UGA forever!

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Also the significant drop in contributions to the university?
Nor will they mention the drastic drop in freshman enrollment and the closed dorms.
Will ESPN mention black racism aided by Pinkle and his staff have nearly destroyed a great university? Will they mention all the closed dorms due to lack of students coming back? Will they mention the black "hunger striker" comes from a millionaire family in Omaha? No, No, No.
Auburn putting UGA 3rd is like Auburn beating UGA, 2-8 the past ten games.
It won't be perplexing to you after the last Saturday in October.
Will UT have three loses this year? Yes: Florida, GA and Bama.
Mama's calling these Georgia players to stay home and they are answering. Welcome home!!
You better see a doctor about that blood problem.
that $221K car is only a two seater, where will he sit?
Tennessee loses to GA, ALA and FLA. That should take care of that #1 ranking.
Have fun getting knocked around by SEC teams.
Getting a teenager to move from Hawaii to Alabama is quite a culture shift. He may or may not follow up on it.
If Ole Mi$$ is in the mix, he can pay off his mother's house quickly!
A Brilliant coach who brought Florida's football program to greatness. Well deserved, even if he is an a$$ most days.
Ole Mi$$ preaching about morals? I love it!
When the great Gary Pinkel sided with players threatening to boycott games, he nearly destroyed your program. Just as the university still has not recovered from that episode, neither has your team. Your problems go far deeper than how many carries a player will get or who blocks who.
Does Kelly get paid by the hour or is he on salary?