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If our guys would show just 80% of the determination and hustle we saw in this game we could expect at least 10 win seasons going forward.
This loss was a team effort coaching, offense, and defense all had their problems. Was very disappointed in our defense. We have 3 or 4 guys that will lay the wood but the rest just want to tackle with their hands, pitiful tackling. I hope all those Findley fanatics yelling replace Nix are happy with their hero now.
I really hate to say this but, tidefan makes more sense than 90 % of Auburn fans
Well you idiots yelling for Finley gonna get what you wanted.
I hope some of our more goofy AU fans that call for Nix to be pulled can see the difference good offensive line play vs bad line play makes. But I doubt it.
Not true, it could be the defensive line, the defensive backfield, poor QB play, poor running backs and a host of other problems including the coaches.
3 min. left in the game, down 20 to 3 and we're still throwing 5 yard passes. This loss can be laid at the feet of our offensive line. Bo was flushed from the pocket constantly. I for one am not blaming Bo.
I hope he choses Auburn, we could sure use a good player who can play man to man cover. Probably would be a 4 year starter.
Don't worry builtbybama you can still kill your baby. SICK
I agree with you Booches94 I hope the fans give him the time he needs to get the program to where he wants it, where the fans want it and most importantly where the players want it.
Not a gung ho Nix fan, but most of his throws have to be 50/50 jump balls or he has to thread the needle with the throw because our receivers seem to very rarely get any separation from the db's.
We have to get some receivers badly either through the transfer portal or from the JC route. Not gonna get to where we want to be with the current crew.
This is the QB we thought we were getting 2 years ago.
I think AU can match up with any team in the SEC WEST except for Bama, and possibly Ole Miss. We have a very poor pass defense and OM will probably eat us up passing. Not predicting beating the rest of the schedule but we can match up well if we play to our potential.
I just wish we would quit playing "let 'em catch it and tackle 'em" pass defense. The defensive back coach should be the next one out.
I was very pleased with our rush defense (84 yds), rushing offense (182 yds) and special teams. I was very unhappy with our Qb play (53% completion percentage, 185 yds), our pass defense was pitiful overall, PSU qb had an 87% completion percentage, away too many PSU receivers running wide open, gave up 302 yds, our receivers couldn't get open and couldn't catch less than a perfect pass. We have a lot of work still ahead. But I think Harsin will get a grip on the situation.