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Alright Kentucky you have one decent year in how many. I will admit when basketball season rolls around you guys can talk all the smack you want since you guys are king but when football season happens take your seat in the back. If any of the teams in the SEC East had to run through the gauntlet that is the SEC West you would be at the bottom.
One dimensional?? White threw for 247 yards and we rushed for 307. To me that is a balanced offense. Also, if you can run the ball you can control the clock and in turn wear down the other teams defense. You really don't know much about football do you. Your precious Turds only beat Ole Miss by 5 points! Go back to your trailer, smoke your meth, and leave the thinking to the professionals here ok. BTW great game Ole Miss. Kelly is a one man highlight reel that can do it all. I hope this is his last year. I always cringe at the thought of playing against him he is that good. Good Luck against TA&M and Moo St.
Yah I for one and a lot of other Auburn fans weren't expecting that at all last night. I thought it would be a close game all the way.
To me being in the SEC we are a family of brothers and sisters. We might get rowdy, beat on each other, and talk trash as siblings sometimes do but we as a whole are family. If you are a team not in the SEC you are an outsider. That's not to say I won't give credit where credit is due but if you talk trash about my SEC family prepare to get it right back.
DUR DUR " Add Penn St to the list that would smoke awwbarn. That would be a good bowl game." Way to support the SEC you yokel. Go back to your trailer park and wank off to your pictures of the Bear and Saban.
This is why Ohio St. gives out free tattoo's just in case they forget how to spell the state school they play in.
Even the sun shines on a dog a@@ once in awhile and we all can't play a weak schedule like OSU. TCU should have been in the final 4 instead of these clowns.
Sorry man but UGA has had more arrested players than either Auburn or LSU in the past three years. You guys rank third behind Missouri and UF.
Well if you were getting free cars, money from boosters, and coaches giving loans out like they are a credit union would you decommit? I wouldn't either.