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Go Gata! Flarda not jus da bes football playas but dey bes at ackdemics!
You do know that Auburn has covered 5-out-of-5 weeks? You should go put money on them GatoRay77.
This the 4th week out of 6 that Auburn is playing in the SEC's premiere game?
Points allowed: LSU 93 (through 4 games) Auburn 86 (through 5 games) Points allowed against top 3 opponents: LSU Texas-38 Northwester State-14 Vanderbilt-38 Auburn: Oregon-21 Texas A&M-20 Mississippi State-23
Atlest there's one objectivist opininion from outside the conference. Unless he has Bama still ahead of Auburn because Clemson beat them?
Great... Auburn's schedule just got that much tougher.
Maybe aTm was coming off of that Auburn loss and looking ahead to Alabama? Also, I'm sure Arkansas was much more "up" for this game than they were when they played San Jose State.
Maybe they're saving him for SEC game's they feel are more winnable.
Oh yeah. Also players being spat on while coming out of the tunnel.
It's full of drunk Rajin' Cajun's. Not sure if it's like this today, but I've heard stories of Auburn's team bus being rocked back-and-forward and having beer bottles thrown at it.
Auburn won 6 straight against Alabama not long ago.
Marlon Davidson is #3 on this list, but Derrick Brown isn't on it at all. Derrick Brown is #1 on the best Auburn player's list and Marlon Davidson is #4.
or 2017... everyone forgets about that one.
Auburn won the SEC West in 2017 with 1 regular season loss to LSU.
I really hope Wisconsin beats OSU.
Using that logic Auburn should be ranked #1 with LSU/UGA #2 & #3 in no particular order.