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Usually it feels like there's a clear favorite and honestly there's not this year. Anyone and everyone could win.
I doubt any of the Auburn fans on here would claim him...but there's always a few in every fan base
What's your reasoning besides distance? Auburn is red hot on the bats, pitching is doing just fine and Oregon State is very much a whittle away at runs kind of team. Can't wait to prove you wrong.
Love this'd be awesome to see 5 SEC teams in Omaha GeauxTigers8 - lots of doom and gloom from you...I think the SEC has great chances among all teams minus Ole Miss, they were too much of a sneak in to make a lot of noise in the supers
Cold take here...Sec puts at least 3 in Omaha - I'm guessing Tennessee, A&M, and Auburn.
"Auburn never scored fewer than 11 runs in winning their regional. Oregon State never allowed more than 8 runs in winning their regional." The good news here is that the same statement holds true for Auburn...we never allowed more than 7 - good offense and defense
I was rooting for Vandy just about as hard as you can for a team that's not your school...really wanted them to win so Auburn could host the super. It's a tough draw to go play in corvallis.
Hoping for a big Vandy win and Auburn to take care of business with UCLA...would love to see the Tigers hosting a super!
No, the idea of a beloved rivalry being taken away by Greg Sankey causes the rioting. You're one hell of a useless troll on this site, wonder if there's an age limit.
As much fun as this would be, I'd hate to see the results on the hunt for a CFP Bid with Bama, Georgia, Auburn, and Florida in the same division. It'd be carnage every couple of years.
Well in Auburn, we love the Deep South's oldest rivalry, just about as much as we love the Iron Bowl. That game is steeped in tradition and hate.
Well the series history against Georgia produces one of the most evenly matched rivalries out there (within 10 w/l of each other) and the Third Saturday in October is definitely a huge matchup, regardless of the fact that Alabama is so good - dynasties tend to fade.
I don't know if I agree with that one. Auburns pitching has been inconsistent, but if we make the right calls (i.e. don't pitch Trace Bright) we'll put together enough to make it to Omaha.
I'll apologize on the behalf of all Auburn fans for this one.... If my tigers don't make it as far as I hope, I'll definitely be pulling for the Vols. They've put together one hell of a season
If Auburn v. Georgia and Alabama v. Tennessee aren't a thing people will riot. Those games are absolutely beloved and shouldn't go anywhere
Whether or not you want to believe it, Auburn is absolutely a blue all honesty, most of the SEC (minus, South Carolina, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M and Kentucky are blue bloods) When people talk about a blue blood, that really just means, storied pasts and a few championships over a long period of time...recent success does not qualify you as a true blue.
Good to hear some kind of reasonable opinion on this website for a change, Red and Black. All these Bama fans and the Auburn Unfaithful want Harsin gone tomorrow. I agree that a lot of the blame should fall on Gus. He ran a very undisciplined program and a lot of the guys that Harsin inherited were not ready for consequences to their actions - enter the transfer portal and it's easy to get out of a situation where you've got to earn your spot and work a little too hard. I think that Harsin could put together a phenomenal program that competes with Alabama and Georgia, it just isn't going to happen overnight. He needs a level of scrutiny, but also needs some breathing room to get Auburn football going again.
To your point of lacking in talented depth, part of the Harsin hire was strategic. It's been demonstrated since about 2017 that Auburn has not had an easy time competing with other West schools (Georgia, Bama, Ole Miss, LSU) in the recruiting department. Harsin consistently overperformed based on the talent he had at Boise State (In the Mountain West but there's some translation). I think Harsin can make do with what we have. Will we win Championships? No. Will a few 8-4, 9-3 seasons change the recruiting profile? You bet
AFan...Harsin may not be "that guy" but if he's never given the chance (i.e. boosters have him out of the job after 2 years) we'll never know. It would be 10 times more detrimental for Auburn to fire Coach Harsin after another 6-7 year this coming year, than for him to stay for 4 years and make sure the program has somewhat of a pulse. In the same vein, if Harsin were fired there's a big buyout (more dead money for Auburn) and not a single coach on the market that anyone would be thrilled about. Tidefan8x5, AFan and I were having a civilized discussion. If you need me to define any of the words I used, I'd be happy to. I know your IQ just needs to be above 0 to go to Bama
Last time I checked the Defensive Coordinator calls defense, not the HC. Also, our new DC called the Iron Bowl last year...thinking he knows how to stop an offense based on that game.
I have a feeling that the prediction for Auburn won't age very well. For some reason Auburn (whether losing players or coaches) seems to put together an above average or middle of the road defense year in and year out.
"for the record we just got out first NBA number 1 last year…" Who?
We absolutely cannot fire Harsin...that would set the program back 10 years and make us a perennial bottom bucket SEC West program. I don't care what the record is the next 5 years, but give him time to build a program.
If Alabama and Auburn both went to the East there would be no hope of any of the three making it to the CFP unless the trajectories of Alabama and Georgia fall off. Auburn of course has to be included in that statement because they tend to ruin others seasons or have a national championship caliber team that tends to pop up out of nowhere.
If you watched the series it was indeed the toughest and closest of the season. Also, on par for Tennessee to have a coach/fans that show their a** when they're losing. Tom Vitello's little pouting tantrum was a lot for a team that plays with so much swagger, and the fans cheering when Burkhalter and Mullins got hurt was a bad look.
Auburn will have to figure out pitching this weekend against the hogs to make the final push. A series sweep would be huge, but I think we win 2-1. Very impressed with this Auburn team who was picked by most to finish last in the West and have a ceiling of 22 wins.
I wasn't saying they have anything more to prove, they've put together the greatest season in regular season history. fuzzyvol seems to think their performance won't hold up in the regionals/super regionals and I don't necessarily agree with that. To your point then ranked doesn't really matter, those teams are all unranked now and there's a reason for that...they crumbled in SEC play for the most part.
Also, the Auburn/Tennessee series this weekend will be very telling for how strong this Tennessee team is. Auburn went into the season projected to finish bottom three in the standings and somehow brought everything together in regards to strong starters (Joseph Gonzalez) great closers (Blake Burkhalter, Carson Skipper) along with some of the hottest bats in the SEC (Sonny Dicharia, Nate Larue). It's going to be a test for both teams but I only expect Tennessee to drop one game. In regards to the SEC Squads that are "historically good", the landscape across the SEC in multiple sports is changing...See 2021 Arkansas Baseball, Football, Auburn Basketball, Baseball and traditional bluebloods like Kentucky Basketball, and Vanderbilt Baseball not putting together as good seasons. Everything changes and a new era of power schools in the conference is starting