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Dear SEC East, You are welcome for the beatings we gave you during the season which resulted in you playing terrible opponents which means having easy bowl games. We saved yall from playing teams like Ohio state, TCU, and Georgia Tech. You are welcome for your "undefeated East" bowl games. Maybe next year yall can beat the West and have a nowl game that means something much more. in conference love The SEC WEST
Am I surprised the East went 5-0 in bowl games? No, quality of opponents were not close to that of the West. Louisville was the only one close to a quality opponent and they got thumped.
The bear might be dead but his standards are back with Saban who saved the program.
...lost to Ole miss...btw I guess you don't consider wins over Auburn or Mississippi St worth anything? Ohhh and look at other Sec West schedules this year, they are all pretty comparable...geez people are dumb. Alabama plays a cupcake schedule...then ignores everyone else and their schedule. I can see now your real reason for the just hate Alabama but yet you can't seem to do a thing about it nor your team
Honestly if either team would have won, it wouldnt have been an upset. Both teams are equally good this year. Im an Alabama fan first with Miss State as my #2 team to root for. It was a great game to watch.
Some were trying to get respect but 80% were saying "we are going to put the Tide in their place" offense but that is saying we are better and we know it...No offense to you. I agree Mississippi State is a wonderful team and they deserved the Number 1 ranking. I do not expect them to drop far. Maybe 4th or 5th. A huge win over Ole Miss will boost them back into the top 4.
Really? So you think if Alabama beats #1 MSU then beats #9 Auburn that they won't jump Florida state who had played no one. Not to mention winning the SEC on top of that? Man, you are on something.
I think he was the only intended receiver with Simms running as a second option.
Prescott is about to have a bad week here soon
Yeah...ESP since they cannot beat a decent South Carolina team
First, let me say I agree with your statement except for one thing....this article was written to show who would go where if the season ended today. It doesn't look forward to any games.
same can be said about yourDBs too. Another biased auburn fan
what about the 3 turnovers that lead to a 21-0 lead for MSU. Cannot blame one call for an entire game
once again another comment that bears no truth or facts.