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This article is poorly written. Phillips is the number one inside LB in the country. Everybody knows Patrick Queen will be playing LB as well. Plus LSU will add at least one other LB also, I think. Landing Wilson and/or Mathis is huge. Harris is a nice addition as well, but DBs seem to come to LSU every year. Just take a look at the commits for next season. We need to add Devonta Smith with all the departures at WR. LSU messed up with Etienne by waiting so long on Cam Akers. We'll need a big RB commit next season, which should be no problem. I still like the kid from Catholic though. I'll be shocked if we don't finish in Top 10, which is pretty good considering losing your HC and OC. Orgeron just needs to be successful in 2017, and the in state kids will be back at LSU once again. But, he did well by pulling kids out of the surrounding areas this season.
OU has played that game as much as anyone. Ask Marcus Dupree. Or what about the QB kicked off for getting paid by car dealership to "work". The only person who suffered in that deal was the kid. I hope LSU didn't cheat. If they did, then punishment should ensue. But to hear a player say another school cheated and yours never did is pretty lame.
Yeah, Kiffin would only use that job as a stepping stone. Not to say that he wouldn't do that same as OC of LSU either. Houston needs to find a guy that can recruit and stay with the program a while, which Miles would do. He might even get them back to sniffing the Power 5 again.
I'm just here for the comments. Next week, it will be UF and UGA fans going at it. The week after that, LSU fans will either be talking smack and heralding Orgeron as the Golden Child or cursing his existence and the refs for another loss to Bama. It's always the same on articles and message boards alike. We all get sucked in, and we all make idiots of ourselves. Bring on week 9...
Because they still might be hesitant about hiring him? Lol. Honestly, I think it'll be a tough task for him to win the job. He'd have to win out or at least go 4-1 from here on out. But, if they do that, the fan base may get behind him since he's home grown. I mean, they got behind Miles enough for them to keep him until week 4 of this season, didn't they?
Does Bama get privilege? Maybe. But, I don't know if I would consider this one a planned flag. The call is probably bad, but I could easily see how it was called holding from his viewpoint. I've seen worse calls.
And, how many SEC championship games have you guys played in?
Just go look at what LSU had to do in 2005 after Katrina. LSU had to move a home game to Arizona State, move another non conference game to the original bye week, and they had to move the Tennessee game to Monday. After all that mess, they went to the SEC championship game the following week. LSU had no bye week all season long. Florida could have played this game elsewhere or a day or two later.
And Les Miles was technically sound? There are a number of head coaches who've never called plays in their life, especially in the NFL. He's already got a great defensive coordinator. If he can just get a guy to halfway improve the offense, we could be dominant again. I'm not saying he's the best candidate, but he will come cheaper than other HCs and would allow for more money to be spent on a great OC.
LOL, now that's spoken like an LSU fan right there. Calm down UGA. It was a bad loss, but you'll give UT all they want this week and may sneak out with a win. If so, the East is still up for grabs. If not, then 6 or 7 wins is likely. But you'll make a bowl game. LOL.
Not to mention the ticker tape celebration for winning a week 2 game over Virginia Tech. I've never seen anything like that. They'd burn the stadium down if they beat Florida this week.
Trust me. Not too many people here in Louisiana were happy about that situation. Our DA made us look like a bunch of morons.
I got a feeling he must have falling down the depth chart more than we realize. Yeah, this was probably not going to be his breakout year, but next year there's no Dural, Dupre, or Fournette. Harris will be a senior, so he should be a better passer. Yes, we have Guice, but he won't even get the number of carries that Fournette has gotten since he can do so much damage in the passing game. Next year could have been his year. So, it makes you wonder how far down he fell. A lot of talk about other receivers this camp will little mention of Johnson.
Honestly, LSU has not been a wide-open offense since the days of Matt Flynn and Jamarcus Russell. I'm not sure how LSU keeps getting blue chip receivers to sign when there's little proof outside of Beckham and Landry that LSU will produce much NFL talent. Yes, there's Rueben Randle and Brandon Lafell, but those guys were "the guy" for one year. After 4 transfers, LSU has still got a loaded group of receivers. I hated to see him go, along with the others. But, I certainly understand their decision and wish the best for them.
OK, the facts may not all be out yet, but why didn't he give any reason to why he was let go. He says it wasn't about him missing class, not paying attention, or false accusations of failed drug tests or altercations. If it's not this, then what is it? Look, I'm no Auburn fan. But, I do respect Malzahn far more than I ever did Tuberville. If I was a betting man, Malzahn probably handled this correctly.
I agree. Another problem is that without kickoffs, there's no onside kick either. Without that opportunity, it's nearly impossible to come from behind. Meaning, more people cutting off the TVs earlier and leaving the stadium sooner. Once they realize that they could lose money, I think their minds will change.
...says every LSU fan nearly every season
Dylan has been coming to LSU's campus enough to give tours himself. If I was him, I would visit other schools as well. He'll be at the LSU-Bama game. You can count on that.
Very shocked to see Dwayne Thomas on this list. He really struggled last season in the eyes of many LSU fans. I honestly think Jackson will beat him out of the nickel position this fall if he's academically eligible.
As an LSU fan, I've always wanted to see us play USC. Also, Michigan would be fun with the Miles ties. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Stanford, and Florida State would be fun as well. Looking forward to Texas, UCLA, and Miami though. And playing Wisconsin at Lambeau.
Was about to post the same thing. Great journalism here. He had two other junior offensive linemen to choose from. All I can do is shake my head.
I guess Tyron Johnson's 61 yard TD was not worth mentioning. Much less the Donte Jackson strip sack and fumble recovery for a TD that was called back for a bogus hold that no one could see. What about Brossette's carries? Not much research going into this article, is it?
Until you know the whole story, don't comment on what should or shouldn't be done. Sure, from this report, it sounds like the guy shouldn't have shot him. Reporters also told us Auburn would be SEC West contenders. Let's get the whole story first. Either way, its a sad ending to a kid's life.
Well, I'm a Die Hard fan, but we do have to get better in areas. Our special teams has hurt us in several games this year. Giving up punt and kickoff TDs takes away momentum, and the muffed punt was big too. LSU fought hard, but our offense struggled a bit in the second half. We still seem to struggle with blown coverage at times. The receivers did play well, and Brandon Harris played well. Harris hasn't been that bad all year. We just haven't asked him to do much either. It was a tough game and a big win. We still have flaws though that need to be corrected if we are going to beat Bama and the rest of the schedule.
NCAA and SEC are not going to suspend him for this. For one, its minute as heck. Second, he's the bell cow of the conference other than Henry for a Heisman chance now that Chubb is out. Gurley threw punches after the play, and he was never suspended. Nobody in their right mind throws punches to a helmet during a run intentionally.
UF fans, how much of a difference maker was he? I haven't been able to watch many of your games enough to know the corners other than Tabor and Hargreaves. Was he playing much other than special teams?
No kidding. I didn't know how to feel about that. Grier has looked decent this year. Harris can run, and he hasn't thrown a pick yet this season in the little bit of time he's played. LSU has made backup QBs look good at times already this year. I'm biting nails this week.
Dude, wouldn't it be great TV to see LSU and A&M undefeated at season end? Chavis back in Baton Rouge. Winner goes to Atlanta, and the loser hopes to God they can still get into the playoff. Sure, there are a lot of obstacles for both of us. We both have to beat Ole Miss and Bama among others. That would be pretty epic.