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Silly arabs. They've must've confused Peyton Manning with Pasha Mahmoud, the esteem Saudi Cricketeer, who was convicted of goat rape in 2001.
Jeebus Mizzou, just fall into a sinkhole already. What a joke.
Pretty funny. And what's with you crusty old codgers? Did you not have a little fun in college? More power to em. There's plenty of time to be serious down the road.
I haven't been to an SEC tailgate yet that wasn't friggin awesome. And compared to those outside the conference I've been to (I'm talking to you Pac-10), there's no comparison. Hell, I even had fun at Florida.
This video seems about right.
Not to nitpick armyguy but they are ugly because they are tech. That the nerds wear Russell Athletic seems about right...:)
Nobody smacks the Dawgs around like Spurrier. He's a heck of a coach and a great foil for us Dawgs...that said...rivalry? Not so sure about that.