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If they replay the season I am going to make a killing in Vegas.
Golfman- HA! Great one. Thanks for the laugh at work while counting down the days to football season.
LSUSMC- 3. you are exactly right. Those who think they will repeat the NC this year will be disappointed. Those who think they are "1 and done" will be even more disappointed. Cant see LSU not being a powerhouse for years to come.
WOW!!!!! Way to go! What a game! Ya'll really made the SEC look good. I actually caught myself whistling "Rocky Top" a few times. Great come back season!
Bengalbeaux- I return your salute and also wish you a Happy New Year (just not as happy on fall Saturdays)
That’s a fact. Every snap matters to me.
What? This is nuts. I am rooting for LSU because they are SEC. I am not pulling "against" Clemson- noting but respect for Dabo. I would love to see a great game- but in the end, I'm SEC. I would even pull for Aub@rn. But OU- thats a different story. I would never root agains Jalen Hurts.
Investing in people in ways that will outlive your life are far more important than championships.
With the season over, I am all SEC now. I hope Auburn has an incredible game and runs the score up.
Absolutely. He has nothing more to prove. Can’t wait to watch him on a Sunday.
Thanks everyone. Comments , some of them at least, were better than the article.
BengalBeaux, nothing more pathetic than a hater. Zero class. We always want Bama to win, but that level of snivelry and slime is kind a low, dont ya think? Its a sport- focus on your team winning. Not hating a winner because they're a winner. That's a loser mentality.
Dropping Bama that far has absolutely NOTHING to do with football.
Yep! 10-2, though a “down” year for us, is still a good year. My freshman year we were 0-3 out of the gate. Sorry to disappoint, wickedgrin. Are there any other teams that have to go back to 2010 for a multiple loss regular season? I’m still proud of Bama.
I am a die hard BAMA fan, ever since my freshman year there- BUT I am really hoping to see Burrow break both of those records tonight. What an accomplishment! Roll Tide, and GO SEC. THE SCRIBE: You are correct. I would love to see FLA destroy Baylor.
Agreed! UGA v ND was the best. Better than any movie that came out this year.
So this passes as a sports article? Sounds like a school yard roast. Also- ANYTIME you start to talk about it "being time" for another team to be at the top, you have left the arena of competition and are now just a sore loser. Don't want BAMA at the top? Simple- beat them consistently and often for several years.
At that point, I would laugh so hard and so much I would not care who won.
Respectfully, that is the problem, Gatormike20. The POINT of the playoff is the four best teams- not the four teams people are the least tired of hearing about. It is a competition, not a popularity contest. If BAMA is one of the top 4, they should be in; if not, no worries. See ya next year. If you sit out one of the 4 top because of the name of the team, you cheapen the victory of the ultimate winner. Eight years from now it may be a different team people are tired of (though I doubt it.)
Ok- I like the article and what it says- but you have me crying I am laughing so hard. Thanks.
Looking forward to a great game. I think this will be the game of the day to watch. Good luck to both and stay healthy!
Wish him the very best. I'll cheer for him wherever he goes. I would love to see him back in Tuscaloosa for a year- but NOT if it means he has to sacrifice his career or any part of it.
You're right Geaux Long- people loving the players they cheer for on Saturdays is down right weird. I mean, c'mon, actually liking the person and appreciating how they live outside of the stadium is so unheard of. We are far better off to follow your example and launch personal attacks against people we dont know- Tebow, Saban etc. because we hate how repeatedly they gave us the big fat "L" during the season. DUDE- ITS A GAME. Try to enjoy it. I do. RTR.