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I handled Smokey just a couple years ago! My first year was Butch Jones and Smokey X's first as well (2013). He thoroughly enjoys dumping on the field right after a run across the end zone after a TD. Left a particularly nasty one right in front of the tunnel at USCjr before the team ran out in 2014. Didn't have time to clean it up before Butch was yelling at us to go, so the team ran all through it. Oops. - AKSN 1124
Do fruit flies usually run in South Carolina?
Why include Duke Williams on Auburn's list?
But Kahlil McKenzie will float, Larry, and still beat UGA
bryanchip, can we just kick you out of the fanbase?
If you believe this situation is comparable to the current allegations at Ole Miss to help you sleep at night, you go right ahead buddy
I gotta say.. I'm thoroughly entertained when he trolls BryanChip aka Chippy on every article though lol and he's also definitely not a UK football fan.. those aren't real
Per Brad Shepard at B/R, we do not stand a chance with Mecole Hardman. Brad answered someone in the comment section and said Butch didn’t even take an in-home visit with Hardman this past week, which would indicate the staff already knows we aren’t getting him (to me at least). From what I’ve read on different sites, Kongbo is our best bet. Brown and Landon D'erson (SDS won't let me type his last name) seem equally iffy, while I’ve heard next to nothing on Simmons. One name SDS did not mention who is a key target for UT: NIGEL WARRIOR. It would be huge miss if we cannot secure him
I am not sure that completion percentage at face value tells the full story. For instance, Dobbs' Yards/attempt for the season was 6.7 yards. The only other starting QB's to average that low or lower were Towles, McCrary, Lock, Murray. And I know you watch the games Mr. V4LinPA.. just how many screen passes are we throwing per game?? That's a very easy completion to boost your percentage. My point is, we don't pass very much for 2 reasons: 1. our rushing attack is great. 2. Dobbs lacks accuracy downfield and even over the middle. When we do draw up pass plays, it is for bubble screens and other easy completions
Josh Dobbs as 12th best QB in the nation? Hm... Obviously a great runner and playmaker with his legs, but there's a lot to be desired with his passing ability.
Larry, your infatuation with Kahlil is adorable. It must be true love. Also, Shy Tuttle left the team mid-year because he had a broken fibula and torn ankle ligaments from a dirty hit by a UGA player. So, your comment seems completely asinine. I know you're nothing but sad, life-less troll.. but there's something in me that thinks you may be a sad life-less ignorant troll, and I want to help the ignorant part.
You better believe that Bryanchip is going to go on a tirade if he reads this article/your comment. "you Deboard koolaid drinkers!!!". Anyway, I think Debord's only problem was calling way too conservative running plays in the second half of big games. It squandered every lead. Towards the end of the season I think he improved and started calling complete games, and keeping the steam on. It could also be said that was against weaker competition... One thing I'm sure of: He's definitely not the guy who can develop Dobbs into a better passer. I hope Butch figures something else out about that.