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Miss St dropped out of top 25 CFP ranking this week. Important thing is to beat Ole Miss
@Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020) You have no life
@tlpierse . . . your right. The only tweet was Brad Logan and he just repeated what Kiffin said. Couple of State fans commented on Brad Logan's tweet. The remaining were Auburn, aTm, Michigan State or others. This is SDS digging the bottom of the barrel to find nothing. I live in Mississippi and work, live and go to church with Ole Miss fans. Hate is overrated.
I wonder if he will join Urban in Jacksonville? and if that was the plan all along?
better to get fired and get that pay out
Correct; but this is SDS. They don't even do spell check.
Rogers has thrown for 3,722, 29 touchdowns say what?
BREAKING NEWS: Mississippi State getting crushed for gray alternate uniforms. . . . Bartle-doo?
Probably had to dig deep for those twitter post by a bunch of nobodies. Those uniforms are going to look good by a great big "W" on Saturday.
LOL! Heck No. . . nobody cares what Danny Kannell thinks with regard to anything that comes out of his mouth.
CFP Ranking: #17 Mississippi State Holy Popcorn! Let's Party! Party Time! Party Time! OK. Party Time is over. Let's beat Ar-Kansas.
@Nick Andrews, "Both lost to Alabama and beat Texas A&M" Really?
@ AFan, "So AD, what do you do now ?" The AD came from Mississippi State too. The AD hired Mullen. So fire both of them.
This is good news he is still on the team. Jack looked impressive in spring game. Get well soon Jack.
Wow. BAMA fan on Miss St page making brilliant statements.