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Way to go assholes of MU. Why even take the trip to Louisiana? Pieces of shit.
Missouri hasn't been ranked all season. So how does that factor into anything? Along with a completely new playbook for defense and offense, they weren't gonna come out top of the list. Georgia and Tennessee get bragged about before just about every season and then flop.
And both those teams struggled against unranked opponents. Lol
Would love to know myself. Wish sports writers would be more on top of this stuff. Things are always too quiet at mu, and it feels like we font have dedicated sports writers following mizzou sports like I see at other big name schools. Very a agrevating at times like these. I like the thought of heupel coming in, and I read something last week about on of the TCU Co-OC's being an option. Not sure if there is still life in that rumor though.
Exactly. This is a sham rivalry created by sec leadership. There is no hatred here like we have for kansas. It will never even come close to getting to that level.
The entire issue at MU has been fabricated from day 1. And all the lies are coming unraveled and because of all of this we are an embarrassment across the nation, especially in the SEC. Students followed blindly along with these idiots that created cs1950 and the football program. Three men have now resigned, two with ruined reputations. All for the sake of nothing at all. And then two of the idiots that started this spread lies across campus Tuesday night inciting fear across campus. It is a damn shame of what this university has become.
There were no bomb threats, no shootings, and the student body president created a false story saying KKK was running rampant and he was working with campus police, highway patrol, and the National guard. He has ruined all his credibility on this campus and all support.
I apologize for this institution. I'm a student here and if I didn't have as much time and money already invested in it I'd transfer. We have become the laughing stock of the nation and it is now more tense on campus than ever before. And it is understandable when a lot of sec fans are asking for us to leave or be kicked out of the conference. Again, I apologize for the sad excuse for an educational institution.
Better get ready for it. Idiots at MU just opened a door that will never be closed again. I am now in the process of deciding which college team I will follow from here on out. I am done with mizzou.
Henson needs to go. Even last year when we still had good receivers, it was the defense that won our games. He has no excuse, because he just sucks as an OC. Make sure he takes Ricker with him on the way out.
How about a new OC and new O-line coach. Both suck. Might as well get a new receivers coach because our receivers suck ass too. And bagget is the worst. Find a soccer player that can do better. Pissing this season away with idiots.
You really can't put the blame on lock for his performance. Every time he snapped the ball there were defenders in his face barely even slowed by the o-line. No quarterback would've performed that game. Yes mauk is a scrambler but I don't believe he would've even had a chance. Our o-line is a joke right now and until it begins doing its job it won't matter who is taking the snaps.
Hell I'm even choosing kentucky. Unless our offense took the week to remove their heads from their a$$ we will be in trouble.
How can you predict Mizzou to win if you're gonna say we will have no run or pass game against Uconn defense? It makes no sense. Lol.
Making mauk our biggest ground threat pushes the door wide open for injuries. Yes lock is good, but we don't need our veteran qb going down for the rest of the season because we decided to have him run every other play.
From what I've seen so far I will not go expecting a blow out or anything better than a 2 touchdown win. Maty still needs to get smart with the ball. He can't run and gun with these young receivers like last year. He also can't be our biggest ground threat with Hansbrough out right now. O-line needs to give lots of protection and time for mauk and if he doesn't have someone open he needs to throw it away if he doesn't have a path to run. Defense is decent but still needs work. The receivers are improving but mauk is still allowing too many turnovers due to carelessness.
And this is why pay no attention to espn anymore. Every poll out so far has mizzou somewhere in top 25. Then this comes out with us nowhere to be seen. I understand we lost a lot of key personnel, but come on.
Best seat for visitor would be the west side (student section is on the east and the hill is a home thing, imo), any hotel is close enough to stadium (COMO ain't real big) though there are a couple within walking distance. Any restaurants and bars downtown are great and guaranteed a good time, imo. You will be welcomed anywhere you go, minus some drunk college kid dickhead here and there. Hope you have a great time and welcome to the Zou when you get here.
Cabella's contest to kill the most endangered species?
The title reads non-new years six. But these were all new years six bowls. That's why the citrus or any other bowl game wasn't picked. Calm down.
This "quality of opponent" excuse is rediculess. It is all the 5 losing west teams seem to have to say. Look fellas, are opponents were picked to match our teams depending on how our season finished off the exact same way your opponents were matched with you. Every team had equal opportunity to win and lose. 5 of the west teams failed to succeed where all east teams did. Get over it. It isn't like you all were ranked out of the top 25 playing playing top 10 teams.
I believe Mizzou beat both west teams they played, TAMU and Ark, and they were the only teams from the west that won bowl games.
Better than I was expecting so I'm happy. If my memory serves me well a uga fan was telling me they were getting a better bowl game than mizzou after our loss to bama. How's that working out for ya Georgia?
Seriously take your crying else where. Next time beat SC and UF and you can be there. Until then. Deal with the choke of a season you had.
Not the best bowl but that's our fault. I'm good with it. We'll find out tomorrow.
I give him roughing the passer but it was far from targeting
I take more pride in being in the SECCG game than worrying about what bowl game we get into. At the end of the day it shows we were better than you and thats all I care about. No matter how we got there. Have fun
Didn't win and it was an ugly loss. Had alot of chances to capitalize but didnt. Life goes on and we'll see what happens next year. Hats off to bama and bring home the national championship. Now to wait and see what bowl we head to. Go Tigers!!