I'm 'bout to tell you 'bout myself

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I remember when Kiffin was still at FAU and reweeting Elijah Moore's dog pee stunt (Russian version) and laughing his a$$ off about it. Kiffin thought it was hilarious.
Every time I hear Elijah Moore's name, it is in Russian. Even Kiffin hears Moore's name in Russian. LOL!
My feeling too. Not good. Rebels will put up the points even with our defense.
I don't blame him. I wish him the best. Just like KT, I will follow Schrader and Mayden to see how their careers pan out.
Leach, "they are neck and neck". then put Will Rogers as starter. Best I remember he looked better in the last game . . . and oh . . . he drove down the field and scored a touchdown with "which offensive line, 1st, 2nd?".
If it's not too late? Costello can transfer too. I got my fingers crossed.
I hope it works out for Garrett Schrader. He did beat Ole Miss, so I will always remember him for that game and of course, the Helicopter.
It's the OLE MISS REBELS! Period. End of Story. No matter what Happy Gilmore says. BTW, ask Morgan Freeman what the school is named!
I think all they wanted was MORE COWBELL !!! A little time with Bully, then they would have realized that we at Mississippi State treat dogs like a King. They gotta have more cowbell !!!
I really don't see Prime Time staying at JSU for extended period of time.
If crowds are limited, then I wonder how many people will still go and tailgate with their TV's. You still get that gameday experience, just watch on TV outside the stadium. they probably would limit tailgating too.
Maybe DAK will end up in N.O. if Brees retires. I think DAK would be happy in N.O. for less money. only $30 mil. LOL!