Just an old retired College Food Service Director,who loves College football, over the NFL, enjoy watching Mizzou Football and hate Colorado and there 5th down play

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Honestly if I was looking down the road I would seek out one of Sabines coaches or any coach from the south to not only improve our Defense but help open the doors in the south for recruiting standout players rather then them going to Alabama or Georgia all the time. Got to think out of the box to build this team up for a few more years if we really want to prove we belong in the SEC
Think there shouldnt been in firing in South Carolina or any one else in the hot seat this has been a screwed up year with missed games pratt practices this year really shouldnt of been played but there was a lot of money to be loss if they didnt. Let's give every coach a Mulligan this year and hope Covid is gone next year
Wait a minute how many of this team were recruited by Odom ?? Before giving all the credit to Drink, Roundtree and the QB and most of the Defense and offence was Odom built. Even Drink couldnt excuse not taking the field goal in the third that's really fine coaching, I'm not Saying Drink is Bad but LSU isntvthe same team that won the championship last year and is rebuilding. Let's keep our cool for a few weeks
Oh I think Odem will want to have Arkansas defense ready to wreck Mizxou I feel a lot of anger that isnt showingbin odem
Honestly I think Mizzou will go winless with Drinktomuch lol right now Mizzou got 12 players out with Covid19 and Columbia is in a middle of a fill blown outbreak if I was Alabama I would ask for a neutral sight like anywhere except in Missouri to play this first game seeing Drinktomuch cant control his team breaking covid19 rules
Theres likely more players that will miss the opening game if its played at all. MU has one of the highest covid19 count of all schools in Missouri, Boone County is as bad as St Louis or New york was at one time. Think if I was Alabama I would want to play Mizzou in a different stadium in a safer city
Know I'm late but if Jack thinks Mizzou can go 50o hes been drinking the same Koolaid Trump has been drinking I'll say Mizzou will go 2-7 winning against Vanderbilt and maybe Mississippi, Odem will have Arkansas defence firing on all cylinders and I'm sorry Taking a unproven coach to go against the best conference in the country is hilarious. Yea he had a great season at Appalachia state last year as he inherited it, and was in a hurry to leave as his team wasnt getting the recruits he needed for this year, so he slides right back into a sweet deal at Mizzou. People think forgot how long it took Pinkle to get Mizzou to play respectable football took more then four years more like 5 or six
Mizzou wont make a bowl but if they can get a QB who can make plays they could squeeze 4 wins which is about par for them in the SEC with them usally winning their give games gone I see them playing a normal season, but playing Alabama first it's going to be thought for drinkalot to get those tigers ready to face anybody after that loss
I'm think Odom will do wonders for Arkansas this year, and think Mizzou over reacted in letting him go. Will love the Thangsgiven rivalry a lot more with Odom in Arkansas
I'm Mizzu fan and I have to agree looks like a pretty easy four. Unless BYU or Boston College gets a lot better seems like all wins except Middle Tenn and Memphis but who know how good or Bad they will be when we play them. Honestly think all the SEC needs to play better teams I mean if they want to practice I know a lot of good High School Teams that would love to get millions for they programs as it is now it Seems the SECplays a 8 game season
Got to agree 100% if your QB is down and I blame Odom for not having recruited a backup Its notDoodey fault he didnt have a QB
Think Mizzou will be lucky enough to get four or five wins at the most. I just dont think we can do any better with Drinktomuch untested coach and first year in SEC
The Question wasn't asked Historical leader. I'm sure he didnt think Hitler was a role model for today. But in the 1930s up till Japan hit us at Pearl Harbor there where plenty of Nazi organizations in the good old USA Henry Ford Lindberg and others thought Mussolini and Hitler got their country out of the Great Depression faster then FDR did. How he did it and kept it hid from the world was amazing. But I would like to know why he hated the Jewish religion just like I would like to know why we have skin heads and KKK still in this country screaming for whites only I would love for some of these people donate their brains to science to see what makes them sick and to keep them from leading a country to ruin and killing millions of innocent people, there are people today who compare Trump and Hitler together in one sentence. I think back and have to agree that Hitler's speeches would stir the emotional of the German people who where were to blame for WW1 and we as a country have to come to a understanding that by not joining and being part of the League Of Nations should be part of the reason for WWII I hate the fact people like Hitler existed and always will and we need to see them coming and shouldnt hide from them and not bring them up if we dont remember the evil they did we could repeat it again. I dont think the reporter gave a way out for the interview honestly,
Thanks For pointing out we need more then St Louis players. Odom recruited well as he learned from Pinkle and Pinkle could make a avg player a great player. I'm still not sold on Dipwod as coach Appl State would of have a winning season this year even with a High School coach. But time will 100% certain though I wouldnt help the NCAA anytime soon. What i think what happen with them was they where so happy with themselves allowing players to get paid they didnt care about Missouri cutting its . Head off for reporting this tutor. Which did the school ban him or is he or she still tutoring at some other school
Listen Pinkle recruited from the South heavily and was quite good at getting pretty good players into great players Chase, JOSSE Macklin was a from texas and so were other players . Yes St Louis produces some really good players but to say the boys wont play at COMO is a little bit on I dont know why you said that as it's wrong, if Deepwad doesnt recruit from the south he'll be sorry
Well I'm glad hes keeping someone, seeing all the changes it's going to be a uphill job getting recruits with a team that will have no experience working together in coaching department should be a real cluster $%&% at Mizz the nex couple of years
Come on Missouri never ranked very high in the conference against the likes oil of A&M and Texas or Baylor or Oklahoma pulling players out of texas and Never did well in Fl and if we got a player from Georgia or Alabama the Red Sea would part again just saying. Most coaches at Mizz would good player on defense or offence and make them great with great training coaches. Mizz nor going to tell a kid yup you come here and we'll use you on the practice field like Geogia and Alabama does and going forward in a few years when they compensated for their images it's really going to be tough to recruit kids as they will want to know how many televised games they will seen on Nationaly so Mizzou might never be a powerhouse in recruiting
But look at who he played against this year whole new conference and all new teams so he better be better then just good or great in this conference
Sounds kind of confusing to me assistance head coach of Defense so who is the the head coach of the defense Drinkwitz or one of our own.
Well the athletic dept had to bower the money from the school to fire Odom. Unlike most schools in the SEC the teams at Missouri dont get aid from the school most of the time it's the teams that giving money to the school that's why the NCAA after season playoffs and bowl games got the athletic dept from 5-10 millions a year the new end zone was built with no money from the school but Donations from fans and Boosters
Thinking the BOC should of Fired the AD and Kept Odom, and spent some money on offense and Defense coaches and a better recruiter. Mizzou still isnt over the 2015 fiasco and it wasnt Odom fault no one was coming to Mizz think a lot of people over reacted to the loss to Vandy. We knew going to Geogia and Florida where going to be bad Ky maybe a win but did nobody think Tenn would stay bad all season give Tenn and Ky a break Odom was a Scapegoat and if you want to know why we played Wy ask Pinkle he set up a home and home deal years ago with wy when they got one of Punkle coordinators I guess Wy wasnt suppose to stay bad either. Its AD failt that Idom is gone and he cant hire another coach who is going to lose half his game Remember Pinkle only went to one bowl game his first four year at Mizzou and his record was worse then Odom and I here they want to build a Shrine to him
We got to admit Odom came into a mess when Pinkle left and it's a wonder he turned the program around as fast as he did. But his biggest mistake I see was he had no QB th iui s year to lead the team the way Drew did, and the the offensive coach left this offence stranded going into the Bowl game we dont want him back as a head coach
I cant defend Odom recruiting the last couple of years but his overall record has been about what Mizzou has been even with Pinkle, Missouri says it wants better and deserve better but I dont think they are going to want to spend what is needed to get the kind of coach the fans want, when the State keeps cutting their budget you got to remember that new addition was built with money from Alumni and not that much from the school,in fact when they built the addiction it actually cut seating, and I can see why we cant fill the seats unless Alabama or Georgia comes to CoMo I think the Fans will not be any happier with our next coach who probably spend a tall tale but unable to recruit or win at Mizzou
From Vandys first procession I turn off the TV. Mizzou doesnt know how to win on the Road again this year again. If they dont have their fans with them they just play like a bad high school team. Been this way since Pi klesko time at MU
I see Mizzou pretty upset with the NCAA and is out for redemption for not getting on the Coachs poll cause of the ban and not going to a bowl I'm saying I wouldn't want to play a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain by winning out the east and then facing LSU in the Championship game. Sorry Alabama fans LSU Like a caged tiger that hasn't eaten. Wouldn't a Tiger vs Tiger be great
Let's not get ahead of ourselves as much as I would like to agree with you we dont travel warnings l well remember the last time we did, and Vandy has everything to gain and nothing to lose, we might have a chip on our shoulder cause the bowl ban let's not bust that bubble
It's called deregulation, and the viewers are the ones in control, know if everybody just said enough is enough and drop all these screwuover television services and uses radio for a month not only would these television providers and NCAA and SEC work it out for the customers You and Me dont get screwed just turn on your radio
We turn ourselves in to the NCAA and didn't try hiding anything, intact the players all had graduated no one on this year team was involved
Way to go, think its bull that Mizxou got the hangman's rope and Mississippi state got a slap on the wrist. Surely The NCAA need to open up their eyes