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Someone please tell me how Owen Pappoe isn't on this list.
Film study is why OU beat AU so bad. Just watched the game for the second time and it jumps out to me how OU was prepared for virtually every play AU ran. Even the plays that were successful, OU players were in position. The blitzes were timed perfectly, they were never tricked by motions, personnel, or formations. Seemed the AU staff were surprised by everything OU threw at em.
The same as all Gus Malzahn press conferences...a lot of "we're disappointed" and "we gotta fix it" followed by some "we didn't get it done". Please Gus! Give the fans SOMETHING to hang our hats on! Feels like the same stuff every year with this staff. First it was lets hope Kiehl Frazier is the next Cam Newton. Then it was let's hope Nick Marshall can light the world on fire. (luckily he was good enough for a turnaround). Then it was Jeremy Johnson is the next Cam. He was closer to Frazier than Newton. Now it feels like the entire AU program is hinging on Stidham being the greatest thing since Pat Sullivan. We shouldn't have to pray for once in a lifetime QBs in order for the offense to be competent.
I didn't expect the same tenacity form our D. Steele's defenses rarely ever play well in bowl games, for whatever reason.
Maybe it's the Auburn in me, but I don't think Bama should start as #1. To me, that's an "it's Bama" pick. No argument that the front 7 of this year's team is great, perhaps best ever. But so much of that front 7 will be gone. The rest of that team is super talented (if you believe recruiting rankings), but they weren't scaring anybody. That O-Line was average (maybe slightly above) and they lose the best player from that unit. They will be good again. And they may play themselves into that #1 spot again. But looking at what they have leaving and what the returners did this year, I don't look at that 2017 team and think "best in the country".
It was disappointing to see our seniors go out this way. But besides that I really didn't care a lot about the outcome of the Sugar Bowl. (I know it sounds crazy!) But from the 2nd half of the UGA game, its been all about next season for me. Gus had one of the worst coaching performances I've ever seen this past season. I don't think he even came into the season with much confidence. (go back and listen to the things he said going into the Clemson game) With all that being said, I still believe he can be a good HC. Hopefully this season was a learning experience for him and he'll be exponentially better next year. But in all fairness, finishing 2nd in the west to the best team in the country isn't anything to be ashamed of. The biggest problem with CGM is that he has been unable to adapt his system to fit his personnel, or develop his personnel to operate his system. (which is exactly what Lane Kiffin did at Bama). Malzahn definitely should enter 2017 with the hottest seat in the SEC. And if he stumbles early, don't hesitate to pull the trigger and get the coaching search started.
It is somewhat baffling. But its not just Malzahn. McElwain can seem to find a good QB. Sumlin cant hold on to a QB. Mullen uses his QB's like fullbacks. TBH it really looks like Dabo and Urban are the only offensive minded HCs having major success.
Bama can be beat by a complete team. Complete meaning ability to be effective (or at least competent) in the pass and run game offensively and have no major holes defensively. Truth is, Bama has not faced a single complete team this season. Teams that had at least 1 elite unit held their own against Bama this season, until Bama's depth became a factor. Example: Lsu has an elite deep defense. They held Bama to 10 points. But with NO offense, they were shutout. Auburn has an elite defense. It was a 1 score game at the half. Lack of offense caused the defense to tire and Bama pulled away late. To beat Bama a team just needs all 3 phases to compliment each other. Essentially that's all Bama does.
Bama definitely is the more talented team. No denying that. This Washington team is nowhere near as talented as the OSU team that beat Bama. BUT they are the most complete team Bama will have faced so far this year. Plays can be made against this defense, especially in the passing game. And Bama's offense is very overrated IMO. I don't think Washington will win, but they can definitely be more competitive than most think.
I agree. I actually think Adams will be the better pro.
Malzahn likely wont be gone but definitely should. If we learned anything from the Les Miles situation it's there's no need to let a coach hang around another year hoping he'll turn it around. Malzahn's problem (at least to me) isnt the win/loss column, it's the ineptitude the offense has shown all year. There were some game where Pettway was great, but that's more of a testament to him as a player than anything Malzahn did. There is absolutely no balance, which there rarely ever is in a Gus Malzahn offense.
I actually think he's a bit overrated.