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I kind of disagree that the coach was completely in the right here. Above all, at least in principle, student athletics are supposed to serve the students; give them a platform to use their talents to further their careers/education. Pulling a scholarship offer days before early signing has almost no benefit to the student athlete and all to the coach. In a different perspective, if a school was to offer a coach a job and present them with a contract, the coach spends months prepping for the move and his new role, only to have the contract pulled just days before signing because the AD decided to go in another direction, do you think said coach would go quietly? Would that be a good look for the administration? Would other coaches be skeptical of said administration in the future?
This article was 99% "current starters will start again"
Hope he has a good season with Mizzou. I'm always a little weary of one year grad transfers--very little time to get to know the offense, adjusting to a new conference, etc--but I'd like to see Bryant put some good tape down before hitting the draft
How did you get that from reading his quote? He's saying that OSU and UF are similar in that they're both high end football and academics.
I hate to say it, but I finally agree with something he has to say. Conference championships are meaningless if the playoff field is expanded. Move above 4, and you might as well make it a 16-game playoff, eliminate conference championship games, And take the best of each division (within each conference) and have 8 at large bids.
This is a symbiotic relationship, though. FCS schools rely on that money to keep their programs alive. Doing something like this could force a lot of smaller schools to have to close up shop. Plus it gives those kids a chance to play in front of a huge crowd and have a televised game. At the end of the day, the only way I'd be behind the SEC eliminating cupcake games is if all conferences have to do so.
But this is all dependent on the year, yes? Bama opened up 2017 with FSU, and UF opened with Michigan. In 2016, Michigan opened up against Hawaii.
Smart went 6-6 in his first season. I'd safe the snappy quips for at least season two =P
He's being a bit of an ass, but the one point that many keep making, which is valid, is the strength of schedule. It's not the committee's job to give UCF a pass to a big game to see if they can pull it off, it's UFC's job to beat quality opponents to prove their worth. The AD needs to start adding marquee games to their calendar. How is UCF to be fairly judged if they play in light games 95% of the time, play a quality opponent, then go back to light games for 95% of the time? Not being judmental; UCF has had an impressive streak, and plays with heart, but to get a seat at the table, you gotta build the chair.
UGA and Fromm played a great game today. In general, I think UGA fans are a bit interesting in their QB support. Dawgs have great QBs, and the fan base so quickly wants to turn to the new shiny penny. Eason was a great player, and never saw the field again because of Fromm, who was even better. Then I see calls for Fields before the season barely begun. Having issues at QB forever, heck, I'd take Eason right now lol.
I agree there's some bias going on here, but UGA and UF have very different treatments this year. I don't want to speak out of turn, I don't remember reading anything about UGA "going to be killed" by UScar or Mizz, but that they were going to be tested. Hindsight is 20/20, but those tests failed to pan out because those two teams have tremendously underperformed. Not really fair to UGA, but that's the consensus. UF was tabbed to be destroyed by MSU and LSU (rightfully so, given last year and the questions the team had this year), but won both. Their loss is to a UK team that is performing well above expectations. There's definitely moving goalposts here, but the "tests" that UF has faced, at least for now, are much larger than those UGA has.
Full offense, but Durkin needs to be out of there. As head coach, he's responsible for everything that happens with his staff. And I doubt there's any head coach out there that would say they don't have a pulse on how things are done in their program. At best, he knew about abuses and turned a blind eye. At worst, he encouraged them.
Isn't that "fixed", though? Last year he was a bad quarterback. No question. This year, his stats are middle of the pack, and much improved over the previous year. To me, "fixed" doesn't mean turned into an elite QB, fixed means getting him to a level where he's an asset, not a liability. In that, so far at least, mission accomplished.
Agree with all of this. I think a lot of these bold predictions will not pan out =)
I don't know about GatorMania, but there were a few Gators, including myself, that were nervous about UK before the game. The last few years had been too close to not be, and last year would have been a loss and UK not forgotten to cover two receivers. I think both UF and UT have the "statistic" talent, but developing talent is not the same. UK's classes don't compare to UF and UT, but it's clear that they've been developed better. I don't see UF or UT having a clear advantage over the other. It's really going to come down to who can take the next step forward. I'm probably biased, but I do think (hope) UF takes this round, but like last year, I don't think it'll be pretty on either side.
I really appreciate the approach Mullen is taking with UF this year, especially the QBs. Franks is the most "experienced" QB he has, and he was a mess after last year's debacle. If you bench Franks and start the QB carousel, you just put Trask and Jones in crappy situations, and destroy the confidence of your most experienced guy. So ya, so long as he keeps the right mindset and continues to work, keep him in. As he's said time and again, getting UF back to where it wants to be will be no quick fix, with the first year being especially trying.
I haven't been this excited for UF-UT in years. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the state of UF football right now, I do love true rivalries. It just adds more to the game. If I had it my way, each team in the SEC would be ranked and playing good football against everyone else. Now this isn't exactly a clash of titans here, but both programs need a win. Should make a good game =)
UK is losing a few good players at the end of this season (Snell and Allen off the top of my head). It will be interesting to see if Stoops keeps things trending upward after losing the current powerhouses of his program.
I always find it funny when conference rivals poke the bear, when they've had their issues as well. The Tenn fans relentlessly trolled forums after they beat UF, completely forgetting how many years of defeats they've had (and, of course, were silent last year). Same for UGA; mediocre at best for 20+ years, now a big deal and won't let anyone forget it. It is what it is, I suppose.
GatorMania - I think that's the point, though. Right now, we shouldn't be in the top 25. We're in rebuild mode. Fans need to understand that, and give Mullen time to get things right. I think Muschamp could have done better with at least one more season under him. Mac, on the other hand, was a dumpster fire that needed to be put out. From what I've seen so far, Mullen is going in the right direction, but there aren't a ton of teams in the top 25 that I would take UF against right now. I do think we'll be better later in the season than earlier (live experience with the team's staff should cement the offseason prep), but we'll have to wait and see.
Blep - still somewhat agree with you lol. Muschamp is starting to show that he had flaws, but is correcting them and getting better. I think if he had had one or two more seasons at UF, things would have been different. Mac, on the other hand, would have continued to be a dumpster fire, all because of his approach. He refused to bend or adapt, had big culture issues (even Lemons admitted that Mac let a lot of people get away with stupid things), and blamed everyone and everything but himself and his staff.
GatorMania - Agree completely. Muschamp was covered in a few good wins because he could recruit defenses that kept UF in a lot of games that otherwise would have been disasters. Mac was covered by a fairly stocked team and a very down East. Eventually, both of these coaches flaws were very apparent in the end. I do think Muschamp learned from his mistakes and is doing SCar the right way. Time will tell.
I think you are selling UK a little short here. As an overall program (facilities, tradition, recruiting, players past and present, etc), UK isn't quite UF, but the football program has been getting better and better over the years. Stoops is getting this squad more and more marquee wins. This is exactly the type of momentum that can lead to a program joining elite status. UK did nab their win during one of UF's largest rebuilding years in recent history, but it's not to say that UF handed the win to UK. We were outplayed, plain and simple. Really, we've been outplayed for the past few years, but UK shot themselves in the foot. Overall, I do see UF going in the right direction, but so is UK. I hope that both these programs become stronger and make the series more interesting in the coming years!
Precisely. The people who say he doesn't have what it takes seem to be ignoring history. He's proven he can do it. Maybe the issues are deeper at UF than MSU (admin and players were chomping at the bit to buy in, whereas UF has glaring issues), but no doubt he can do it.
You kind of mess up your point a little by saying UF made mediocre hires, but both could have righted the ship. I don't think a mediocre hire can turn around a failing program. Maybe stabilize, but not uplift. Having said that, I somewhat agree with you. The UF fan base can be very privileged, to the point that it's detrimental to the program. Everything waxes and wanes. Bama was bad for years, but Saban has taken them to heights rarely seen. I'm sure they'll see some falloff when Saban finally retires. UGA had been mediocre for years, but Smart has turned things around. It takes the right coach, and patience. To your other point, I do believe that Muschamp could have done the job had he had a season or two more. Yes, things were trending downward. Yes, the offense continued to lose luster. Those are all things that can be corrected with time. And let's not forget that he had some very horrible luck with injuries in those years as well. On the other hand, I don't have any confidence that Mac could have done it. He had a ton of bravado and nothing to back it up. He constantly attacked the university, excused poor play, refused to change his approach (keeping Nuss for as long as he did is still mind boggling), and after a while, looked like a guy who was in over his head. IMO, he was a wrong hire.
Ya, I was a little taken back by that as well. Stoops has been doing tremendous work at UK, and should be given a ton of credit. This article makes it sound like UK is garbage, but UF is hot garbage. UK has ended a ton of streaks in recent memory, taken down some very respectable teams, and gotten stronger every year.
Agreed! I think the time factor will be something the fan base will have the hardest time to get comfortable with. Spurrier and Meyer took us to great heights, but after that, it's been a steady decline that was fairly well hidden. Muschamp had some success in year two, but his recruiting balance and complete lack of offensive philosophy buried him and the program. Mac had a lot of talent and a down East to cover up his issues, but even when we were winning, we were winning in ugly fashion. In a way, the UK loss could be a good thing. It's time to wake up, see the problem for what it is, get comfortable, and give Mullen time to right the ship.
I think the author means with all things considered. The football programs have traded the flag, but UF is by far the most accomplished scholastically (was just rated the #8 public university), and their non-football / basketball sports have been tremendously successful.
I thought on that moment a bit, but that it more strongly reflected what this article is discussing. Mullen was trying to get his QB to loosen up, to buy into the fun, but he couldn't care less. This, along with Franks' response to the UK game (curt, blameless, etc) reflects the current culture. I think Mullen has as good a chance as any to turn it around, but it's not a quick job.