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Why is the author being purposefully vague as to the reason Jones is no longer at UF. He didn't just come to Gainesville, decide the vibe was off, and left after three months...
I think the thing to keep in mind here is this is exactly what was said about the 2020 season because of the production that was lost in the WR room. The thought was everyone knew what they had in Trask, that the WR production would take a step down, and they'd need more balance to be effective. Now, I'm not saying the Kyles won't be missed--Pitts was a generational talent, and Trask really took control of things--but if the WR room can maintain consistency, and the RBs/O-line can give the run game some breathing room, I think UF will be at least productive on offense, hopefully enough to keep Grantham's defense from losing too many games.
I...I think he might have actually meant "savour"...which is all the more disturbing
The emphasis is on the gender, though. The noun is calling attention to a specific aspect of the individual. So the joke, as it's structured, hinges on it being weird for a coach to dance with "guys", a.k.a. hinges on it being weird for a man to dance with men. Player puts the emphasis on the coach/player aspect, and more a matter of professionalism vs. gender. On the field would call attention to the silliness of him dancing.
White will avoid that school like the plague. UT's program is no guaranteed win at UCF, and the last thing you want is to defect, take your coach with you, then get it handed to you by the new guard, all while losing money for your university. I doubt he'd even take a 2-1 deal.
I'm rather disappointed how the 2020 committee played out. They absolutely rewarded "prestige" programs while leaving competitors in the cold. OSU skated into the playoffs, and put up far less a fight than UF did in the SEC Championship game. All because of the brand. I'd have rather seen A&M make it in by far. My only hope is that cancelling games and shifting schedules was seen as a necessity in 2020 due to the pandemic. In a typical year, it'd be blatantly gaming the system. Hopefully the committee would see that, but it could be asking too much.
It's extremely weighted in UCF's favor as a 1-1. Even if UF were to have a blowout win, the impact for their rankings or university would be above a cupcake win, but still lower than a Power 5 win. The revenue loss, however, would sting much more. UCF, even in a loss, would see relatively no bruise to their program for a game many would expect them to lose, a huge win should they upset, and come out better financially. Only way UF should look UCF's way is a 2-1. Then the revenue at least shakes out.
At least you owned up to your hyperbole. But I do think you're basing your comments on weird information. UF's 2020 recruiting ranking was #9, compared to UM's #16 and FSU's #22. 2021 was UM at #12, UF at #13, and FSU at #23. 2022 has FSU at #10 and UF at #23, with UM nowhere in the top 50, but this is extremely early in the process (where FSU has 7 recruits compared to UF's 5). Just trying to see where the butt kicking is.
I think they're playing up the knowledge part a bit much. Programs change quite a bit schematically season to season. He's much better for the recruiting aspect than the on-field intel.
#1 gave me a chuckle #2 sounds slightly homophobic. Players, on the field, etc, and you avoid that.
You know you've done something wrong when a predominant part of your own fan base is against you. That's the world Negan and Corch live in. Ultimately, friendly ribbing and clever comments are great. People know how to laugh at themselves (at least they should); Lord knows I've gotten quite a few laughs out of rival fan bases for the idiotic crap Mullen pulled last year. But these two don't have anything to the conversation, cross the line over and over again, and just exhibit the worst in fan culture in general. At least the real UGA fans (and CFB fans in general) know what's up.
Her argument is rather...uh...weird. I kind of get the heart of it; until you've done it, you're not there. But what a weird way to go about it. UGA is probably the closest any SEC East school is to being at that potential (I'd like to say UF is too, but until we can show sustained success against UGA and others, we're A rank, not S). The problem UGA has is the same problem most of college football has; the dad gum Saban brick wall. Until that man retires, it'll be Bama every other year and fluke seasons for everyone else.
I'm inclined to agree with you both. I'm excited to see what Jones can do, but primarily because he's done what you hope highly ranked QBs will do; sit, watch, learn, and take their chance when they have it. I think Richardson is the future. But in a season with lost production and the stress of maintaining the W/L record Mullen has built the past three years, he will probably opt to go with the asset he knows he has in Jones. One hope is, last year, everyone thought they had Trask pegged, and he blew expectations out of the water. We can hope that Jones is underestimated as well (not to say he'll be a Heisman contender, but that he'll outperform his "ceiling")
Imagine being so salty about anything UF that you take a horrendously biased view on a player who is unanimously considered one of the best at his position in years. Of all the things you could focus on, why this?
Most of the penalties from that embarrassment have already been served, so the No Show clause is all that remains
Pretty much this. Our 2020 season would have been a bit better had our defense been even average. The offensive things highlighted here are just examples of how fully formed that side of the ball has become.
I think it's a matter of cost vs. performance. I don't fault AU for making the change, but a look around the coaching landscape does make one wonder if the hire they made was worth the price they paid (in both buyout and new coach contract).
^ This is the biggest change in recent history for UGA. They've always pulled in-state talent (being the only real recruiting threat in GA), but Kirby has put a wall around the state and kept the best players from crossing the border. Now they can focus harder on out of state recruiting, and their class rankings show it
I'm willing to bet $5 that they still have a spring scrimmage of some sort, it just won't be a full Spring Game and all that comes with it. The main thing here is risk vs. reward. Risking an outbreak over a scrimmage that could cause injuries as it is, but isn't outweighed by revenue or exposure, doesn't seem worth it. I get that. So get creative and hold something else.
I'm kind of hoping this is what they're planning in the background. To call a spring event a Spring Game brings with it a ton of expectation (UF does a lot of activities, player meetings, etc). After reading some of the press and statements, they could be setting up a spring scrimmage that the SEC Network can televise, but closed to the public.
I love all the PSU defenders saying it was a joke and we're all haters. Rather bold assumption that it was a joke to begin with (what team would make fun of themselves regarding championships), but even if it was an "attempted" joke, if it falls flat, it's probably because it was a horrible attempt.
I don't think reduced scholarship counts will distribute players more, it'll just overload too teams and stop them from sending offers to lower ranked players. Playoff expansion could help, but it would need to be a large expansion, 16 or more, really. 8 would just be the predominant, year in year out teams, with the occasional Cinderella. I think NIL could be the a part of an eventual equalizer. Being a lower star on a team of all stars just gives you less exposure to endorsements, and limits your overall marketability. If there's one thing CFB shows us, it's that local markets love their heroes. It won't help all of college football, but one has to be realistic. Most schools don't have the funds, footprint, lineage, or reach to move beyond their tier. You're always going to have your staple teams with some variation as situations change.
This isn't all that possible, though, at least in the current structure. You may beat Bama one year. You may win a NC over Bama one year, but you won't routinely do that in this landscape; Bama is simply too well oiled a machine at this point to explode. And it's nearly impossible to gain sustained success over a team when your competition routinely has access to the better players.
Sorry, gotta agree with the OP. Saban is on his own level in coaching. His success will probably never be matched again. His ability to mold a team and bring out success in his players and staff are equal to none. But the recruiting pitch? It's exactly what I assumed it would be. And exactly what the world assumed it would be. There isn't anything creative, no real hurdles outside of previous relationships to hinder the pitch. At this point, Bama is a machine that has to implode to miss. That's not a knock to his recruiting, but a compliment to his dominance.
Let's not be blind here, dude. I'd be angry if this happened at UF. You can't claim to be all about student athletes, then pull an offer 48 hours before signing day. You're right that schools over-offer and trim as it gets close, but not two days before the deadline close. I also don't think UT was over scholarship when they cut the kid. Defend your coach and your team, but don't downplay the situation.
So we'll judge the kid for not signing early, but not judge the coach from pulling the scholarship two days before NDS?
Completely disagree with you here. Let's say you were offered a new job, and you put in your two week notice. You're done with your old place. Then two days before you start working, your upcoming job pulls their offer, but tells you you can say you didn't want to work there if you want...what is your reaction going to be? Will you still have respect for that workplace? Would you refer people you know there? The truth is this is the most bizarre of last minute scholarship pulls. Is UT even close to scholarship cap? Do they think they'll hit gold with numerous transfer portal prospects? It seems this kid bled creamsicle orange. Even if he didn't qualify academically, it gets you goodwill with the recruit--Diwun Black didn't qualify out of the gate for UF, but they stayed with him and helped, and he came to UF as the #1 ranked JUCO player.
Your logic is flawed. You read the article. You commented. As a writer for a site that gets a large portion of revenue from advertising on site, it would seem he did his job.
Bama needs to direct some of its recruiting budget to unlocking immortality for Saban. Cyber body, youth serum, whatever it takes. So long as Saban is coaching, Bama will have a stranglehold on CFB