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I kind of enjoy trash talk. That's what makes college football so much more fun for me than anything else; enthusiastic fan bases, deep-rooted rivalries, tradition, and fun. If you can trash talk and back it up, get it son. If you trash talk and come up short, be ready for a flurry of comebacks. It adds spice to things. I think the difference for me is I don't base my entire self or pride on a college sport. I enjoy it, it makes up a part of my personality, but it doesn't come close to defining me. So when trash talk comes up, if it's funny and/or warranted, I laugh and move on. If it's lacking, I say try harder.
Can you imagine being an ex-girlfriend / ex-boyfriend of Corch's? I mean, the sheer amount of vitriol and hurt pride over trash talk during talking season. Can't imagine being on the receiving end of this over real stuff.
I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. I do think that recruiting at an elite level will start to dwindle if a team doesn't capitalize on the big games. It shows recruits that the staff isn't able to fully utilize their talent to produce results. I don't think UGA is there yet. They're still competing with the heavyweights and blowing the doors off of their "peers". UGA won't feel any recruiting loss if they don't win the SEC this year. I do think that 2020 will start to be the threshold.
There's trolling, then there's just pure B.S. Please list the "second tier" programs you'd add to the list alongside UGA. The Dawgs are on the up, but relegating another elite program to the realms of "mediocre" to satisfy your own feelings is just weird. As far as I'm concerned, UGA fans are little better than UCF fans. Your program was mediocre at best for years, then gained a lot of success in the past few. Now you consider yourselves CFB gods. It's simply annoying.
I can definitely see both sides of this argument. I tend to lean towards the side of no official money from universities, but getting money on likeness should be permissible (or the university should not be allowed to make money off of your likeness). If a school sells a jersey with a player number, but no name, fair game, but the moment the name makes it on there, the school is using that player on an individual basis to make money. However, I can definitely see Tim's point of view. As others have pointed out in this thread, student athletes receive what could be hundreds of thousands of dollars as a benefit for what they do.
I'm not a UT fan, but I'll be buying one of these. Love the idea, and for a good cause
I really have to agree here. People are overreacting on both sides of this, while conveniently forgetting a few things: (1) Miami was a top 10 defense and lost very little in terms of attrition, (2) UF was playing with a brand new offensive line that everyone knew would be a work in progress, (3) it was a week 0 game, so seeing mistakes and rust is not out of the question, and (4) no matter how you slice it, it was a rivalry game. Poor teams show up for these types of games, so one can expect mediocre teams to do the same. Overall, yes, it was sloppy, gross, and they need to work on a bit, but it doesn't dictate how good the team is, or how well their season will be.
Agreed. Year 2 needs to have positive momentum to overcome the 2018 recruiting class. Doesn't mean it has to beat last season, but it can't show regression. I don't blame the staff for trying to snag guys that had issues to overcome, especially in the 2018 class that was piecemeal and had a lot of negative perception. This upcoming recruiting class needs to overcome all this, though.
I truly cannot wait for talking season to be over. The UGA trolling was actually funny at first, then annoying, then boring, now it's just tired.
This is a rather interesting take, isn't it? Your assumption about his chart depth is based solely on the idea of his skillset or ability compared to his peers. Maybe he was being lowered due to his attitude/approach to the UGA staff, or his heart wasn't in it and he gave only 50% effort, and so on. Maybe he needed a change of scenery to thrive. I guess I don't understand why just about every other UGA fan thinks highly of this man and say that there was missed opportunity there (on both sides, mind you), whereas you see this as a new low for another team that they are high on him.
I'll never understand the preseason love that Michigan gets every year.
Take Cox out of this equation, and I'd still say that anti-drug policies (which largely effect marijuana use) should be lenient. You're talking predominately about a substance that most of the U.S. wants to see made legal, one that many states are pushing to decriminalize, and one that has actual uses. It just seems so crazy to hinder someone's future over recreational use of something most people don't care about. Most major companies (beyond minimum wage or close to minimum) don't even test for it any longer.
If you take this road, shouldn't one make LSU football start paying a franchise fee? The football program is not a self-sustained entity, it is an extension (albeit a profitable extension) of the university itself. LSU existed before football, and LSU football as a student service existed long before the profitable business came around. Essentially LSU has built a successful sister business from the university, but it's still very much tangled in the university.
He tends to skip over legitimate comments and only rises to the trolly posts
I could be wrong here, but I believe the former university is interviewed during the process to determine eligibility, and the former university's stance on said student can heavily influence the decision.
What amazes me here about Corch is not just that he's a troll, but the sheer amount of time and effort (and word count) he puts in. And all of it over a few sound bites from several months ago. It's a mind boggling amount of dedication over what most have forgotten about. Can you imagine how hard he must be on ex-girlfriends or boyfriends?
Methinks this was more of a humor moment with a bit of praise for your side than anything else.
I'd say there's a little bit of salt here, which I don't understand. UGA has a lot of upward mobility, but (and please correct me if I'm wrong here) their scholarship count isn't terribly high this class; low 20s, yes? They need to be more selective. UF has scholarship room to spare, so filling out the class isn't so bad. Additionally, reports are that at least a few of the 3* (and some of the 4*) are poised to break into the next tier, so even at this count, there's still room for growth. Long story short, what Clemtiger was getting at is that UF is far from the dumpster fire that a select few UGA posters love to say it is (shout out to KirbySmart, one of my favorite UGA fans to debate with on here).
Looks like it's going to be an up year in the SEC East. Every article ranks every offense as "Overall: Better"
Great pickup by UGA. It's gotten to the point that anytime I see LSU, Bama, and/or UGA next to a UF logo, I'm automatically putting them in someone else's column.
I mean, you're being a little cocky there (see what I did there). No one is saying Bentley sucks, their criticism (which is fair, I think) is that his experience isn't leading to a lot of improvement. In his three years at USC, his passer rating was 140, 130.7, and 146.3. Franks, in that same time, is 0, 113.3, and 143.4. So with two full years under his belt and the same head coach throughout his career, Bentley managed to beat Franks' 2018 passer rating by 2.9
Methinks you missed that this was a joke of sorts, especially since he put up a price of $10MM. But to your point, if some is a car person, does that mean they'd never sell their car? Or if someone obsessively restores, but sells them instead, does that make them a person that likes cars.
Amen lol. My replies go in random places, or don't go up at all. Plz fx kthx
The only people who will thoroughly beat UGA this year is UGA. There's enough talent and coaching in the SEC to make every week a difficult week, but with this stable of runnings backs and offensive linemen, the Dawgs should be able to bury the weaker links of the schedule.
Pretty fair assessment! I do think the receiving corp is less of a worry than the author makes it out to be. Yes, they'll be green, and if a couple of the guys don't pull things together, it could lead to trouble late in the season, but UGA has a good number of train up games before they hit the meat of their schedule, and the running game will take a lot of pressure off the passing game. The running game itself is enough to win a majority of the schedule. The only way anyone will give UGA a run for their money week in and week out is if effort isn't there (ala Texas bowl game).
Here here, you two. I enjoy jawing and rivalry talk. It's a part of the college football allure; real emotions, true caring, fun fanbases. A lot of the stuff that goes on here at SDS is just tiresome trolling back and forth. To be fair, though, it tends to see a decline once the season actually starts.
To smsatUGA: This kind of makes sense. Recruiting has become much more of a spectacle than it was just a few years ago, and Richt doesn't seem like the guy who was willing to adjust. His classes were typically fairly highly ranked though, yes? Was it the talent he was grabbing wasn't fit for his system?