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This is ArymGuy, BootyBuster 4th username on the this. He even has knocked off my name to troll as me. This name he knocked off from the other SEC-ond to none. He was only trolling me but now he's commenting without just trolling me. He is showing his schizophrenia.
Cause Ole Miss is on the way to karmavilla
Now he's commenting on this thread with two usernames. Lol
By the way eking, this idiot knocked off my name and had another run in with you young my username 3 moths ago. He has 4 usernames. One total psycho. But he is Captain Delusional.
This story will be a miniseries soon. The night Ole frezzee CAME to town, all the hos be singing. .
You totally forgot you were login with BootyBuster when you made the post above, Captain Delusional! Lol
With a little luck they might be off probation by then.
Awesome but I've seen a couple better ones. Karma coming in the form of an app to you soon. It will automatically download to your phone or airbear. Let's get the popcorn ready. 911 will be a great day to be a bear.
Sick puppy. 4 usernsmes.I had forgotten about this one. Enjoy your idiotic games you play. And enjoy your 4 win season.
Ok Bootybuster 2.0. Whatever you say.
Richard, I already know you. How many times do I have to tell you that? You are one of the biggest rednecks I know. GFY P ) $$y
Knucklehead, the University removed that mascot because it was perceived offensive and racist to some. You proudly display it.
Hate speech. .lol you're one to talk. You havery threaten me several times. Plus there's no hate speech in anything I've said.
How's that racist mascot working for you? I heard freeze and you might be nazis.