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At this moment in time, Georgia's resume looks better than BAMA.
This little birdie told me Paul Tyson is going to get some playing time . . . . . no honest . . . . the birds name was Tweety Pie . . . and the birdie said, why not. We're playing Mississippi State . . .
When I think of the Paul Finebaum, I think of Jerry Springer
and if Nick Fitzgerald had not gone down in the Mississippi State lost, then Ole Miss would have lost that game.
I think Mitchell is a member of "Hair Club for Men" Look at those holes in his head. It is like they tried putting hair plugs in and forgot the hair. Not a good sign for Florida.
The M&M Game: I think Morris and Moorhead are just trying to get to the end of the season. More Morris than Moorhead. Moorhead has a chance at a bowl game. Morris does not. I am leaning towards Miss St on this one.
Strong November means they will lose by the least points to Western Kentucky
Ohio State is always overrated. That is a given. Ohio State will lose before getting to the end of the year.
It will be Florida vs Alabama in the national championship game for the Game of the Century II. Game of the Century I was Florida vs Alabama 2011
Good luck. Your going to need it in the SEC. SEC basketball has got better in last few years.
never know who is going to win the egg bowl. Pick the one you think is going to win, then place bet on the other team.
Gee bad Dawg, I'm gonna need a linky burger and a flatfye on the blueline special. Crap mo stank?
I probably would have gave Finebaum a big middle finger in his face.
Well . . at least they did not vandalize anything.
I like Keytaon Thompson. I felt like Moorhead screwed up not giving him the start at the beginning of the season. I am sure the team had to be ALL IN with KT; then Moorhead starting Stevens had to affect the team psyche.
"Jaguars said the matter would be handled internally" in other words, do nothing
Texas is a "has been". Impressive in the past, but not of late. OU will kill them. Jalen will pick them apart.