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Excuse skippy, I mean gwhite, he missed the UT-Florida game.
I guess the problem is, the rest of us remember all the big talk after year 2 under Pruitt. I think the next few seasons depend on whether Hooker wants to play college football as a career. I mean, this is his 6th freaking year in college.
The heavy influx from the transport portal and the fact UT has far more 5th and 6th year seniors than anyone else in the SEC, offsets the 71 scholarship excuse just a tad bit, won't you admit?
Yet, they beat UT by 24 and it was not even that close. lol lol lol lol lol
Vegas just set an over/under on how many times Vol fans use the 71 scholarship excuse the rest of the season. It sets at 7,456.... I say over the total.
...and you could make chicken soup out of chicken sh!t. Stats are for one thing, look it up. So when did losing by 24 to an average Florida team mean you are back?
Uh, UT has played 4 horrible teams and won. They have played 3 good teams and lost. The rest is just window dressing. Did Pruitt's team last season, not beat SC and Missouri? I just have to believe if last season's team had Hooker and not Guarantano at QB, the results would have been different. Not saying Pruitt was a great coach, but dear Lord, Heupel is getting a lot of credit for the wins thus far on his resume. Yes, the offense is better, mainly due to Hooker. The defense is possibly better, but look how many 5th year seniors are on that side of the ball. Does that 24 point loss to Florida not look worse and worse to you fans?
Do you think that because you put "lol" after every sentence, it somehow strengthens your point of view?
Forcing the team to play in Athens would be a real punishment. I just can't believe at some point the refs did not have the authority to mark off a 15 yard penalty.
My only issue with UT fans is they need to police themselves. A clown like gwhite should have done been run off the board by the knowledgeable fans on here. Alabama fans do not hesitate to disagree with each other.
Do you realize how many times in the past 2 games Vol players laid out on the field like they had 2 torn ACLs only to return a few plays later? Heupel's offense uses a gimmick to gain an advantage. Why expect DC's to not do the same?
But how much communication is worked out on the QB turning to handoff over and over?
Irony of UT's season is that all the talk about losing players to the transfer portal, yet take away the players they got the same way, and you have one pitiful team.
Wrong, UGA could win 35-0 and gwhite aka Skippy the Punk, would blame it on the refs.
The 4th and 24 call was correct, everyone in the SEC booth who reviewed it agreed. So exactly what officiating problems are you talking about? Penalties went 10 to 6 in your favor. Did you ever once consider that Ole Miss, Florida and Pitt were just better teams?? Shocking and nowhere within your mental capability, but possible.
"We" what number are you gwhite? I want to look for you on the field next week. Go ahead, tell us how UT should have won this game, the Florida game and Pitt as well. Tell us how the Georgia game is "doable" again. I love that bit.
No wez, the way the fans acted, UT did not deserve to win that game. How the officials did not call them for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is beyond me. It is crazy for that to happen with no repercussions.
So the 10 penalties on Ole Miss was just a diversion tactic by the officials, so no one would notice when they "stole" the game from you guys.
The pressure is on Kirby full force at this point. It is clear he has the best talent. Georgia is a veteran team, while Alabama only has 4 seniors out of the starting 22. I have not seen a team from another conference, who matches up well with the Bulldogs. It is Georgia's to lose at this point. Sucks that Florida lost today; it takes a bit of luster off the game in two weeks. I see that the game is scheduled for a 2:30 kickoff. Why on God's green earth is it not a 5 or 6 o'clock game?
I sure did. I adjusted the line and had Georgia -20.5. It was as if Stoops was playing the 4th quarter to cover the spread. No shots downfield, just methodically move down the field, run out the clock and score to cover the spread. Hats off to Georgia for keeping front line players on the field to stop them. It was aggravating because twice on that final drive, the Kentucky player was stopped a yard or half a yard from the marker, which should have lead to a 4th down, but both times the refs just awarded the first down. This folks is what the gambling world calls a "bad beat."
My God, could you imagine Georgia if they had Corral at QB?
Can't wait for "gwhite" to come on here tomorrow and tell us how the Vols should have won and why they are even better than we think because Pittsburgh beat Boston College, who almost beat Clemson, who played Georgia to a close game. Of course there will be no mention of UT's best win being over a team needing a last second TD, at home no less, to eek by Vandy.
I think if Corral had a healthy group of receivers, they pull away in this game. Not Kiffin's best job of time management at the end of the first half. Mercy me, how do you even let them get close on that 4th and 24???? Penalties, dropped passes and poor clock management kept UT in the game. Lucky Milton has zero awareness; I expected him to throw a fastball to the endzone and give UT an undeserved opportunity to win.
One thing is for sure, Missouri has the prettiest cheerleaders in the SEC.
It is on the defensive coaches not having the team focussed and ready to play. Texas A&M played out of their mind (and over their heads)last week, but it is difficult to imagine a team can all but shutdown Matt Corral but give up 41 to the Aggies.
I have noticed this season that Saban is keeping his starters in well after the game is decided. Why risk a starter being injured and miss the opportunity for young guys to get playing time?
If I had a Heisman vote, it would go to Corral. He was a one man gang tonight.