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This, revenues are tanking. I doubt any large program coaches get fired this year. Less money for buyouts and tempting contract offers.
Clemson doesn't need any hype help. They certainly deserve to be in any conversation about who's #1. As does Bama.
re·gres·sion: a return to a former or less developed state. Congrats gamecock fans
Have they finished the repairs to the Mike Leach bandwagon? It has had a rough couple of weeks.
I dont see that happening either. That would mean he would have had to test negative yesterday. The tests have to be administered 24 hrs apart.
If Saban is caught at that game it will result in an NCAA violation. I can't see him taking that risk in a season whose importance is already diminished.
Leghumper the Bob Kuykendall conspiracy theory just elevated to a new level.
Watched the highlights of his 6 touchdown game a couple of weeks ago. If this kid goes legacy and attends Ole Miss and Lane Kiffen still has the job....thats going to be fun to watch.
On the flip side if SC wins it will be the 1st time they have beaten Auburn period. Streaks only mean so much.
How are they going to get him into the stadium? Disguise him as a child? All jokes aside like I said yesterday best wishes to the man.
57939 I think you misread the rule. Voice communications are only allowed between the press box and the sideline. Meaning no one outside the press box or not on sideline can be a part of the communications. That was the intent of my headset rules comment.
Unless I'm mistaken the NCAA has pretty defined rules about who can and cannot wear headsets among coaching staffs.
Just a heads up, I don't think any schools will be firing coaches this year. They simply can't afford to with the revenue losses they are all seeing.
Pretty sure that would be a violation of NCAA rules in addition to SEC and university protocol. So that's a hard no for me.
Just heard Nick Saban has tested positive for covid with no symptoms. My very best wishes that it stays that way.
Regardless of the outcome of the game every coach on the arkansas has changed their opinion about their game vs arky. Good game, and an unfortunate bad call.