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Hopefully no matter how he is charged this kid has learned to be more responsible. But somehow I doubt it.
Should be an interesting spring game. New coach with a new system. I imagine there will be a learning curve that the team hasn't had much time to absorb.
Those win loss figures are a bit skewed because both programs had abysmal records when Leach was hired. Not saying that he is a threat to dominate the sec by any means but both programs records were definitely on an upward trajectory when Leach left.
Leach and Kiffen are the main reason I am going to miss in person media days in Destin. That would have been a hoot.
Reading "trust me" on anonymous internet forums is always good for a chuckle.
Fair enough, I on the other hand will wait and see. His success at Boise is undeniable. Whether that translates into success in the sec remains to be seen.
For now. But they are the biggest school in Florida so they have the revenue to build. If the program shows improvement to drive that spending I would not be surprised if they did.
You better reserve about 74662628 lines of space in this article for Negan's post.
That is an exaggeration. The administration surely did bit most fans i know still had plenty of doubts.
As an Auburn fan I'm very familiar with the "new Gus" hype. But we always got the "same old Gus" performance. Wish the man well but not buying that he's changed.
Harsin really hasn't had much time to change Bo's bad tendencies and Bo hasn't had much time to absorb Harsins coaching. Time will tell.
Pretty much Dave. The Chiefs had several of their starters out for injuries if I remember correctly. Not taking anything away from the Tampa D they played a great game.
My take, we are teaching Bo Nix. Something that hasn't happened in the last 2 years. The kid has the raw skills, just needed the coaching. At least thats what I'm hoping for.
Not saying Auburn is going to be in contention for the west I expect we will have a rebuilding season, but dead last? No.
Very well could be. I'm interested to see what Mason can do with the talent at AU. Way better than he had at Vandy and I will venture to say than he had at Stanford too.
If thats is ever deemed to be targeting we should just switch to flag football. That was a clean block.
That spin move he showed as a wildcat qb will probably come in handy trying to get around a blocker.
You have really put a lot of thought into this. Not judging.
Well if head is involved gonna have to say thats a hard no. Pun intended.
Unlike the Saban statue that is 3 times life size this one seems to be more accurately depicted. ;-)
Maybe I can help. The future of their program is in the hands of a coach who lost a bowl game he should have won to their team. The irony is stunning.
What is this? A Cliff's notes version of the recent troubles at UT?
You say you don't have time in a response to his post. One of these things is not like the other.
I find I can read a few more sentences of Negans posts if I imagine him speaking in the pretentious accent of the Stanton optical commercial guy who says "either" with the beginning sylable using a hard "i" pronunciation. Still haven't made it to the end of one but thats progress.
What baffles me is how much attention is paid to where NFL qbs go in the draft when most of your highly successful NFL qbs went late in the draft. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Breese....I could go on. Wish Mond the best but this is much ado about nothing.