Go Big Orange!

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Hey Lane Kiffin: Shut the h#%l up! UT does not need or want your help with anything you lowlife scumbag. Get back to trolling the campus for coeds and leave the Big Orange alone.
This is typical grade A BS from the antiquated NCAA. They suck and colleges don't need them any longer. How can Jay Graham get a 6 month show cause for being somewhere with his boss? And I despise Jumbo Fishead, but even he doesn't deserve this.
He still has a house in Knoxville? That's adding insult to injury. He is by far the WORST ever coach in school history and that's saying something considering we had Doofus Derek Dooley! Enjoy his fake, no talent self Tide fans.
Glad Kirby Dumb let him go. Yeah, he sure is a genius coach.
Is that your only take? You have posted it at least twice. Getting there is one thing. Losing in blowout fashion is another.
Sure does suck when every call does not go your way, huh Nickie?
Right on! Love to see some edgy play out of our team. Whiners on this board: Fact is NO PENALTY WAS CALLED! Go Vols!
Hahahahaha!! Love it! I don't think it was on purpose, but if it was, so what? Jennings is a great kid who has battled stupid coaches(Butchie Boy Jones and Brady the village idiot Hoke) just to get back on the team. ESPN can P**s off.
You can't even spell coach, Irvin. Not suprised coming from a Kirby Dumb supporter.
Still waiting on that lawsuit, Greg. And, if he is such a great coach, Rutgers would have given him what he asked for. His demands were not out of line. Glad he never made it to Knoxville.
Documented proof? On the record sources? Oh, I forgot. This did come from ESPN. Typical BS. Move along, nothing to see here from those social justice warriors in Bristol, CT.
Typical BS. This has NOTHING to so with Tennessee. Olson, you are a total stooge and moron for writing this garbage.
Dave Hooker: HE CAN'T PLAY! Mystery solved. Go Vols!
Saban and Finebaum will be on a conference call Monday morning with the SEC office to complain about all the penalties called against Alabama.
JG should NEVER see the field again for Tennessee. Whats more does he need to do to show his fanboys he isnt an SEC quarterback? Please go ahead and quit the program and head to Rutgers, JG.
Not an issue. If Nicky did it he would be praised for using it as motivation. Mainstream sports media, especially the moron Dan Wolken, stinks and is super biased. Espn's team last night was so biased toward Alabama it was laughable.
Listen, junior, a record of 2-7 in the SEC, and the potential to be 2-14 in two seasons, gets you fired in the big boy world. That record also gets the guy who hired you fired as well. By the way, thanks for not telling UT how to fix the problem. I am sure all UT fans are grateful for your wisdom. Now, run along.
Been saying this for weeks and catching crap for it. JG is an FCS QB at best. 2-10 as an SEC starter. Only UT would allow this. I would rather lose every game with Maurer than a 4th year QB who STILL can't read defenses.
Believe me, not all of us wanted Fulmer to return. And not all of us approved of the stupid games he played and still plays. The university should have done what your school did and backed up the Brinks truck and hired a stone cold killer as a coach, not a bratty wannabe like Kiffin, a moron like Dooley, a childish fool like Jones and an in over his head man like Pruitt.
Both Pruitt and Fulmer need to be fired ASAP. If Pruitt keeps starting JC he will lose the team, if he hasn't already. Get Fulmer and the old guard, Haslam family and Anderson, to leave the program alone. Send money and shut up. Pony up the cash to hire a real football coach or we will NEVER compete with the big teams again. Times have changed and UT has not.
True, but as you should know, a great QB can cover for a lot of shortcomings. If JG was as half as good as Tua we could at least compete.
Great post! And no, SchiaNO is not coaching anywhere! Perfect example of why the mainstream sports media stinks.
Herbie is the most boring, predictable announcer around, and Corso should have hung it up years ago. ESPN is irrelevant. So, consider the source.
Guarantano is 2-9 in his SEC starts. The team has been outscored in those games by an average of 17 points. But you mainstream media types(ESPN, etc,) keep telling us how great his QB rating was last season. Don't let the facts get in the way.
Unfortunately, there are several other sources writing and saying the same things. Sad.
You know, upon further review, with you and other mainstream media types pushing this narrative, Fulmer may be back as HC eventually. The damage the mainstream sports media can do, particularly in Knoxville, is not to be underestimated.
True, but this is how these things grow legs. The mainstream sports media has fans believing JG is a good QB when he is clearly not an SEC quality QB. Who is to say if Fulmer has enough media pushing this narrative to the sheep fans....he could be back. What a disaster that would be for Vol fans.
Dave, when did you become such a fanboy for Fulmer? No doubt you have lost your mind. Sad.
How did the o-line play in the 2 games this year? Did he win? That's what I thought. JG is the same QB he always was and won't change. Keep following the mainstream media spin, junior.