LSU forever forever LSU

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What I was thinking before he brought Munoz up. Frankly now I don't know what he's thinking. But if O wants him, so do I.
Thank you, I actually live in Hogg country now. Hoping that Pittman can give the fan base the program the state deserves.
I expected attrition, but this is beyond ridiculous. I can’t believe this bodes well.
Please forgive my pessimism, I was a Saints fan in my formative years. That said the Buckeyes gave Clempson all they wanted, could have easily won. LSU will do as well, maybe better.
Everyone picking LSU in the article gives me the hebee gebees. Then again I’m a born pessimist. I think the sky is falling.
Trevor has way more tools than Hurts had. I hope you are right about the 17 pts.but I am a bit more pessimistic. Will gladly give you kuddos if you are proven right
Hopefully the replaced player would suck it up for the good of the team. Realistically Divinity is most likely to be a situation player due to a lack of playing condition.
And still managed to dump you guys vigorously this year and last.
Congrats to the Dawgs, especially with so many starters sitting the game out, impressive.
Not me, I ain’t pulling for the Big Ten against any SEC team. It has been easy to hate Bama, that said they have been the premier CFB team in the country. Truth be told, they have only gotten what they deserve.
I can appreciate his desire to play for the team. Especially when an injury could be so costly. Go SEC.
No love from me. To hell with the Big Ten, ACC, PAC 12, Big 12 and whatever conference that is not the SEC.
Hadn't pulled for Bama in ages, but I did in this game. Congrats Bama fans! Good luck in the future!