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"Jimbo’s recruited well" The irony is stunning.
So I'm guessing the aggie fan plan is to just pretend nobody saw that video?
Deflection is not an effective argument.
If it is because it is so close to the 4th then why was this article and others written? And no one is trying to tell these athletes what to do with their money. We are curious why the video of one of your coaches telling recruits "those people in those booths are going to pay you a lot of money" which is outside of NIL's intended purpose, is ignored. Especially when there were 488272 articles about the feud between Saban and Jimbo, and that video is pretty strong evidence that Saban was correct and Jimbo was lying.
If you mean the committee that runs it….I’m thinking a lot of heavy drinking and cursing. If you are talking about the bowl…it’s gonna be scheduled on Dec 22nd with an 11pm Eastern start time.
I was not aware that Kentucky had Atlantic coastline. ;-)
Maybe those people in the booths paid off SDS too.
Maybe the people in those booths bought SDS too.
Footprint is not the motivating factor here. Money is. Clemson has a large fan base, and more than that is a nationally recognized brand that will be negotiating plus for future TV contracts.
Even Mante Teo's imaginary girlfriend remembers that.
He has his head in the sand. Its difficult for him to read.
Pretty sure every school is not doing that because a coach tempting recruits with promises of money is still an NCAA violation even in this new NIL environment. But they will fire the coach in the video and Jimbo will say "What? I had no idea this was going on."
I have noticed a glaring absence on A&M fans here today.
Not sure how many years are left on the ACC TV contracts but its quite a few. Those schools buy outs are going to be high.
ND is waaaay to arrogant to give up their traditional rivalries and join the SEC.
Yeah kind of puts a different perspective on his holier than thou press conference.
How do Texas or Oklahoma fit into this "footprint"?
That would probably left up to a civil court.
Yep. It is becoming a follow the $$$ sport.
Hate to see those ACC teams tv contract buy outs. Those are going to be expensive if they move in the next couple of years.
Or arrogance. Which is why they will go to the B1G.
Its complicated by the acc tv contract which has like 7-8 years left on it.
Those road trips from Miami to Oregon are going to be something if that happens. 5 hours on a plane and a 3 hour time zone difference.
The ACC can push as hard as they want to but ND is not going to give up their traditional rivalry games and that prevents an ACC schedule from happening.
I dont think many people would notice if the PAC did fall apart.
I will be shocked. I think that TX and OU are the reason all the other conferences are in panic mode. I highly doubt that either team would change their minds based on this move.
It will be interesting when this happens to see if ND joins them. With USC in the B1G a majority of their major rivalry games will be in that conference.