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2021 was Rat Poison. Everybody drank it like they were going to repeat in 2022.
W Eastern Kentucky W Arizona State W Toledo W UMass Everything other game is not a sure thing. Not even Toledo.
Why not develop Chris Parson now instead throwing that transfer QB money away on a QB that is coming to Mississippi State only for the money. Parson can play the spring game and the first four games of the season, Eastern Kentucky, Arizona State, Toledo, and UMass. I would roll the dice on that. Invest in the future with Parson. He wants to be at Mississippi State.
I would like to see Lebby let Chris Parson be a started and put that $1.2 million for a transfer QB back in the bank or for other Mississippi State players. Parson is our future. Why not go with him now?
Thank you for your hard work. Hope things work out well for you.
Mississippi State helped in getting him that Google deal in hopes of retaining him. Thomas is from Louisiana and wanted to play for LSU originally.
This proves that politicians do not know anything about college football and who is the best team.
Already pulling for Dillon Johnson. This would be great to see both of them at UW.
In couple years he will be best buds with Mullen.
Miss St: As a Miss St fan, I will miss Mike Leach forever. There will never be another. #HAILSTATE !!!
I have no idea what Miss St was doing the last 3 minutes of that Southern U game. It was like, let's just hope we win by doing nothing. Chris Jans is going to be pissed the rest of the year.
Miss St gets a whooping from Alabama every year. Time for a top 4 team to get there whooping.
LoL. Agree; but also, I would like to see Florida State get beat by Alabama by 30 points.
You can adjust the Wins and Loses however you want, but by the end of next year Pittman will be fired sooner or later. Arkansas Razorback 2024 with Petrino 3 Wins 9 Loses W -UAPB Golden Lions L - at Oklahoma State Cowboys W -UAB Blazers L - vs Texas A&M Aggies L - Texas Longhorns W -Louisiana Tech Bulldogs L - LSU Tigers L - Ole Miss Rebels L - Tennessee Volunteers L - at Auburn Tigers L - at Mississippi State Bulldogs L - at Missouri Tigers
IT will be interesting to see who stays, goes, and comes.
If DG transfers in for one year, I hope CP and MW stay. CP could be our future. If JL brings in a 5 star like JA, then I would not blame CP for entering the transfer portal.
He's young and can burn the candle at both ends. So, yes, he can call plays and be a HC.
Chadwell was Selmon's first choice. I would have been surprised if Chadwell would have taken the job considering how hard it was on his family to make the move from CC to Liberty. Chadwell will be a great hire for some team one day, but I think he has a great thing going at Liberty. Plus, not hard to live on $4 mil a year where you are loved and are winning. Selmon has history with Lebby from Oklahoma.
DON'T DON'T DON'T HIRE THAT MAN. His wife ain't moving to StarkPatch.
Dan Mullen is jockeying for his next job. All of the sudden he is saying nice things about Mississippi State. Which he is not interested in that job. He is only using any interest in the Miss St job to let schools know he is looking. Dan is only concerned about Dan. . I think aTm should hire him.
When you have more money than sense, then you will hire Oscar Meyer.
I can see Simeon Price entering the portal. The RB room is packed and Seth Davis looks like the future. Plus Pittman looks good; but hate to lose Price. We won our bowl game because of his running. I wish him the best. . Players might want to hold onto their scholarships before jumping too quick and see who the new coach is going to be. Most likely, it will be better than what they had with Arnett. . Arnett never wanted to be a head coach. So kinda hard to put all your heart into something you really don't want. Some school probably already has Arnett picked for their DC. . I am happy Greg Know is the interim. If anybody can motivate players, he can. He will give the players a reason to play. Great guy.