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Offseason, charges dismissed and Pruitt allows back on the team. Yes, he is that desperate.
What is the harm? She deserves credit for having the guts to put on the uniform and going out there. More guts than I am sure most of you pansies ever had. I played football for a decade and possibly have the early stages of CTE to show for it. I don't have a problem with it.
Denver fans should be asking, "why didn't we get the Mike Vrabel treatment?" Titans have covid issues and the NFL postpones the game, reschedules bye weeks and whatever necessary until they can get almost everyone back. Every other team, "suck it up and play."
After all the ridiculous stuff Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith say, and ALWAYS gets away with, I am just shocked a black man, in the media, can indeed be criticized.
One of the strangest games to me was the loss by Florida in 2016. Up 21-3 at the half, the Gators played the 2nd half as if they were not aware the forward pass was part of football. They made Josh Dobbs look like Trevor Lawrence.
LB T. Lewis 5* Decommits as well. Wasn't he the kid that came out saying a few weeks ago he did not care about the record, he was going to UT??
What happens if North Carolina beats Notre Dame? Would that not diminish both ND and Clemson?
I think the only real ducking that has gone on, is Florida St this past weekend. "Saban got it trying to duck Georgia." Hold on let me check...........yes, dumbest statement of the year.
Alabama lost to auburn last year. Saban des not even have to give a motivational speech for this one. You will see a collection of angry Tide players hit the field Saturday. Auburn should hope for a Florida St like cancellation, but you know what, they have more pride than that. Only bright side for auburn is they don't have to face Waddle agan.
Good grief. The "next year is a huge year for Pruitt", has already started. This was supposed to be a huge year. THIS was supposed to be the year that he HAD to beat one of the big 3. Georgia, with a walk on at QB was not close. Alabama could have named the score and Florida awaits. Still waiting for what Pruitt does well. Don't say recruiting because most, if not all, UT coaches recruit well.
He should have said, "in those three wins, we have gotten a ton of breaks", and left it at that. By the 4th quarter this year, Malzahn will be asking for a running clock.
See, there is the problem with this country. Some of what LH said is shaky, but a lot is true. Just keep sitting on the sidelines, thinking Biden/Harris have your best interest. China is celebrating this election and Australia is scared to death. Write that off as conspiracy and keep watching Don Lemmon on CNN. Meanwhile BLM is rioting again, this time because an activist was killed in a carjacking. Once it arrives on your front door, it will be too late. Take the time to read Chonsky's Manuafacturing Consent. Or, continue to do your best ostrich immitation.
Ultimate irony; the fans are better off if Vandy wins this game. Not sure it would be the icing on the cake. We are talking about Fulmer, who still doesn't understand why HE was fired.
This is the same Phil Steele who loved Tennessee coming into the year. Really can't fault him; that propaganda train was miles long.
Mac Jones was a 4*. Alabama will not cover 30. It will be maybe 17-0 at halftime. Lackluster 3rd quarter, with Bama scoring 7 and Kentucky getting on the board with 3. Both score late TDs, final 31-10 or 38-10 at best. Georgia 24 Miss St 3
Mason could take over UT and they would look better. Pruitt at Vanderbilt would look even worse.
Sounds like a UT fan deflecting from their own issues.
How come when people refer to UT's winning streak, they say, "I know they didn't beat anyone in the top 10...?" Uh, try the top 35. It was fool's gold and the real football fans knew it. It was amazing that the media acted as if the losses to BYU and Georgia St, not to mention blowouts to the big three, never happened. People keep wanting to give a coach 3 yrs or 4 and sometimes 5. It is about how you look in year 3. Recruiting? Has Pruitt done better than Butch in this area? I think no matter what, he is back next season. But to continue to play JG, would mean he has not received a vote of confidence from the fat boy.
"Pruitt should run the ball, control the clock and limit the QB play...." Uh, that has been Pruitt's gameplan all season.
People forget the hot mess, that was Auburn, going into the 2018 tilt. They had guys entering the transfer portal, one team meeting after another and it spilled over to that game. It was serious enough that the spread went from 19 on Monday, all the way down to 14 by game time. Then they played like a team distracted all week. The game is simple for the Tigers; do not give the ball away and make UT do more on offense than hand off left and right.
If he is making freshman mistakes, he better be a freshman.
Harper could be right. If Florida is up big, Franks will get some garbage scores.
Seems the more we hear "wear a mask" the more this virus spreads. My theory is that people think because they have on a mask, they can just go and do as they please. Keeping clean hands is the biggest deterrent to any virus. Those who wager, take Michigan this weekend.
If you wager on the NFL, bet on the Titans every time they play at home. I just watched them get 4 1st downs by penalty on ONE freaking drive. Bad enough they go the whole month of October without a road game, then follow that with 2 of the next 3 at home in November. Guess the league wanted Vrabel to get off to a good start.
Had to be some questionable coaching involved. Driskel still plays in the NFL and Grier was really good at West Virginia. Well, Grier did mess things up at Florida by taking PEDs. Heard it was a SARM he took, which is not even illegal.
I honestly never saw this coming. It was lost how he handled the Ole Miss game. Rarely does an Alabama QB take the field each series, knowing he has to score on every drive. Had Jones made one bad decision in that game, Alabama loses.
We don't know what kind of coach Mason would be with SEC level facilities and talent. Pruitt has every advantage a coach could ask for and look at what he put on the field this season. Before anyone jumps up and down, shaking their fist, I realize that High School football in TN is crap, but that part is equalized by the recruiting budget and just about every SEC level talent in the state goes to UT. Orgeron is too high. Still waiting for the four leaf clover to fall out of Malzahn's arse.