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True, but as you should know, a great QB can cover for a lot of shortcomings. If JG was as half as good as Tua we could at least compete.
Great post! And no, SchiaNO is not coaching anywhere! Perfect example of why the mainstream sports media stinks.
Herbie is the most boring, predictable announcer around, and Corso should have hung it up years ago. ESPN is irrelevant. So, consider the source.
Guarantano is 2-9 in his SEC starts. The team has been outscored in those games by an average of 17 points. But you mainstream media types(ESPN, etc,) keep telling us how great his QB rating was last season. Don't let the facts get in the way.
Unfortunately, there are several other sources writing and saying the same things. Sad.
You know, upon further review, with you and other mainstream media types pushing this narrative, Fulmer may be back as HC eventually. The damage the mainstream sports media can do, particularly in Knoxville, is not to be underestimated.
True, but this is how these things grow legs. The mainstream sports media has fans believing JG is a good QB when he is clearly not an SEC quality QB. Who is to say if Fulmer has enough media pushing this narrative to the sheep fans....he could be back. What a disaster that would be for Vol fans.
Dave, when did you become such a fanboy for Fulmer? No doubt you have lost your mind. Sad.
How did the o-line play in the 2 games this year? Did he win? That's what I thought. JG is the same QB he always was and won't change. Keep following the mainstream media spin, junior.
JG can't play at this level. He is 6-14 as a starter. Why does everyone want to ignore this fact? Because it doesen't fit the major media spin? Please Vol fans, learn to think for yourselves. If we keep this guy at QB we won't win 4 games. And who cares if he leaves the program? Our backups can't do much worse than 6-14.
You really believe that? JG couldn't read a defense BEFORE JP got there. He is also far from an alpha dog and sure isn't a leader on this team. Have you been watching him for 2 seasons now or do you buy the major media spin on him? Also, JP didn't chew him out "all day". He chewed him out, as he should, for checking down to a play that had no chance to get a 1st down as GuananTANo often does.
Apparently, Dave is a bigger Fulmer homer than Doug Matthews. Didn't think that was possible.
And what about a 6-14 QB who can't read defenses and leads his receivers INTO coverages leads you to believe he will improve? He is the SAME Qb he has always been and won't change.
Respectfully, it is clear you buy the major media line on GuaranTANo. We won't win 6 games with this stat padder. He is not a winner. He may be a great kid, but he is clearly not an SEC Qb. But keep on drinking the Kool Aid.
You are 100% wrong. The last thing this program needs is more from Fulmer. We need to bench GuaranTANo and show Bailey he will be the man next season. GuaranTANo is 6-14 as a starter. Let that sink in, Dave.