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Dude, do you stay in SDS 24/7? You need to take a vacation. Your comments are getting old and stale probably a lot like you.
BootyBuster, I have two degrees including a MBA.lol. you loser.
Mike, if you're from the coast, you're trailer trash.
You are the biggest idiot that I've never known. Your IQ, age and shoe size is all the same. OTHOM & GFY, ARSELOVER. Amirite?
You need to get that roid rage checked out asap. Amirite?
LSUSMC, that was a total play on words. I sure you can't comprehend that. You are an idiot.
Lol..my mother is gone and my second home is on Ono Island. You're one nasty lil girl, though. But you love to huganut, amirite?
No way he would coach at LSWHO. By the way, Coach O has been around some real shady deals at Ole Miss and USC. Moral fiber and coaching at an high level.... do those even go together? The Reverend Freeze has moral fiber, right?
You haven't seen the pictures, old coot.
There was a bounty put on his leg.
Ole Miss intentionally broke his ankle. Most of my UM friends admit it. Dirty bastards.
Ole Miss didn't make the list. Andy is probably going'oh god boys, I just resigned for no reason, other than I suck as a coach and husband.
Did you just blow up? Roid rage at its best you little butt hurt girl. Amirite?
So does BootyBuster. Considering my answer to him, I'll just have to a female relative on his.
If the best trolling of me is spelling you're weak as Andy's wanker.
It would be so Auburn like for the team so go south about now. Always the bride's maid never the closer. #karma Should have never brokered the Cecile $180k deal.