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Anyone know what the week 1 SEC on CBS game is? Or the 1 OOC game(like GT-UGA or UF-FSU or neutral field featuring an SEC team vs P5 like UofL vs. Auburn 2015) on CBS will be?
I think someone is just salty that he got kicked off KSR for posting the same type of derogatory comments you post here on their website. Also, if you don't have anything to say that you like about UK sports, anything at all, which is apparent, why even bother to come here to comment? You just come here to hate on UK, not even to express a reasonable opinion. That just baffles me, I don't understand the thinking behind it. I stopped commenting to you a long time ago since whenever I challenged something you said, you called it "slander." That's why other UK fans on here will no longer respond to you. Honestly, piss off you troll. You make all UK fans look like a joke. Your sole purpose is to piss other UK fans off because you don't like the fact that once you moved down to your little retirement paradise in Florida, UK is finally at least getting decent in football after all the years you had to watch them suck since UK athletics decided to invest more in basketball than football years ago.
I agree with him most of the time, but that comment was just ridiculous. I'll only say that I think that players should get some money for having their appearance in NCAA football & basketball video games. The bottomline is that the NCAA just wants all of the money from the very successful, multi-million dollar video game series, and are greedy to the point where they wouldn't want to give up a cent. They don't care about anything else, the whole reason the game isn't made anymore is because they wouldn't let players just get even a little money for their likeness from an NCAA sponsored video game. NCAA = Racketeering Enterprise
Cowturd needs to go before any other show, such a waste of a time slot for ESPN
I know, I don't want that to happen. I made a best case scenario thing and it looked pretty nice a while back, but the way things are shaping up it's looking like the power 4 is more a of reality than 5 super 16 conferences, which means some of the things I said above probably could come true. For example, VT & UVA to the B1G Ten is something I can see, they're a package deal, OU & Ok. State is something I can see, Cincy/UConn to the ACC, & Boise to the Pac are all things I can see happening in the near future.
Lol, what? They would never give up their independent status with their nice NBC contract, plus the ACC would probably have to add Navy to satisfy them & balance the teams. That way they could still keep the USC series & play Navy/Boston College every year leaving 2 games open for the Stanford & Army series. Who knows? However, that's probably not going to happen. I'll bet on the fact that when the Big 12 collapses, because it's inevitable now because of the route Texas is taking, the leftover teams will form a new AAC. I think that OU & OK. St will join the SEC, while TCU/Baylor/Boise State/BYU will join the Pac-12, and I highly doubt Utah would veto because the addition of BYU is better than SDSU or CSU and would make the conference MUCH stronger and it fits geographically. CSU, SDSU, TTU, Hawaii, & UNLV won't get into the Pac-12 simple because there are better, more stable options. That makes 2 complete conferences right there, don't forget, the Pac-12 cares about academics and Texas Tech is the west coast equivalent of WVU, there is no way they'd get into the Pac-12 without Texas coming with them, that's why I added Baylor & TCU, 2 good football schools that are also private schools that care about academics. UT will go independent. The ACC won't add ND, they'll add Cincinnati, UConn, WVU, & most likely ECU, as the Memphis market already belongs to the SEC & Philly doesn't care for Temple. I added 4 because the Big Ten will probably try and successfully steal UVA & VT, that's the B1G's most likely option, while moving IU to the B1G Ten West, taking Boston College for the northeastern market they already have with Rutgers would be a mistake, they need to add power conference teams. Meanwhile, the new AAC would become Kansas St., Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, Houston, SMU, USF, UCF, Temple, Navy, Tulsa, Tulane, Memphis, & San Diego St. become the next power conference & AAC. It's probably the most logical thing that would happen in terms of realignment, but definitely not most favorable. I also think there would be a chance Colorado State & possibly Air Force would join this AAC, actually, I think I'll add them, because all conferences would be 16 teams and that's what it looks like.
There is no competition between Barker & Stephen Johnson, hell, there is more of a QB battle between Johnson & Gunnar Hoak. Johnson has got the job locked up unless he does very badly in the first few games of the season. I've even heard rumors that Barker might transfer, and I wouldn't be surprised, Johnson & Hoak are the future of UK's quarterbacks.
I'm assuming there were no other options for week 11. We beat Mizzou & Loserville on the road last season, otherwise it's just insulting to say us beating Vandy in Nashville is an upset.
I just discovered a pretty big flaw in these projections, the Taxslayer bowl & Music City bowl swap off each year ACC-Big Ten vs. SEC. Next year, the Taxslayer bowl will be SEC vs. Big Ten & the Music City will be ACC vs. SEC, as last year it was GT-UK & NE-UT & year before that A&M vs UL & UT-IA. Indiana-Kentucky in Music City & USC-UofL wouldn't make sense until the 2018 season. You should update it, UK-Uofl wouldn't be a redo in music city bowl right after they played each other so other teams need to be in your projections for those 2 bowls.
I hate to agree with him, but Paris is sitting back in his chair laughing at how much we hate Barnhart now saying,"I told you so", and I agree with him now:/
This is well deserved. This is a pathetic joke naming it Kroger field, Barnhart and the administrators disgracing the university like this is ridiculous. The administrators deserve to get hell for allowing this to happen. No Kentucky fans will ever refer to it as Kroger Field, we are all going to mock Barnhart until they change this BULLSH*T. Kentucky athletics even turned off the ability to comment on Instagram and Facebook on their most recent posts about the renaming because of all the hate they were getting.
Dreams wouldn't come true at Disneyland Stadium though:)
It's going to be called Commonwealth stadium no matter what. Mitch is an egomaniac, if it's the field name he's doing it because he doesn't like CM Newton, our former AD. But seriously, it better be the field name, he will get hell for this if it isn't. Who in their right mind would do this, honestly??? Kroger field? Of all names to rename it, that's the stupidest name I've heard.
Jon Toth did sign with the 49ers though, but he still went undrafted
You can get alcohol in the suites & premium seating areas at Commonwealth, but not the general seating. This will probably change in the future because of the demand, popular opinion, & the revenue it will generate. That last one will be why, we all know how these conferences operate, money first.
A bowl game every year & an upset every now and then is fine by my standards. It's been a while since a bowl game for us, so I don't see the problem with giving out the rings, we may have lost, but it was more of a troll move against Louisville since the rings have more decor about being Governor's cup champions than the Taxslayer bowl appearance.
The fact that Tom Jurich hired him back just shows what kind of programs they run at Louisville
Yea, sorry, there is NO WAY Barker is getting the starting job, it is pretty much decided that Johnson is going to be the starter, the person who wrote this doesn't have a clue what they're talking about:/
If it makes you any happier, Paris, you'll love that we play at UNC in 2017 in Chapel Hill, host U of L, of course, play Kansas in Chicago for the State Farm Champions Classic, & play UCLA in New Orleans for the CBS sports classic
And by the way, how exactly am I disgracing myself and the SEC? I didn't comment on his facebook page, he got what was coming to him, even though it was morally inept and deep down satisfying, I don't think it's a good reflection of the program's fan base at all. I'm saying how much of a crap ref he is on this website, to other SEC fans, and I can criticize if I want to. The refs' calls played about a 40% factor in the outcome of the game I'd say, and it's not disgracing to yourself to comment about how you feel about a basketball referee who has been recorded to sabotage games on purpose by big time calls made in the past on a fan page, doing it to someone's business page is crossing a big line there. He shouldn't be allowed to referee again after all the horrid calls he's made in his career, he is only refereeing these big games because he is a referee who is known by most of the country. Sorry LSUMC, but someone doesn't simply referee big games because they are good, it's because of their name, his dad refereed in the league for many years & he is known across the college basketball nation for being terrible. Well known referees officiate big games, but that does NOT mean they are good referees in any way. I think he's a terrible referee and that reflects on him, because all well known referees have HUGE egos, and I have my thoughts on him, but that does not make me a disgrace, especially when I'm posting on a KENTUCKY threat where other people feel the same way about him. I think what the small # of Kentucky fans did was wrong, but it did successfully send the message to cut the bullsh*t officiating.
Well, it's more of they hate his one and done philosophy and want it to fail, which is why they already try to make our bracket the hardest. Every year it's always, UK is hardest & Duke is easiest, they play favorites, but the NCAA does not like UK's basketball program, it's a combination of hating Calipari, the one and done philosophy, and some past violations by a UK assistant which is why they hate the program, but if you watched the game, there is no question Higgins was trying to sabotage that game