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Fitz throws for 300 and runs for 200..... oh wait that was last year.... it could happen again right?
The real jackass is the pos on your keyboard.
Because:1. its a better job.2. They have the largest endowment in the SEC = more money which also means they are cash strapped like LSU is.3. He would make twice the money at A$M as he would have at LSU.Need more?
MLU, you really don't know much about A&M. While Florida does have a better recruiting base, that's where it stops. Both are Nation brands, FSU with more NCs but that's all. FSU does have them beat in low class circus chitshows kinda like your coach.
Run me down at our tent. It will be the white tent close to the gates on the south side of the stadium in front of the bookstore. It has a sign on it that says 'Ole Miss $ucks'. And btw, I'm taking Ole Miss and the 17 points on the bet. You're the idiot for not knowing what that means....
That's because you're a Mizzou fan and have no sense of humor.
The only 3 reasons Auburn could possibly win the game:1. Alabama has 5 freak turnovers2. Kick six3. The Eagle attacks Saban on the sidelines before the game and takes him out.
Taggart to Ole Miss. I don't think that would be Archie's pick, but what do I know? Archie hand picked the Reverend last time.
There will be lots of shooting stars Friday. Karma is such a beoytch. I wish I'd run into BootyBuster at the game, but we all know he's never been to any games.
See ya in Starkvegas Friday afternoon Coach Leach.
If dog, rabbit. Auburnt goes down after 35-17 loss to the bamers.
Gus is so outta the Plains. After this weekends 35-17 thumping Jalan and the boys are going to pit on them, he'll have no option. Dream season over, next coach will be visiting next week on a motorcycle.
Probably not for the Auburn fans. Unless you call losing both the game and your coach fun.
Plus Gus to Arkansas for a hone bun.
I'll take Ole Miss + 17 and Bama -4. Locks of the year. Load up.
Enjoy watching your landsharks suck for the next 5 years.
Dude, a kid died. Save that crap for a different post.
Racist ESPN trolled Ole Miss due to its history by sending the school's most hated personality to the campus.
You are the first Rebel to admit it. Both Bjork and Vitter need to go to clean it up. That video that they made with Freeze should have been the end.
Oh correction... 1-6 in the last 7 tries.
Gus' caliber? Today he is 1-8 against the school's biggest rivals in the last 9 tries.