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If that turd is allowed to play next year he needs to have AT LEAST a 10 game SEC suspension.
Not harsh at all. My dumpster fire of a program needs to weed out these dumba$$ Pruitt recruits out and start from scratch. Not like we are going to win soon anyway.
Did he take his Mcdonalds bag of cash with him?
Good for the gump. He deserves zero from UT.
This is 100% ridiculous. I am embarrassed for my alma mater. This AD/Coach combo hire is doomed to fail and the powers that be have learned nothing. Business as usual.
Fulmer's legacy is that he stabbed Majors in the back to get the HC job and kissed up to those in power for years. He won a championship with a great staff that did the work. He is a petty, out for himself person who should have been fired for cause and given ZERO out the door. All this crap has happened on HIS watch.
Recently UT had 5 scholaships available for 2021. The AD would be smart to save those if there is to be some sort of self imposed sanctions. Believe it or not, there are some realistic UT fans that realize this needed to happen. We also realize no one is feeling sorry for us. It's a shame for UT fans that so many players are jumping ship but it is hard to blame them. White seems to be the right person for the job, but UT has been wrong so many times it is hard not to take a wait and see position.
Yeah I read it, Junior. My point is stop rehashing this crap. This type of story is yesterday’s news and is lazy.
No, he won't. But he does deserve to be developed at a school that has a clue on how to develop players.
Mark, why MUST it be these 3 retreads? Your lack of vision is stunning given that you are very familiar with UT and what is going on there. Or, maybe you aren't as plugged in as we thought. Your latest articles are very disappointing. Get some better sources and stop writing filler.
No way UT hires Freeze. We don't do stupid things like that. Oh, wait..... I hope we stay far away from this guy. He sucked at Ole Miss his last year and his baggage is the LAST thing we need right now. Get a grip on the reality of the situation.
You are right about Fat Phil. We should not pay his a@# a dime out the door. But, this is UT. They will probably put a statue up of the slob. As for the players that have left or are in the portal, yes it will hurt. But, we went 3-7 with them. It's not like any of those guys were Heisman candidates. And if they are part of the group that got paid? Good riddance. This tear down has been a long time coming. Hoping for better days but with UT's administration it is hard to have much confidence.
Never thought I would agree with a Bammer but you are correct. Fulmer started this fire long ago and threw gasoline on it when he hired this glorified high school assistant coach. Pruitt did well when he had elite athletes to coach but it's clear he can't develop lower grade players. He has to go. Tennessee needs a young offensive mind with experienced SEC coaches/recruiters on the staff. But first, Fulmer needs to be fired or allowed to retire. Good riddance.
Tennessee doesn't need a level 1 violation to fire him with cause. They met with him Thursday for at least 8 hours. They presented him with many violations. He will be fired with a settlement hopefully by this Sunday. Randy Boyd is smart enough not to dig too deep and he does not want to ruin JP. It serves no purpose. Make no mistake, Randy Boyd is in charge, not Fat Phil.
If you want to know what's going on listen to Tony Basilo each day on his site. These national media types don't have a clue about what is going on in Knoxville. They are all mouthpieces for agents. Steele is just a placeholder and insurance policy. JP MUST go!
100% agree. This is much ado about nothing and is being done to attempt to fire Pruitt for cause. Time to sack up and pay Pruitt to go back to Hoover High. If they will have him.
NO WAY! If this administration hires this loser I and many others will be DONE! This would show once and for all the powers that be have NO interest in winning or even trying to be relevant. What a freaking joke!
He did not take a pay cut. He did not accept a raise. That isn’t the same thing as, for example, Coach Barnes taking his cut or Coach Vitello taking a cut. Even if you don’t agree you have to concede this is a bad look.
The point is all other sports coaching staffs took pay cuts. Pruitt and most of the FB assistants did not. How tone deaf can one staff and head coach be? How can they ask kids to be “team players” They sure aren’t! Whatever happened to lead by example Coach Pruitt?
It appears he is the QB for life. I hope not, though. We have to start playing some of JP's so called freshman talent and see what they can do. This team is going nowhere fast so why not see what we have? The fact is he is very stubborn and will rise or fall on JG's back.
Until Tennessee makes a commitment to pay a name coach or go get an offensive innovator nothing will ever change. And stop hiring guys who coached under Saban. It doesn't work for us, obviously.
Hey Lane Kiffin: Shut the h#%l up! UT does not need or want your help with anything you lowlife scumbag. Get back to trolling the campus for coeds and leave the Big Orange alone.
This is typical grade A BS from the antiquated NCAA. They suck and colleges don't need them any longer. How can Jay Graham get a 6 month show cause for being somewhere with his boss? And I despise Jumbo Fishead, but even he doesn't deserve this.
He still has a house in Knoxville? That's adding insult to injury. He is by far the WORST ever coach in school history and that's saying something considering we had Doofus Derek Dooley! Enjoy his fake, no talent self Tide fans.
Glad Kirby Dumb let him go. Yeah, he sure is a genius coach.
Is that your only take? You have posted it at least twice. Getting there is one thing. Losing in blowout fashion is another.