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Yeah, putting 4-loss Georgia 3 spots above 3-loss Tennessee is absurd. You guys don't have a clue.
No. They're just a Sunbelt Conference team that just so happens to be in the SEC East.
Lol, Dobbs & Co. are gonna shred that secondary
He meant sans the turnovers. If Tennessee holds on to the football on Saturday, they'll have a chance to win it in the 4th quarter.
Biggest overstatement about the Aggie defense is their "improvement" against the run. A deeper look into the stats shows that is very, very wrong. If you take out Prairie View A&M, opposing RBs have rushed for 5.3 yards per carry.
The key to the Tennessee offense is Dobbs' legs. He didn't run that much in either App State or Ohio (when he started running against Ohio, the game was over). If you want a good idea for what Tennessee can and will do, watch the Va Tech game (ranked #2 behind your Gators in total defense). Gator D was all world going into last year as well, and the Vols put up 400 yards and 27 points on the road. Tennessee's going to score points. Plain and simple. Can Florida score points? That's the big question.
Comical that we have fans of the two biggest choke artists From the weekend in here trolling. LOL 0-1
I always chuckle when Georgia fans are oblivious and idiotic enough to think they aren't just as bad, if not worse. "Undefeated this year..." "Fahr the coach..." "This year's the year..." "Florida sux..." Etc., etc., etc.
This is a very tough pick. Alabama doesn't have the same psychological edge that Florida does with us.
I've got Georgia down for 4 losses. I guess we'll still win the East with the tiebreaker over UF.
If the game were in October or November, you might be on to something. No way Fuente has everything together by game 2...especially given what he has on the roster. Besides, TN is a ripe upset pick every year to a nobody in September, and they absolutely dismantle them. I bet you picked Utah State to win 2 years ago didn't you?
Logistically, it's a nightmare. However, I disagree very few support it. The concept of camping out before a Vol football game is very exciting. Sight lines will suck for the fans, but by scale, it's no different than sitting in Cowboys Stadium to watch a basketball game. All about the spectacle. That said, I'm not a fan of playing there every three years as mentioned in the article. Highly doubt that happens.
Joey Kent? I love him, but I wouldn't go with Kent here. I would go with either Dwayne Goodrich or a healthy Tony Robinson.
Georgia fans love to forget Sony Michele had a fantastic game (145 yards rushing, 26 receiving). For comparison, Derrick Henry rushed for 143 against us. Chubb would have done no fact, he may have done worse. He lost a yard when he got hurt.
Haha, the last person who should come on here and troll about overhype is a Georgia fan. Pretty much the story of your program since 2001.
If you're sitting down having to make a pick for who wins the SEC East this year, Tennessee reasonably is the pick for most based on how they closed the season and who they have returning. Georgia is breaking in a true frosh at QB, and are crossing their fingers Nick Chubb will be as good coming off the ACL tear (which rarely happens with running backs). Georgia is the biggest threat, to me, simply based on the talent they have. Georgia is always talented. Florida loses a lot off of its defense from last year and, while they have talent filling the holes, it is unproven. In addition, Del Rio is no better than any QB Alabama throws out there...big difference is he has much less to work with at the skill positions and won't be able to rely on freak plays. So, basically, Tennessee gets the default nod as the predicted pick since they don't have many questions. Georgia and Florida have a lot of questions and "what if's."
Did SC have a football team prior to 2006?
No way North Texas makes the Music City Bowl. ;)
People go on and on with this, and I don't get it. Most people have us low top 10 or top 15, which is certainly warranted given how we closed out the year, how close all the losses were, and the dismantling of a Top 15 team on a neutral field to end the year. Nobody is really picking Tennessee to win the whole SEC, much less make the playoff or win it all. Definitely not out of the question, but certainly not a comfortable pick like winning the East is. If the Vols played in the West, they'd be lucky to be picked to finish 2nd. Personally, as a Vol fan, I'd be thrilled to make it to Atlanta and get a shot to play in the Sugar Bowl for the first time since the early 90s. Being surrounded by nothing but orange on Bourbon Street would be awesome. The team that's receiving stupid hype that I think is about on the same level as Tennessee is Michigan (pre-season Top 5 on just about every list). They won't win the Big 10 and they won't make the playoff. Sure they could luck up like the Vols could, but I just don't see them being a Top 5 team at the end of the year. Top 10-15, sure.
Hahahahahahaha The Vols must have pitched a tent in your head. I bet you have nightmares about us every night.
If this happened, as a lifelong TN fan I would hate to see the 3rd Saturday rivalry go away. Even with the losses, it's always fun to tailgate with Alabama fans. Plenty of mutual respect and fun that weekend each year. That said, if it DID go away, I'd love to play Texas A&M every year. The natural ties between the states of TN and TX with Crockett, Houston, et al, at the Alamo, not to mention Gen. Neyland attending A&M for a year or two would be a nice foundation for a great rivalry.
Slightly off-topic, but how bizarre is it that SEC teams are able to get the amount of fans in the stadium for our respective spring games that we've been getting the last few years? I'm not sure what it has always been like for other places, but at Tennessee, it was a success to get 20K in the stadium IN THE 90s! Now, 60K+ is the expectation each year. Unbelievable.
Hahahahaha, man you try too hard. Get a life, maybe? Or a job?
Oh man, if Vandy taking notice of the comment wasn't enough, I'm literally shaking at the thought of Memphis and MTSU finding out about it.
He actually was an Aggie for one season. Didn't get to West Point until after his sophomore year. But as the saying goes, "Tennessee gave [Texas] Sam Houston and Davy Crockett. [Texas] gave Tennessee Bob Neyland. Now the score is even."
It's actually a NCAA rule. In the 80s, the checkers actually did extend to the boundaries, however, the white portions of the checkerboard blended with the sideline and endzone line, making it oftentimes difficult to tell if someone kept a foot in bounds on a corner throw or if someone actually got the nose of the ball over the line for a TD.
The checkerboard on the helmet and pants is more than enough as it is. Adding it to the shoulders will destroy the uniform.
Once again, an overdramatic misinterpretation by SDS. There will be a spring game. Huge sponsor $ tied to it. Butch says, "It may have to be a spring practice..." which is odd bc the game has been a glorified practice since he got here in 2013.