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Word on the street is that this is part of rankings re-evaluation from the Auburn staff/J'marion not taking care of a few things he needed to.
I have a hard time seeing Auburn finishing last in the West - my bold take is that they're in the top half of the SEC, but at least finish 6-6.
It's ridiculous - don't get me wrong, I'm glad Bruce is at Auburn, but he lied and came clean (the violation wasn't really that bad) but Wade had death penalty level violations and a clear lack of institutional control.
I had the pleasure of tutoring Derick while we were both at Auburn. Tremendous leader and a great individual, not at all suprised to see him securing his future.
I'm not one to pick on columnists but "The Eagles have won their past 4 SEC series matchups, including LSU and South Carolina." Definitely the Auburn Tigers, not the Eagles, do better.
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They absolutely have a chance - Birmingham sounds like were playing in the friendly confines of Neville Arena and Sasser and Snead are both well under 100% from a health standpoint. If we can keep this offense up we will win that game.
Horrible take on Auburn - SE Louisiana was a tournament team last year and will likely be one again this year. Pitching is fine, offense is above average. Auburn finishes top 4 in the SEC
I don't understand the hate about Auburn drawing Birmingham...let's not forget that Alabama is less than an hour from campus playing in the same spot. It'll make for an unbelievable atmosphere at the BJCC
I was kinda stunned that we ended up with Birmingham, but won't complain. Ticket prices are starting to get outrageous down here and the place will be packed with Tiger fans.
Definitely wouldn't call Lipscomb "Ho-Hum" competition - they're top 5 in a bunch of stats, but have some of the best power hitting in the country. With the emergence of Tommy Vail this week, I expect Auburn to do very well in the West.
Well that's what makes religion refreshing, you don't have change to accomodate all the progressiveness in the world.
Clearly not a real AU fan - go and pout while the rest of us have fun with the rivalry whether or not AU wins
Kids will be kids guys, what did you expect? Honestly, the fact that Miller was involved is extremely concerning but Oats response is even worse. Wrong place wrong time, can't control kids shows a genuine lack of quality leadership or appreciation for the severity of the issues here.
Agreed - I think that there's a good chance Tennessee underperforms their preseason expectations. The SEC is so stacked this year and there will be a lot of teams capable of winning it all in Omaha
Agreed - SEC Opening day is (almost) better than the start of football season
Everyone is forgetting Auburn just like last season - we're definitely a threat to make it to the CWS for the 3rd time in 4 years
Very dissapointing end to the season for TN last year. I just can't see them doing the same thing two years in a row in the stacked SEC
I disagree slightly - The 4 point play given to Vescovi was just as bad of a call, so I think that if that's called, you have to call it on the final play of the game as well. Granted, Auburn had the previous 40 minutes to win the game and it didn't have to come down to a controversial call/no call. Shooting performances were awful for both.
Auburn continues to get no respect - we're not flashy and don't have a true star, but we're playing great team basketball which is what takes you a long way in March.
Hugh Freeze's class still looking thin? We've flipped 4 stars from Ohio State and Florida State and are sitting in the top half of the SEC and #16 in the nation.
I agree, based on the OV's this week I think it may be Grayson McCall that comes in
I don't think the QB is going to be a main target. It seems more likely to me that Freeze will develop Ashford (who has a ton of upside) rather than turn to the portal for one.
Yeah exhibitions are pretty meaningless...I hate Kentucky basketball, but I'm willing to bet they fall a pretty meaningless amount in the rankings because of that loss. At least it's not losing to Colorado....
Really hope the next coach stays on. Goes to show that if players really love their coach they'll go out there and try there hardest. I'll be the first to say I was a Harsin supporter (until about Week 3 of this season), but the national media calling the Auburn job toxic were wrong. The coach was toxic, not the university. Watching Auburn go out and win a game (albeit a rough one) with fired up players and fired up fans is all the next coach should need to see to get on board.
I don't think the loss to Michigan State can be considered ugly. That's the same team that lost to Gonzaga by one. They're a very good Power 5 team that's going to make the tournament as a higher seed.
Auburn is going to show up and PLAY this weekend. The team has some hope. We roll A&M 34-21.
I'm encouraged on the defensive end. Wendell Green and KD Johnson are still throwing up ill-advised threes, which was part of our struggles last year. I think Chance Westry, if he exhibits the leadership and play making Bruce Pearl has talked about, will be essential to get our offense on track in the coming weeks.
"Auburn will be spotty" - From the offensive end, yes. However, the defense is going to be winning us games this year. Unreal how well we shut down a projected conference champion, even if it's the A10.
Funny you say that. I went to the game last year and experienced the worst fans of any of the away games I've been to. Got cussed out and had plenty of folks try to fight without provocation. I've had a better time in Tuscaloosa and Athens as an Auburn fan.