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I think you might have missed the part where Mizzou jabbed first. Overall, nothing to see here. Trash talk is lighthearted fun. It's passionate fan bases that make CFB great. Stay respectful, and learn to take and give jokes.
I'm a superstitious guy, so comments like this always make me nervous. "At absolute worst, if you’re a Bulldogs fan, go ahead and make your arrangements to head to Atlanta on Dec. 4 because there’s little chance this team is missing out on winning the SEC East again." The UGA offense will be stacked, and arguably the best in the East. I fully expect they'll represent the East against Bama. But at absolute worst is a big category; there are injuries, sanctions (not that any are out, just using examples), and so on. I ultimately prefer "All signs point to" or "Without catastrophe, UGA is primed for Atlanta." Saying things like that in an article is asking Fate to pull a fast one lol
I agree. Basketball has been dealing with this for so long (and as anyone who follows hoops knows, it's a free for all nowadays). It was bound to come to football eventually. The part that gets to me is, I can't really blame the kids. If you have the opportunity to make some money at a sport that is potentially one play from ending your career, you take it. Factor in personal lives and needs, and it's now a huge factor. Recruiting is going to have to adjust with this and make it a strength.
They. Are. Children. First and foremost, that's the only argument that really needs to be used here. But even putting that aside... Idiotic comments like this will be the reason football dies. Head trauma is a very real, deadly issue in CFB and the NFL. It's nearly impossible for the NFL to keep their insurance up because of CTE cases, and are only able to stay covered for now due to paying terribly high rates. It's also been discovered that head injury in early years is a high indicator of having issues later in life, so much so that a ton of leagues are advocating for no contact before high school level. When the entire sport is doing everything they can--investing billions into head trauma and safety research, revamping rules and instituting new ones to reduce collisions, educating all levels of play on safety expectations, etc--to keep football alive, it's nothing short of idiotic to have drills like this.
I don't know the specifics of the Georgia program, but this will be an ever-increasing trend for college basketball in general. The career path from college to NBA doesn't really require tons of refinement or loyalty before hitting the league. The NBA should honestly just develop a true minor league that pipelines into the NBA
I'm one of those who think Tebow didn't really get a fair shot in the NFL as a QB. He was at least as good as the lower-tier starting QBs, and definitely good enough to be QB2 somewhere. Having said that, he would have had a longer NFL career, and been on rosters, had he done a switch like this much sooner.
He kind of missed the point of your sarcasm lol
This is just silly, TDOW. He literally cannot interact with this team coaches during the offseason. It's against NCAA rules. Coaches cannot interact with players in an official capacity, and players who wish to continue their offseason training have to use their own resources. If you're going to troll, at least be educated on your trolling.
It's interesting. We don't get this story very often in college football nowadays; a QB that sits and learns, getting playing time randomly, and full access to the offense their junior year. This was the norm even 10 years ago, and now it's the oddity. Overall, EJ has had flashes of brilliance in some moments, and average times in others. I'm more interested to see what form the offense takes with him vs. anything else. It's the first time the preferred offensive system has had the QB with (on paper, at least) the skill set to run it. I don't expect Trask numbers here, but hopefully there's more Ws and Ls.
The problem lies more in our biology than our technology. The brain isn't a fully tight fit in our skulls, so even with significant padding and protection, enough of an impact sends the brain colliding with the skull itself.
Why is the author being purposefully vague as to the reason Jones is no longer at UF. He didn't just come to Gainesville, decide the vibe was off, and left after three months...
I think the thing to keep in mind here is this is exactly what was said about the 2020 season because of the production that was lost in the WR room. The thought was everyone knew what they had in Trask, that the WR production would take a step down, and they'd need more balance to be effective. Now, I'm not saying the Kyles won't be missed--Pitts was a generational talent, and Trask really took control of things--but if the WR room can maintain consistency, and the RBs/O-line can give the run game some breathing room, I think UF will be at least productive on offense, hopefully enough to keep Grantham's defense from losing too many games.
I...I think he might have actually meant "savour"...which is all the more disturbing
The emphasis is on the gender, though. The noun is calling attention to a specific aspect of the individual. So the joke, as it's structured, hinges on it being weird for a coach to dance with "guys", a.k.a. hinges on it being weird for a man to dance with men. Player puts the emphasis on the coach/player aspect, and more a matter of professionalism vs. gender. On the field would call attention to the silliness of him dancing.
White will avoid that school like the plague. UT's program is no guaranteed win at UCF, and the last thing you want is to defect, take your coach with you, then get it handed to you by the new guard, all while losing money for your university. I doubt he'd even take a 2-1 deal.
I'm rather disappointed how the 2020 committee played out. They absolutely rewarded "prestige" programs while leaving competitors in the cold. OSU skated into the playoffs, and put up far less a fight than UF did in the SEC Championship game. All because of the brand. I'd have rather seen A&M make it in by far. My only hope is that cancelling games and shifting schedules was seen as a necessity in 2020 due to the pandemic. In a typical year, it'd be blatantly gaming the system. Hopefully the committee would see that, but it could be asking too much.
It's extremely weighted in UCF's favor as a 1-1. Even if UF were to have a blowout win, the impact for their rankings or university would be above a cupcake win, but still lower than a Power 5 win. The revenue loss, however, would sting much more. UCF, even in a loss, would see relatively no bruise to their program for a game many would expect them to lose, a huge win should they upset, and come out better financially. Only way UF should look UCF's way is a 2-1. Then the revenue at least shakes out.
At least you owned up to your hyperbole. But I do think you're basing your comments on weird information. UF's 2020 recruiting ranking was #9, compared to UM's #16 and FSU's #22. 2021 was UM at #12, UF at #13, and FSU at #23. 2022 has FSU at #10 and UF at #23, with UM nowhere in the top 50, but this is extremely early in the process (where FSU has 7 recruits compared to UF's 5). Just trying to see where the butt kicking is.
I think they're playing up the knowledge part a bit much. Programs change quite a bit schematically season to season. He's much better for the recruiting aspect than the on-field intel.
#1 gave me a chuckle #2 sounds slightly homophobic. Players, on the field, etc, and you avoid that.
You know you've done something wrong when a predominant part of your own fan base is against you. That's the world Negan and Corch live in. Ultimately, friendly ribbing and clever comments are great. People know how to laugh at themselves (at least they should); Lord knows I've gotten quite a few laughs out of rival fan bases for the idiotic crap Mullen pulled last year. But these two don't have anything to the conversation, cross the line over and over again, and just exhibit the worst in fan culture in general. At least the real UGA fans (and CFB fans in general) know what's up.
Her argument is rather...uh...weird. I kind of get the heart of it; until you've done it, you're not there. But what a weird way to go about it. UGA is probably the closest any SEC East school is to being at that potential (I'd like to say UF is too, but until we can show sustained success against UGA and others, we're A rank, not S). The problem UGA has is the same problem most of college football has; the dad gum Saban brick wall. Until that man retires, it'll be Bama every other year and fluke seasons for everyone else.
I'm inclined to agree with you both. I'm excited to see what Jones can do, but primarily because he's done what you hope highly ranked QBs will do; sit, watch, learn, and take their chance when they have it. I think Richardson is the future. But in a season with lost production and the stress of maintaining the W/L record Mullen has built the past three years, he will probably opt to go with the asset he knows he has in Jones. One hope is, last year, everyone thought they had Trask pegged, and he blew expectations out of the water. We can hope that Jones is underestimated as well (not to say he'll be a Heisman contender, but that he'll outperform his "ceiling")
Imagine being so salty about anything UF that you take a horrendously biased view on a player who is unanimously considered one of the best at his position in years. Of all the things you could focus on, why this?
Most of the penalties from that embarrassment have already been served, so the No Show clause is all that remains
Pretty much this. Our 2020 season would have been a bit better had our defense been even average. The offensive things highlighted here are just examples of how fully formed that side of the ball has become.
I think it's a matter of cost vs. performance. I don't fault AU for making the change, but a look around the coaching landscape does make one wonder if the hire they made was worth the price they paid (in both buyout and new coach contract).
^ This is the biggest change in recent history for UGA. They've always pulled in-state talent (being the only real recruiting threat in GA), but Kirby has put a wall around the state and kept the best players from crossing the border. Now they can focus harder on out of state recruiting, and their class rankings show it
I'm willing to bet $5 that they still have a spring scrimmage of some sort, it just won't be a full Spring Game and all that comes with it. The main thing here is risk vs. reward. Risking an outbreak over a scrimmage that could cause injuries as it is, but isn't outweighed by revenue or exposure, doesn't seem worth it. I get that. So get creative and hold something else.