Please no mike bobo. WR bubble screens and 3rd down shotgun draws were as predictable as a sunrise.

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Some of Fromm's best games as a Dawg have been in Atlanta. We know he'll show up to play. How will Burrows react to the big stage? I think for the Dawgs to win, we need to (2) X-Factors to come through. More touches for Herrien (Senior playing with a chip on his shoulder) Fromm to pass more to James Cook.
Get real accustomed to SEC Championship Game trolling jobigator88. Dan Mullen has never won the east or the west of the SEC in 11 seasons. Besides, you pay double the taxes on loans against your 401k. Same Time Next Year? Season's Beatings
There's a clip of Flair deadlifting 400lbs at the age of 67. Never challenge an old man to a fart or a fight.
Returning for the senior year has only benefited a few players (The Brothers Manning and Andrew Luck). Jake Locker -Missed out on Sam Bradford $ (New Rookie Pay Scale started his senior year) Matt Barkley Matt Leinart Brady Quinn Dak Prescott He will still go in the 1st round to a team that doesn't need him right now (Chargers/ Titans?). I hope he leaves now and gets to the money.