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The year I committed to Mississippi State was the year Mississippi State beat Alabama 6-3. BAMA was #1 and on (I think) 27 game winning streak. Over 40 years later, I am still waiting for another win like that. So I will sit back and keep my mouth shut. Go DAWGS! btw . . I committed to engineering, not football. LOL!!! . . . it can be tough, but I still love my dawgs.
I have no idea what words were exchanged pre-game and during the game, but man! I think Erroll Thompson brought the B00M down on Tulsa's #5 for the onside kick at close to end of the game. No penalty called. But that play may have been the one that pushed the Tulsa players over the edge. I mean, MAN! that was a brutal hit by Thompson.
Now Urban, this is how you throw you visor down. Are you left handed? No matter. Grab visor off of head. Rear back like you throwing a hail mary. Slam visor onto ground. Stomp on it after staring at it for 1/2 a second. Then pick it up. Brush it off. Put back on head. Any questions?
I got my popcorn. I am here for the entertainment.
When he kicked him in the head, the Tulsa player did have PPE on. So he should be ok. I mean what is the point of punching someone if they have a helmet on. But I manage to transcribe the video. Git yo lil a$$ down. Watch this. Watch how I slam today. Watch how I slam today. Come here. Go ber. Watch how I slam today. Y'all . . . I go home. Watch this. Watch this. Watch Malik 4. Git y'all btiche a$$ down. Kick his a$$ btiche!!!!!Weak a$$ Git out of though . . . He uh . . He uh . . He uh
How did that guy get into college? Embarrassing for us. Kick his butt out.
Army can go to the Armed Forces Bowl and Mississippi State can go to the Liberty bowl since Tennessee cancelled.
I think your right. Army should go to Armed Forces Bowl. Mississippi State should go to the Liberty Bowl since Tennessee cancelled.
@NashvilleGator, agree. Mullen has to many good things going for him at Florida.
I remember when Kiffin was still at FAU and reweeting Elijah Moore's dog pee stunt (Russian version) and laughing his a$$ off about it. Kiffin thought it was hilarious.
Every time I hear Elijah Moore's name, it is in Russian. Even Kiffin hears Moore's name in Russian. LOL!
My feeling too. Not good. Rebels will put up the points even with our defense.
I don't blame him. I wish him the best. Just like KT, I will follow Schrader and Mayden to see how their careers pan out.