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Wouldn't revenge have been winning the rematch in atlanta and then again in athens last year?
YOu can't be serious? Really done something? He hasn't lost a division game in two years, all wins by 14 or more points. Won the conference in year two, went to the CFP, won the first round and then lost on the last play of the game in a natty. What has Dan Mullen done ever...
Georgia fans would have enjoyed yesterday at a normal level if Dopey Dan hadn't been spouting off at the mouth all off season. Dude hasn't done anything in his decade of coaching but wants to talk crap to Kirby and try to troll Georgia. That is why you saw so many Georgia folks out in force. Karma, nice try tho #tissue
"shh don’t tell them. Let’s all just laugh" He's the worst poster on this site
"I'd think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door..." Oh the irony
Over the last three years Tech is 21-16 (one cancelled game) and FSU is 22-16. They both play in the ACC and both play UGA and UF as their premier OOC game so schedules are even. Let's not pretend FSU has been some power house compared to Tech. Tech even won the last time they played.
Kirby is so far in Dan's head its unreal. Cousin Eddie is a clown.
I think you're right but its still a big IF. Arguably the greatest recruiting class ever will be juniors for them and the schedule sets up nicely. No tests until Oct 12 at A&M which follows a bye week. I fully expect Bama to be 12-0 when we see them in Atlanta again.
Don't let that distract you from the fact that Mullen is the first gators coach in 30+ years to lose to Kentucky, LMAO Don't also forget losing to a 5 loss Missouri team at home by 21
So a #2 recruiting class is no where in the same vicinity as a #1 ranked class? Sheesh, how dull can you be
define "top" we are averaging the second best class in the country the past two years. WTF are you talking about. I'm the homer but you can't see how well UGA is recruiting,makes sense idiot
So using your logic, has bama closed the gap on Clemson? Evidently you only use on field results aka wins. You make zero sense. From a talent standpoint, yes, Georgia has equal talent. You are blind if you can't see that.
Class average last four years Bama 2 Georgia 3 Talent gap is clearly closed and both widening from rest of the SEC
Bama 2019 1 2018 5 2017 1 2016 1 AVG class ranking 2 UGA 2019 2 2018 1 2017 3 2016 6 AVG class ranking 3 So yes it is closed. I would wager no other team in the country has the talent georgia and bama do. It's not close with Florida
It won't let me post my comment for some reason. Nobody is saying they didn't improve. All you do is twist words and put words in peoples mouth. They clearly improved in the win column. The article and all Florida people are saying the talent gap closed. That couldn't be farther from the truth.
Is losing to Kentucky for the first time in thirty whatever years, also at home a good thing? Is losing to your main rival by 19 a good thing? Is losing your homecoming game by 21 a good thing? I'm just waiting for reasons why the gap is closed? You guys keep saying Mullen is a better coach than Kirby. Where is the proof? Head to head obviously doesn't matter to you.
and LSU has what to do with this? Not surprising, given the amount of posts ive read from you on here
The whole thing started with this article and every other Florida fan saying the gap is closed. That is so far from the truth. We beat them by 19 this year and signed better players. Where did the gap close? If losing to Kentucky, Georgia and Missouri is a successful year then enjoy finishing third in the east from now on.Where was the Richt era mentioned and he was the head man at MSU, pretty sure he didn't magically change schemes when he showed up at Florida.
He doesn't, see overall record. How in the hell are so many Florida fans talking trash when we have smoked them on the field the past two years and smoked them in recruiting. The gap is WIDENING. I love bama douche who is white knighting.
Yay! Finally one of them can see without orange and blue lenses.
Kirby smart doesn't call plays homie. If you want to see examples of Kirby "calling plays" why don't we look at the vast successes of MSU against Bama when Kirby was DC. Oh that's right, Mullen has never beaten Kirby while Kirby was a DC or HC. Mullen only beats sorry teams. Check his record against teams that finish ranked.
^^ Doesn't realize Mullen lost to Kirby by 19 and Georgia just signed better players this year. You can read all the hype you want, the gap got BIGGER, it didn't come close to closing and it certainly isn't completely closed.
Exactly, especially from a guy that hates all three teams mentioned. This article just sounds so fanboy
Where is the proof that he is a superior coach? By never beating a Kirby led defense at Alabama or never beating him as a head coach while at MSU or UF? Mullen has made a living on beating inferior teams. Just go look at his records against teams that ended the season ranked.
The soft bs PI yall got on your first drive and then the phantom offensive PI on TG5 that removed a TD for Georgia.
07 Auburn - 45-20 07 Hawaii - 41-10 08 Bama - Give you that one too lazy to look up most recent, 2015 or 2016 and killed a directional school. Not much under performing there.
Wrong. In 07 we trailed for all of 2 minutes. Ended up winning going away 45-20.
"And to Grantham’s credit, nobody has been able to impose its will on Florida’s defense all year." What do you call what Kentucky did to them then? 9/13 on third down, 454 total yards, 20 first downs, 303 rushing yards averaging 7.4 a carry. That is literally the definition of imposing their will.