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I've watched it a couple times and don't see anything like Hardeway describes.
I'm with you Beef. I'm proud of the degree I received from UT. I've supported the University through all of the bad times. I could care less if he makes the playoffs every year, I will not support them with him on the sidelines.
Jimmy is not the Haslam involved at UT as the article indicates. It's his dad James (Jim) who played on the '51 team for Neyland.
I think this is a stretch at best. I still don't see anything wrong with what he said. I highly doubt the people he is socializing with meant it in the same context either.
The rule should be changed. Let's just imagine for a minute that the play went for 90 yards and the fumble still occurred at the 2, the penalty should be 15 from the spot it occurred. In that instance it becomes a 90 yard penalty. Just like almost every other penalty, you should have choose the 15 yards at the spot or the result of the play.
Tired of the elitist attitude on this site - especially Crist. So congrats, SDS has officially lost this daily reader.
Looks like it will be nice, but surely they won't leave it as grass parking? It'd be a mess after a few good rains.
That's my thoughts as well. I'm a realist when it comes to UT and know it will be a rebuilding year, but I think they have been severely undervalued in a lot of these categories.
I agree with Dave. He quit on his teammates. His skillset didn't match the offense we needed to run with Dobbs. They tried to make it work, but Kamara and Kelly fit much better. One of the best offenses we've ever had statistically. I'm not sure why the fans all hate Debord honestly.
Let the seniors enjoy their moment. It's less about the music city bowl and more about what these seniors accomplished. This season was a disappointment for many reasons, I think most UT fans would agree with that. However, this was not the time for this article. This piece should have have been published after the vandy game. Disrespectful to overshadow what Barnett and these seniors accomplished. What respect I had for John Crist (and I typically enjoy his articles), is gone.
No one at UT would like to get rid of Bama. It will never happen without keeping the 3rd Saturday in October and the Iron Bowl. Maybe Bama to the east instead of Auburn?
Because you have 2 losses (one to a 2 loss team) and a win against UGA. UT has beaten top 25 VT, UF, and UGA. Our only loss was in double OT, on the road to #6. Seems pretty clear cut to me at this point.
How's it so difficult for you to understand that Sutton and JRM are both official team captains and Hurd is not? Did you notice any other injured non-captains? No..
I'm not disagreeing that he's a leader and probably should have made the trip. I was just saying that he's not a "captain" like Sutton and Maybin. It's a weird deal all around.
Quit spreading false rumors that have been squashed by Butch and several others in the program. Hurd has always been a humble kid and never show boated before. Flat out doesn't fit his character to this point. Several reports out there now that he has a concussion. Travel rosters are restricted, so we take someone who can actually play and leave injured non-captains at home. Maybe you should start writing novels though. It seems like you have a good imagination.
Pretty sure we haven't had SECN. We've had GameDay at the other games.
Same at gate 9. We had 10 people in our group that didn't get their tickets scanned- mine included.
He would just be "average" at Stanford though.
This was for the 2016 recruiting cycle.
They have more "SEC Titles". You all just have more division titles. 25 to 8 in Bama's favor for overall SEC.
Maybe you should be looking at the coaching instead of pointing fingers at the players? I know nothing about the situation, but QB1 and QB2 both announcing they will transfer doesn't look very good.
Still better than the 2 SEC championships Kentucky has had all time :)
Does that make Kentucky liquorice? It's never been any good.
Hate to be a homer, but no way Lambert or Harris should be ahead of Dobbs on this list. Maybe I can buy Lambert based on his performance against USC?
At first, I was a little upset for our player to do something like this.. Watched it again to realize the UGA player had what appears to be a "handful". Can't say I'd react any differently.
So... someone reported there is video but failed to back it up with video? Is this normal journalism these days?
Missouri fans comment on every thread. I don't think I've seen a fanbase before that was so insecure.