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I couldn't finish the video. Listening to Banks talk made my head hurt. How did he make it into college? I could barely understand what he was saying.
No sooner than I said "Whatever you do don't foul" bam he ran right into Guy. We will never know if the little bump was enough to knock his shot off target. What a game. Hats off to the Auburn team and their fans.
Reporters irritate me. That’s the first thing that comes out of her mouth? Seriously? He doesn’t owe her squar
Another reason I don’t care for the media. stirring azzholes that’s what they are.
With the style of defense Arkansas plays Butler will get plenty of chances to get to the line.
I can’t disagree with any of your observations.
Based on who is the better QB I would have to vote for Wims. Watching Fromm impressed the hell out of me last weekend
Seems many of the sports writers are following the path of the news reporters. Pure crap . Can't hardly believe anything I read these days.
Can't believe I just wasted my time reading such nonsense ‍♂️
IMHO I believe he gets it done. 2017 will be our most talented team in the BB era. WPS!!
Don't waste your time LondonHawg consistently shows his lack of knowledge on SDS
That really came up short on stirring the pot. Try again
James Rogers should have gone to DC and marched with the cry babies. Need Milk?
There are several successful coaches that are likeable. James Franklin is one that comes to mind. Personally I don't think a coach has to be a A-hole like BP "Spit".
No that can't be true! A coach actually wants to win a game? Since when? Lmao
Fans can really go over the top sometimes, Same thing happened to Brandon Allen plus his truck was set on fire. Damn pathetic
I felt Christian McCaffrey should have won it last year. He was hands down the best all around baller in the NCAA.
Agreed not sure why it would be considered an away game both teams will be away from their home stadium. Maybe they are out of touch
BossHogs must be nothing more than a troll
We are waiting Bosshogs... I was thinking about you during the game and waiting for this moment. lol 51 played his butt off tonight. Pretty much everything you posted was a BS temper tantrum similar to a young child
Neither team looked good last Saturday. Plus side Arkansas didn't give up a massive amount of points/yards against a better LATech team. LATech is a much better program than SDSU. IMO
Agreed it blows my mind w have fans that get on these public websites & slam 17-18 yr olds. Especially BH. Telling a kid to go back to Denmark? Freaking irritating and embarrassing. Both teams are a work in progress. Hopefully we improve more than they do by Saturday. I'm kinda of a glass half full fan.
Some 30 years ago I spent several years in Alaska and was introduced to some of the most potent weed on the planet, Matanuska Thunder F*@k, (you can google it) I think Cody McClure found his way to Colorado and smoked some of the same bud. lol