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For the record, no one wants to see your responses to any articles. It's the same exact crap on every UK article. We all know that it's going to involve, inter alia, you saying something about "our version of Stoops" (which, if you had finished 3rd grade, you would know should be inside double quotation marks, not single quotation marks), and apparently now, calling the other UK fans here who call you out on your numskullery "DumDums". However, we can't avoid your responses, because you post the same stuff on each and every article. So, we make the best of a bad situation.
For the record, I and all the other UK fans on this site enjoy how miserable Kentucky football makes you. While you're angry at the world when Kentucky wins football games you hoped they would lose (so that you can complain some more), we're all feeling good about the direction of the program. Probably because we understand that going 7-5 when you're playing with a WR at QB is actually majorly impressive, whereas you somehow can't seem to grasp the significance of that stat given the identical small-minded and nonsensical "points" that you make on literally every single article. Go keep crying alone in your basement, because the rest of us are having a great night and are looking forward to next season.
We owe Penn State for the Outback Bowl in 1998, and we specifically owe James Franklin for coaching like a d-bag when he was at Vandy. I hope Trace McSorley has nightmares of getting eaten alive by Josh Allen for years after this game. #CatsBy90
I have no idea what the point spreads were in any of these other games, so there might have been bigger upsets on the list in that regard, but UK was something like a 27-point underdog to UofL in 2016. So while that game clearly isn't as sexy as most of the others, it may have been the "biggest upset" on the list.
Okay, thanks then? He completed open passes against a secondary that's top-15 nationally. And when it's easier for us to run, there will be even more open throws. So, regardless of whether he's a "RB playing QB", he's more than good enough to beat a 4-5 Tennessee team. Even one of our WRs playing QB can beat UT (see Matt Roark)...
Wilson went 23-29 for 223 yards against UGA and 22-31 for 267 yards against Missouri. So while yes, the Vandy game where he threw for 17 yards is still in the last month, it's clear that he's improved and the coaches have put him in a better position to succeed. Plus he can still run. Last week aside, we've put ourselves in a spot to win even our worst games. So Tennessee can certainly win, but I don't expect that to happen.
*he *you're *beats My man, you're making this too easy on me. I would at least applaud your effort, but I'm not convinced you're giving any.
The only actual "fact" in your previous post is that the Herald Leader posted a list of 10 games at Commonwealth Stadium/Kroger Field. Not the "greatest" games... the "biggest" games. Since, a fact is, you know, an actual verifiable statement. But why concern yourself with what people actually said or what words actually mean when you can use the same dozen or so words and phrases to try (ignorantly) to get your point across?
You know what we were all thinking? "I wonder if paris10 is impressed by this." Thanks for letting us know about that! Also: "hoarding", not "hording". If you want to trash your own supposed team, at least try to look semi-educated.
This is certainly the most potent offense we've faced all year, but I don't see any situation where Kentucky gives up more than 30. Georgia hasn't played a defense like Kentucky's this year. Nobody has had a two-score lead over Kentucky this year except for Mizzou, which is a testament to our defense. Although you're right that our offense is one-dimensional, the defense has made that not matter as much. Also, if you want to fall into the faulty "Kentucky played X a lot closer than we did, therefore we should win" logic, then y'all should've lost to Florida last week too since they beat LSU and you didn't. So I disagree that common opponents offer any real measure of what the outcome should be when two teams play each other.
Because Kentucky has choked hard down the stretch in several games this year, right?
I understand that Georgia is likely to win on Saturday, and that you probably just listed Georgia first because they're alphabetically ahead of Kentucky... but come on, can't we also have a "1." next to Kentucky too so that we can feel important for a few days?
Completely agree. I know I'm not the only one who was baffled by Terry getting benched because he was clearly not the problem with the offense before that point. Obviously he's no Tua, but it's clear why he has been the starter all year and should be our QB1 for the rest of the year. Also, that last drive does nothing in my mind to absolve Eddie Gran of the absolute dumpster fire of a game he called before that.
"Every SEC fanbase would probably argue that their school’s traditions are the class of the conference." Besides that we randomly played "Grove Street Party" during the South Carolina game in 2014 and now we play it every game, the only tradition Kentucky has is assuming the absolute worst possible scenario is going to happen at every possible moment. But you are probably correct in that we arguably do that better than anyone else.
Right?! We're lucky to have a single positive highlight all year. Nevermind that we're 6-1... if we had just given up a few more points in each game, we could easily be 0-7! For the record, I hope you step on a Lego. Barefoot.
That commentary on UK's offense hit the nail right on the head. The playcalling has been super conservative ever since the 2nd half of the South Carolina game, and I'm guessing that Terry is struggling because he's either afraid to miss a throw or knows he needs to hit the throw. Really hope we can get that all headed back in the right direction this weekend. Our defense has been fantastic, but Mizzou will be a huge test and we cannot continue relying completely on them.
There are two "most UK thing ever" possibilities. One involves looking good early and being terrible late, like your scenario. The other would involve the most soul-crushing defeat possible. So, win Saturday, pull off victories against Mizzou and Georgia, then go to Tennessee for a chance to go to the SEC Championship... and lose because of a hail mary, blocked 20-yard FG, etc.
I'm gathering that the only thing that would make you happy is to go 15-0 in football and 40-0 in basketball every season. But then you'd probably be miserable because you'd have nothing to complain about, which is apparently the only reason you visit this site. Does that accurately sum it up?
"His average was inflated due to a 11 yard run"... So, just so I'm understanding your position on how statistics work, you don't count all the runs he had, just the ones that support your theory? If you include the run, he was averaging 4.62 yards per carry (13 rushes for 60 yards). So let's then use your janky version of "stats" and take away his 11-yard run. That puts him at 12 rushes for 49 yards, which is 4.08 yards per carry. In other words, still more than plenty when he only needed 2 yards. So, as Wildcats1337 said, thanks for playing.
The main difference between previous years and this years (at least as it currently stands) is that in previous years, our schedule was easier in the first half and difficult in the second half, whereas this year, our schedule is a lot harder at the beginning than at the end. Doesn't mean it can't still go south quickly, but this year the scheduling is a lot friendlier for Kentucky to have a solid record.
It's ridiculous, no doubt. But just let yourself dream for a moment...
So, if South Carolina is down... below Kentucky now, when that was not the case before... then Kentucky has, by definition, moved up in the SEC. It’s okay, logic and reasoning are hard.
@Dak Aside from Louisville basketball national titles, I didn't know we lived in a world where things that actually happened don't count. Or a world where you get to make rules about what counts and does not count in various sporting events.
Why even bother playing the game if the outcome is so certain? Guess we should just take the L and move on to next week. I'll just cut up my tickets, stay home, and get in bed nice and early Saturday night.
YEAH EAT IT GEORGIA WE ARE HOT ON YOUR HEELS (I don't really mean it please don't hurt me)