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If crowds are limited, then I wonder how many people will still go and tailgate with their TV's. You still get that gameday experience, just watch on TV outside the stadium. they probably would limit tailgating too.
Maybe DAK will end up in N.O. if Brees retires. I think DAK would be happy in N.O. for less money. only $30 mil. LOL!
I have always been a huge Dak fan. After this I am not. Spears and Stephen were nice compared to what I think. Stupid is not strong enough word.
I think any of these colleges would be a safe space for Lovett. Northwestern University of Oregon University of Washington Boston University Howard University Rice University Fordham University University of Michigan
I think he stays. Shrader is a confident young man and he knows he can adapt to Leach's offense and eventually be a starter.
Ole Miss is just another prison stop for Kiffen. He has no commitment to Ole Miss. He got out of prison from FAU. Now he will try to get out of Ole Miss prison to go to a better program. Kiffin quote, "Turning the FAU program completely around and winning two conference championships in three years, it’s almost like punishment when somebody goes to prison for three years and then they come out, and you’re like ‘OK, they did their time"
Ole Miss should get a lot of walk on's
Adams was let go when Leach came to State. So, not exactly like switching sides. Especially since Adams is a Golden Eagle.
Of course he is interested. He coached Dak. Mullen was not leaving Miss St. Next day he is bolting for Florida.
Does Music City Bowl not know that Mississippi State cowbells are musical instruments?
Recruits see the baggage Kiffin brings.
It will be funny listening to this guy, Love, bark like a dog being an Ole Miss coach. LOL!!!
I look at Kiffin's record as a Head Coach and I can't get past him winning much of anything in the SEC. What kid is going to want to play for him in the SEC. Play for him at FAU, YES, but SEC, NO. Finebaum is full of crap.
The sooner Kiffin turns Ole Miss around the sooner he will bolt to another bigger better football program. Just like FAU. He may last 3 years at Ole Miss
Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another, that Coach "O" has this article hanging in the LSU locker room and Bobby Boucher Jr is telling all the players that Mama said, "UGA" is the devil. Boucher is passing around cans of "Whoop-a$$" to all the LSU players. Bobby going around preaching, you . . . . you . . . . you don't talk about LSU like that.