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It’s the coaching too. LSU is a perfect example. Great recruiting and well you know the rest
He’s sober now and gotten his life together off the field. Unfortunately people in glass houses will continue to bring up his past for awhile until he consistently wins. I’d love to see Herman and him fo a flip flop. After OSU beat Bama in the playoff, Saban brought in Herman to explain how they tore through Bama. I could see Saban bringing him back
That would be a Christmas wish that truly came true! I’d take Mason in a heartbeat but we do have another successful power 5, National championship winning, phenomenal recruiter in the state of Florida, former defensive coordinator on the staff as an analyst. The fact he “negotiated” his salary and contract as an analyst before the season spoke volumes in my opinion.
Wow, some fan. How about “Glad it wasn’t life threatening”, or “Hope he gets better soon and has a full recovery “. I love Bama football but there is more to life than how someone will help my team win on Sat.
I couldn’t agree more. Plus you bring up Drew Brees. The Brees we see now is not the one we saw before he got hurt in San Diego. If you draft a guy like Tua, you better build your offensive scheme around his talents. Sean Peyton did that for Brees in Nola and you’ve seen how that turned out.
The way FSU is right now, if he wins here he’ll be the next head coach for the Noles.
I believe you can if you do it within your first 2 years but don’t hold me to it.
And before the Grammar Police get me, I'm responding from my phone and noticed auto reply put "bored" and not "board"
The only reasons I'm on bored with this is because it's a unique place and when would you ever get the opportunity to do this again. College Football is too big not to consider other crossover venues. If they can host College Gameday from Disneyworld, why not the Masters?
I live here in Dallas and have attended that game. I’m surprised as a LSU fan you don’t get what he’s saying. It’s impresdive no doubt, but coming from the SEC it really is another game. Bama-LSU, the Iron Bowl, SEC Championship games are much more intense.
No they don’t. This year Bama’s schedule is soft because their opening game was against Duke. Not the usual like USC, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. Texas couldn’t beat LSU. Do you really think they could dominate Bama’s schedule? Please! Plus look at next year’s schedule for Bama and guaranteed NO ONE will question strength and the future schedules either.
Exactly. Not to mention an opening game against #8 Michigan. They have not lived up to their top 10 ranking, but that's not Bama's fault! People can say what they want, but under Saban, Bama has opened up against top teams almost every season or scheduled a tough game early. Plus Ark was a top 10 team, but Bama can't help Petrino screwed them over! Oh and let's not forget an undefeated Miss St team at the time.