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That's a long time to be in college and maybe the lamest reason to return I ever heard.
The reason these talking heads on ESPN are treating Mac different from Burrows is simple, Burrows played when people were being honest. These sniffling pukes like Herbstreet suck up to the woke culture. Mac does not fit their narrative. You can't turn on a sportstalk show without hearing how great Justin Fields is. And Finebaum made me puke today. Saying how black QB's and how they are treated has not changed much since he began covering sports 40 years ago? It's ok Paul, you get to keep your cushy little job, you pleased your WOKE bosses now. What is next, Lebron James knows what Jackie Robinson had to endure??
diesel may be right. I can only wonder why a UT fan thinks SC & Kentucky, and think win. Those 6 games are murderers row.
Unlike the titans, the Browns will play Clowney at his natural, DE position. The guy is not a 3/4 LB
If you leave Florida for SMU, how talented could you be?
Watched some of it on youtube, looked like UT Martin or APSU.
Anyone remember Stephen A. Smith's tirade about an NBA former player getting a coaching job with no prior experience, calling it "white privilege?" Wonder if he will return the favor about this. Don't remember hearing any objections about Deion.
I am not saying he is an elite athlete, but I read that his measurements mirror that of Derek Carr. Carr has had no problem in the NFL, athletics wise. It seems to be lost in the shuffle that all these running QB's, run because they don't know or can't find their secondary WRs.
That thin skin won't bode well at the next level. I remember the TN game, when Najee thought he had scored, (he had) but the ref called him down. Mac QB sneaked on the next play. Harris pouted all the way off the field. Saban grabbed him as he went by as to say WTF? He was then seen sitting away from everyone else. Does not scream team player.
When someone pays e 6 figures to make that replacement, I will tell you. But off hand, Barry Odom would have ben at the top of the list. Letting Golding go this year and hiring Derek Mason would have been choice 2. Good enough for you?
Because you say so? Must have just been horrendous scouting on behalf of Rivals/247. It happens.
I wonder how B&G knows they are better than some 5 stars. HS football in TN is nothing like in Georgia, Florida and Texas. I grew up ad live in TN. Spring Hill is a small area, so let's not pretend they were going against top flight competition.
CoachIM hit it on the head. All we know about Justin Fields is that he could not win the starting position at Georgia (pro style offense) and he flourished at OSU, zone read offense.
The Alabama defense faced 2 prolific passing teams last season. In those games, they gave up 96 points, 1109 yds and 57 1st downs. In Golding first year, when the excuse was injuries, the defense looked no better in the Iron Bowl, than it did in the first few games of the season. You do realize, admitting the defense should have played much better the last two years, doesn't necessarily mean they will have to give back the NC won this season.
When you consider the Alabama offense was scoring at will and the pathetic QB play of the majority of Bama opponents, yes, the defense struggled. I don't care how they ended up being ranked. Top end passing games went up and down the field, scoring at will. Dave must have missed the Ole Miss and Florida games. With a depleted roster, LSU was moving the ball with no problem. And for Pete's sake, (no pun intended)the Bama D allowed 2, count them 2 TD passes to Guarantano!! That was embarrassing enough. Almost as embarrassing as that A$$ Clown and horse face we call president and VP.
"Under Golding, the Alabama defense looks nothing like previous years. Players lack discipline, fundamentals and often are lined up wrong. I expect a change before next season." NFL scout December 2019
Here we go, year three of the Golding era and we again are saying, "we hope to see improvement." Wish Saban would swallow his pride and admit this mistake.
I saw a former NFL QB and current NFL analyst, rate this year's college QBs. He said this weeks ago; expect to hear Kellen Mond shoot up the draft boards. Question is, from how far back is he shooting up? I say he goes early 2nd round.
I think Aubie's original post is dead on. Why would he not be entitled to his opinion? Attacking someone for a credible post, just because they support a different school, wreaks of the liberal toilet this country currently resides under.
Of course whittle WOKE Herby got upset. D. Orlovsky criticized an Ohio St QB and a black one at that. Blasphemy!!
Agreed glad2bsec, the fact is, if she were "non-white," no matter how atrocious she was, like cardiB at whatever recent awards show, there would be nothing but applauds.
“Come to find out my roommate’s boyfriend had hit and kicked him, locked him in the toilet bowl, and held him upside down by his tail,” the GoFundMe post stated. At least it made the NY post.
Is PETA part of the WOKE movement? Somehow, much like DeShaun Watson abusing women, the noise from this will be kept to a minimum. Do I have to explain why?
Problem with Blake Sims, is he almost single handedly lost the Ohio /st game with those AWFUL interceptions. Bama fans have trouble forgetting that. As for Dobbs, maybe his issues, that are referred to, are Butch Jones? I could not imagine having a better player or leader on my team. I remember the 2016 game at Knoxville, when the UT Oline was injured and the Bama D was hitting Dobbs before he could even set up. The guy kept getting up and kept trying. That will gain your respect.
Yes Matty, makes zero sense. Tannehill makes me want to puke. Every teammate he has, lives in the nicest of nice areas. If they have kids, they go to the best private schools. Just to fit in with the SJW narrative, he says to the media, with a straight face, "I can't imagine what my black teammates feel like, having to worry if there children will make it home from school, without getting shot by the police." What a disgusting human being.
Aggierider is correct; Knight is/was underrated.
Also, take away Dobbs and that 2015 team is lucky to go .500.