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This is the craziest thing I've seen. To paraphrase... Justin Fields submitted an immediate eligibility waiver request that did not include any issues with his team status, the team itself, the university, or the student body. Furthermore, it did not include any issues regarding his family or his personal conduct. ...what was the request then? A video of Peter Griffin saying, "C'mon...c'moooooon"? Just about every transfer with a waiver request has made it public what the request involved. Grimes had sick family and wanted to go home. Patterson and Jefferson were transferring from a team with a bowl ban. I don't necessarily care about the approval of the request, but this game Fields and his lawyer are playing is irksome at best.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't new, is it? I think he signed this back in January.
Eep, you're right. 8-5. I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification.
I agree with you. News is sparse, so even if commenting isn't on the to do list, reading news about other teams in the conference definitely rises. I do wish, however, that they were more discussions instead of incoherent pissing contests (not that your comments were, but in general). Gator fans tend to forget that we've just started to close the gap between top SEC programs; good trajectory and lots of momentum, but not the top yet. UGA tend to forget that, just three years ago, UGA was 6-6 under first year CKS, and underperforming before that. In regards to Grantham, I'm cautiously optimistic. He's always had a good first year, with production drop off every season thereafter. The former definitely happened at UF. Just gotta hope the latter doesn't. If he sticks to a place for more than a couple of years and develops talent, he could get over the UGA hurdle that's plagued him.
I don't think this is a true-to-life set of scenarios, though. It's pretty rare when a coaching staff doesn't have an idea that they may be fired. I've never seen a coach halfway through year one, for example. If you're midway through year three and have had 0 success, yes, it may be unceremonious, but it's not unexpected. As far as families to support, that's also somewhat false; a solid number have children, or brothers, sisters, parents, etc, that they are banking on taking care of if they get that NFL money. Maybe it's not an immediate impact, but it could be far disastrous. Coaches at least had a few years of high salaries to fall back on, student athletes do not. If a student is mismanaged by the team, gives three years of their life to a school, they're maybe left with one to two years to prove their worth and hope for their dream role. One could say it's even more important for them to be given the ability to move.
I'm really confused by all this. His waiver request stated that the culture and living with said culture at UGA was the cause of this transfer, allegedly predominantly racial in nature. Then, after his waiver is approved, he releases a statement that his transfer had nothing to do with UGA or the football program...so which was it? Was it so terrible there that he needed to get out, or everything was ok?
I guess my question here is will he be able to do something with the talent? Mark Richt pulled in crazy good classes that underperformed. Butch Jones was recruiting at top 5 level for a couple of years, but we know how that mostly went. Early Pruitt success seems like he can, but that's what is more important for UT IMO
Chances are, if he's taking this step, it's likely he's not going to qualify and needs to secure his athletic standing somewhere. I don't know many on the fence recruits that take this step.
Now let's not be salty here. Urban didn't call out UGA
Fans like this always give me a chuckle. No shame in admitting you wanted something and didn't get it. What I don't understand is the swell of confidence from Cane fans for August. Horrible last season, bad previous two, low ranked recruiting class, new coach, new staff, new scheme...yep, we might as well not show up lol
Sorry, I gotta go with Stran here. Tutors don't just decide to commit academic fraud for literally no reason, especially for an entire year. At the very least, the student-athletes she was helping knew it was happening and let it happen to get the grade. That would make 13 guilty parties; 1 tutor and 12 students.
Ah, there's the "she endured years of physical abuse to see a paycheck comment". Not that maybe she cared for him and hoped he would/could change, or was potentially afraid for her safety if she were to leave. Nope, money.
I think you mean $22,500; $2,500 from agent/booster and $20,000 from Adidas. It's a hard thing to balance. Was the kid a one and done, or looking to go full years?
It would warrant stiff penalties against the students and the sports/games they participated in, since it would be obvious that they knew what was happening and did nothing. I expected vacated wins, probation, maybe a scholarship reduction. The rest is very excessive.
I think the punishment is too heavy handed for sure. I expected scholarship reduction and probation, but the post season ban is ridiculous. I hope the appeal negates that. Having said that, Mizzou and its fans need to admit this isn't some lone actor with some maniacal plan to ruin the university. Even if her superiors didn't assign her to do this, the 12 students were obviously well aware of the situation, and allowed it to ensure they could reap the benefits. I'd say there's 13 actors in this play, not one.
What do Mizzou fans feel is a deserved punishment for this infraction? And the AD is kind of crappy to throw the student assistant under the bus while giving the 12 athletes who obviously knew their work was being done by someone else a free pass.
Probably for the same reason you felt the need to comment on it for the whole world to see
I think it may have been more about the 4th round between these two teams vs. needing a non-southern team in. UGA/Bama drew high ratings last year. I think it's more Clem/Bama fatigue.
He had to because he had UCF winning. He puts a lot of weight behind that win
Finebaum almost has to put LSU way up there, given how in love he was with UCF.
I hate that you can't edit comments >=S CFPC* (College Football Playoff Committee)
I think it depends on what ranker we're talking about. If we're looking at the CFPM, I think LSU will have a harder time jumping UF. LSU was already ranked one spot lower, and while both won their NY6 bowl games, UF did so against the #7 team in blowout fashion, where LSU won by 8 points (though the score is a poor measuring stick for that game, given how outplayed UCF was). The only argument they could use would be that LSU killing UCF's streak was the more impressive win, but then they'd have to justify why UCF wasn't #7 instead of UM.
This program and its players are ridiculous. UCF couldn't bear an LSU team that was down 9 players, a team that UF beat at full strength. All they're doing is giving Power 5 schools more reasons to not schedule them.
And the pick 6 was off of a missed defensive holding at that
I get why Gardner-Johnson declared. UF will return Wilson (from injury), as well as Henderson and Dean, as well as receive an infusion of talent this year, especially if Steele commits. Not saying it's the absolute best decision, but I can see the logic behind it. I do think that (karma, don't bite me here) that Jefferson should stay another year to help his tape. He recorded some impressive stuff this year with a still-developing QB, just imagine what he could accomplish with another year in Mullen's system and a QB that's super comfortable. Perine could become our go-to back and really separate himself in next year's draft. Same for Zuniga.
There's literally no reason to take a neutral site or 1:1 deal if you're UF. Playing UCF will do little to help their SoS, whereas it'll help UCF a ton. A neutral site would be a little better than 1:1, but not by much. They'd make much more money with a cupcake or a mid-tier OOC team, and look no better/worse for it. Simply put, UCF needs teams like UF far more than the reverse. Because of this, UCF will need to take these kind of deals, or continue to have SoS and scheduling issues.
Well then...SEC East went a sad 2-4 this bowl season, while the SEC West went 4-1. Not all that great. But on the bright side, UF should be ranked in the top 7 by season's end, so there's always a silver lining.
Curious if this was written before or after UM's senior RB announced he wouldn't be playing. Michigan is having a bit of turnover on their side of the field.
UGA fan's reaction to QB news is always kind of baffling to me. Eason joins - We have our future QB!...Eason transfers - Meh, not a big deal, sorry you got hurt...Fields signs - Big time talent! Huge get! Future secure...Fields transfers - Meh, not a big deal, Fromm is king They're so excited to get these big-time QBs that most programs would kill to have, then think it no big deal when said QBs leave.