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They will cave and do it eventually, especially as other Big 12 members give them hell for leaving in their last 1-2 seasons in the conference. Just wait
It's more so the Big 12 fan bases that aren't OU or TX considered them rivals, even if Texas and Oklahoma didn't, you are right about that part. Aside from Bedlam, there aren't any prominent rivalries that will die from Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC.
There's a handful of rivalries that will die, such as the Texas-Tech Tech chancellor's spurs game, Texas-TCU/Texas-Baylor/Texas-OKState and OU-OSU is at threat(Bedlam), as well as OU-TTU unless certain schools schedule future home & home gamest, but many others will be restored. The Missouri-OU peace pipe trophy returns, Texas-Arkansas, the Lone-Star Showdown(UT vs. A&M), and brings many marquee matchups into the fold that will create new rivalries. If the SEC ever does decide to expand again(and they theoretically go to 20 teams if they do pod scheduling with 9 conference games with a 20 game conference schedule for basketball), they'd likely pick-up programs like FSU, Clemson, and others who are already rivalries. Marquee matchups are more fun that seeing like Georgia beat GT by 40 in Atlanta, but that's just me.
If even 1 school gets an invite to another P5(soon to be P4) like WVU to the ACC, or Kansas/IA St to the Big Ten, the whole thing is gonna come to an end quickly. Bowlsby is definitely pissed, but surely he knows deep down they're leaving before the 4 years is up no matter what. It's a handful of midwestern, G5 material schools against the SEC and ESPN. This probably doesn't end in his favor.
What’s funny is that the Big 12 is likely going to have to present the Big 12 championship trophy to Oklahoma when their last season is over at the last ever Big 12 championship, in Dallas, live on ESPN hahahaha. I’d be big mad if I was Bowlsby
Remember when UCF cried about not getting a home and home with Florida instead of the 2-1 they offered bc they were drunk of their success of beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl and suddenly thought they were a powerhouse program? LOL
It's been pointed out that when the LHN ends and Texas transitions to the SEC network, ESPN will owe Texas money. The Big 12 buyout will drag on for 2-3 years of litigation, and they'll make the buyout back in 1-2 years max. Not to mention they'll only pay 50% of what they owe the Big 12, even if they owe anything to a conference that won't exist in a few years. Ending the LHN benefits all SEC schools.
I agree with all except BYU. Pac-12 will NEVER add BYU. Baylor could potentially get left out of the Pac-12 because how they're Southern Baptist, much more religious than TCU, have had recent scandals, and TCU alone would get the Dallas-FT worth and other Texas markets. I think Pac-12 would take K-State over Baylor, especially since K-State is research 1, and Baylor is not. K-State also gets Kansas City metro and imo Baylor is more of a G5 school. I also think adding Cincinnati as a full member to the ACC will happen. UNC, Duke, & UVA did not want WVU as a full member a while back, but adding them just for football only makes sense while they park their other sports in the Big East. ACC would be for football pods with 9 games: - Clemson-FSU-Miami-GT - UNC-NC State-Duke-Wake Forest - Virginia-Pittsburgh-West Virginia-Virginia Tech - Louisville-Cincinnati-Syracuse-Boston College That brings back the Keg of Nails, Black Diamond Trophy, & Backyard Brawl rivalries, respectively, while allowing the 4 NC schools to play every year. Pac-12 might do this: - Oregon/Oregon State/Washington/Washington State - 4 CA schools in a pod: USC, UCLA, Cal, & Stanford - Plains: Texas Tech, TCU, K-State, & Ok State - Southwestern: Utah, Colorado, Arizona, & Arizona State Big Ten: - Midwestern pod: Kansas, Iowa, Iowa State, & Nebraska - Great Lakes: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, & Illinois - Central: Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, & Rutgers?(geography for eastern pods doesn't work well) - Other pod: Purdue, Indiana, Penn State, & Maryland
I highly doubt OU & Texas will end up paying the 75 million each to leave the conference. Their boosters could likely pay that much or they could take from 1 year of future revenue to pay for it, or they'll only end up paying around 40-50% like A&M and Mizzou did. However, they could've purposely backstabbed the Big 12 and put them in disarray in hopes the conference collapses so they don't have to pay an exit fee at all, and I think that's probably what happens to a degree.
Iowa State and Kansas both are AAU institutions, and they regionally fit and Iowa State being in the Big Ten would give Iowa the opportunity to schedule other power five teams for home and homes. The Cyhawk series is currently scheduled through the late 2030s, so Iowa will probably lobby for them to be in the Big Ten so they don’t become a G5 school. Kansas brings a basketball brand and the Big Ten network to the Kansas City market, as I’m not sure the Big Ten network is available there, which would increase revenue payouts. If the Big Ten expands, they are the logical to choices even if they don’t bring much football wise. I imagine Nebraska wouldn’t mind having two former members of the big eight in the conference as well, they’d probably like that. And Baylor and TCU are both on track to becoming research 1 institutions by the mid 2020s(Tech & OSU already are R1 schools), so the Pac-12 would probably waive the requirement on that, as well as the fact it would bring the PAC-12 network to the Dallas-Ft worth, Houston, & Austin tv markets, meaning more money. West Virginia might go to the ACC for football only because I doubt Notre Dame will join fully, especially if eight at-large members for the college football playoff are available when it expands, and I believe the North Carolina schools don’t want West Virginia as a full member. They might add Cincinnati is a full number, wow West Virginia parks their basketball and other programs in the Big East. That way, the ACC would have 16 teams and all sports oh, Cincinnati it’s into A good conference, and West Virginia doesn’t lose out. If expansion happens with all conferences, that is how it should logically play out, but who knows what direction this is headed.
I think it’s more than money also though, it’s about recruiting because A&M uses the SEC argument to get recruits over Texas pretty successfully and OU-Texas realize coming in 3rd, 4th, or 5th in the conference could even get them into the playoff when it expands to 12 teams in the coming years. I’ll be very surprised if the Big 12 doesn’t completely collapse.
Texas and Oklahoma would still make significantly more in the SEC than they ever will in the Big 12. In regards to giving OU & Texas 1.5 of revenue shares, y’all should check out the top post right now on Reddit/CFB, where it’s explained that’s just not a feasible solution at all. The Big 12 is done for. I think WVU goes to the ACC, Iowa State/Kansas Big Ten, TCU/Baylor/OK State/Texas Tech PAC-12 which becomes the PAC-16, while K-State gets the short end of the stick in the new AAC.
Pod scheduling instead of divisions makes the most sense
if it happened* and they need 2-3 years minimum beforehand to tell the Big 12 they're leaving, or they have to pay a massive exit-fee
The SEC future rotation schedule ends in 2025, same year Big 12 TV rights expire. I imagine they're lobbying to join in 2026, specifically in the SEC West. That would require Missouri to the move to the West, while Alabama/Auburn move to the East, and a 9 game conference schedule. I'm not for this obviously as a Kentucky fan, but it that did happen SEC revenue distributions per team from bowl revenue, SEC network, and the future SEC on ABC contract would likely exceed 100+ million per school in this scenario.
Bama has such a great future non-conference schedule. I doubt the SEC will move to a 9 game conference schedule anytime soon with all of these games being scheduled years in advance.
I'm personally sick of Calipari. If he were a good coach, he would've won at least 3 titles at UK now. And he's paid nearly as much as Saban, which is crazy. He can develop talent, but that's it. He only relies on talent. I want him gone personally. If he refuses to change, then UK needs to part ways. He's starting to damage the program's image.
Talk crap all you want, but our football program is in a much better position than yours now. Ours went from historically bad to pretty decent, yours went from #1 in the late nineties to a dumpster fire today. SEC's Nebraska
Stoops will probably hire a special teams coach, offensive line coach, QB coach, and OC in the off-season. I'm just hoping they'll be good hires.
I don’t agree with the assertion there’s no way Texas A&M gets in. Most likely, Alabama beats Florida and Bama gets in. Ohio State beats Northwestern in Big Championship and gets in. Notre Dame-Clemson will be the determining factor, as Notre Dame has to win out and beat Clemson twice for Texas A&M(if they win out) OR Florida(if they beat Bama) to get in. Granted, it’s unlikely Notre Dame wins again imo, as Trevor Lawrence will be back(he was out for the game in South Bend) and Clemson will be playing pissed off. That being said, I think the playoff is assured to be Clemson/Notre Dame/Ohio State/Alabama. Florida/Texas A&M only get in if they win out and Notre Dame beats Clemson in the ACC championship.
South Carolina would be making a mistake hiring Satterfield, he’s incredibly overrated and Louisville gets the benefit of playing in a weak conference and the trash Atlantic Division(aside from Clemson obliterating the Red birds annually), yet they still suck.
Arkansas might end up being the 2nd best team in the West LMAO
Tennessee can’t stop the slant and it was their kryptonite today
I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with that. Wilson can't throw the ball down the field consistenly, and as we saw tonight, that's a recipe for disaster against teams that are good against defending the run. We had a very hard time driving the ball down the field against MSU, and our defense undoubtedly won that game big time. Rodriguez should start over Rose, no questions asked. Rose fumbles way too much for a 5th year senior. We had a good offensive game overall against Ole Miss because their defense is terrible. However, while our defense looked bad against Ole Miss, in reality they weren't that bad since Ole Miss' offense put up 650 total yards tonight against Alabama. Ole Miss' offense is just really, really good and our defense getting 6 interceptions and 7 total turnovers tonight is more than a bounce back. Eddie Gran calls read options, screens, and draws instead of passes because he doesn't trust Wilson to throw the ball. Wilson will overthrow it, throw it behind the receiver, or completely miss the receiver oftentimes. I like Terry Wilson, he's a great guy and emotional leader, as you said, but him not being able to throw the ball consistently down the field or make smart decisions in the passing game is a big problem. Kentucky hasn't had a reliable passing game for almost 3 seasons, and you could make the argument it's been even longer than that. In situations like tonight where we don't find success running the ball and we continue to run it every single play against a good run defense, Gran HAS to put in Gatewood or Allen who can throw it so we can stay in the game. Running the ball every single time won't work against Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and other decent SEC teams. We won't be facing an Ole Miss defense every single week. While I can agree with the assertion we don't need to bench Wilson, we most definitely need to be bringing in our passing QBs more to remain competitive. I'd like someone who can throw the ball a lot better than Wilson to be our starter next year, even if it comes at the expense of having a less agile QB, because Smoke and Rodriguez will both be back next season.
Wilson had some good games in 2018, but he failed horribly @Texas A&M. We need a passing QB and he’s just not it. He’s made some pretty bad mistakes, including @Auburn this past week. You might call it rust, but he just can’t pass the ball well down the field and he doesn’t have good awareness, he makes mistakes. The majority of his 2018 success came from read options, slants, and screens.
Unless we host Louisville twice in the same year after the 2021, I don't want to move that home football game to Louisville and interrupt the series. FSU/GT/Clemson aren't doing that. The schedule is set in stone, the UK band specifically travels to Louisville on even years and Vandy on odd-years as full-band trips, and they have a contract. Too bad for Louisville, they can keep crying. We host in Football/Basketball on odd years, and U of L hosts in even years. That should NOT change.
I've seen a similar username to satcheluk to a troll account on the KSR website before, so that's my thinking @foamfinger