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Rookie NFL starting QB “isn’t close to elite”? Can’t fix stupid!
Anybody educated on how Archie Manning works behind the scenes knows why it’s Texas. Archie is a mastermind of putting his kids in the best possible position to succeed, not win championships, but create the most value while having control how it’s played out. Saban and Kirby are not those guys, which leaves Sark, who definitely will take that chance having the manning’s in his ear. This is absolutely Sark building a team totally around Arch, or he wouldn’t have committed there. The Manning’s found their man!
TAMU is banking on 1 National Championship with Jimbo, that’s all they want and it’s obvious. What happens if Texas gets one 1st, before Jimbo? That’s the show I want a ticket for! What do you do then……
Especially when University of Texas goes 5-8 or whatever! The rebirth of the ole Southwest Conference pay for play days between the 2. Just give Texas and AM enough rope and they will be totally consumed with each other, they can’t help themselves. Watch and see…..
Remind me how many coaches Texas and Dallas have had over last 2 decades?
Lifetime contract does expire when the coach dies, right? Or did UK and Barnhart screw that up too! Ask UK fanbase how Cal’s contract with guaranteed buyout is going! Texas AM will regret this, had him at least on the hook lil bit, now coaching with house money win or lose!
Or you can just lookup the SEC founding members from 1932.
If OU can come up with their buyout money with Big 12, till you pay your bill, you don’t belong!
Stanford is not soft, they have plenty of bats in that lineup.
And UT is a factor? UT going be throwing bats on to field? Seems to be a thing in Knoxville!
Are you talking about OJ (wife slasher) Simpson and Reggie (give back my Heisman) Bush, those USC running backs?
Why is a must now for the writers to embrace OU and Texas as future members of the SEC every time they are recognized. Technically nothing is a absolute in that situation, I’m sure Texas and OU will shore up their end, but they haven’t. So, as of today Texas and OU just split revenue with other Big 12 schools, and reports are now saying 2024 SEC debut. Please, so can we just leave out “2/3 if you include OU and Texas” for the next year or so! Don’t think any real SEC fan gives a rats rear end about fantasy future non facts.
There is only 2 skill sets in baseball that can get a player to MLB and Hall of Fame being an average athlete in every other category. You can hit your way there or pitch your way there!
UT took it over the top with everything borderline is why it stood out, a one up you mentality in bad sportsmanship. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Great season lost to defeat and antics.
ESPN is a major part of the problem. Anybody that brings up Hagler - Hearns, I’m a fan! Hagler - Hearns 1 the best 1st round in boxing history!
The word is called “class”, and UT has never had it outside women’s basketball.
#1 team in the nation, better own it, bc it’s not happening in football or basketball! Who knows with UT fans!
Hold on to everything you can UT, football season is less than 90 days away! This is as good as it gets! Huepel in year 2, there is a thing called video tape, Mickey Mouse bs offenses don’t make it in the SEC. Live on hope!
Here comes all the fans of schools that only have a mild shot at making a 12 team playoff thinking their team will all the sudden be better than the Bama’s, UGA, OSU, etc during a expanded version! The NFL model will not be successful in the college landscape, this is money driven by clowns who can’t even enforce NIL. To different kinds of football fans college and pro, they don’t see it bc all they can see is a chance for more revenue, it will be a disaster.
What mistake did he make? He maliciously told a untruthful statement to thousands of viewers/listeners nationwide. That mistake? That is defamation, it’s slander…. ESPN has insurance for this, why? Because it’s defamation! “I’m sorry”doesn’t hold up in a court of law. Networks and papers lose lawsuits all the time from reckless reporting, this is a pay day if the kid didn’t test positive for PED’s!
Dumbest statement I’ve ever read, Bama is the only dynasty right now…. UGA stock is selling alright, selling futures…. Bama stock is bringing in record dividends! There is huge difference between Bama accomplishments and UGA future projections, let’s be real.
There is only 1 blue blood football school in the SEC, Alabama. Only 1 in basketball, Kentucky. Blue bloods of the SEC is a convenient made up term. Never has anyone heard of conference “blue bloods” before! It’s comical, blue blood programs are just a handful nationally, not within a conference. So spin the meaning all you want for whatever reason, Bama and UK are the only blue blood programs in the SEC in their respected sports. It’s called history, tradition, and titles….lots of titles over a long period of time with traditions unmatched!
The fact is TAMU had it manufactured by a sportswriter and it’s first to most ears.
Addison situation not even close to if Young went into the portal. A WR who lost his star QB at a mediocre P5 school.
Maybe Young is not greedy and happy at Bama! Kiffin trying to be clever, and this writer thinks it’s a legit scenario, a scenario that hasn’t happened yet. Young would be a fool to shop himself with 1 year left and at the best program the last decade. The program he won a Heisman and played for a National Title preason ranked #1. Why press it? He made some nice change last year, Kiffin trying to plant seeds!