true, it's the first time it happened in the men's tournament, but Harvard did it in the NCAAW tournament 20 years ago. Oh, and is it really snarky when the use "dog" to talk about a team that has a retriever as a mascot?
I'm a VFL. I have no issues with Butch. He was just time for him to leave since he was ineffective. Maybe this would be a good fit for him. Saban can make anyone look good. He actually made Lame Kiffin look good.
I love my Vols, but Dobbs is not an NFL caliber QB.
Did Tebow get the 1st spot because he works for ESPN?
Um, they're the Falcons #VFL #GOVOLS "BOWLING GREEN VS TENNESSEE Like UTEP above, Bowling Green is not terribly frightening. And also like the Miners, the Eagles aren’t half-bad."