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Agreed here. If we can eek out a successful season (7-8 wins, solid bowl game) and use the tape as reasons for recruiting to pick up, I'm all for it. It's a rebuild year.
One media head has said they could compete. I think SEC days had them at 4th.
Above, there are plenty of examples in CFB when one player in a key position turned a decent-to-good team into a powerhouse. Winston, Newton, Burrow, are just three of the most recent and high-profile examples. Let's not be blind.
My favorite thing is seeing these kind of comments hit the board without moderation, yet thought out, insult free responses, sit in moderation.
Oddity; stating the team has issues because they have a number of transfers, while also stating one of the transfers made it on First Team SEC. Yes, recruiting slumped in recent years, pretty horribly, I might add. But the author is clearly ignoring the changing landscape of CFB. Transfers are now just as major a component to team rosters as recruiting. "Imagine Georgia or Ohio State or Clemson with Group of 5 school transfers as their best players at critical positions on the field." Kind of true, but you also list one of them hitting First Team SEC. The new transfer rules make it perfect for players who could make a huge impact in major conferences but couldn't afford the loss of a year. I'm not saying UF doesn't have an uphill climb--they most certainly do--but let's not take away from kids who have worked hard for a shot at a premiere conference, and from a system that we have consistently said time and again would create the ideal ecosystem for this exact thing to happen.
Ya, it's a false statement, really. Maybe it was the mentality after the Muschamp and Mac years, but Mullen was proof enough that "flashy" offense is fun and all, but winning consistently is more important.
Great thoughts. I think there's instances of both. The Gator fanbase does tend to jump the gun a bit; Napier's "recruiting woes" being the most recent example. They also know a dead end when they see it. McElwain was in a down SECE and still couldn't come close to Bama, and eventually showed he couldn't handle the stress. Mullen refused to adjust to glaring issues (among many other things), and bullheadedly thought he was infallible. Muschamp had the fewest flaws, but had no idea how to hire/handle offense or get a real S&C coach. Sometimes the writing is on the wall.
So, like, didn't Tony Stark die in the end? Are you asking players to die for UGA? Whatever it takes, Tony? I guess I'm getting lost in the message.
Roman Empire had dominated a majority of the world before collapsing into nothingness. Can't say UF has been that dominant in forever. Now if Bama misses on a Natty for another season or two, then that'd be your primary target for comparison.2
"[Allen] Greene then tried to hire — in no uncertain order — Louisiana coach Billy Napier (now at Florida), Shane Beamer (who chose South Carolina) and Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables (now at Oklahoma) — and struck out because all three were concerned with Auburn’s alignment between the those inside the football building and those outside of it (see: board of trustees, boosters)."
That's up for debate. It's said he turned down AU and Ole Miss, not them. He's been rather insistent that he wanted the right opportunity at the right time. In hindsight, at least passing on AU was the right call
She can speak for herself. Your comments are spot on. Love the civil discussion
Would you be willing to share this model that provides incredibly accurate outcomes? Is it UGA specific, or can it be applied to other teams?
I think that's a bit of hometown blindness, Ron. The disagreements with Bennett are numerous, but my point is that he doesn't need to be a "put everything on your shoulders and force a win" QB. UGA has recruited and developed so well, all he needs to do is manage. That's not a knock to him, and if he can do that, he's doing his job.
JTF - Good point. It's a fault of top teams in general. I respectfully retract =) Kirk - What the heck is wrong with UGA fans? You can't even take the slightest hint of even fair criticism without going to barbs. You're like the prom queen that was bullied throughout school and still doesn't believe they're pretty.
JTF - I kind of agree, but the East needs a season to make this completely true in my mind. If Tenn and UF take the next step forward, I think the two divisions will even out. Kirk - Haha, point taken. If you remove UGA from the equation, that still leaves UGA at 1 and UF at 2-3. Not a diss to UGA, just the way scheduling and ascension/falls have taken place. Ron - I guess I don't understand your point, then. You seem to take offense to a commenter calling UGA's schedule "interesting", then got into a measuring contest trying to say UF's schedule was easy. I simply highlighted that, as far as preseason goes, UF's is much more challenging. Our opener will likely be higher rated, and even taking UGA out of the UF equation, we are still playing 1-2 more preseason top 25 teams than UGA.
This is the one thing I don't really understand. Everyone applauds McCarron for being one of the best "game managers". Why can't Bennett catch some of the same love? He's surrounded by a fantastic cast. He doesn't need to be a Newton or Winston.
Outside of the blatant home team favoritism, it's not the craziest thing to wonder if UGA stumbles on a game they shouldn't. The history is there for this to happen. UGA will look so strong, though, that one loss won't make any difference.
Agreed. I hate when writers say stuff like this. Schedules are decided years in advance.
Jeez, calm down Ron. Not even Corch took the post as an insult. It is interesting. Would you put AU above LSU, tA&M, or Bama? I wouldn't. And given that the East isn't ready to give UGA fits, so West games are the determining factor. By that measure, UGA has a favorable schedule. UF plays LSU and tA&M, and has the UGA juggernaut to try and survive (or at least not embarrass itself). You also obviously don't keep up with anything but UGA. Utah will probably be a top 10 team in a majority of preseason polls and universally higher than Oregon (Phil Steele has Oregon at 10 and Utah at 6). UF's schedule is more difficult than UGA's this year. As it currently stands, UGA will play 1 team in the preseason top 25. UF will play 3-4, depending how high the media is Kelly/LSU.
Great point. There's a lot of work to do here. Florida is such a tough market, with the state having three big universities, and a prime target for out-of-state programs. If we can get just a handful to stay home this cycle, I'll consider myself happy. Definitely a breath of fresh air after the last staff.
Not necessarily true (not saying they didn't, but ya). I get moded a lot, and rarely talk to others. I think keywords can trigger.
Man, those pitchfork crowds booing CBN on recruiting have certainly died down in recent days. Great get by the staff. They've been on fire the past few days.
This is kind of true, kind of not. Florida is a talent-rich state, and UF has a large brand. But FSU and UMiami are also big market. Neither of them can beat UF academically, which is usually ranked in the top 10 or top 5 in the U.S. for public universities, but their brands are large with their own followings. And to your second point, as much as I wanted to defend Mullen in the early years, man did he show his horrible colors later. I've not seen a more narcissistic individual in this sport. The roster issues we're dealing with now are a direct result of his glaring Achilles heel.
Class is loading up on defense, but we're still waiting for some breakthroughs on offense. Still six months left till NSD
Honestly, if I'm a recruit, I'm in sit and wait with UF too. I think CBN has the right blueprint and is saying the right things, but look at how many commits were burned with similar schpeels from CJM, CDM, CWM, etc. UF may have great facilities and a superb staff, but honestly, if I'm trusting them with my future, I'm waiting a year to see if all the talk happens.
That's why there's something between the lines here. I'm not one to cast shade at a person, and ultimately I hope Rashada enjoys his college experience and sees success, regardless of where he goes, but he went from heavy UF lean to postponing his decision to all UM crystal balls, ultimately committing, in less than a week.
You're a pretty uninformed person. Zook was a monster of a recruiter. He couldn't coach his team out of a paper bag.