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We all know how Kelly looks the other way when it comes to rape.
Thamel is a Syracuse blow h#$d, New York to the West Coast is exactly what ESPN Left hired. He has tried to dig up more bs on SEC schools, coaches, and players over the years with no facts, just pure dislike. He hates the south and SEC. This guy reporting an injury report is bad for college football, and Pat Forde is his big buddy.
College football is not in trouble. College football is more profitable right now than ever before. The pac 12 is the one with problems and trouble, every place else is sold out stadiums. There is a west coast problem, and ESPN and media trying convince you it’s all of college football, it’s not. Texas and OU leaving killed the Big 12, Sanky got greedy, SEC doesn’t need them. This is all about money has nothing to do with the game on the field. There is more money and everyone is trying to get as much of it as possible. The media and conference commissioners will be the ones that hurt college football, not Alabama vs UGA in a championship game. Sanky should have turned down Texas and OU, where they going go to trump the SEC? Greed
Auburn does have the highest #1 ranked head coach for NCAA violations in the conference.
How many active head coaches have multiple National Championships? 2 How many active head coaches have won a National Championship? 4 Only 8 coaches in history have won 3 or more, so 3 gets you to all time greatness.
Nope, 1 natty in 40 years makes you no different than Auburn, not a Dynasty.
Love him so much you want him to leave! Looking out for his best interest?
And marrying your “2cd” instead of your “1st” cousin is considered educated in Tennessee.
Rankings in January don’t mean squat, rankings the first week in March is what matters. Just hope Pearl doesn’t get Auburn the death penalty before then.
This is all bs and just a push for expansion. College Football is bringing in plenty of money, maybe not enough money to pay Herbstret 2 mil a year, or pay for everything a university wants to build, it’s the trickle down effect. Of course they want more viewers, that means they can charge more for advertising, which means everyone is making more money. There is a ceiling for everything. Move the game to Saturday, your numbers will go up, guaranteed. A big % of the college football fanbase does not follow the NFL, they follow their school. You lose them and college football will be in trouble.
One thing for sure, PAC 12 Commissioner has seen some bad products.
College football has always been regional. North,south, Midwest, west, then you had the independents. Conferences are less regional than they have ever been with expansion.
And peenus reduction surgery is in high demand also.
So explain why since 2008 there are 5 SEC schools with National Championships.
Dear IQ of 4, Kirby would take this win over Bama if the whole starting offense got injured in 2cd quarter and was out rest of the game. Wouldn’t have bothered him one bit to take home the W and the natty. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have compassion for injured players, but he’d have no problem owning the win. What’s kirby going do, not accept the trophy? Give it to Saban? This isn’t a Hollywood movie!
@tmac you do realize the UK DC turned you down! Brad White turned down 2 mil a year offered by LSU. Now if a Kentucky football coach is turning you down what in the heck can you even say period! It’s absolutely embarrassing! Enjoy Brian Kelly and the cellar of the west.
The only thing classless here is taking someone’s life. Maybe you should advocate for all the oversensitive murderers out there, sure there is a job opening.
What’s it like to be envy of another schools garbage? There is a hotline you can call, you could even say UGA’S garbage is better than yours!
What’s so funny is Florida is #2 in the US for number of Trailer Parks! If Florida can get by Texas, y’all could actually win a title! That’s a recruiting battle Napier has a shot at! Google it 6-7!
No offense, so no UGA troll on this board last 40 years? How everything changes when your on top! Lol. Great win for UGA, enjoy your victory…. UGA can now join Bama, LSU, AU, UF, and UT winning multiple National Championships in the conference.
Take Boltraylor comment lil serious, Florida fans identify with sucking real well! Florida will be preseason #4 in the East. I don’t know how you could rank them any higher.
Anybody with sense wouldn’t touch Mullen, what has he done?
UGA whipped Bama in the trenches in the 2cd half, Bama had their chances in the first half, I would question O’Brien play calling to a certain degree in the red zone. UGA wanted it more, congrats!
Class act in the studio, just can’t pull for UNC. Good luck coach and make sure those players go to real classes for a change!
He needed a restart, this is a great decision for him. Leave first of last season behind (fumbles), start fresh. To good of a player, had some bad luck, comeback and show who the real C Rod is, started to really show against Iowa.
Makes more sense, these Hoosiers let Bobby Knight scream and beat their own kids for decades, and didn’t call the law.