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Geez so he retires from cfb and gets an aarp card the same year?
Cajones I do too. Actually saw Tom Petty concert in the Gator basketball gym in the late 80s.
I'm confused. You commented to say you would not comment?
He's admitted it happened so that pretty much blows the "guilty until proven innocent" argument out.
Plagiarizing dean Werner, "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son."
Plagiarizing dean Werner, "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to got through life son."
At least we are winning the games we should. But we are running out of cupcakes.
Fully expect a Thiccer Kicker menu special available somewhere Monday.
I agree. What Norvell said isn't just a knock on Deion, it's also critical of his parents. I'd be upset too.
You do realize you can control what's on your TV with a convenient remote control? :)
And an Auburn player is. It's bizarre.
I think his opinion is based more on pigmentation than articulation.
I trust Freeze's ability to recognize talent. That's the reason this guy is a starter.
And Harsin had him on the scout team last year.
Auburn fans have always traveled well. I was at the AU/Oregon bcs national championship game in AZ. There were noticeably more AU fans than Oregon fans. Even though our trip was twice the distance.
We struggled to score 14 points vs a low end PAC 12 defense. There's a reason Cal had to accept reduced revenues to join an ACC that can't renegotiate a tv contract for over a decade.
Consider the source. This is the same guy who said Heupel planned to lose to UGA last year because it presented and easier path to the playoff.
He didn't say power 5. Tulane isn't a P5 team but Ole Miss still played a ranked opponent Saturday. I'm sure UGA could have found more relevant teams than Ball St and UT Martin.
I was going to say the infamous 3-2 MSU game.