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Well now we know how he paid for that ring.
At least he will have multiple waffle houses to choose from after an unexpected loss.
That is like requesting Negan to explain UGAs outlook for the season. Nobody has time for that.
Yeah that was the final nail in the coffin.
Very sorry to hear this. Hope he recovers quickly but doesn't sound good if it required surgery.
In the Auburn article that listed win percentages AU win % at PSU was lower that at LSU. That makes absolutely no sense to me.
Kinda thought the same thing. I'm absolutely not sure our offense is going to be vastly improved, but Mason's defense should be solid. And going from memory i think the PSU qb led their conference in ints last year.
Yes I think so. Gus had early success but as defenses adapted to his game plan he refused or wasn't capable of changing.
These days a lot of kids have the hs credits to graduate after their junior year. My daughter did but she took a year of free college classes her senior year of hs and entered college as a sophomore.
Yeah and Alachua isn't Gainesville. But its still the same part of the state of Florida.
You do realize you can could substitute OU for TX in his comment? Welcome to the SEC either way.
And for the record, some of my best friends are bama fans. There's usually a mutual respect, except on that one Saturday. Lol
I actually think Archibalds bbq is better than Dreamland in Tuscaloosa.
Agreed pop. And their beef sausage is purtydamgud too.
Are you kidding? Lockhart is the bbq capital of Texas and its 30 miles from Austin. And the only bad thing about Franklin's bbq in Austin is the wait.
Given the NCAA has been neutered by NIL and now this TX and OU addition to the SEC has upset the traditional "balance of power" between the conferences IMHO an NCAA commissioner who could pull this off would have to ride in on a unicorn that is farting rainbows. Sounds like kind of an impossible task.
Lincoln Riley is a hell of a coach offensively but I expect that playing SEC defenses week in and week out will bring down the Sooners offensive output. Partly because the defenses are going to just be better. And partly because SEC offensive coordinators are going to have a whole season of seeing what each are doing and what works. Should be interesting to watch either way. Sark is more of a wild card. Yes he excelled with bama players. Now we will see how he is selecting and coaching his own.
First Johnny Football was perhaps the most entertaining and talented college qb I've ever watched. Just wanted to preface with that. But I didn't really see that much development. He just had natural athletic skills and nerves of steel.
Seriously though I'm happy the kid is ok. The car can be replaced.
If you look very closely you can see a Nick Saban Chevrolet license plate frame. ;)
My daughter made me feel old. She said she was going to a concert with old rock bands. Its Green Day and Weezer.