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My brother-in-law is a born and raised Italian, and is a die-hard futbol (soccer) fan. The mentality of futbol fans is being grateful for great performances, and truly enjoy the championships in your lifetime, because of how rarely the come around. If one can celebrate a few of them in their lifetime, one feels blessed. It's a mentality that football fans should really look into. UK will always be a great basketball school that, like most things in life, will run into bad spots. Most of the fan base has recent memories of winning it all, and always looks forward to post-season play, since UK is nearly always in the mix. Enjoy the ride, and don't worry about one bad season!
It's this mentality that I think UT needs to stay away from, though; the idea that things can be turned around quickly and back to thinking dark horse SEC run. Believe me, UF fans know the horrendous pain of hoping for mediocrity, but resetting those expectations and giving your program time to just build a foundation of respect again can do wonders. 2021 (and the 2022 recruiting class) may be a wash, but if done right, can lead to brighter days.
The problem here is that UT is, no offense, in a real mess right now. Last I saw 20+ players were in the portal, the NCAA investigation has just begun (and if it is multiple level 1 violations, could lead to a hefty penalty, whether self imposed or not), and a new AD who has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. It'll be hard for a new HC to step in and be (immediately) successful. I think a hire before spring ball makes complete sense, but I also think UT and the fans need to temper expectations. UT is a rebuild project, and needs to go from SEC championship dreams to getting back to competitive. UF went through a god awful mess in the coaching carousel for a few years, and it weathered the fanbase to "just make us not horrible". Give the new coach a few years of stability, crawl back to being an upper tier team, then set your sights on championships.
The irony of all this is there was an SDS article a few days ago about UT fans having unrealistic expectations and they needed to adjust them. I can see at least one reader who didn't catch that one.
This is the same guy that refused to play P5 schools in games unless they were home-and-home because "UCF has earned it" and said that the school was a national champion because it went undefeated and beat Auburn. He's good, but do get ready for quite a few years of hyperbole.
Leg, good counter points. To be clear, I don't think one-off situations will or would cause major conference implications. The SEC will continue to thrive with Tenn down. My main point is you don't want to see this happen more often, or consistently, I.E. you actually don't want all of your competition to be trash while yours is the only good team in a conference. Strong SEC teams mean strong SEC results.
Agreed. Recruiting rules need a serious review. Right now the NCAA is losing power and clamping down on everything they can to maintain relevancy. What needs to happen is an examination of the rules, determine if they're in the best interest of the student, and if not, remove them. Start to build back credibility through actions.
I'm actually with you on this one, TFK. Every fan wants their team to be competitive and win championships, but the reality is, outside of crazy, genius outliers like Saban, fans are typically lucky to see a couple of championships in their lifetimes. International football (soccer) fans understand this very well. They understand that getting the top prize is rare, and enjoy solid performances. UGA has a lot to be proud of in the past few years, and a big part of their fan base has the memory of celebrating a national championship. I consider myself very fortunate, as I was in college when UF won 2x football and 2x basketball nattys. Those experiences can never be repeated. Learn to enjoy your teams' successes.
This is poor logic, and I'll explain why. It's actually very simple; perception. Right now, the SEC is, in many circles, considered the best conference in the sport. It gets the best talent, and even its worst teams could be competitive with the upper tier of every other conference. It's that belief that allows the committee to give any competitive SEC team the benefit of a doubt for higher rankings, even when not rightly deserved. It's why teams like UGA, UF, A&M, who haven't won a natty in several years or more, are consistently ranked in the top 10-15. Simply put, if you can perform well in the SEC, you deserve it. If that idea starts to diminish, then the committee starts to prioritize other teams, recruits start to look elsewhere, revenue dollars start to decline, etc. So, no, you don't want your opponents to look like trash and fail. You want them to look like trash and fail when playing your team, but you want them to succeed and look awesome when playing everyone else. That is how your school directly benefits from everyone being good.
Why is this thread filled with UGA people defending UT, while not a single UT fan has commented yet?
Do you know how to have fun in life? Are you a Twitter person at all? This kind of ribbing is typical in tweets. Twitter is the audience you can do this sort of things with and have fun with it. Do you call Wendy's a trash organization because its Twitter account literally roasts other brands and users? Do the negative, very brash tweets reflect poorly on their other brand channels? Not in the slightest. You want to know what the marketer behind the UF Twitter handle sees? That it had 8.9K likes and 2K+ replies. That's exposure. I just looked through the UGA Basketball feed, and the more popular posts had 26 likes and 10 replies. That's not a troll, it's to highlight that whoever did this knew their audience and channel, and capitalized.
You hit the nail on the head. I don't think people understand the Twitter-scape nowadays. It's not the official arm of the PR Communications team or anything. It's a lighthearted scape where teams take all sorts of jabs at one another. If the situations were reversed, I'd fully expect the Vols Twitter handle to post something. I know you get it, but others need to just lighten up and stop getting defensive over things like this. Learn to laugh at yourselves. This is sports ball.
Unfortunately, I think we're looking at the drain. White wasn't going to be the next Donovan, but at this point he's taking talented players and ruining their post-college careers. I gave him so much slack the past few years, but watching this year, I think we lose this game by a bit and White is eventually shown the door.
Congrats to Bama. That was a truly dominant performance, and exactly what I expected to see. This was a team that wasn't to be denied by anyone, and will certainly go down in the record books as an insane squad (perfect season with all SEC competition). I said during the SEC Championship game that no one else was going to play Bama harder than UF did. Boy did that come out prophetic lol.
Marsh, recruiting needs to focus on much the program has progressed. They need to sell the idea that UF is on the cusp of greatness, and needs a few pieces to truly compete. Mullen and crew can sell that they were a TD away from dethroning Bama, and two field goals away from going 10-0 in the regular season. Bowl game expectations will continue to change from must-win, program defining things to scrimmage games featuring younger talent. Winning is nice, and gives you bragging rights, but they will never again be best-vs-best. Opt outs will just increase.
I'm both with you and not on this lol. I always want the SEC to show out, regardless of the context. I want to see them win every game, prove our conference is the best there is, and elevate every team that's in it. Even if a good number of players were to opt out for UF (Pitts, Grimes, Toney, Carter, heck, even Trask), there's still plenty of talent and experience to play competitively. Opt outs are not a reason to downplay a loss. Having said that, bowl games simply aren't what they were even 10 years ago. While a majority of the fan base see them as a way to prove the might of their team, an increasing number of fans and players see it as a celebration game. A scrimmage. A preview of the future (since it'll feature a ton of young talent). It's a fun way to cap off a season. If you have the opportunity to go make millions, getting injured for a celebration game seems like a bad choice. And it is. We all need to get used to the fact that bowl games are changing, adjust, and enjoy them for what they are.
I'm going to disagree with you on this. 1. The committee looks more closely at actual performance vs. plain records. UF poured on points against nearly everyone they played, including #1 Bama, which was the closest anyone has played that team this year (and I suspect will continue through the playoffs as well). 2. The LSU loss was ugly. It stank of a team that practiced against that week's competition for two days, and practiced for the next week's competition three days. But it was uncharacteristic. Think of it this way; if UF were to have somehow beat Bama, would it have been because UF was better, or Bama was off? My guess would be most of the fan base and the CFP would have said the latter. 3. Championship losses are not held against a team as much as regular season losses. Why should a team be punished for losing a game that the rest of their division and most of their conference didn't play? It's why ND's loss was less punishing. If it had been 3 regular season losses, then I agree with your assessment.
I fully agree with you here. A&M has won every game since Bama, but none of them were strong wins. They've been effective, a good SEC team, but I can't say they're top 4. The committee loves "the eye test". The eye test here says ND has convincingly won a majority of their games, and their sole blowout was in the ACC championship, which was still closer than Bama vs. A&M. To that same point, A&M had their shot to dethrone Bama and lost by 28 (not saying that would be the score again, but can't convince me they'd beat them with their style of football). ND gets the benefit of a doubt and the biggest test in the playoffs. My breakdown is: 1. Bama 2. Clem 3. OSU 4. ND 5. A&M 6. UF
I honestly don't know what the committee would do if UF were to pull a miracle upset, but Clem beat ND. Bama feels like a guarantee pick. OSU is in with their champ win. Do you kick out a one-loss ND for the SEC champ? Tell the SEC champ no go, even though you've said all year the head to head matters? It becomes cray. Note: I didn't say UF will win, I was just toying around with hypothetical stuff
I think the chaos will be if somehow UF pulls the upset, while everyone else wins. Bama gets in no matter what happens today--the resume and performance is just too strong to ignore. Would the CFP drop out ND with only one loss in a champ game? Doubtful. Clem could potentially be out with a second loss, which, with a Bama win, could mean Aggies move through. If Clem wins, UF winning is the only way 2x SEC teams make it in.
Ok, let's be a little realistic here, though. The first pick was 100% on Trask. That DB did a great job of baiting. The fumble was also on him trying too hard to do too much at that point. But that second pick was a series of crazy events that wouldn't happen with even a fraction of a second or centimeter change. It goes on the stat sheet, but not really indicative of Trask. And let's also be realistic on the number. Trask had 3 turnovers all season before LSU. He's still at 5 interceptions, which is one less than Burrow had last season. So long as he plays mistake-free football the next game, he's still doing pretty well.
No reason to trash another team/player to prop up your own.
LSU just lost some hard recruiting battles to Bama, has potentially a ton of defections again this off season, and a looming sexual assault investigation that'll wrap up here shortly. I'd pump the breaks on throwing stones
Gotta admit, this made me chuckle. No offense, Cap! Troll posts always irk me, not because I'm super protective, but because extreme hyperbole in any instance bothers me lol
It's a nice thought, but I don't think so. The CFP put UF at 7 as an insurance policy to protect Bama, I believe. If UF were to pull the upset on Saturday and win the game, it already puts them in a bind on who to select. Bama has looked like a monster team all season, one that deserves a spot, but you'd be hard pressed to take the SEC runner up over the SEC champ, even if the champ has one more loss. On the other hand, UF would have an SEC trophy and the best on paper win of any team this season, so you'd be hard pressed to take the SEC runner up over the SEC champ, even if the runner up passes the eye test. This way, they can leave the door open for two SEC teams to make it without too much controversy (especially if Clem gets their second loss, or OSU loses to NW).
Everyone can stop commenting now. This one wins
I hear you on this: 1) Mullen takes his foot off the gas too early for my taste. I'm all about professionalism and courtesy, but you don't have the game guaranteed in hand only up 24 with 10 minutes left. Also putting in the 2nd and 3rd stringers in with 7+ minutes left on D is valuable experience, but would have saved some of those garbage time TDs. 2) This was probably our best defensive game yet, a positive trend you hope to see right before Bama 3) Too funny
I don't necessarily think so. ND is currently sitting at 2, and would have one loss to a top 3 team in Clemson. You slide Clem to one, and bump ND to 3. Bama's one loss would be in the SEC champ game against a top 6 team, so sliding one spot would make some sense. UF leap frogs A&M and dethrones OSU to take the 4 spot, so you have UF vs. Clem and Bama vs. ND
I agree with a bit of this. This season has the chance to be the most chaotic selection season yet. I'd be very surprised if they rank Bama and UF back to back, though, since that would have the two teams playing back-to-back games. If UF were to win, I'd think Bama would drop down to 2-3, and UF move up to 4. That gives game differentiation, and puts a UF team that has been outside the top 5 all season up against stiff competition to prove that their win over #1 wasn't a fluke.
I didn't say I don't understand them wanting to make it to the CFP. I said that, for UF especially, the difference between 5 and 6 doesn't matter, whereas for A&M, the difference between 5 and 6 can be the difference between getting in. UF has a guaranteed path to the CFP (not saying they're guaranteed a win, but that they get in guaranteed IF they win). Whether they're 5 or 6 before that is irrelevant. Focus on that and you're fine.