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That's exactly what people said when LSU came to Starkvegas. Lol
And your team will get more boos when that dumbarse O kicks y'all's arse.
I'm saying y'all suck if we beat y'all. It doesn't matter what I think about us.
Dude, we beat y'all 2 out of the last 4 years... stay current.
And y'all don't either. Y'all lost to us and Troy.
Actually Troy and MSU controlled LSU destiny to not make the playoffs this year.
The bad program that the good player doesn't play because the bad program is coached by an idiot.
You'll find out this weekend. If we beat y'all, y'all suck.
If Auburn's destiny is a NC, they don't control that because a 2 loss team is not getting in.
Did you really just answer your own question? And it says an hour later? I know you're a little slow but an hour on one article?
Florida is free falling...... and they will back down.
That boy will be killing it with the chicks this week.
It was a good thing that Coach O stood on the sidelines with his mouth shut and allowed his OC and DC to do the coaching. Everytime the camera was on him, his Mike was up.
Ya know, many of your post tend to represent what a thug loser might say.
If you actually have watched Paul, you'd know that he's a Tennessee grad and has been riding Butch's a$$ since last year.
Rapid Reaction: Ole Miss wins another Bowl Game!
Let me help Coach O with that break down. "We won because they missed an extra point."