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Smart could have called a timeout for a challenge on the catch, the head coach is the only one on a team who can ask for a challenge. Lose challenge lose a timeout, win challenge keep timeout. Replay officials are not required to buzz down, even though they replay every play of ballgame. NCAA rulebook
UGA lost their MVP on offense last 2 years, Todd Monken. It couldn’t have been more obvious tonight.
3 best teams Texas, Bama, and UGA…Washington and Michigan are not beating any of those 3.
Saban should be, he is 25 years older than Smart. Smart has collected 2 titles at a considerably younger age compared to Saban, 12 years difference. Saban was 58 on title 2, Smart 46 on title 2. Just an interesting fact to think about.
A big turnover by UGA led to a 3 and out FG, seems to me that was the difference in the ballgame.
Disagree, just bc SEC might seem not as strong as years past doesn’t mean the SEC isn’t stronger then all the all the others this year. SEC has dominated college football last 20 years, UF, AU, LSU, Bama, and UGA have won titles, 4 of the schools multiple titles in that time frame. 14/20 SEC school won a title, SEC folks have seen some great football/great teams over these years… can’t get caught comparing teams from past to ones of present, especially in this NIL and transfer portal era. SEC is the strongest conference this year even if this isn’t the best Bama or UGA team we have witnessed this year.
Please, just don’t……. Your argument fits a bias narrative, understand why you are making it and believe Bama deserves in, but not over Texas. If Bama gets in, FSU gets snubbed bc Travis is out. Boo being a ACC AD will catch all kinds of h$ll if FSU doesn’t get in being the chairman of the committee by his conference peers.
Depends on competition, Oregon and Washington’s defense are suspect at best, their secondaries are awful. Pac12 didn’t become a juggernaut overnight, there is a reason they have been almost nonexistent in the CFP. Oregon would lose to Bama, UGA, and Texas… They could pull off a win against Michigan, give that one 50/50.
Correct on TCU, they beat the #2 seeded team in CFP, doesn’t matter how bad UGA beat them. They were National Runner-up. Why some keep bring up TCU is beyond me, math can be challenging but we are working with 4 teams folks.
So far today 3 best teams Texas, Bama, and UGA and it’s not close. Why some every year buy the big10 hype I will never know, must be fans who buy all the fake ED medicine tricks and YouTube how to fix a car engine with a paper clip!
UGA fans can get a real outside looking in point of view on the CFP from UT fans. You know what they say, if you’re emotionally involved you don’t see as much as someone on the outside looking in.
That schedule did not help or prepare UGA coordinators for this game at all. Bobo gets a D, only for making it to the game and the opening drive. Think the DC showed his hand with the 2 spies on Milroe, soon as you pick that up you know no extra pressure coming. Beck struggled under pressure. Bama probably did as good of job on Bowers and McConkey as you probably can, didn’t help they were banged up but still took the field, hats off to them.
Maybe it’s “The night the lights went out in Georgia”
Will someone please play “When the nights went out in Georgia!”
Oregon is “probably” one of the best 4 teams….here is the problem, “the system”…. Wow. If you going down, you don’t have to worry about taking anybody with ya! Just curious, where does Oregon sit out of the 4 best teams? Better question, where is UDub ranked? Oregon had their shot twice, couldn’t get over the hump. The Pac12 hasn’t had 2 out of 4 best teams in the nation in 5 decades. Oregons secondary is awful, defense average on a good day.
Again this year, as every year… speed, closing speed, speed in the blocks, on the edges, speed of play development the SEC is far above the big10. It shows up every year, plus the south has been putting out a better athletes in numbers for almost 3 decades now. Just watch the UM vs OSU game, everybody is a step slower in general except for a rb, wr, or db.
The best odds/way to keep SEC from winning another national title is Bama beats UGA, and Bama doesn’t get in. It’s a big10 wet dream, and if Bama wins they will try and recruit media, big12, and PAC12 members to join in, it’s a given. Bama will be playing UGA and SEC front office on Saturday. 100% sure way SEC is represented is a UGA win….this is easy math folks… Sankey isn’t taking a chance.
Smart entered UGA coming off a 10 win season, give me a break on your talent equation. Richt had Moreno, Green, and Stafford on the same team…UGA under Richt was never lacking talent. Smart is a great coach and recruiter, trying to take any small negative stat out of his tenure is just being a biggest of homers. All sports are games of failure, every great player or coach has had more than their share!
Heupel/UT better hope Nico is the next “QB Messiah.” They banking on it, if not ole Heupel will be scrabbling for 8-4. Heupel may have already peaked out in this conference.
Kirby already has a very good start in Athens??? Kirby is elite among active coaches.
“Motivated every Alabama fan under a rock”???? What are the Bama fans going do? Saban can’t play them in the game, making special tee shirts and Pom poms? Bama fans going riot in ATL? Bad idea by the way! Really not understanding how motivated fans will win a ballgame.
Iowa beats UM UL beats FSU OK ST beats Texas UDub beats Oregon Bama beats UGA in a nailbiter You got UDub and Bama with 2 spots open, it could happen not likely, but UGA would get 1 of those spots.
And how others interpret it is theirs, last time I checked ncaa tournament games are played at neutral venues. His opinion is fine, it’s wrong, UK being back is no less than a Final 4, not winning a road game. Just ironic UT dropped a couple away from home, and that’s his criteria for being “back”. UK beat UT in Knoxville last year, nobody was saying they were “back.” UK was just holding on and surviving at that point last year.
Can you take a jab at Cal “Calimari” if your head coach is Bruce Pearl? Jersey Shore Bruce from Wisconsin is getting ready for spray tan season! The coach that leads all of active basketball coaches in ncaa violations and crying appearances on national tv!
UK ran KU off the floor in Allen Field House 2 years ago, what did that prove? Yeah it’s tough sometimes playing on the road, but good teams find a way to win. Cats will have plenty of road games in league play, had KU and get UNC on neutral courts. Pump the brakes, just getting started, March a lot of games away.
Yeah, there is no blessing with DJ not in the lineup, kid is as solid as any player on team. Not to mention the long term chemistry DJ has with Bradshaw who will be on the floor soon.
That is called a “back handed” compliment by UT fan, all I will say is to be “back” you had to be there before, like 8 times. It’s ironic a UT fan mentioned road wins after taking 2 losses on neutral floor recently! Good luck on UT’s quest for their 1st final four!
Until the docs were unsealed everything was speculation, but we all know now Schiano did report Sandusky per his testimony, Schiano did not seek higher ground after Paterno. Several PSU coaches testified about conversations with Paterno, even related to Schiano report. This is all public now, wasnt then…Paterno enabled a pedo and that’s a fact. Now is Schiano to blame for not turning in PSU/Paterno?