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His parents moved to the area for work, but what is this, the 3rd High School in three years?
Wow, the resident UT sunshine pumper thinks he will commit to the Vols. I just did a Fred Sanford and passed out.
Seriously? Colleges make millions off these players? Uh, where would these players be or go without these institutions? So free tuition, free meal plan, free housing and a platform to prepare for the NFL is not enough? Tell that to the High School kid who worked their butt off to maintain a high GPA, something most of these college athletes can not spell, and then must work while in school, plus payback enormous student loans. What wolfman says is 100% accurate; you sir, are the clown.
This article is absurd. The difference maker is Golding. Isn't it peculiar that so many Saban coaches have been poached the last few years, but no one wants the DC? When has that ever happened? The defense can not improve until he does.
"Kids earned it." "Right thing to do?" How many of you have paid for a child to go to college? These players get free tuition, housing, meal plan and several other perks, everyone not born a great athlete, misses out on. Not to mention the audition to play at the next level. Make no mistake, the NCAA caved to the WOKE narrative and the abomination of what is now in the White House.
Imagine if Milroe outplays Young and now you have a 2nd string guy making almost 7 figures. Once these people shelling out the $ get burned a few times, maybe this crap will get under control. I hope everyone knows why this happened. The NCAA did not want to deal with the WOKE mob, saying these poor, oppressed black players are getting nothing and the university is making millions. Nothing being defined as free tuition, free housing, free meal plan and the best possible free coaching/training to help them reach their professional goals.Wish i could have received that much "nothing" while in school.
It was not a smart, well thought out statement on the coach's part. Did someone really say, "undefeated national championship?"
Starting Hooker will be another step back.
I was in law enforcement for 7 years; these snowflakes, who think the police go looking for a past offender and follow him are part of the gallactically stupid.
Not watched much of Bama the past 2 seasons Noah? I hated seeing Neal move to the left side, because he is so dominant at RT. Imagine being a freshman DE and Evan Neal is your first assignment.
Syracuse is not a bad team to start off the season. Wait, I thought this was basketball. Nevermind.
Could have transferred anywhere in the nation? No, no he couldn't. If he was all that, why was he only a swingman at Georgia? He was also not projected to go in the first 2 days of the 2021 NFL draft. Mays is so overrated it is ridiculous.
Here comes gwhite, "he was not good enough to play for us anyway."
I would say more 4 and 5 stars fail, compared to 3 stars, who become elite. Maybe it is brought to our attention more.
Ever notice those who criticize Trump can only call names and make unfounded accusations? Never word about his policies, the country's unemployment rate, the end of terrorism, low gas prices, lower taxes, etc. "wah, he is a liar and a con man; one of the worst Presidents ever, waaahhhh." And yes, the millions who call themselves liberals and especially the Biden/Harris supporters, would have been wearing red in 1776.
Did this guy really mention Florida's losses to end the season? Uh, they gave Alabama their toughest test and then lost a bowl game at half strength. What a reach to make a point.
I got to gwhite's , "potentially best offense in the East..." and stopped. There are fans and then there are cheerleaders. You know, those teams in Athens and Gainesville, have pretty good players too.
He left Alabama, passed on Georgia and decided on UT. Say what you want, this kid wants a starting job handed to him. You are right gwhite, he was smart to do what he did. Kids who do not like competition have no business at Alabama or Georgia.
The people who hate Trump today are the same ones who fought alongside the British during the American Revolution. Always been a big fan of Herschel.
So the kid changes his mind about Georgia because he heard another player at his position is transferring there? Someone does not like fighting for playing time.
fuzzvol, I and I am sure some others, would be interested, hold on, fascinated, in knowing which, if any players you view that left, in which it does hurt the team. Give us a short list and why. we know you think at least 20 of them can't play anyway. I will be right here, waiting.
UT would be in better shape if Pruitt did not insist on starting Guarantano. I get that they will be running different systems, but at the very least, it should be clear who is better between Maurer and Bailey.
I am sure everyone on here's problem with this kid is that it is almost July and he still can't make his mind up. Sorry that it butt hurts some of you, but it is a fact that some kids are not thrilled at the idea of competing for playing time.
As a fan, one only needs to worry about their own expectations. I have been with a few high $ handicapping services and all of them tread lightly in the first few weeks. UT fans once based everything on three games, as they should have. They will be favored in 5 games without a doubt. They just can't have a hiccup in any of those games, as that part of the schedule is pillow soft. Do what they should, then win one of those 40-60 games and you have a respectable season. To me and most others, Pittsburgh will be the litmus test. They lost a ton, as did the Vols, so being at home makes this a winnable game.