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This is true...Johnny football was a 3 star and ran all over the sec! Wouldn't have done that in the big 12 style football games!
Look at the pride of the sec ur Aggies...beaten by a team that loses to Louisville and again to a team that loses to Clemson. Clemson got rolled by the mountaineers last orange bowl and the horns rolled the Ags last time...just b/c the Ags beat an underachieving sooner team don't uncork the bubbly yet! SEC 1 or 2 good teams the rest = scrubs!
Few more conference games will happen as soon as the sec brain trust figures out how to get into the championship with 3+ losses!
Mizzou is owned by the horns!
Go drown your sorrows in another world biggest cocktail party game LOSS! Brown would school you just like Louisville!
Bigger question is will the sec once again manipulate the polls to guarantee they claim the title because they either play each other in the title game or play a cream puff!
SEC is soon over rated and this year proves it...aTm barely makes a bowl last season, the Horns drum them! This season, the Aggies get a beat down from teams that lose to Louisville and Clemson in the bowls! With a win over the sooners, a team with an unimpressive year, and the aggies/sec want to declare more power than the big 12...realize the team that beat LSU in the peach bowl is the same team that got tossed in last seasons's orange bowl by our big 12 mountaineers! SEC nice conference but not the best!