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Again with blaming law enforcement. The contents of the police reports are readily available on several media outlets. In Hughly's report he was attempting to illegally pass a vehicle at nearly twice the posted speed limit, lost control of the car, ran over the speed limit sign, crossed the sidewalk and continued for 200 feet before entering the street again minus one of his front tires that was found in a ditch further down the street. Pretty hard to believe any police department in any college town would not prosecute a player under similar circumstances.
Wow. I guess it's amazing that 2 of my nieces and 2 of my nephews all graduated from UGA without getting any tickets or arrested by the very aggressive law enforcement. And, go to any college campus and you can find 1000s of students that will bash law enforcement. That's a moot point. I realize this isn't just a UGA problem, but your excuses are pretty pathetic.
You're kinda preaching to the choir speaking to AU fans about media disrespect. We are the reason the BCS system was started after the 2004 debacle.
"I love that a lot of people are discounting just how checked-out Jimbo was in his last couple of years" I have been warning you ags that Jimbo did the exact same thing at FSU and all I got was push back that it was because FSU would not provide proper facilities to support the team or that I was just a hater.
How is the Kirby Smart Safe Driving School going? ;)
No article on the Aggie fans heckling the Florida bench in Omaha about an 11 year old Gator bat boy who was murdered a couple years ago?
I think they should use a name that better represents mediocrity. Maybe Great Value Dr. Thunder?
Well they have won conference and national championships in this century. And Crockett died in the 1st battle of that war. Revisionist history doesn't help your point.
University of Texas has more students than University of Tennessee, more recent success at football, and much higher football revenues. If anything Tennessee is UTjr.
Well said. This guy acts like the Iron Bowl was just a regular game before Saban. The WLOCP and the Iron Bowl have always been on par with any rivalry in the country.
RIP somehow fitting that he didn't have to see the 1st year with no real PAC 12. I'll always remember his "conference of champions" comments.
Well he committed to Miami and accepted payment of more than 100k, then decomitted from UM when he gets a better offer from UF. Which forced a Gator booster to repay UM for the payment. Seems like a lot of drama to me.
I have some doubts about whether this was a good move by UGA. This kid seems like he brings more drama than talent to the equation.
I would go one step further and say that 2 SEC teams will play each other 3 times in a season most years. Loser of the SEC champ game will almost always make a 12 or 14 team playoff. And with the SEC's record in the BCS and the 4 team championship its more likely than not the 2 teams from the SEC championship will meet again in the 12-14 team playoff.
You be you. I certainly wasn't trying to tell you what to do.
Melch and Humpy, you guys do realize that posting in the comments section of a story is encouraging the author to write more similar articles? All they are looking for are clicks and both of you provided proof of that. Doesn't matter is your comments are negative.
Brevity Tolstoy. We already have Negan here.
Thing is that really pales in comparison to the prayer at Jordan Hare and the kick 6 that happened later in that season. It was an entertaining year until it wasn't.
You can shake your fist at the sky all you want but since all of our teams benefit financially from their broadcast rights, it's a given that the broadcasters sell commercial time to finance those benefits. You can't have one with out the other.
"So far, I’ve been all about pumping the breaks on all things Arch Manning" Didn't even proof read the 1st sentence?
Waiting for gwhite's theory how Heupel will intentionally lose the spring game for some sort of advantage in the regular season.
Mark Few from Gonzaga would be on my short list.