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LSU has everything. Tradition, Facilities. In-state talent. Players want to come there. They’ll land a great coach.
UGA has too many horses for UK to handle. I hope the cats keep it close & don’t have any injuries. If UK can’t feasibly make it to the SEC championship I do hope UGA makes it and wins it. Would be nice to see a team from the SEC East win the SEC championship.
These head coaches are treated like rock stars in our culture today. Why does this shock anyone that this happened? Had Urban been winning this probably wouldn’t have been as big of a deal.
I hope Stoops stays and keeps doing great things at UK. If he does go, I hope the school he goes to sticks with him like UK did.
He’s got the physical tools to be great. Hoping he can put it all together soon.
This looks pretty petty to me. Don’t run off a good coach Florida fans.
Such a sweet win as a UK fan. I’ve seen Florida beat UK at home all of my life. Most of Florida fans I encounter say they come up to see a guaranteed “W”. Not Today!
This is the best situation a UK quarterback could walk into during a season. Great offensive line. Great running back (when he doesn't fumble). A stud Wide Out (Robinson) that can blow by people and catch the ball. If Levis can just manage the game and hit a few passes down the field I think the offense will be fine for UK. I'm not asking him to be Tim Couch just be don't be so dang turnover prone.
This what happens at successful programs. Hopefully Stoops has a few OC candidates in his mind if Gran leaves. Hate to see him go but can’t blame him if he does.