K-Fund booster. Visited every SEC stadium except Arkansas when UK has played there.

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I've seen a similar username to satcheluk to a troll account on the KSR website before, so that's my thinking @foamfinger
While I do agree that UK has been consistently better than South Carolina these last 6 years and if we had Bowden at QB to start the game we could be 6-0 against SC, the way you said it sounds kinda snarky. We lost, yes, but we're still 5-1 against Carolina in the past 6 years. To be real to South Carolina fans, Muschamp is never gonna work. You'll have to give him a chance with Bobo and the remaining years of his contract since he has a big buyout, but I was shocked when y'all hired him to begin with. He's a great DC, but he's just not head coach material. He just isn't. South Carolina should be the 3rd best program in the East with their facilities, recruiting, fan-support, recent success under Spurrier, and various other factors, but anything less than 3rd should be considering a let-down. Muschamp is just not taking your program in the right direction.
She really implied the Big Ten restarting was worse than the Sandusky scandal at Penn State, Nassar scandal at Michigan State, & DJ Durkin killing a player at Maryland. She really went there.
Considering their 5 game losing streak to us, I’d be pissed too
If Eddie ever goes, Stoops should hire Bob for OC Just imagine that
Y'all will definitely have an advantage over Ky this year just by the fact that the week we play @Florida is directly after we play @Alabama. That will be hard on us.
UK's only a 7 hour drive from UGA, does that count as a long-road trip?
So far the crazy picks have been Army & Cincinnati
This comment section just turned into a warzone, geez
Probably will help Vandy tbh. Now LSU, South Carolina, & Ole Miss can't make it a home game as usual, lol. I've been to Nashville for UK @Vandy many times, and the last 2 times there was at least 20k+ UK fans in the stands and almost no Vandy fans. Is there a SEC team that doesn't turn their stadium into a home game?
You only put @UK as a win because you want to be nice to Arkansas and not put them as going 0-10 and give State a win the following week if they had a terrible home loss the previous week. State @UK should be a good game, but c'mon, they're probably not going to lose at home to Arkansas. I get these are predictions, but that's just unnecessary pandering, Arkansas is still likely to go 0-10.
Kentucky had quality non-conference games scheduled against Kansas, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Louisville, Notre Dame, & whoever our Big 12 challenge opponent is supposed to be. Hopefully we get to play some of these, even if it means delaying them to later in the season.
To be fair, Missouri didn’t get a first down in the 2nd half. They let Kentucky come back and that cost them the game more than that penalty ever did
The only true threat to Kentucky’s football recruiting, as Ohio is our gold mine, would be if Cincinnati joined the Big 12, which I think will happen in the next few years
I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but you do realize that Penn State doctor already retracted that comment because it was false? Some people on Twitter, however, failed to get the memo.
UAB's marching band is spread out into like 6 sections and it looks so funny
I’d be careful about this. Remember what the NCAA did to the UCF kicker who had the successful YouTube channel unrelated to his football career? They demanded he demonetize his videos since he was bringing in ad revenue from them and the NCAA took issue with that. He refused and was kicked off the team.
Well at least I can attempt to go to the away games @Florida/Tennessee/Auburn now :). That's too bad about the bands, hopefully things change by the end of the season. Football will feel a lot different this fall, but at least it's happening. Anyone else see the Big 10 is thinking about backtracking and starting their season in November now? LOL
Furthermore, if you wanna to say “do your research”, it doesn’t take a toddler to realize that what happened at Mizzou in 2015 compared to players taking a single day off to bring awareness to an issue they feel is important to them is astronomically different. Missouri fans would know. That involved incidents regarding Missouri’s president & chancellor that led to both of them getting fired. That’s a whole different ballpark. I’m honestly stunned that you think they should just “shut up and dribble.” That’s pure ignorance. I sense a ban from the SDS mods incoming for you. It seems other people who responded to your crazy comments agree. You also said “If you don’t want to talk about it on SDS go somewhere else” but you got triggered by the fact SDS blocked comments on the actual article and said go somewhere else to discuss that. LOL
If you seriously believe everything you just said, you need professional therapy. I’m not kidding. Judging by your comments on other articles, you’re not a rationale person by any means.
Donors won't stop donating, they'll resume practice likely tomorrow or early next week, fans will still watch, and in a month most people will forget what happened even happened. Things like this have happened so many times over the last few years I've lost count. However, barring any personal opinions on what they're protesting or what happened in Wisconsin(which should not be discussed on SDS), the players do have the right to protest collectively and doing it for just 1 game or just 1 practice to bring awareness to whichever issue is something they have the right to do as citizens, whether or not you disagree with what they're protesting. I hope you realize that players are only doing it more and more because Laura Ingraham of Fox decided to make a comment about Lebron supporting black lives matter and said he and other athletes should just "shut up and dribble." That was a mistake and childish on her part, and that's part of the reason the NBA, MLB, & college football teams are protesting more.
How is the Big Ten not subject to FOIA on an issue like this? Northwestern is the only private school in the conference. The 13 other university presidents are public employees.
For the record, I’m no fan of Trump and I don’t plan on voting for him(like my vote in Ky matters anyways lol), but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the decision to cancel was political. All the reasons show it’s fall ball or no ball, as spring football obviously isn’t viable. My guess is that they were gonna reconsider the decision to cancel after leaking the 12-2 vote to test the waters, then Trump & other Republicans(such as Jim Jordon & Tommy Tuberville) tweeted “America needs college football”, and then they decided to spite Trump in hopes of swinging the election by cancelling. The timeline matches up perfectly. To cancel football because of Trump was probably Warren & the B1G presidents’ idea, but I’d argue each school has enough $$ in reserve from TV revenue to survive cancelling, which is probably why they decided to do it. And don’t kid yourself, there’s like a 90% chance every single Big Ten school president leans liberal. Regardless, cancelling the season as early as they did is appalling, they should’ve just pushed it back and waited, hence why it makes their intentions more obvious. I highly doubt it will even affect the 2020 election. People have already made up their minds. Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska’s 2nd CD, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, & Wisconsin are all competitive in 2020, and all are home to 8 B1G schools. If the 3 power 5 conferences go through with a somewhat successful football season in 2020 or even just play a couple games, the B1G commissioned and some school presidents deserve to be fired.
He might be harsh in his wording, but he is correct. If a single AAC/SEC/ACC/Big 12 football game gets played, Ohio State/Nebraska/Iowa/Penn State will stop at nothing until he’s fired. Spring football is not viable in any way and there’s obviously another reason that he doesn’t feel like disclosing. Defending bringing back thousands of students who are still going to party(see UNC/Notre Dame), but saying it’s too dangerous to play football is beyond a pathetic excuse. Even Ohio high school football has gotten the green light from the state’s governor to play. The Cincinnati reds might bring back fans in a couple weeks. Even if in-person classes get cancelled at most universities(which is a possibility), it would probably be safer for the players on campus since you’d likely be able to put them in their own dorm in their own “bubble” like what the MLB/NBA is doing. There would also be less students on campus who could spread the virus. Saying you can have in-person classes, bring back students, but not play football has already been proven to be a BS argument if you’ve watched the news just this week alone. The virus is so widespread and he acts like they won’t get it if they don’t play football. They probably have a higher chance of getting it in the general public than being in a bubble with their college football teammates being tested 2-3x a week, which is the exact same logic BYU/Army/Liberty/SEC/ACC/Big 12/AAC/Sun Belt/Conference USA + some B1G schools thought. Nothing will significantly change by January that would magically make spring football for the B1G & Pac 12 viable. I hope someone gets a picture of him at Davis-Wade in a month or 2 in the stands watching his son play. I bet he’ll be there and try to disguise himself so he can’t be recognized.
We've beaten U of L by a combined 80 points in the last 2 seasons, we've significantly out-recruited them, and we bring almost everyone from the last season back, but sure, rank them ahead of us, lol. I don't think Louisville should even be near the top 25.