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Amazing how he can turn that "southern accent" on and off at will.
Bravo Brian, but you still have a lot of voice lessons between you and sounding like Coach O. Granted you only had the 2 hour plane ride from South Bend to Baton Rouge.
Something tells me you are a fan of a more pointy head covering.
Maybe if it was a 12 year old boy grinding on his lap? Yes I'm going to Hell.
If Kelly had inferior players on his team thats his fault. Its not like its hard to recruit kids to go to Notre Dame, they have one of the largest fan bases in cfb. And please don't give that tired academic excuse. We all know thats something they talk about but will find a magic loophole for the right recruit.
Its an individual award, not a team award.
“extremely slurred speech, altered gait and a very strong smell of alcohol on his breath,” Sounds like the kids weren't the only undisciplined parties.
Fun fact TD Moultry had a better game than Will Anderson.
Congrats to bama and their fans. Great game. Still very proud of how Auburn played in that game. The defense was lights out and Finley really impressed me with his toughness.
Thanksgiving. The original "It just means more" Hoping all of you enjoyed family and friendship.
UF FSU and OM MSU will probably be the most competitive games. Hotty Toddy and Go Noles. (My wife is an FSU alum)
Go Navy. You can't make this kind of stuff up.
I see your argument i just don't agree. There is always a player on any national championship team who you could argue that team doesn't win without that player. I dont see how that dimishes the value of the coach, regardless of their records the following seasons. Aside from a mere couple of teams most national champions record is pretty bad the year after they win.
I see, so do the 2 seasons following FSUs championship put an asterisk on it and attribute it to Jameis Winston?
Orgeron has a national championship 2 years ago. No need to paint him in a positive light his legacy will do that whether he was fired or not.
If memory serves me correctly Spurrier had 4 10 win seasons consecutively at SC. Thats pretty dominant.
Of all the coaching jobs open i would expect the U would one of the last to tampt Kiffen. Horrible facilities, terrible attendance because the stadium is over an hour from campus, and an administration who has demonstrated they are not committed to supporting a tier one football program.