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You might want to wait to see what the NCAA hands out before you start bragging about the greatest decade for the Vols. That said seems like a solid hire. Hopefully for UT he can find a coach into putting out the dumpster fire that Phat Phil left.
If things get any worse Vandy won't be the only team in the state with female players.
Bryant has backed out of his transfer to UT. Just sayin.
Yes but the t rex is driven by a lifetime of frustration because their arms are too short to scratch their junk.
Next in the SDS mythical battle series....t rex vs. megalodon.
A sincere wish of good luck to all of them. Wise decision probably hard to improve their draft value given this seasons results.
Too bad we don't play Tech any more. That caboose would be epic for the slide on by game.
Congrats on your win this year vs Auburn. Last time you beat us a Roosevelt was president.
Seeing as how UGA hasn't won a championship since I was in high school (I am about to retire) maybe they should look at moving to a conference where football isn't the #1 sport.
This is a pointless article designed to start a ridiculous argument. Really?
One part of me hopes its a good game. Another part hopes its over by halftime and I can take my old arse to bed. Either way (and this is gonna sting) Roll Tide!
Agreed. The recruiting connections will be valuable in addition to many of them being excellent coaches. Looks like Harsin is getting a lot of freedom with his staff selection and that is unexpected and definitely a good thing for the team.
Congratulations to Smith. He is a phenomenal player.
I pretty much nailed this starting a couple of weeks ago.
Should bama be concerned? Obviously it's the national championship game and OSU more than proved they deserved to be there last week. That said....Roll Tide. [Pukes on shoes]
651 that seems a little extreme just because Sark is trying to advance his career. You do realize coaches approach this as a business?
After the year Freeze had at Liberty it will be an extremely hard sell to land him as an assistant IMHO. Even at bama.
There is no substitute for flat out speed. Sure some team will give him a shot.
Watching Nix Saturday im sure he had a few "what have I gotten myself into?" moments. Not placing all the blame on Nix, but Malzahn's 2 most successful seasons were with 1st year qbs Marshall and Cam. The man didn't improve any that played for him.