K-Fund booster. Gone to every stadium except Arkansas in Fayetteville or Little Rock.

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Get Hulu Live TV or YoutubeTV. Both carry the SEC Network & one is 40$ a month the other is 50$, saves a ton of money. Only difference is Hulu doesn't have a unlimited DVR. AT&T owns DirectTV, AT&T U-Verse, & Sling so I'm not sure if Sling will lose it too. AT&T has already picked a fight with CBS & Fox Sports, so I'd recommend switching from AT&T cable for those who have it, because you risk losing the NFL, certain MLB/NBA teams, & College Football if you stick with AT&T.
You sure about that? I think Texas is just being greedy. I noticed that starting last year, they were making all the other Big12 schools that bring their bands, like TCU & Baylor, sit in the upper decks, even while the other schools were giving good seats for their bands. Oklahoma, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, and so on all give at least decent seats for the band even if they aren't directly next to field, but still relatively close. However, Texas is just using that as an excuse to stick the visitors + the band in the 3rd deck, and that's pretty classless considering their stadium is about to fit 110kish with their stadium renovation.
Why would he ever leave UK for South Carolina. It's likely that if FSU sucks the next couple of years, they'll come calling for their old defensive coordinator. That's what scares me.
*A 6th straight win over South Carolina
Lmao if you mean Transylvania University in Lexington, they were called the Pioneers, but like 2 years ago changed their mascot to the bats haha
I'm disappointed about his de-commitment but I wish him the best. However, I do think he could've handled this better by just committing to Nebraska in the first place. He said he only committed to UK originally since he felt pressure to do so from friends and family, but I think he made them angrier than they would've been by doing it how he did. It wasn't about the Mr. Football award either.
If USC has a bad year or doesn't meet expectations next year with Clay Helton, I imagine he'll be the top target
Here’s my take: Undoubtedly, our defense is one of the best in the country this year. They’ve played terrific, but if we have any chance of beating Georgia next week, the offense has to compensate. That being said, they’ve proven they can do that, but the play calling has to change. We have great offense weapons in Snell & Bowden, and Terry’s passing accuracy can be bad at times, but that isn’t the problem. The problem has been ever since South Carolina, instead of mixing it up, we’ve been running conservative play calls of straight up the gut on first and second down, and then throwing it for 30 yards when we need 3 for the first on 3rd down. That happened multiple times today, we had 7 down and outs in a row for god sakes. And to make things worse, I don’t recall seeing any form of offensive creativity to try and create space for 1st downs or changing up the calls on those drives. Just the same ole running straight up the gut & those stupid passes. Terry proved he can throw it, he threw for 267 yards. At what point does Gran finally realize that is doesn’t work? I don’t think he’s learned from Texas A&M. We need to go back to what we did in the first half against Carolina and before: Short, quick passes to Conrad/Bowden/Bouvier/Baker, which works. Jet sweeps, designed QB runs, different types of runs instead of straight up the gut, draw plays, screen passes, etc. The lack of creativity is just retarded and not learning from your playing calling mistakes before is even worse. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to see that his play calling is crap at the moment and that he needs to change from this absolutely retarded conservative play calling style and go back to a faster offense that we had earlier. That needs to happen and hopefully UK fans giving him crap for his poor play calling performance during that game(with the exception of the last drive of the game) in a game we definitely should’ve lost will change that. It seems it took him a desperation drive at the end of the game to make him realize the play calling needed to change, and hopefully that stays with him till Louisville, because that’s a game we can definitely just run the ball up the middle and win. GT put up like 500 rushing yards on them, and WF also gave them a ton of trouble. But anyways, the offensive play calling needs to change, because as we’ve proved this season and what that last drive of the game proved is that when we do that, anything is possible for this football team. If our offense plays conservatively against Georgia, we’ll probably keep it close until late in the game when our defense will gets too tired. The defense will give Georgia some trouble regardless, but the offense will have to try and keep our defense off the field and make some things happen.
I think it will honestly be like 28-27 UK is my prediction. Eddie Gran needs to get his head out of the trash can, however. Our offense has been playing conservatively, like crap, and low scoring since the 2nd half of South Carolina. We were on pace to beat South Carolina by at least 30 and we need to keep the tempo up always, not down. I do not see how he does not realize that. Something needs to change & he needs to go back to calling the plays like we were earlier in the season. Also, we have faced a good tight-end when we played at Texas A&m, and I think this team will be looking for revenge, as it will be reminiscent of the A&M game.
It would probably take a UK & UGA loss this upcoming week to prevent the UGA@UK game from being the 3:30 CBS game, followed, of course, by Bama @ LSU. What a day, not to mention a week, that will be. UGA@UK w/tailgating for me, then Bama @ LSU,then waiting till Tuesday to vote & then watching Duke & UK play later that evening. Oh boy...:)
Yes & no to answer that, he likes UK sports enough that he has season tickets for basketball, although I don't know exactly when the last time he came up for a game was. What I don't get is why he's always looking at the negatives of UK football & basketball in all aspects, especially when we're half-way decent in Football this year for the first time in a decade & could have the best year for UK athletics ever. I honestly have never been happier, but I'm just hoping Cal can win the National Title this year with his 3rd super-team at UK & not lose in the Final Four with this team against a team we should definitely be able to beat.
It'll take victories over Mizzou & Texas A&M to be on that list, but I agree, we aren't just a basketball school, though. We've sucked in recent years, that's why we don't get respect, & I completely understand that. That's a recruiting tactic used by schools against us so that people will think that about us & I think we're finally showing that's not true. We were on the rise from 2006-2010, doing great, beat FSU & Clemson in bowl games, & then Joker Phillips destroyed the program, we were becoming a somewhat stable version of Wisconsin if they were in the Big Test East, like a decent 8-4 or 7-5 expectations every year. We became Vanderbilt. It's hard to earn respect when you fall as low as a pre-James Franklin Vandy team. UK has the fan base & funding to compete like a football program, which Barnhart wants, & it's finally paying off. People also forget Kentucky also has a huge fan base in football & basketball & that we travel very well. We've already sold out our ticket allotment for A&M, I would know, I bought 9 tickets in the lower visiting section, haha. But if this keeps up, Kentucky football has a bright future ahead & people will start having to respect us again like 10 years ago. That makes me happy, because maybe, just maybe, Stoops can actually do what Joker Phillips was hired to do after Coach Brooks retired after 2010.
I concur, but I think you're on the wrong tab haha
Once again, you overlook Kentucky because you forget to include that after Terry Wilson, whose decisions cost us 4 turnovers in the first half, was replaced with Gunnar Hoak, we looked great. If he's our starter, we'll do good and I hope it'll shut up the moron who keeps omitting that fact, because it seems like you clearly didn't actually watch the game.
Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. If you take away points off turnovers, our defense just held them to a touchdown, which was great. For once, our defense might actually be good. However, Hoak needs to stay at QB. Those Central Michigan points would've never happened it he was in, because Terry Wilson made some pretty bad errors that cost us. If Hoak starts, we could actually be a pretty decent team.
The PAC-12 and it just shows why no one watches PAC-12 football, haha
It's because he's retired and has nothing else better to do, among other motives
As a UK fan, Eddie Gran absolutely pisses me off. I like the guy, but once we get in the lead, he switches our explosive offense to super conservative for no damn reason, which has cost us to lose TWICE this season when we are ahead by double digits in the FOURTH QUARTER. Inexusable. However, another problem is that Steve Clinkscale needs to be fired. He may be a new defensive backs coach, but he is an idiot. Matt House calls good defensive plays, but Clinkscale is trying to teach one of the most talented DB groups in the country new techniques which have failed horribly. Last year we were one of the best groups in the nation in pass defense, and this year we are one of the worst. What kind of idiot teaches someone to give a receiver a 5 yard boundary after your pass defense gets torched by 200-300 yards in back to back games trying the same thing and still thinks it will work? He needs to be fired, NOW. I'm not giving UK money to see a sh*t fest on the field like I saw at the Ole Miss game. Absolutely inexcusable.
LMAO, sadly, Kentucky won't go to the Music City Bowl. The Louisville vs. Kentucky basketball game is at 1pm at Rupp Arena and the Music City bowl kicks off the same day at 3:30. No way someone would be stupid enough to put us in the Belk or Music City bowls if it contradicts the Louisville game, that would effect bowl game attendance by UK fans by like 50%.
You can't blame Stoops for the joke of the program that Joker Phillips left behind. He destroyed the rise of UK that Rich Brooks created, and saying he destroyed it is an understatement.
Whatever dirt the NCAA has on him has been left back at UMass & Memphis. Calipari is probably the smartest man alive when it comes to finding loopholes and getting players like that tbh, that's what I've heard. Even if the NCAA were to try and go after Calipari if they got a lead, I would bet it would next to impossible to find anything. I've read that people say the Cal is on another level when it comes to that stuff and because, like I said before, his reputation is so good that he doesn't need to do it anymore. So, bully for him:)
Oh definitely, he's just not an idiot like Pitino who does it while they're under investigation and has had 2 previous investigations in his same tenure, he is done for. Calipari definitely does something, every coach does, 9/10 coaches do, and the ones that don't cheat are in last place. However, Calipari doesn't even have to sell it that much anymore if he does anything because of how many players are in the NBA. That pitch alone works. If he even does any cheating, which am sure every coach as done to some extent, he doesn't have to do it anymore really because of how many first rounders he has.
Whatever sorrowness I had from the Florida game and anger leftover has been evened out by my happiness for Louisville probably getting the death penalty. Jurich is a scumbag, not to mention he hired a scumbag in Petrino, and then on top of that Pitino is getting taken down also. This just gets better by the day. Karma is a real b*tch, ain't it Pitino?:)
Clever. However, considering this was probably made by a college kid, I've seen far worse if you think this crossed the line(see the college frat Instagrams if you want to understand what I mean):/