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You mean the superior coaching that left the only receiver that had done anything all day, wide open to take it to the house in a crucial part of the game?? There was no blown coverage... Or the superior play calling and clock management Smart is 3-0 vs Mullen. You can use the “the scoreboard doesn’t show the real game” defense all you want, but that is a fact. Not sure how you call never beating someone superior coaching
And screw your whole program up and be an absolute terrible role model for anyone.
The only leg they can stand on is recruiting? hahaha! Man I cannot wait to hear the UF cry baby excuse come early November.
If Meyer says it, it must be true! Who cares if he screwed our program in the A and is a piece of poop. How exactly our UGA fans delusional? What reason do they have to be scared? Please enlighten all of us
UGA provides recruits with nothing but promises? You are a moron. By that logic, you’d mean that pretty much every team that does not win the national championship is just providing false promises to recruits... And I’m sure you know exactly what the coaches are pitching and exactly what the recruits are looking for. I am sure with your extensive football background you already know that there is a lot more to recruiting then just the national championship. Btw, UGA has had two great seasons under Kirby. We’ll see if the fire burns out
HAHAHA! Tennessee fans are a hilarious. I cannot wait until the UGA UT game next year. I remember all the UT fans laughing at UGA when they hired Chaney. But now he is their savior. Again, lol. Chaney is just setting up retirement. Cannot wait to see the al mighty VOLs next year.
Man, I can tell you know your stuff! Promoting coaches within a program IS called regression to the mean. If only Kirby Smart, with extensive background in football, would listen to the likes of you. I bet you're a blast to watch games with! You just have to know what play to call, or who to play every game. Surely you're submitting your expertise to Dan Mullen and staff.
Ahahaha! Yep. UGA will tank after losing those 6 players(One who never played). Never mind the amazing recruits we have on the bench. Or the depth at running back. IT's definitely going to be UT's year.....
That is exactly what could make him a good leader. All the greats standouts learn from their mistakes. And everyone of them in history has made them
Whoooa!! Watch out for this guy! Creative genius. "Matthew Staffords jock strap". Incredible! No filters for you, you'll say anything!! By far the edgiest commentor on SDS. Can't wait to see what you'll say next!!
That is very rarely called for offensive pass interference. That play is not the reason bama lost.
Please read this aloud to yourself and see what sense it makes. This article is just absolutely ridiculous.
You definitely came up with that all on your own. You should s sports analysist and writer
I see your point, though his dad handled the situation very petty. That should have been taken up between the family and the program, not the media. I think his letter is just saying that he did not run to the media with the threat of leaving the team. His dad did that on his own accord. That brought on a lot of pressure and heat from students and fans.
Yes! The year UGA was making a bid and ended up blowing out Hawaii
Reminded me of the Tenn-Georgia game 4 years ago when 2 Tennessee players had sex on the sideline during the 3rd quarter
He is a man of his word, "running through the T, singing rocky top all night long after we beat Florida next year".
She's still bitter about her husband messing around with the FSU grad student.
It was definitely a shocker! Future could be bright for dawgs after all
You really know your football RICK34. Bet you'd kill it in Vegas
Seriously. Stop looking fo something to cry about. Anyone this offends has a super lame life.