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Their thought process on this was so faulty, I don't even know where to begin. First of all Mike is a LIVE tiger, not just some guy in a suit. So no, the tigers don't just cancel each other out. Mike obviously kills all other tigers and the eagle doesn't count since it isn't the official mascot. Secondly, Mr. Commodore is just some dude in the suit of another dude, not the entire fleet. The Fleet isn't the mascot! A tiger can kill a gator on land, in water that might be another story but since we have to keep all things equal and the rest of the mascots are land animals, Mike wins. A tiger against a collie, bulldog or dude with a shark head, would mean a well fed tiger. So that leaves the Volunteers. The question is, who would Mike have to fight, Davey Crockett with a musket or Smokey? Since Smokey is considered the "official mascot", Mike wins. A single tiger and a single elephant would probably be a draw. It's possible Mike could kill him but it's also possible Big Al could crush Mike in the process. So basically, we are left with a tie. Except that Big Al isn't a real pachyderm so Mike wins! Now that's how you argue a mascot Battle Royale! //...mic drop// Oops, forgot Arkansas...but seriously...mmmm BACON!!