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Position grades: the only time Vanderbilt isn't excited to see what it made.... Secondary didn't get an A but linebackers and d-line got A,B? They were 20 something in Opp. Completion % and like 39th in PYA. Compared to102nd and 80th in yds per carry and rushing yds a game.
What about Josh Dobbs? He tied with "preseason Phil Steele All-SEC third team" Marquez North in receiving yards and had more Touchdowns. Ha
Beat Arkansas? losing your QB, RB's, TE, OL, O-Line coach, etc etc. So yeah, I believe TN and Ole Miss can handle Rawleigh Williams (if he's healthy) and whatever is left of the 2015 Razorbacks.
he also said Cam Sutton would be a 3rd rounder. I take everything MKJ says with a grain of salt. Actually I try not to listen to MKJ period. Henry may not have as much success in the NFL as he did at Alabama but he is better than a third round pick. As is Sutton...
Tennessee ran the ball 60.94% of the time. While Alabama ran the ball 57.36% of the time... And I'm sure you've heard of Amari Cooper (55.71% in 2014) and Calvin Ridley. I don't think it's how often Tennessee chooses to pass (which I agree should be more often) but what type of passing play we call and when we call it. I hope Deboard calls a few more passes a game but that isn't going to turn our Von Pearson's into Calvin Ridley's. We need more BIG plays from our receivers and that falls just as much on our playcalling as it does on the receivers and even the WR's coach. Von Pearson did not get screwed out of anything. Just my opinion.
I wouldn't go that far but I do think that Hurd will end up showing he is the most durable when it is all said and done. I hope all three stay healthy, but Hurd just seems to be naturally built to be able to take the punishment rb's take and keep on coming.
I think Fournette is clearly number one but not by as much as people seem to think. Number 2 should be Hurd until Chubb shows he is the same RB he was pre-injury.
Thank you for acknowledging TN as one of the top programs of the 90's & early 00's. It really irks me that people seem to have forgotten TN was one of the original powerhouse programs. (And with a bit of luck will resume that role next season.)
I like Marquez North. Good kid. I wish him luck in the league. BUT I'm not exactly sad to see him go considering Joshua Dobbs had just as many receiving yards (58) and more touchdowns (1) than North did. He had a lot of potential but injuries and play calling hasn't been in his favor.
Could've at least gave General Neyland's Vols an honorable mention.