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Of course he is interested. He coached Dak. Mullen was not leaving Miss St. Next day he is bolting for Florida.
Does Music City Bowl not know that Mississippi State cowbells are musical instruments?
Recruits see the baggage Kiffin brings.
It will be funny listening to this guy, Love, bark like a dog being an Ole Miss coach. LOL!!!
I look at Kiffin's record as a Head Coach and I can't get past him winning much of anything in the SEC. What kid is going to want to play for him in the SEC. Play for him at FAU, YES, but SEC, NO. Finebaum is full of crap.
The sooner Kiffin turns Ole Miss around the sooner he will bolt to another bigger better football program. Just like FAU. He may last 3 years at Ole Miss
Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another, that Coach "O" has this article hanging in the LSU locker room and Bobby Boucher Jr is telling all the players that Mama said, "UGA" is the devil. Boucher is passing around cans of "Whoop-a$$" to all the LSU players. Bobby going around preaching, you . . . . you . . . . you don't talk about LSU like that.
I know man! . . . People that call and are like "RED!!!Neck!". Probably don't have a 6th grade education and talk like they are bipolar. Alabama takes the cake on trailer trash BAMA fans. Being a BAMA fan is so easy even a caveman can do it. btw, I am an educated BAMA fan; but I do have a little bit of red on my neck.
Miss St changed something to retain Plumlee at 34 yards with 18 attempts.
At this moment in time, Georgia's resume looks better than BAMA.
This little birdie told me Paul Tyson is going to get some playing time . . . . . no honest . . . . the birds name was Tweety Pie . . . and the birdie said, why not. We're playing Mississippi State . . .
When I think of the Paul Finebaum, I think of Jerry Springer
and if Nick Fitzgerald had not gone down in the Mississippi State lost, then Ole Miss would have lost that game.
I think Mitchell is a member of "Hair Club for Men" Look at those holes in his head. It is like they tried putting hair plugs in and forgot the hair. Not a good sign for Florida.
The M&M Game: I think Morris and Moorhead are just trying to get to the end of the season. More Morris than Moorhead. Moorhead has a chance at a bowl game. Morris does not. I am leaning towards Miss St on this one.
Strong November means they will lose by the least points to Western Kentucky
Ohio State is always overrated. That is a given. Ohio State will lose before getting to the end of the year.