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English and writing is not your strong point. Slap that adverb right between those two verbs with that split infinitive. You should boldly go where no Bot has gone before.
Coach Prime has really turned me off recently with all his BIG talk. I just want to say to him STFU.
Is Bobby Petrino an offensive upgrade, but it does mean A&M deserves preseason Top 25 love?
@leeland I am guessing. Something like "Luh-dee-trik"
Presumably. Kind of. Sort of. Yes and No. . . . Squirrel !!!
exactly. Rogers words himself were, I run like I got concrete in my shoes.
It is a Cardinal Sin to criticize your previous employer. I would never hire someone that criticize their boss/employer during the interview. No matter how bad the situation, you just don't do it. Everybody you work with knows the situation. They know how bad or good it is. Hopefully Johnson was man enough to tell Leach to his face what he thought and got it off his chest that way.
Get a little job experience and hit the road. Get a pay raise. I don't blame him. I did it throughout my career. Go for the $$$.
BREAKING NEWS: Barrett Sallee drinking Kool-Aid.
From what I could see Woody Marks sacrificed himself in the Egg Bowl. He went over and beyond. Leach probably said something to Johnson, like, you could play harder. Johnson got his panties in a wad. Any person that works for a living gets criticized by their boss at some point. And I have thrown it back in my bosses face. I paid the price, but I got it off my chest. MMGA. Make Men Great Again.
I wish him the best. Glad he is staying for the bowl game.
@Tidefan8x5 You hit the nail on the head. Happy Wife. Happy Life.
I became a Mississippi State fan right after God invented dirt. Trust me. No way Mississippi State wins this game.