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I think you may have missed the point. Yes, other schools can provide better facilities, better recruiting platforms, etc, but it comes at a cost. UK appreciates the job Stoops is doing. He's loved by fans, players, and the admin. He's paid well, is surrounded by support, and gets to continue to break records while forever coaching the "underdog". He has a ton of freedom, and is very secure in a position where schools will fire you after 1.5 years on the job. That's a job you hold onto for life.
First off, this was a good game for the first half. UGA came out swinging, and caught Bama off guard. It was looking like I expected it to. The second half was ridiculous. I think the UGA defense just isn't enough to hold back high powered offenses for that long. And hats off to Bama for the adjustments. I didn't think a 41 point outing was gonna happen. Having said this, I do think the UGA/UF game is going to be much more a show than this comment board is saying. I'm not going to say UF has the same offensive power that Bama has, but they're not terribly far off. UGA's defense vs. UF's offense is going to be a great match (though UGA's offense vs. UF's defense will look like both sides but in their 2nd string). It'll be an exciting game.
I'll be honest, I didn't see this being such a high scoring affair. UGA was hanging in there the first half. But that second half was a straight kicking. When was the last time a team scored that many points on a UGA defense?
Blame A&M. Gator fans would prefer to be watching games. Maybe point the finger at the School that just got fined $100,000 for breaking virus protocols
So Scott Strickland says UF most likely became infected on the road trip to College Station. Then a few days later, the SEC hammers A&M with a fine for skipping protocols. Reading around the web that they also let positive players take the field (no solid confirmation on this yet).
With A&M, you have to account for the erratic behavior of Mond. He's the most perplexing QB in the league; one week he looks like Burrow's successor, the next like he's stealing Guaratano's notes. There's no doubt A&M won last week, but rankings are about staying power, not just the previous week's wins and losses. A&M was playing like a team fighting for their lives. Can they keep that up each week? Or do they go back to Vandy-level play? No one knows.
I think Kirby understood what was happening by the third quarter. Auburn was not putting up a fight, and their offense was getting more and more disheveled as the night went on. The defense was getting exhausted and had already let enough points hit the board. Bennett was playing well enough to not make costly mistakes, in the UGA defense had Auburn's offense will inhand. in a situation like that, why put any increasing pressure on Bennett and potentially rattle him? Let him have his confidence booster, keep the game in front of you, and get ready to get to the locker room. You can't do that with insanely good teams, but Auburn was not even remotely good last night.
I honestly don't understand why Auburn gets so much of a benefit of a doubt every season. All they have to do is play moderately well for one game to get a top 10 ranking and put other SEC West teams on notice. From what little I saw last night, it just looked more the same thing that we've seen out of Auburn and Nix.
I have to say, I watched the first 15 minutes of the Auburn Georgia game, and the first thing I said when I saw Bennett take the field was, "Good Lord he is tiny." But after watching a couple of drives, it didn't seem like it mattered much. He's not elite level, but he's definitely good enough to keep up with the best teams in the SEC.
Putting aside your nearly troll like comments, you do make a good point. You can see the lack of tackling in COVID practices. I also think that Grantham is playing much more conservatively this year than he has in years past. I did see a fair amount of improvement week over week, but the defense is still not where it needs to be. Having said all that, it reminds me very much of the 2019 LSU defense. The first few weeks they looked like a liability to a championship team, but by early November, found their footing and became an asset. Hopefully the UF defense follows the same script; improve a little bit week over week, get to your high standard when you need it. There's a part of me that wonders if Grantham isn't doing this on purpose. in the first two years, the offense wasn't nearly as prolific, and it put a lot of pressure on the defense to keep teens shut down. This year, UF can score points, so it could be that Grantham is keeping the game in front of his defenders and letting them eat clock, knowing that UF has a likely chance to score its next drive. As long as your offense can score points, you don't need a defensive shutout, you just need one or two stops throughout a game. Not saying I agree with this mentality--in fact, it drives me nuts--but what we're watching this season is very unlike the defenses Grantham usually puts on the field.
I've never understood the cupcake hate. It's so mutually beneficial. The small school gets the money they need to keep their programs going, and the players get a chance to play in front of a massive audience and be on TV. The large school gets a game that keeps their players fresh, while giving bench players experience. Yes, it's boring to fans, but if this season has shown me anything, it's that conferences can play less games and still draw crowds. What's the difference between 10 conference games and 12 total games with two cupcakes? Two more football games. We also need to stop pretending that all conferences are the same. Running a full SEC schedule is a gauntlet. Just about any team can beat another on any day. The ACC is a joke outside of 2-3 teams at most, the same goes for the B1G and Pac-10. Big 12, who the hell knows. Clemson gets several cupcake games a year in comparison.
This is like telling a minimum wage worker not to take food stamps to feed their family, but instead "just figure something out". The problem is there is no other alternative. Athletic programs can't use academic funding in large sums, they don't have the footprint or fan base to churn out tickets, can't get lucrative TV deals, can't get top tier talent to play...there's literally nothing else they can do to keep their schools going. The easiest thing in the world to do is just not consider these games when it comes to CFP selection or player recognition awards. Let the small schools get their paycheck and their players on TV. They're the true embodiment of a student athlete; play a sport while earning a degree. Most won't even see a professional practice squad, much less anything else. Give them their time
I dislike commenting on your posts, because you're a terrible human being, but this is a rather odd way to look at today's game. UGA was trailing at the half. They allowed Arkansas to gain 280 total yards. I'll say that again, the vaunted UGA defense allowed SEC winless Arkansas to lead at the half, and gain 280 total yards. Good ole' Franks gift wrapped two costly interceptions with a pick six. Mathis looked over his head and had to be replaced. UF was without a dozen players and two starters in the secondary. There was no film, and Kiffin is known for putting up yards. I can readily admit that our secondary needs to run stadiums the rest of the weekend and come prepared to work on Monday, because today's effort was sub par, to put it nicely. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Ole Miss' defense is better than Arkansas--2019 says Ole Miss was 59th in Opp pts/gm, while Arkansas was 124th in Opp pts/gm--and yet UF put up +255 yards and +14pts. If you want to be a homer, be our guest, but don't try to hide your dog stains under a rug. The Cocktail Party is going to be a fun one this year.
Actually, you two are right. I was looking on my phone and didn't see names. Looks like the majority of comments are from just two sources. I retract the comment section piece.
The pitfall here is that these releases tend to be full student record releases, not just releases on a particular subject. If Reese were to sign, they could disprove confirm his allegations, but they could also release any student disciplinary issues or documents pertaining to situations Reese doesn't want leaked, whether they have anything to do with his allegations or not. They may not, but they could. Simply put, the PR team is saying, "Try us if you feel ready to be put on public display." And I say this as someone who has worked in marketing/PR for more than 10 years now.
I'll preempt my comment with this; as I've said in many other articles of this nature, this feels like a kid doing everything he can to get playing time, and should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Until they're able to produce proof of things like this, I'll always suspect that it is potentially a tactic to get public opinion in their favor. With that said, compare the content and comments section of this article to the comments section on the UF Bleich story. The Bleich story was unique; no other player, current or former, has shared a similar sentiment of having injuries ignored and not being cared for. Here, the writer doesn't talk about how devastating a blow this is to UGA or its recruiting, even when this is the second time this defense has been invoked (even if retracted later). Not a judgment on UGA, but you can clearly see writer intent between the two pieces. Here, the comment section is filled with UGA fans talking about how much horrible BS this is, and screw the kid, with very few UF fan comments, but even then, saying they agree. In the Bleich section, the comments are a ton of UGA fans talking about how true this is and how much trash UF/Mullen is. Anyone care to explain why they feel this is?
I don't think you keep up with recruiting news. Mullen seems to have nabbed some fairly prominent QBs (see Beck vs. Anthony-Richardson). There's also no reports that Mullen was even in the market for a grad transfer QB since joining UF, so there's no real way to say he can or can't. Let's be a bit more real here; why does UGA assume they're the pinnacle of all that is good in college football, when one can Google just as many stories about recruiting malpractice and issues with them vs. just about any other school? A fair argument would be that one will see issues at any school, no matter the quality, and you'll always have reports like this come out. But instead, UGA fans bash any piece that is against it (bear in mind, this is the second time racism has come up in regards to UGA transfers), while taking any piece against a rival school as undeniable truth to their weirdly strong hatreds towards a sports game rival.
This reads like a loving father upset over the difficulties his son is having in life, and who could blame him. Most reports, though, coming out of Florida (past and current players) is how much of a family the team feels and acts. Feels a bit heavy for Lucas to be talking about how much of a blow a story like this is to the university when it's one story compared to dozens (and a story that is often heard from departing recruits' families).
You beat me to the punch on that one. When I first saw the headline, I thought it might be that Vandy was going to pay students to actually attend a game.
This was going to be my response. If you were truly stunning in 2019, then sitting out this strange football year may make sense. A lot of players will feel like this year has an asterisk attached to it, so why gamble your future. But it's a gamble to sit out this long to prepare for a draft and think you're a lock.
You took this a bit out of context. I don't believe tailwhip99 was saying ARK and Vandy may beat LSU, I believe he was saying that, should transfers and opt outs become a norm this season, all rosters will see a bit of shake up, and unwinnable games could be within possibility.
The irony here is all the pics of Ric Flair in gator gear.
He just has a lot of hatred for something as silly as a game. His takes are literally built around his anger, and refuses to budge off of them no matter the evidence against him. Just move along.
UFgator87, you'll eventually learn that not even most UGA fans on this site like Corch, so there's really no sense in commenting. He has a ridiculous amount of hate in his heart for a person his age, refuses to have logical discussions, it's just not worth the time. It's seriously like arguing with a 12-year-old who's behind a chainlink fence and wants to use all the bad words he can't say at home. Do what the rest of us do; ignore him.
I think Fromm in 2019 went from game changer to game manager, due in large part to the personnel around him and his own regression. UGA had more moments of fear than they should have due to this. What Newman brings to the table is another escape threat if the pass isn't there, which in itself brings a whole new dynamic to the offense. That alone makes the UGA offense better this year. Having said that, I'm not sure why UGA fans keep saying that UF has no chance this year because they couldn't beat us last year. UF has been (painfully for us in O&B) closing the gap in blue-chip ratio, has the score getting closer each year, and has a lot of stability on both sides of the ball. Trask and Jones both are more comfortable with the offense/playbook, the o-line *should* be improved from last year, and there is veteran talent at the skill positions. If nothing else, this year's game should be better for the fans watching.
Not to feed the troll here, because I respect Boxster, but the Fields decision was always weird to me. He stated early in the process it was due to a racial issue, then backtracked on that and said UGA was fantastic. He applied for a waiver with seemingly no public-facing reason other than "I want to go to a different school" and was granted immediate eligibility. How does the NCAA approve a waiver request that has no negative issues other than playing time, but deny someone who moved to be closer to family with poor health circumstances? Long short, just be fair and transparent with the waivers, regardless of star status or position, and these arguments go away.