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I don’t see him saying they should do it just because of who he is. But since they have changed so many other rules I think they should have thought about this one as well.
Glad to see my Tarheel guys in there. And for the guy who wrote “Since when is UNC known as RBU” the answer is for a long time. Lots of 1000 yard rushers in their history.
It’s a no brainer for me. The upside is to great. And if he gets injured of he’s a bust so what? It happens. Almost every draft has one or 2. How many players have career ending injuries in non contact drills? When Bo Jackson got hurt it didn’t look that bad. But he never came back. And if he’s there at #7 and my Panthers don’t take him I might tear Bank of America stadium down, even though I don’t think he would survive behind that vegetable strainer of an O-line we have.