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He will be showing Saban the 'smoke and mirrors ' offense.
The man behind a Col Reb face calls someone a douche. Lol
Fitz will be better than Dak when he leaves MSU. He may not fall into the same fate as Dak, but will have had a better college record.
He really looks/acts like most Ole Miss fans over the past two years.
Go out there a break a leg..... oops maybe not a good incentive.
So this explains why you BB would call someone trash that you know absolutely nothing about.
Your post makes total sense to me. After reading most of your post, it can be concluded that you have either taken too many blows to the head or you are dumb as a box of rocks.
Dude, I have 100s of reb friends. Most of them hate MSU as I hate UM. If the shoe was on the other foot, my reb friends would doing what I do behind the screen name. I'm almost positive that 2 rebs that comment on here (not a lot lately though ) are frI ends of mine. If the bunker you bust has sand in it, I probably know too. Btw, only a bigot would hide behind the Col. Reb.
Yeah, I guess spell check got me. * hypocritical. My bad. Enjoy the loss of games, revenue and fun in the Grove for the next 5 years.
Not really. Aubarn's fans think they should go to the playoffs, say once every couple years. The Gus Bus has been swerving for the past 4 years. With every swerve comes a coaching change. I was just wondering if Freeze ends up there after the next ditch. Because he will be out of a job before the season begins.
I love it. More lying... Freeze is the biggest hypothetical liar on Earth. You reap what you sow. The hammer is on the down swing. Here's what I wonder...... when the Gus bus crashes again this year with an 8-5 record, will Freeze become the OC in 2018?
However one of the barners lost will be MSU. No ifs ands or butts, arsewipes.
He'll be at MSU in 3 shakes of a taliewhacker.
A dozen unofficial visits. ......NCAA needs to be looking into that. Enjoy your sanctions.