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Talking about God and dropping the F bomb at the same time. Yea, he's got this. This guy is not looking for help. Read his twitter feed. Help is there. He is not doing anything, but drawing attention to himself.
Spears went and played football at LSU. No partiality? and last time LSU beat BAMA was Nov 5, 2011
KT was not one of the players suspended. Roomers been circulating around Starkville for over a week. KT Is a smart guy.
Pretty much what I think. This is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of State fans. Just shows their loyalty. Moorhead has to put his team in a position to win. Plus, you want to put some distance between State and your in state rival. Moorhead did the right thing. If Stevens gets hurt, then KT has a chance if KT stays. This same competition will be there for KT next year. Considering Garrett Shrader and Jalen Mayden are waiting for their chance. Shrader has been recruited by Moorhead for a long time. Shrader fits Moorhead’s offense. If KT could land in another place that best fits him (SEC,ACC . . . ), then I would BOLT!
Signs may not contain commercial, derogatory, vulgar or political content. LOL!!!!
agree. OU would have to be able to run the ball, but that is going to be hard against BAMA.
They really thought this through. Student at game, gives phone to best buddy (who is a real Tide fan) to hold phone until after the game. What a bunch of losers and spoiled brats. This speaks volumes about how sad it is for people that come to Alabama for football, then leave before the game is over. Being an Alabama fan has gotten so easy, even a caveman can do it.
Joe can serve him some mountain oysters and boudin with that drink.
I like Saban's list and can't disagree with it. What do I know anyway? I have a day job; but I like Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr and Peyton Manning. Nothing to do with stats or the greatest. Just these are QBs I like.
If you watch the video of Moorhead at this press confere and see the smirk on Moorhead's face, you know Tommy Stevens is the starting QB.
I start with the neck and work my way up to the chicken ears. Bro: Tyson Foods Chicken Inspector
I sure would like to be a bum in a woman's fur coat. kno wha I'm sayin
As a kid growing up my biggest memory of Joe Namath looking like a bum on cover of SI in a woman's fur coat.
Dak has been screwed every year by Jerry Jones. 2016 $450,000 (maybe this rookie season was) fair since he was 4th round pick) 2017 $540,000 2018 $630,000 2019 $2,025,000 People think it is about the money, but it is not anymore. Dak will go to another team for less money and be perfectly happy leaving Greedy Jerry behind.
LOL!!! Somebody is not taking their memory pills.
I wish Ta'amu the best. I think he is a class act and deserves a chance to prove himself.
I guess Mississippi did not learn anything with Hugh Freeze as coach.
I think if Tommy Stevens can't eat crawfish, boudin, hot sauce and chicken on a stick, then he can be 2nd string.