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Congrats UGA! Nice to finally see an SEC East team with a title. I'm so happy to see The Mailman write this story. And for all the commenters talking about what this means for '22, come off it. It's inevitably going to affect things, but it doesn't take away from this moment, one that was long in the making. Just enjoy and celebrate (or congratulate, depending on your team).
I don't understand why we hold players to a higher standard than coaches. You wouldn't ask a coach to pay back the money he earned. Players earn their scholarship dollars by practicing, putting their physical bodies on the line, sacrificing tons of time and stress and opportunities (the NCAA has so many ridiculous rules), and so on. Everyone treat's scholarships as a sacred thing, but they're pennies on the dollar compared to the revenue players help generate.
Why is no one thinking of the coaches and players here? They were at UL, not Bama or UGA. This is a step up in every conceivable measure. Who wouldn't want to go play for an SEC team? Or receive a big pay bump to compete at a larger stage? CBN worked his way to this stage, and he wants to bring along those that helped him get there and/or those that he coached while there.
Ya, I'd say "best staff" is a stretch. It's shaping up to be good, but to earn best, you have to prove it.
This article goes hard on some items, while disregarding others, never looking at the full picture. Early in the year, UF was good. For example, does anyone think that, even of UCF's best day and Bama's worst, that they'd be able to keep it to a 2-point game? Do they think that UF having the nation's best rushing offense was fake and the second half of the season was real? Emory Jones certainly wasn't the best QB on our roster, but when the team was clicking, he played well. The o-line regressed hard after a couple of injuries. That rushing offense went away because, generally, the o-line had been good at pass protection, if nothing else. Then even that went away. The reasons this year went the way it did were numerous; terrible recruiting finally caught up, lack of accountability from the top down, refusal to make needed changes starting in 2020, skeleton crew coaching with one foot out the door to close, and a clear lack of development for freshmen players. Mullen hated recruiting, assumed he was always the smartest man in the stadium and could scheme out of anything, was fearful of talent over known variables, and was bull-headed in his loyalty and approach. Jones wasn't an SEC quarterback, and no matter how much Mullen thought he could turn it around, he simply wasn't. But Jones wasn't the only, or even main, reason UCF won.
I think most of what was said is true, but it's terribly unfair to say "X couldn't beat out bad player Y". We just spent several paragraphs bashing Mullen and staff, then blindly trust their judgment on players? Mullen wouldn't play the best players in any scenario. No matter their skill or potential. He relied too heavily on previous experience and loyalty. That's why Frank's started above Trask. And Jones above AR. And so on.
A 6-6 team that was with a dead men walking staff, several notable injuries and opt outs, etc, etc.
I have no issues with this. We lost, they won, let them have their moment. The reaction does reflect more on them than it does anyone else. I was at the Georgia Southern game, and even though they celebrated, after it was over, everyone shook hands, laughed, and every fan I talked to knew that this was a once in a lifetime event under the right circumstances. They weren't delusional, they were just enjoying the moment.
Not in one year, but if anything can, it's a methodical, process oriented, humble coach.
That went about how I expected; strong start, a few Jones miscues to throttle momentum, and sloppy play to take all fight out of the defense. This ball game wasn't worth possibly ending Shorter'scareer. Mullen pulled a Meyer and lit this program on fire and made up excuses while acting like a goober. I fully endorse giving CBN some time to right this ship.
If this was anyone but a UGA fan saying this, I'd maybe agree, but seeing a dawg say it is basically like the pot calling the kettle black. I've been in an LSU bar when they tore us up, and still had a great time and met cool people. I've tailgated with UTenn fans, hosted AUB people at my bouse, and never have I left with a bad taste in my mouth. But I have never been around a UGA fan that didn't act like an angry mess. Every game I've watched or experienced was ruined by a UGA fan. Having a soda dumped on me walking into the cocktail party was my most recent fun encounter. No decorum. That's literally no exaggeration.
That took the air right out of the stadium. That bowl wasn't worth that kid's career. Truly hope he's ok.
High caliber players they don't lack, but I agree on everything else. I wanted to stick up for Mullen. I did. But just like his former boss, he destroyed the program. The coaches were dead men walking, the team didn't use even a majority of their practices, and the team, at most positions, gave up. Hopefully CBN cleans this up.
So you mean to tell me that, if a UGA QB was performing like this, you'd be sending him a fruit basket? There's a few fans that take it too far, but the criticism is fair.
I don't think this transfer means anything to AR15 just yet. When you have one QB transferring and no QBs in the incoming class, you have to expect to see new blood come in via the portal. CBN also seems at least smart enough to use the best player, so as long as AR15 does his job, he has nothing to worry about. A serious question to my UGA fans, though. When Smart had a packed QB room and a presumed starter, and yet still brought in Daniels, everyone hailed him as a genius. Why does CBN bringing in another QB come off as a bad thing?
I have to slightly disagree with you here. The regular season (and top performing teams, conference championship) are guaranteed games set years in advance. Bowl games are completely optional; you're invite to play in a bowl and your school can either accept or decline. There are multiple instances in CFB history where a team or teams have declined to play in a bowl. If I'm a high-end, potentially first or second round pick, and my school accepts an optional game, deciding whether to play in that game or opting out of that game is/should also be optional. That's why it's an opt out vs. quitting. To me, bowl games are simply exhibition games. They're fun, often pit schools against one another that rarely, if ever, play against each other. There's silly games before the match itself. It's a celebration of the season both teams had.
Apologies, that UGA and UF have the same record against Bama. I'll self-correct here.
You'll all have to excuse TDOW. He's still recovering from the whooping Bama put on UGA, and he's currently in the "lashing out" phase of his grief.
Seeing your punctuation and sentence structure, I'd wager my "ESL" grade was better than your middle school English classes.
I mean, Napier himself was fired by Dabo too, so I'm ok with not getting his opinion on hires.
On the plus side, at least UF has the same record against UGA for the past couple of years. Everyone has room to improve =)
This is probably the least surprising news coming out of UF. Copeland hadn't really been a huge factor in the gameplan for some time, and never hit that potential he had. His attitude never came to the standard we would have liked to see, either. This is the best move for all parties.
Coaching changes have a habit of doing that. I expect ESD to be very quiet for us, but do trust that the class will increase before NSD.
That's a very interesting answer in just how non-committal it is.
Corch, what are your thoughts on Smart after this? It seems every large game he coaches, he strengthens two facets of his tenure, and strengthens two criticisms as well. No one can dispute Smart can recruit. He knows how to talk to kids and get them on board. He also knows how to develop players. They play hard, some above their weight (Bennett, at times), and make it to the next level. But his criticisms--that he can't coach in game, and he does not know how to handle the QB spot--just seem to become truths instead of debates. 4th and 9? Bennett?
Outside of the terrible trio, UGA fans tend to be good people on here, so I'm going to skip any digs. Bama became Bama, as it always does. It never matters what their eye test is all season, they always become the monster once championships are on the line. For UGA, this isn't the end, but it did strengthen the two biggest criticisms of Smart; he can't coach in game, and he doesn't know how to handle the QB role. Is Daniels really so bad that Bennett is the answer? Was that 4th and 9 really necessary, or one of his signature desperation moves? Every big game that comes up, these questions always get asked, and it's rare that Smart gives a strong rebuttal.
This is probably because you didn't have to live through the Mac and Mullen years lol. Mac ran Will Grier out of Gainesville so he could play Del Rio. Mullen painfully stuck with Franks when Trask was on the bench, then even more painfully stuck with Jones with Richardson on the bench. Davis getting more carries that Pierce. Some coaches have a hard loyalty streak to them. Hell, look at Mac and Nussmeier // Mullen and Grantham.
No, they're the fans who aren't classless ranters who seem to only gain a shred of worth worth by belittling others, hiding behind a logo because there's nothing else about them that humanity would find worthwhile.
Agreed. Any coach's day one job should be visiting all the prime FL recruiting spots and repairing all the damaged relationships from Mullen. Napier seems the guy to do this.
The administration loved Boom and gave him every opportunity to turn things around. He simply couldn't get out of his way (USC is another example of this. Mac was in way over his head and had a breakdown. Mullen was the school's third choice in the coaching search, and, oddly, was a combo of both Boom and Mac--couldn't get out of his own way and had a breakdown. Hopefully SS gets his first choice this time.