Just an old retired College Food Service Director,who loves College football, over the NFL, enjoy watching Mizzou Football and hate Colorado and there 5th down play

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From Vandys first procession I turn off the TV. Mizzou doesnt know how to win on the Road again this year again. If they dont have their fans with them they just play like a bad high school team. Been this way since Pi klesko time at MU
I see Mizzou pretty upset with the NCAA and is out for redemption for not getting on the Coachs poll cause of the ban and not going to a bowl I'm saying I wouldn't want to play a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain by winning out the east and then facing LSU in the Championship game. Sorry Alabama fans LSU Like a caged tiger that hasn't eaten. Wouldn't a Tiger vs Tiger be great
Let's not get ahead of ourselves as much as I would like to agree with you we dont travel warnings l well remember the last time we did, and Vandy has everything to gain and nothing to lose, we might have a chip on our shoulder cause the bowl ban let's not bust that bubble
It's called deregulation, and the viewers are the ones in control, know if everybody just said enough is enough and drop all these screwuover television services and uses radio for a month not only would these television providers and NCAA and SEC work it out for the customers You and Me dont get screwed just turn on your radio
We turn ourselves in to the NCAA and didn't try hiding anything, intact the players all had graduated no one on this year team was involved
Way to go, think its bull that Mizxou got the hangman's rope and Mississippi state got a slap on the wrist. Surely The NCAA need to open up their eyes
Why didn't they get banned from a bowl game like Mizzou??? Same thing jealous tutors and a few bad players Mizzou should be mad as hell
Pretty bad when Vegas and ESPN and others are predicting Mizzou going 10-2 and if you think the bookies and analysts are wrong thing again, maybe some of you southern men have had some of that flesh eating bacteria get up your nose and eating your brains.This year ban isn't set yet and hopefully there's enough College Football fans to write the NCAA,like I have and ask wtf why your punishing a school finding a mistake the NCAA couldn't find, really good move on the future of school to do your job, what should be Banned this year is the group of dumbasses seating at the board of officers GO MIZZOU
Thinking Mizzou will do better then what predicted here from what other sport writers are saying. GEORGIA and Florida they dont think we can beat but After the Wyoming game we should be 6-0 before playing our first Road game and it's time to beat South Carolina unless they get another flood for hours.
Do we think the NCAA would do the right thing lol Their decision to punish someone who's willing to report a violation to the rules should get a metal not banned from playoffs or bowl games THe NCAA board is about as bad as NFL owners who think of themself first.
That crap town usually comes in as top 25 top top places to live in a lot of business magazines. Cast of living, health care and a lot of top educational places besides Mizzou and one of the lowest crime rates in the country.and no I dont live there
So when Old Flacco is sidelined with a concussion or breaks a leg, Elway will be retracting his statement.
I will be so glad when this 2019 Draft is over and done. Lol I heard and read about a dz different who who's will be picked in what order a player will get drafted at, sometimes I think they get out their travel Yatzee dice to make their picks, example Lock of MU going to KC then To Giants or Patriots I'd someone say Denver too come on give us fans a break and the players rather then dashing everybody's hopes about their favorite college player will play for. Just saying anymore you can read a half dozen theories which 3/4 are all wrong. To the players getting drafted tonight good luck .
I sort of agree with Saban, I've seen players leave way to early and not getting drafted until the very end of the draft, yet if they had played a year or more longer their skills learned on the field would made them a better draft choice. Today's NFL teams make promises they can't make to these young men. I seen them go after a kid during his second year in college those kids just see dollars flashed in their faces and I know most want to make those big dollars but they would make more waiting and being a 1st or 2th round draft rather then the bottom and only making a teams training team
Think he needs a raise if he continues buying seats to watch his team. Pretty bad we can't fill the house unless we're playing Alabama, Odom spent over $135k last week that takes a big bite out of his bonus
I can all most gurentee Odom will make his players play in knee deep water after that loss in SC and 0 lease let's chip in and get a better watch to watch those second hand, but what we need are true fans that come to the games our coach shouldn't have to pay to fill our seats. But the game being played on Black Friday during the afternoon I don't think I saw a full staium on tv Friday afternoon but sure did Fri night. A big thank you Mizzou Players for giving it your all know I watched everygame either in COMO or from my recliner. Hard to haul oxygen tanks to every game
This is a late post after the KY game, o don't know where this reporter got his info but he was probably in a dream. After today's loss to KY I have to believe our season will end 4-8 and will be watching missouri sitting at home.
As much as I hated to tell my FB friends last week I really didn't think Mizzou could win another game if we lost this KY game and the way we played today proves me right. It's time for a fresh start at MU I'll chip in to start a fund to buyout Odom contract. I imagine a Go Fund me account would get the money to buy out Odom contract by next Saterday
I've waited until everyone had their say, the point is we lost, plain and simple, was it Odom fault no, did we beat ourself no. Then how did we lose it was simple we played a better team plan and simple, until we play better and quit blaming our coaches or the QB or the recievers were going to lose to better team. As much as I wish we where better were not, until Mizzou can pay 6 or 7 millions a year for a coach and we can recuit 4 or 5 star players we will just be a team from the Heartland plain and simple, when a recuit looks at games we play and we can't fill our little football stadium what player wants to play here, Mizzou has problems, and it starts with its fans, want better players better coaches then come together and let the college know your tired of losing and want better but to prove it you have to show up to everygame, the only way we fill our satidum. Is to see other winning teams
I'm so happy I didn't get to watch on tv last night or I would be at Best Buy buying a new one in a little while. Odom has had all summer and three weeks to build a defence for Mizzou and hasnt,were going to start conference play next week and if we play like last night defence it's going to be horrible. To blow a lead like we did last night does remind me of Pinkle era football we just can't quit scoring cause we're in the lead, in our conference doing so will cost you the game. Think I'll wait until after the Georgia game before buying that new tv as it going to be bad for Mizzou,
All I could think about after listening UM last night was glad my Granddaughter changed her plans to attend Ohio seems as there going to feel it in the pocket book for their inactions. When a coach has no respect for its females on campus or off then it'd time for the public to act with their pocket book and I hope they do.
Wow after reading all the comments I guess Mizzou is in deep dodo , as much as I think our AD made a mistake hiring Odom, who in the hell would come to Missouri after what the team done, if I had been the AD I would of fired Pinkle and released any player who missed a practice, that being said give Odom his dues, he's trying maybe you didn't see his interview after the Auburn game,(seeing it was on the SEC network 100 times Plus ABC,ESPN and CBS) he is trying, and I think he was the wrong coach, let's see how he and Lock does this year before all the news he's on the HOT SEAT I believe his players will give him 150 %
Yes Pinkle got away with a lot if 6 and 6 years, but times have changed, even if we won the SEC East in 13 and 14 we played played like HS freshman against Auburn and Alabama and I for one was embarrassed to actually say i was a really diehard Mizzou fan after watching those games and Last year Texas game was worse we can't blame it on the coaches leaving(which they didn't have to) but believe they knew how bad we really where.Winning in 13 14 everybody want repeats and I don't see it happening with Odom
Yes Pinkle got away with a lot if 6 and 6 years, but times have changed, even if we won the SEC East in 13 and 14 we played played like HS freshman against Auburn and Alabama and I for one was embarrassed to actually say i was a really diehard Mizzou fan after watching those games and Last year Texas game was worse we can't blame it on the coaches leaving(which they didn't have to) but believe they knew how bad we really where.Winning in 13 14 everybody want repeats and I don't see it happening with Odom
I'm believing Sterk, hired him with his abilities to help with our recieving, could you imagine what DrewS record could of been like if his recievers hadn't missed so many passes and can you imagine those first five loses could of been different last year. Let's hope that old Dooley has learned a lot since his days at Tennessee as I don't see him being hired in the NFL if he hadn't improved in his coaching skills, we will see if he is as good as the AD think he is
Think you had more then Mizzou
I guess everyone watched Mizzou on TV as I sure didn't see that many people there think, No wonder no one issued a head count, can you say embarrassing !!!
Why does anyone care about him, he got kicked out of Mizzou so let Oklahoma have this story, another good player that think he can do anything without paying the price,if any of us readers got busted for DUI and busted for drugs we would be in jail, where he should be tired of this I'm a football star and I can do whatever
Believe he has a right to state his view, with no OC to help call plays last night really hurt the team, but I think the penalties during the first five minutes of the game set them up for the loss and gave Texas the mindset at the beginning that they would win. I blame Odom for not getting the offence to settle down, penalties, drop passes,bad snaps this wasn't the same team that ended the season. I would say Lock will leave rather then to come back to a team that is coached this bad