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Why pick those years? We played in 2012, 2007, 2003, 2002 as well
that's considered crying to you? I wonder how pitiful your life is without Alabama football
An article that mentions bama was posted 2 hours ago and the worst poster on here (bamatime) hasn't commented on it yet? What a pleasant surprise.
no dumb @$$, what about Nick Marshall is a role model? Please tell me how its a guarantee to be a "career criminal" by going to UGA. Don't worry, King Kirby will continue what Saint Richt did to Auburn. Daddy will be back in Auburn Nov 11
The sad part is you actually believe this...
yeah bc no team ever improves from one year to the next and one single game from last year defines an entire season the following year...fight on black bears!
50-43*realizes UGA had just won three in a row 2011,2012,2013...
Saban also wasn't a first year coach. Did Saban start a true freshman at qb? Nobody thinks Kirby did a great job but everyone expects a big improvement.
Might as well title this SEC West players, the fact that Jacob Eason on here is a joke. UGA will probably be the choice to win the east at media days and you don't think the starting qb is important enough not to lose? His backup is a true freshman...
I'm not really sure what you are trying to say? If you are saying LSU puts the most folks in the league you should be happy you have a new coach bc that means you underachieved even more so than Georgia. If you are bragging about LSU having more talent than Bama over the past five years you should look and see LSU lost 18 games in the past five years to Bamas 7 including every head to head match up going bamas way. I'm obviously not a Bama fan or supporter but I wouldn't be talking crap about Alabama especially as an LSU fan.
At least you don't have to be worried about playing their in early December ;)
Why on Earth would he be bitter? Also what else did you expect him to say? I'm very thankful for Mark Richt's time at Georgia but it was definitely time to go. Who could be bitter making $4 to $5 million a year with his results?
Can't spell Atlanta but Georgia is tied with UT and Auburn for third most appearances? Yes I know Mizzou hasn't been in the SEC as long as Georgia but don't pretend to be running the east after back to back seasons of 1-7 and 2-6 in league play. You want to talk crap about Georgia but we have won the last three in a row and are 4-1 against you guys since you've joined. In those games you have been outscored by 44 and haven't won at home against Georgia. Do I need to go on?
Right? This is kind of funny honestly. Since 2012 (when mizzou and A&M entered the league) Mizzou has gone 37-27 good for a .578 winning percentage overall. In conference they are 19-21 good for .475. 14 of those wins came in two years and lets not forget you gave up 101 combined points in the SEC title games those years. Please don't pretend that the road to Atlanta goes through CoMo. To quote you, the exception to the rule for mizzou is the two 7-1 conference years. They are more of a 2-6 sec team.
if only ole miss had ever gotten to Atlanta they could have had a lay up conference title, oh well...
by 1 or 100 it doesn't matter its just one loss. I'd take Georgia's tough season this past year over a losing season like Ole Miss had. Do I need to show you that Georgia won I think like the previous 10 in a row against ole miss? Ole Miss is irrelevant and its only going to get worse which has to hurt
Show me the last top five class we had? Richt always recruited around 10-12 which is great but still good enough for about 5,6,7th best in the SEC. Now Kirby is recruiting at a different level. Sit back while Ole Miss does nothing and watch the man work. Also, to your point Georgia did choke under Mark Richt, hence why he is no longer in Athens...
Ironically this guy needs to look at Ole Miss' schedule from last year and see the Vandy bent them over. Upon further observation he would see seven losses. Ole Miss' greatest three year stretch didn't even include a division championship much less a conference or national championship. Wow I would hate to cheer for that team. Wait and see what Kirby does in year two before you call him a failure.
Dont be upset my friend. When Ole Miss slips back to obscurity Georgia will dominate the east and when Saban is tired of running the conference King Kirby will assume the throne. Enjoy no bowl games (you should be accustomed to that already) lack of scholarships (Furthering your depth problems) and coaches with show causes meaning a whole new staff. Wouldn't want to trade places with Ole Miss right now...
Did that win help you win the west? how was that bowl game this year? Can Ole Miss even point out Atlanta on a map?
Rockout, you are kidding right? I am not going to say that all ole miss fans on here represent the entirety of ole miss fans but they have been unbearable the past couple years. The cheating was blatant but they got their arrogance from their POS coach (hence is deleted tweet about evidence). People will reply to this and say im salty bc they kicked our @$$ but its how they (coaches and fans alike) went about it. They are sleazy and deserve whats coming. I do agree with Colone that Baylor deserves it more so but to have sympathy is odd in my opinion.
yeah bc the kids on the d line will forget everything they ever knew and without him they won't be a bright spot on whats going to be a filthy defense. Comments like this are hilarious. Who knew a DL coach would cause a team to lose extra games. This also assumes Kirby doesn't hire someone as qualified or more highly qualified. Thanks for your input Rick.
"and that does not include former Texas A&M standout tight end Martellus Bennett – he played in College Station while the Aggies were in the Big 12."