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Its been a crazy year. If Bama doesn't treat CIN like they treated UGA, it might be CIN and UGA in the NC. The Bearcat was right- "Football is football."
Dont be an ass. LSUSMC is right. about you that is, Tidefan.
I agree completely. This the WHY UGA will not have much of a mental block- dominance all season helps overcome a history of not finishing. And yes, they are incredibly focused. That’s what wind this game.
The reason you step on the gas is to prevent a comeback. Only fans take it personally and want “revenge.”
My thoughts exactly. And that’s a good thing by far- makes every Saturday a great football Saturday
I believe he is. Except for the two-loss thing. I haven’t even heard of someone saying a two loss Bama should be in the CFP.
I agree 100%. Would not hurt my feelings at all.
I would expect more out of a successful pro athlete. If you want the other team to lose more than you want to win, you have already lost more than the game.
Blaming and whining is the language of the weak and losing. Lose a game or two- fine. But to cry and whine and blame others is WEAK. Try harder. If you score 2 more touchdowns than the other team, no "bad" calls can "take" it from you. You cant cry about results you didn't get from work you didn't do. Thats what is wrong in this country right now. Suck it up.
Joe- I agree. The calls should be made without ANY "benefit-of-the-doubt." Good point.
If you changed the uniform of the receiver, you would change whether or not you called it a catch. That says everything you need to know
Nobody who has ever played, coached or watched the game has ever agreed with every call, or felt the majority of the wrong calls the officials made helped them. EVERY team thinks the bad calls go against them. Classy players worry about their job; Sore losers complain about why life isn't fair. Suck it up.
If only that were the reason for the inconsistencies. Hahaha.
It would serve them right to put in Cincinnati and see GA score 70 before the half.
To follow that line of reasoning you have to address Clemson.
Didn't "happen" to- it was a well played game; great job. A good picture of what is on the horizon. Seasons are more fun when every game matters every Saturday.
Texas is talking money; TAMU has been showing heart. I'll take heart any day- that's SEC.
Yup. Its been a great year for SEC football for sure. I have, at times, been frustrated, but not disappointed. This is the only game this year I am not rooting for the Hogs.
Ditto. Stop trying to force EVERYTHING into that kind of matrix. If you want to see the world through that filter, have at it. Its America. I'm not interested.
Dang... way too early in the morning to agree with an Auburn Tiger. But... I agree.
That type of sentence would send the message that a person's life isn't worth much. Not sure a society can survive with that message sent so often.
I also remember the 44-0 beat down- its one of my earliest great football memories, that and skipping church to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl. What an RB!
Nah- Georgia has a lot to be proud of and is consistently competitive. Most teams would love to have a few seasons like you guys have had. I think I enjoy non championship seasons for Bama almost as much as the championship seasons. Thanks for the article.
I am personally not interested in seeing a two loss Bama in the playoffs.
Agreed. It is infantile to compare last years team to this years. Yes- everyone expects a trend. No- nobody expects an LSU'19 and an LSU'20 (all due respect.) Bama is neither last years team nor is it 1990's team. There is, however, nothing wrong with saying they are not playing as well as last years- that is just a fact. To assign projections of dynasty death or other insanities, is well, insane.