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So what you are saying is that every good player gets paid. There's a lot of players flipped to Ole Miss over the years.... that's a lot of cash anus.
You idiot. Leo was bribed from Ole Miss not MSU. Enjoy the karma, beoytch. He is coming because Duel Threat U needs some receivers. Suck it loser. We don't have to cheat or we would have paid Cam the 180k.
How many beers did your kid lift when he smacked you after getting that DUI, Guy?
And everybody knows you're the'Guy Odom' that never went to Ole Miss and has a kid that smacks him and is a state fan.
That was last year....a year can make a big difference. .see Dak.
That is easy to produce. My person in charge was ratted on. They showed me how easy it is. The POS system can easily be fraudulently compromised.
Not exactly dumbass. Fitz has a great arm. Your ignorance shows through again.
The POS systems that retailers use are very easy to manipulate. Anybody that is in the business of cheating someone knows how its done. The only way to curb it is to have cameras that someone checks. I know from experience of people ripping me off while operating retail outlets.
Agree. Ty's post while being way out there, seems to be where it could very well go.
He got the he'll beat out of him by the cops......whatever
Show me da money! Lol.... he'll never go there. Karma girls! I love it.....lol...LMAO
Where's Chad or Bo.... oh yeah, we know! Lol
My, my, there's only one team on the way up in Mississippi! Where is Bo's camp..... oops
How about at halftime? And I was really talking next after the new sanctions. Lol
I knew you had to comment on the Bees post..... you love him don't you....lol
Too funny! BootyBuster oops I mean Armygoob just loves the Bees!
Not last year or this year. Try to stay current.
Its easy to keep people safe if no one is there.