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Remember, Hunter took that deal long before NIL deals got out of hand and certainly before the biding wars we have witnessed. Proof will be when Hunter transfers in a few years because he can not watch himself on ESPN.
Anyone not smart enough to see where NIL is taking college football should not bother to post here. Imagine this scenario: CNS, "we have some of the best facilities, put X amount of players in the NFL, have missed the College Football Playoff only once and you will be in the National spotlight to showcase your talents every year." Top Recruit, "Yeeeaa, I feel ya on dat, but A and M is offering me $750 K to sign dere." Maybe Coach has heard this too many times.
Yes, finishing 2nd by a few points is obviously going to be devastating.
Exactly. Before, it was about recruiting and developing. Now it is about NIL money. First rule that has to be implemented is no incoming freshman are allowed NIL deals. Imagine what that will solve.
That is of course what Deion was saying. When in doubt, play the R A C E Card. A shame we have to type in code to avoid the Moderation Gestapo.
He is not up to date on depth issues, as the Vols lost another player to the transfer portal today. Of course he wouldn't know since this site seems to somehow overlook players like 4* LB Willis LEAVING the program and now Gibbs, the transfer WR from Georgia. Of course the players mentioned, like all that transfer out, were no good, not in the plans and will have no impact on the team.
As loud and obnoxious as the baseball team has been, anything short of winning the CWS is a failure. Of course not to a lot of Vol fans, because they do not understand that type of mentality.
Ever notice how fans who have never strapped on a helmet always refer to their team as "WE".
Before you guys flame whitey, take into account his definition of "good." For example, the Lady Vols, once upon a time, were in the NC discussion every year. Last year's team needed a miracle, at HOME, to squeak by Belmont, and reach the sweet 16. To whitey, that defines good.
Georgia walked over UT with half of those 1st round picks suffering from a stomach virus.
"when your D is thin and young as we were last year" Now they were young. Oldest team in the SEC, by far, and Whitey puts the spin on that. Guess what, your team is even older this season. What in the world would Hypel do without 5th and 6th yr seniors.
"The D is looking much better thus far.." Yes, controlled scrimmages during the spring is all we need to know to forecast a season. Vegas trembles now that us fans realize this. Keep pumping that sunshine Whitey.
Neutral site meaning 95% of the fans will be wearing puke orange.
Only if UT wins. If not it will be spun into oblivion.
Exactly. Vol fans and media have turned into Sunshine Pumper U.
“Purdue quarterback Aidan O’Connell threw for a whopping 534 yards.” Without his top 3 receiving threats and LT.
At least some A&M fans admit they bought this recruiting class. Progress for sure.
Maybe Coach Saban loves college football and knows it is being ruined by NIL. Ever think of that?
Well, it is not like you are not able to look up the NIL deals for each college player. Every 5 star on A&M's recruiting class has an NIL deal in place. This is not an A&M issue, it is what happens when you allow open bidding for players. Everyone with half a brain knows A&M bought their class. You don't go 7-5 then suddenly jump the 2 teams who played in the NC game and by a wide margin. Saban echoed what everyone else has said and knows. Now it is a big deal. Everything Nick Saban does is calculated; thinking this is somehow a sign of him losing it is quite amusing. My guess, he is trying to save college football. Of course all the naysayers will complain he is only concerned about Alabama. My argument to that is, it looks like they are doing quite well in recruiting and transfers. NIL for recruiting high school players has to end.
Haha? Really? I think Hall might excel in fatboy's offense. No route tree to learn, just bubble screens and down routes. You are correct though, he is way too young to play for the Hype machine, who only starts C0V!D seniors.
It is a pitiful look. The agreement was a home and home series with BYU, only if the Cougars play the first game in Knoxville. Once the Vawls got their home game and arse whipping I might add, UT nation reneges, then backs out of the away game. Of course Vol fans will justify it, since they are still in the honeymoon phase with Hypel. Does not matter how he gets to 7 or 8 wins, as the media and fanbase will only recite the record at the end. 2 buyouts in 2 seasons for easier opponents and an extra "home" game. Has any other SEC school paid a buyout for 2022 or 23?
Suddenly 85 former college QB's demand a tryout and Colin K whines just a little bit more.
But at least Florida has high expectations. They could buyout any potential nonconference losses just to pump up their win total.
He should go to Tennessee and compete for playing time with Bru McCoy. They can set a record for transferring without actually playing.
Having a great chance to win a national championship may mean more to this kid than others. If not, I say Texas.
But gfuzzwhite said he wanted to play in Heupel's "vaunted" offense.
Vols 1998 were run, run, run and once in a blue moon, a deep ball. Tee Martin was more Jared Guarantano than Peyton Manning.