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I could not agree more. It is easy to forget these guys are young athletes with a career in front of them. Tough seasons build tough character. Nobody likes a losing season, but hanging in there and giving your best when the chips are down all season makes hanging in there during a tough overtime in the game of your life possible.
Which is exactly why this is always such a good game. "It aint the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog."
DarthA- you owe me a new laptop, since you are entirely responsible for me spitting my coffee all over this one. HA! That was great.
As a Bama fan- truer words have not been spoken in football. Iron bowl is it’s own season.
It is not this week that will give Bama fans a "first glimpse" of life without Waddle. Last week did that as Waddle went out on the first play.
No- Saban had no symptoms which pointed to a false positive. Lawrence has symptoms which points to a real positive. I hope he recovers quickly and is able to complete at the top level. Championship games are always the best when everyone is firing on all cylinders.
This article is why I think I could do his job better than he does. No team that looses a receiver, however talented, and is “done” was EVER in the running to begin with.
I am not an 'Ole Miss fan by a long shot. But fair is fair. What hacks me off the most is the fine for speaking out- this is still America for crying out loud. You can't mess up game changing calls and then expect the people it damages the most to just smile and wave. That rule needs to be repealed. Everyone else in the game gets called on mistakes; why not the refs?
Amen. I dont come to sports to be preached at concerning social issues that are thin on facts and fat on drama. Dont post an article on political ideas- but if you just HAVE TO POST IT, at least let us comment on your flawed logic or great points. Its the only American thing to do- on a web site devoted to the very American pastime of competition and war on the field.
True- it needs to be remembered his rookie summer as an NFL QB the coaches etc were on strike. He did not receive the summer coaching all rookie QB's get. That should factor in to everybody's assessments.
"A fool answers before he hears both sides of the matter." It would be wrong to torch a man's career without all of the facts. Investigate, but treat everyone fairly. That includes the coach.
Absolutely agree. Delusional and political. I get it- its an election year- but when one side wants to shut down football season????? Are you kidding me? That's unAmerican.
It is hilarious to me we are actually getting ready to play football when the fear police had everyone under their beds and planning to cancel everything- AND PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING???!?!?!?!?! I would be happy seeing teams play the same team over and over in the same season if its football!
Ozark, I know you mean well, not trying to attack, but has a traveling Dr. in the the developing world as well as work here in the states- your comment just isn't entirely accurate. What is different is the political weaponization of the virus, the data surrounding it, etc. The survival rate is well over 99.9% and there are mountains of reports of where non-covid deaths are being reported as a covid death for political and monetary gain. For the most part, it is dangerous if you are in a category where the flu is dangerous.
I would rather have COVID than agree with a UT fan, BUT IbleedOrange is right. As a Dr.- this stuff is WAY over blown. Just the facts. H1N1 was FAR worse. Just play football if you feel safe; stay home if you dont. No problems as everyone just does what they think is best.
If they replay the season I am going to make a killing in Vegas.
Golfman- HA! Great one. Thanks for the laugh at work while counting down the days to football season.
LSUSMC- 3. you are exactly right. Those who think they will repeat the NC this year will be disappointed. Those who think they are "1 and done" will be even more disappointed. Cant see LSU not being a powerhouse for years to come.
WOW!!!!! Way to go! What a game! Ya'll really made the SEC look good. I actually caught myself whistling "Rocky Top" a few times. Great come back season!
Bengalbeaux- I return your salute and also wish you a Happy New Year (just not as happy on fall Saturdays)
That’s a fact. Every snap matters to me.