I am a K-Fund member who has been to every SEC stadium when Kentucky Football has played there(+Louisville & all UK bowl games since 2006) except Arkansas(sadly missed the game in 2007) & Texas A&M(which I plan to go to in 2019).
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As a UK fan, Eddie Gran absolutely pisses me off. I like the guy, but once we get in the lead, he switches our explosive offense to super conservative for no damn reason, which has cost us to lose TWICE this season when we are ahead by double digits in the FOURTH QUARTER. Inexusable. However, another problem is that Steve Clinkscale needs to be fired. He may be a new defensive backs coach, but he is an idiot. Matt House calls good defensive plays, but Clinkscale is trying to teach one of the most talented DB groups in the country new techniques which have failed horribly. Last year we were one of the best groups in the nation in pass defense, and this year we are one of the worst. What kind of idiot teaches someone to give a receiver a 5 yard boundary after your pass defense gets torched by 200-300 yards in back to back games trying the same thing and still thinks it will work? He needs to be fired, NOW. I'm not giving UK money to see a sh*t fest on the field like I saw at the Ole Miss game. Absolutely inexcusable.
LMAO, sadly, Kentucky won't go to the Music City Bowl. The Louisville vs. Kentucky basketball game is at 1pm at Rupp Arena and the Music City bowl kicks off the same day at 3:30. No way someone would be stupid enough to put us in the Belk or Music City bowls if it contradicts the Louisville game, that would effect bowl game attendance by UK fans by like 50%.
You can't blame Stoops for the joke of the program that Joker Phillips left behind. He destroyed the rise of UK that Rich Brooks created, and saying he destroyed it is an understatement.
Whatever dirt the NCAA has on him has been left back at UMass & Memphis. Calipari is probably the smartest man alive when it comes to finding loopholes and getting players like that tbh, that's what I've heard. Even if the NCAA were to try and go after Calipari if they got a lead, I would bet it would next to impossible to find anything. I've read that people say the Cal is on another level when it comes to that stuff and because, like I said before, his reputation is so good that he doesn't need to do it anymore. So, bully for him:)
Oh definitely, he's just not an idiot like Pitino who does it while they're under investigation and has had 2 previous investigations in his same tenure, he is done for. Calipari definitely does something, every coach does, 9/10 coaches do, and the ones that don't cheat are in last place. However, Calipari doesn't even have to sell it that much anymore if he does anything because of how many players are in the NBA. That pitch alone works. If he even does any cheating, which am sure every coach as done to some extent, he doesn't have to do it anymore really because of how many first rounders he has.
Whatever sorrowness I had from the Florida game and anger leftover has been evened out by my happiness for Louisville probably getting the death penalty. Jurich is a scumbag, not to mention he hired a scumbag in Petrino, and then on top of that Pitino is getting taken down also. This just gets better by the day. Karma is a real b*tch, ain't it Pitino?:)
Clever. However, considering this was probably made by a college kid, I've seen far worse if you think this crossed the line(see the college frat Instagrams if you want to understand what I mean):/
Exactly. We've had decent football seasons which proved our fans care about football, like all of 2006-2010. It's a stupid misconception people have about all basketball schools, same goes for UNC, but I think all the fans care about football at those schools too(Duke/Kansas{meh}/Arizona), it's just that basketball schools that are good at football never have any bandwagons, which is why there is less fan support.
Lol what happened to Paris10 I haven't seen that troll in a while:) Heart attack maybe? He is old, after all
Paul Johnson is a smug, pathetic loser, who deserves failure. He is a low-class scumbag of a coach.
I would absolutely love it for the SEC to steal Oklahoma & Oklahoma State from the Big 12 come next round of expansion. Sure, schools like Iowa State, K-State, & Kansas would suffered & have to join rankings with Houston, SMU, Tulsa, & Tulane, probably, but I can see WVU going to the ACC & Baylor/TCU getting into the Pac-12 over Texas & Texas Tech because of academics and Texas' track record. I want the Big12 to collapse, because Texas will suffer either way. I can't see them in the Pac-12 over TCU/Baylor if they bring Tech with them, which is likely, who is the Midwestern equivalent of WVU. So that leaves them either to join a worse conference as the leader or go Independent. They'd opt to go independent, and with the Longhorn network, they wouldn't be able get good home games scheduled against P5 teams, because unlike Notre Dame, the Longhorn network is like payperview & not NBC. Teams wouldn't want to schedule a game most of their fans couldn't automatically watch without paying for it. Texas would have to give it's Longhorn network if it went Independent to stay viable, and since they already won't and the UT administration is destroying their conference because of that network and greed, I want Texas to SUFFER.
If we get one, so to speak
Honestly, the liberty bowl would be fantastic. Also, the Louisville game at Rupp Arena is on the same day as the Belk & Music City bowls for some stupid reason, but I'm just hoping we get a bowl game not on the same day, otherwise there will be like no UK fans at the bowl game.
Can we all just take a moment to recognize the fact that no one has seen a Paris10 comment in over 3 months? :)
***Correction, LSU plays at Mississippi State, I meant homestand, but against LSU that's still a very difficult matchup for most teams
I would like to think the Florida at Kentucky game week 4 would have better chances of being SEC game of the week over A&M-Arkansas, especially if Florida beats both UT & UM leading up to this game & UK is undefeated coming off a win at Carolina. If those are the circumstances, it'll definitely be it. In fact, the only way I can see if being a different game, considering the other conference games that week other than A&M-Arkansas are Bama at Vandy, AU at Mizzou, & State at Georgia, is if Florida loses to both Tennessee & Michigan & UK loses to South Carolina at least. If Kentucky loses to Southern Miss, it won't be it, but I'm confident because I think Florida has the talent to beat Tennessee & even if Florida loses to Michigan only & UK loses to South Carolina only, Florida will still be ranked & the hype about the 30 year streak would still be enough to be chosen as the game of the week, in my opinion. I think Georgia would have to be perfect after a trip to Notre Dame and Mississippi State would have to also be perfect after a trip to LSU to take the game of the week. Same goes for Arkansas/A&M, both play tough OOC power 5 opponents in the opening weeks and I think that both teams would have to be perfect to take the CBS game from Florida-Kentucky. That being said, on paper it technically should be Florida-Kentucky as the favorite to take that week's CBS game, but I don't think you'd ever want to say that because it'd make people angry and because you'd be laughed at for saying a Kentucky home football game, of any kind, would be favored over 2 SEC West opponents of any caliber or a non-Vanderbilt Georgia football home conference game.
In my opinion, it just looks like they are just looking for a name change in the rivalry and are possibly looking at making the Egg Bowl a Florida cup/Michigan MAC like trophy with Southern Miss & MSU(in which FSU, Florida, & Miami or WMU, EMU, & CMU play each other for a 3 way rivalry trophy.)
It would be horrible, absolutely horrible for the Belk or Music City bowl to choose us, since the Louisville game at Rupp Arena is also the 29th:(
And on top of that, you have the 40-50 million dollar payouts from the SEC network + bowl incentives. The SEC outdoes all other conferences in revenue and will for a long time. The B1G Ten is catching up, but it will never catch up to the SEC.
Well, you know, UC Berkeley is known for not wanting people to visit their campus;)
That was supposed to be a joke, lol, of course that would in no way be balanced divisions, but imagine, that would be absolutely epic if the SEC was like that, and there's a chance it will one day be like that
Imagine it. One day, the West is TAMU, Arkansas, Mizzou, Mississippi state, LSU, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, & Oklahoma State, while the east is Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, & Kentucky. I'd view that as a balance of powers between divisions.
I think it should be AU in the east & Mizzou in the west, even though as a UK fan this would be awful for us, it makes way more sense, and I have to support the idea. However, Auburn/Alabama as a crossover would kill UT-Alabama unless the conference moved to 9 games and they played the third Saturday in October every 3 years, until expansion happen would happen, putting 2 new teams in the west(OU/Ok state) & moving Bama to the east, thus having both rivalries restored when the Big 12 rights grant expires in 2025 & expanding. If this happened next year, lets say the third Saturday in October would happen in 2018, 2021, & 2024 before both the Iron Bowl & third Saturday in October became yearly along with other old rivalries. I'm fine how it is, however. As a UK fan, we do get an easier schedule, but I'd suggest they should do something. They should either plan on moving AU to the east & adding Oklahoma & Oklahoma State in 2025 so they can move Bama to the east, or have 9 conference games a year like the PAC-12, Big 12, & Big Ten do so we can get the old rivalries, like Florida-Auburn or Auburn-Tennessee or better crossover games, like Bama-Florida & Georgia-Alabama more often. Next year, we get LSU at Tennessee & Texas A&M at Florida. I, for one, would like better crossover games. How about y'all?
I actual can agree with the theory you are saying. Yes, he is a former parole officer and you had a hilarious response to his comment about that if I can recall. But yes, he is a creep and the fact that he is asking for our names is weird, I'm not giving it to him, EVER. He is a stalker and he keeps the old habits he had a parole officer today. Yes, I have a facebook, it's a private facebook too, although I don't use it much, but I would NEVER let a deranged lunatic like Tom ever follow me on facebook. For some reason, his old person hobby is trying to start internet fights on SDS and other sports websites and he HATES to lose, that part is apparent. And Tom, I have met you at least once before, you know someone in my family very well, it's called insider knowledge when I state facts about you, and that's something I have power over you from getting over me, so I think I'll stay the course.
That entire response by you just proves your naive, but you didn't deny anything I said, so, go figure. You know I’m just telling people how to avoid internet fights with you because that’s what you’re looking for on this site, you’re not looking for debates, you’re just looking for fights. If you’re going to be that stubborn, keep on spewing out the same ole rhetoric, Tom. Just don’t respond to ME or MY comments anymore that I try to make to either debate someone or state actual facts, questions, or just talking to someone about the state of the program and such. You know what I mean. Also, you should go to CNN with your little witch hunt theory that everyone on here who disagrees with you is the same person. They love witch hunts there. The editors laugh at you. You are the laughing stock of this website. Plus, you didn’t respond to anything I actually said about Cal or Barnhart, you make no sense, you asked for my opinion, yet you only responded to the part where I proved you are just an old hypocrite. You’re aren’t denying it because you know it’s true and you aren’t winning when you debate me(BBNWildcat2012). So yea, YOU keep trying Tom
Tom, it isn't slander if it's true and it's pure hypocrisy to say it's slander when you post slander daily on every article. Even when something good happens, you try to destroy everyone's happiness by bashing anything & criticizing everything. Even after I basically just proved that I mutually knew you in real life and you were at one point a really good family friend? I don't get it. I'm only answering the questions that are relevant to what I said. First, I am not satisfied with just putting players in the NBA to answer that question. Cal can win through recruits, hell, Robic, is a better coach than Calipari when it comes to coaching. Cal can recruit, but isn't a good in game coach. Also, I don't like Barnhart. Barnhart is on track to make the school more money than UGA in 2017 and money is all they care about so they won't get rid of him for a while. Barnhart has lowered the quality of the K-Fund food drastically, unjustifiably increased ticket sales, sold out to JMI & Kroger, increased K-Fund donation for no reason, sold more blue lot parking passes than actual spots, banned non U of L visiting bands from performing at halftime so he can play more ads to earn more money, moved the student section and he band, cut down on pageantry budget by a very large %, got rid of the old U.K. logo, refuses to do anything that doesn't involve him making money for U.K. In a very greedy way, all while increasing his salary & mocking us, in a sense. However, UK football is improving, contrary to your bio, and if anyone needs help, it's you. You push this smug agenda of if you don't agree with me, it's either slander or you're SevenT. Also, you know the privacy game, especially as a former officer. You choose to tell people your identity, we do not. I don't give a fine f*ck for Facebook & I especially won't give my identity out to an old assh*le stalker like yourself who has proved time and time again that you are one. We can all disagree with your opinion, but you act like an intolerant snowflake when we disagree with you, and it's honestly ridiculous, you don't say, "I'll agree to disagree", you say "slanderous bigot."
Well, I’m not crazy, that award goes to Tommy A. However, a lot of what I said makes sense, and I think it’s fair to say that if you piss off some of the craziest fans in basketball, something is going to happen. I’ll disagree with you if you are disagreeing about my comments regarding UNC and how they shouldn’t have been in the tournament in the first place & how they are so smug and dishonest about the academic scandal, but regarding Higgins’ being harassed for his terrible referring, he deserved it, he’s been known as the most hated referee in college basketball well before this season, you can search that up. That game just solidified it. I’m not sorry he got harassed, however, threatening to kill someone is across the line, but harassing him when he’s blown multiple tournament & big games the last few years and nothing has happened to that bast*rd is justifiable. I HATE John Higgins and I see him being called out on his facebook page as justifiable. But, on the other hand, I can see why he and his employees were scared for their lives, because there is definitely one or two crazy UK fans who would actually mean it when they said “I’ll kill you.” The thing that makes me smile is that Higgins probably won’t call another UK basketball game ever and that the people who threatened him probably won’t be prosecuted, because I bet most of them were just very angry at Higgins for his bad calls and just had enough of how he’s screwed us over the years. BTW, nothing will happen to KSR for this incident either.LSUMC, please search up on google: Kentucky sports radio, no more John Higgins Please. It's a KSR article about John Higgins, and maybe then after reading it you'll realize just how many games he's cost UK and how bad of a ref he truly is. I had to put this in twice because SDS doesn't allow hyperlinks, that's why it shows up twice on my profile, because it says "awaiting moderation" for the comment that had the hyperlink of the actual article on KSR's website that I put the first time.Tell me you wouldn’t be extremely pissed off too if you were a UK fan and had to deal with him after reading that article. That’s why I’m so passionate about this, I have hated him for a long time and he SO deserved what happened to him. I agree to disagree with your opinion, because nothing pisses me off more than Higgins’ bad calls.Also, while I’m at it, just stop responding the Paris10, seriously. Let me explain. He’s on here to just to make asinine comments to piss people off because he enjoys doing it. That’s the bottom line, and if you make a comment back at him, it just adds fuel to his fire and motivates him to do it more. He’s going to be pissed at this comment and comment back angrily, 100% guaranteed from mentioning anything about him in any comment, even if you agree with him. We all know everyone on this site, UK fans, LSU fans, Alabama fans, & Texas A&M fans that he targets are all different people. Realize how when you comment something logical back at him it just pisses him off? Or when you comment something as simple “as that doesn’t make sense” or “why are you on here if you are just trying to piss people off” he gets angry? That’s because he doesn’t care, he’s 70 and is a retired parole officer living in Florida. I know where because what he doesn’t realize is he’s talking to someone whom he has met. Tom is an old family friend of mine that I didn’t realize for a while when I first joined this site. You see, he’s always saying to join him at the herald leader’s website to discuss your true views, so I took the opportunity to at least go to the website one time and see what he meant. By his facebook page’s profile picture, I knew he looked familiar. That’s when I realized I knew him from somewhere and I didn’t completely remember who he was and how I knew him until someone reminded me who he was when someone told me recently that he got in trouble as a substitute teacher at a high school in Lakeland, FL. The funny thing was I just happened to hear about that from a little birdie a little while back, although I will refuse to disclose how that happened, because Tom might be able to figure out who it was if I said that. You know, Tom, you always were a little nutty, but you are unbelievable on this site. You don’t even know it, but you are talking to someone whose family knows you very well. LSUMC, I’ve refused to comment to him for a long time due to the fact I realized I knew him at one point in my life and sheer morality made me not respond to his bs. However, he’s retired, so he has all the time in the world to make good comebacks to respond to you, so you got to think about this from his mindset. At his age, he’s simply not going to stop commenting on this website, it’s a hobby of his. So just do yourself a favor and stop commenting to him, he obsesses over when you do and loves it. Ignore him if he comments to you, that’s why over 80% of UK people on this website don’t comment to him. He is not going to stop his moronic comments, so either just get used to them and ignore them and realize that the only thing that will make him go away from this website in the future is time itself. Hopefully, all of the people who get accused of being the same person read this, because recently he’s gone after the #1 commenter on SDS, LSUMC, plus the second biggest Alabama commenter, Bamatime, & one of the biggest A&M commenters, Noblemen. SevenT should pipe it down some because he’s only provoking him to do it more, even though your responses are hilarious. Y’all need to heed my advice, but comment as you wish, but know that responding to him has been shown to increase his activity, which is always derogatory.
The best thing about this is that there is no way they will get convicted. It is going to be left up to the state of Kentucky to prosecute them, but there is no way in hell you will be able to convict them in Kentucky, considering it will be near impossible to get an impartial jury for a case like that. Kentucky fans will not prosecute other Kentucky fans for threatening John Higgins when Kentucky fans hate John Higgins. Good to luck to the prosecutors in this case, you're going to need more than luck to get them convicted. It's also a double standard that someone as bad as Higgins or any ref that is terrible and that makes horrible calls in big games that end up costing a team a game don't get punished. Not small fouls, I'm talking about the obvious f*cking bullshi*t that made me want to throw to remote at the tv watching the replay because it was so f*cking obvious they weren't calling them to try and swing the game in a certain direction. See Arkansas-UNC, UK-UCLA from December, UK-UConn when he reffed. Refs can miss some calls, but when it's as f*cking obvious as Higgins and his crew were in the UK-UNC game, something should be done. The NCAA has always hated UK, and even if it wasn't UK, they still wouldn't do anything. Mark Emmert is a disgrace, if he was even running a decent organization, Higgins wouldn't be reffing in the NCAA tournament to begin with considering his awful record as a ref. To the NCAA, it's only about if you're willing to travel and how big your name is. If they even had a little bit of decency and stopped caring only about money for just a second, college athletics would be a lot better. If you're as bad a ref as John Higgins is, you deserve some sort of reprimand, and that goes for any sport. It's ridiculous that coaches will get fined if they criticize reffing they thought was piss poor, especially if it actually was. What do you think the ignorant fools at the racketeering enterprise known as the NCAA thought would happen if they put John Higgins as the head referee in the UK/UNC game for the final four? For the most passionate fans in college basketball to remain silent and say "we'll get in next time" when the refs pushed UNC in an extremely obvious way???!!! They must think people are idiots if they think we don't see how obvious it was of them to try and push UNC back to the national title game, as a repeat appearance and a victory would generate great media buzz and in turn, more profit for the NCAA. Just watch the UNC-UK & UNC-Arkansas games, it was so obvious. Baylor & UNC both deserve the death penalty, and the NCAA remains silent on both, because they simply don't care. If they were respectable, they would punish both. I don't care if you say,"you are just mad cause you lost." Yes, I am mad, but the fact that the NCAA refuses to do anything when it comes to biases, cheating, games plagued by bad calls, and any other sorts of crap like that just makes my blood boil. They're taking a stand against the exact reasons why they were create, to create rules and to punish fairly if someone doesn't follow. UNC didn't even deserve to be in the tournament, and I hope these allegations of fake classes comes back to bite them in the a$s. Honestly, I'm happy UK fans destroyed his business' facebook page. I DO NOT CARE if you say, "it's wrong." What's wrong is the fact that he can still referee with his record and he wouldn't be punished for all the sh*tty games he's called. And that goes for all referees. When bad referees cost a team a game because of terrible calls, something needs to be done. Here's some examples. UK should have beaten Florida in Gainesville in 2014, the clock expired, everyone knows it, you are alone on that Florida fans, no excuse will ever work, and the refs go unpunished for that big time blemish. That's just one example from UK. Look at Arkansas/Florida from 2009. Look at the pass interference call in the Ohio State-Miami national championship game. Having a no-tolerance policy for bad referring is a great idea, but there isn't one in place because the NCAA simply could care less for anything that doesn't involve them making money. I hate bad referring because of how many games it's cost teams that deserved to win and it's just wrong. More so, the reason why so many UK fans got super pissed and trashed his business wasn't just because it was bad calls, it's because he has a history of doing this to UK because Higgins is such a POS and it was very obviously what he was trying to do. He can go to hell, I view UK fans trashing Higgins' business as karma. Do you really expect nothing to happen considering how badly his crew called that game? SERIOUSLY? UK fans have gotten even with John Higgins, but we will never forgive that SOB. How do you explain games, of any matter, that were lost to horrible calls? Say that it was unfortunate and let the same referee call the same, huge game, the next year, such as the national championship, without any reprimand? The only times I've seen refs suspended was the for the Miami-Duke kick return game where the guy's knee was down and they didn't call it after review and the Ok State-Central Michigan game this year. I'm genuinely happy he got karma from how he called that game, he was NOT going to walk away laughing after that game. I view this as almost a people's justice, in a sense, because it's an instance where people took matters into their own hands when the NCAA would do nothing to the referees would cost/blew the game, as the NCAA doesn't do jack sh*t in many instances, so it made me happy for UK fans, and for hating blown calls in general, because if that game was called fair, we would've won. If a ref blows a game and it's fairly questionable that they made some of the calls on purpose or missed some on purpose(such as Fox being fouled very hard at the rim before the 1st half ended and it wasn't called), something deserves to happen to the refs, so that's why I'm happy, it's karma & something ended up happening to the POS ref for blowing the game, because nothing else would've happened. That goes for more than this game. In other instances where it was much, much worse or less corrupt, something might've happened to the refs, but in this case it was an attack against the NCAA's corrupt mindset of not doing crap, which makes me smile, because the refs and the NCAA's style of no reprimanding and defending bullsh*t got the hammer dropped on it, as they finally did it to a fan base who wasn't going to just sit there and take it. Next season, Kentucky basketball might play at UNC. While the 2 sides haven't come to an agreement yet on the date, UK was sent something by UNC in 2016 to continue the home and home series for the next 2 years, starting in Chapel Hill in 2017-18, as UNC will be moving to a 20 game conference schedule in 2019-20 & might not be able to continue the series, so this might be the last of the home and home/non CBS sports classic between the 2 schools. If we do play at UNC in 2017, I hope we utterly and completely kick their a$$ till they're demoralized and begging for mercy. Why? Because if you're a school that's caught up in a fake classes scandal so your athletes can be eligible to play, verbally mock other school presidents about how you're getting away with it(UNC mocks Maryland's president), shouldn't have been in the the 2016-17 NCAA tournament in the first place, probably should get the death penalty for the scale of the scandal, & are pushed by the NCAA to get to the Final Four and think you've deserved/won your success and boast about that when you know the truth, YOU HAVE IT COMING.