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I have lived in Auburn and the St. Louis area. I also went to school at the University of Illinois. Missouri fits the SEC much better than the Big 10. In the Big 12, pretty much anyone can fit in if they are not East or West coast. Missouri is a transition state, a lot of people actually have a Southern dialect/culture there. Historically they fit in as well, ever heard of Mark Twain or Jesse James?
20 years old is old enough to know not to steal, jump on a table and yell something extremely offensive, orpush an official. The refs are part of the field, that is the rule. I can't decide what i want more, for UF to put a whooping on them, or for FSU to reach the playoff and get shown they don't belong.
I'd have #1 Alabama, #2 Mississippi St., #3 Baylor, #4 Florida St., I know that FSU is undefeated, and they're gonna be #1, but honestly look at that schedule...
whoops didn't mean for this to appear as a reply to only you stobyjoe
Can't lump all Mizzou fans together. I think it's irrelevant that Bama, Ole Miss, Miss St, LSU haven't played Mizzou or Georgia. The West is still better than the East. Every team in the West is good, Arkansas has only one win, but they are a really good football team. I just gotta hand it to the SEC, I bet there are seven or eight teams in the SEC that would win the ACC
Arkansas's all white unis with the red logo were sweet. I still think Auburn's classic home uniform is the best
yeah dude, that loss was embarrassing, it did rock missouri, was it the case of mizzou playing a horrible game and indiana playing great? yes, but still, losing to a big ten crap team at home is pretty bad man
@danlsds Even IF Spurrier is a 'blatant alcoholic' that doesn't ruin his credibility. Hemmingway was a big-time drinker, so was Bukowski, but they made some pretty good points. Here's one you should take: "Show me a man with a perpetually clean kitchen, and nine times out of ten I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities." I think that could point to your grammar bull.
As a Mizzou fan, I've got to say I'm happy with the ranking. Missouri has played well, but not enough of a class opponent to earn a higher spot, and they are starting low based on the offseason losses. If Mizzou plays well in the SEC this year, they'll be way up there like last year, we just have to wait for the meat of the season. I don't mean to say there isn't bias, look at Ohio State and Notre Dame every year...but in this case I don't think Mizzou is a victim of bias
I too fail to see the relevancy of this, I don't see how announcing this would be a gain to Spurrier, all you are doing is alienating (rightfully) people from your program
Ole Miss should definitely be higher than UCLA, but this is the same story every year. A lot of SEC teams get ranked too poorly to start the season, then the East/West Coast media bias has to come down to earth, as the SEC teams crawl there way up, and Big 10 plummet down. I just don't understand why every year Ohio State starts up in the top 10, then almost every year they show they did not belong there. Well, I guess i do understand, there is a bias in favor of Big 10 teams, and Notre Dame