Bama Cain

I was born in Tuscaloosa in 1961. My Dad played at Bama from 58 to 61. Going to A day games was always something to look forward to and my Dad would take me often, when he was stationed within a reasonable distance from T Town.

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Happened just like he said. They told Bobby that he was too old. I think he was 62 at the time.
funny thing is....Game Day at Bryant-Denny was always fun during the dark period of our coaches. We would be on edge against every opponent. Adrenaline off the Chain when Duke almost beat us at home. We beat them and then gave the Duke Team a standing ovation as they got on their buss. Then we would go in the A Room an discuss how bad the coaching was, or why the players weren't jacked up enough. We seriously never new who was going to win, but we would go back for more. Now. We wonder how many points we will beat them by. Knowing the W is coming.