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True, but once you crack through that glass ceiling, it becomes a lot easier.
Costello is going to be a beast in the NFL. Throwing for 35 touchdowns in a West Coast offense (always under center) is a major accomplishment. His stock is going to skyrocket in the Air Raid.
There is not a chance that Coach O will return to USC with the way they treated him in 2013.
Also, Monken wants to throw the ball all over other teams.
Newman had 500 yards in Wake Forest's run/pass option offense. No way he runs around much at Georgia.
He wasn't himself even when healthy. Davis Mills was going to win the starting job.
Even Florida State fans don't believe 2013 Jimbo Fisher is better than 2019 Ed Orgeron
To say "Petrino most certainly did win with Lamar Jackson" is completely wrong. Lamar Jackson won those games in spite of Snaketrino.
Lack of talent and Sage Surratt don't belong in the same sentence. Look I like Newman, but don't act like Surratt won't be in the NFL.
Penn State fans and Wisconsin fans have reason to be optimistic. Michigan fans don't.
The selection criteria needs to be completely revamped, and I'm not singling out this year's Oklahoma team. Almost all of these semifinal games are snooze fests with one team just blasting the other out of the stadium. We've had 59-20, 38-0, 37-17, 31-0, 24-7, 24-6, 45-34 (but 28-0 at one point), 30-3, and now 63-28. I thought there were some merits to expanding to 8, but now that I think about it, it'd be a disaster. Also I feel like they need to start looking at 2-loss teams too.
My biggest knock against Clemson was how would they respond if they were faced with a large deficit. Trevor Lawrence has never lost a game in I don't know how long, and Clemson blew the #### out of everyone they played after Syracuse last year, so he was never faced with any adversity in games. Now that Clemson was able to come back from a 16-0 deficit and pull off a game-winning drive down 23-21, I trust them a lot more if they trail. However, Clemson cannot afford to let LSU get out to anything more than a possession lead.
By the same token, LSU should beware of Clemson. Ohio State faced some pretty good defenses in the Big Ten but Fields looked like a deer in headlights going up against Brent Venables' defense.
Fields' knee was a factor, they didn't really call any quarterback draws or zone-options. Most of his runs were scrambles. Part of it was the knee, and part of it was it the fact that Fields had never ever been in that position before. I called it that Fields was going to struggle because of his injury and the pressure.
They could've at least invited Reynolds to New York.
As a non-Georgia fan I'd like to offer what I have observed. Even if the coaching staff were to choose Justin Fields over Jake Fromm, they would have no idea how to use him, nor would they know how to use Trevor Lawrence had he remained committed to Georgia. Fields and Lawrence excel in high-octane spread offenses, so neither is the kind of quarterback that Georgia wants for its pro-style offense. And it’s not just spread quarterbacks that would struggle at Georgia. You can’t get more pro-style than places like Stanford, but K.J. Costello would develop deep frustrations in Georgia’s unimaginative offense. Now, I’ve always been really tough on Fromm. I did not think he had a strong enough arm, or used his feet to buy time in the pocket enough. Everyone hated on old offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, but this man James Coley really makes you beckon him. Under Coley, Fromm has completely lost all of his confidence, mechanics, and footwork. Eleven completions for just 55 yards in the first half against Notre Dame. Three interceptions and a lost fumble against South Carolina. Thirty-five yards passing against Kentucky. Five straight games completing less than half his passes. Fromm stepping over the line of scrimmage to throw in the SEC title game just about summed up how rough of a year it was for him. It’s not just Fromm, however. Coley knew Fromm was limited, but did not try to design his gameplan around Fromm’s (or the rest of the team’s) strengths. Not a lot of play-action passing, a lot of shotgun, not passing the ball in blowout victories to get Fromm on the same page as these inexperienced receivers, not running the ball up the gut every play to try to test Notre Dame’s inexperienced linebackers, and more. Kirby Smart needs to do some serious soul-searching in the offseason, and it's way more complex than just Fromm vs Fields or firing Coley. Both in-game and out-of-game coaching have not been good. On the final drive of the Notre Dame game, the Fighting Irish’s receivers were clearly out of breath and struggling to even stand up, let alone run routes, but Kirby bailed them out with a timeout. Kirby kept saying his defense needed to play better, when the offense threw for just 35 yards against Kentucky and went 3 and out 10 times against Auburn. Guys looked exhausted by the end of the year, and the injuries continued to pile up. That's on the strength and conditioning staff for failing to keep the team healthy. The absolute lack of discipline was evident the entire year going back to last year's Sugar Bowl, and continuing with all the arrests in the offseason, J.J. Holloman's domestic violence (yes I know he was kicked off the team but it is worth mentioning), bonehead penalties throughout the year, lots of mistakes when returning punts, and of course George Pickens getting himself suspended for the first half against LSU. These are not one-year fixes either, but these are things that really stuck out to me. That’s what Georgia fans need to be upset about. I’ve said the same thing with Notre Dame. Yeah, Phil Jurkovec is probably better than Ian Book. But benching Book for Jurkovec won’t fix Notre Dame’s problems on offense, just like benching Fromm for Fields would not have fixed Georgia’s problems on offense. I understand why Notre Dame fans are worried Jurkovec would leave just like Fields did, but again, there’s no easy fix for either program’s offense. The best Georgia fans can do about Fromm vs Fields is wish Fields the best and hope that Kirby fundamentally changes his approach.
King was transitioning from a read-option offense to an Air Raid offense, I think he's on his fourth offensive coordinator. If you watched King play this year, he was not the same player he was prior to tearing his ACL last year. He looked HORRIBLE this year, and honestly it makes me wonder if he took a redshirt to continue rehab.
@Bamaman234 thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks TCU got screwed BIG-TIME in 2014! If the Big-12 had a title game, either TCU or Baylor would have gotten in, the committee said that explicitly.
Wisconsin is a better team and a better program than Virginia.
It's the out-of-conference that was especially bad for Oklahoma though. In 2017 they beat Ohio State, this year their best non-con win was UCLA.
Big-12 is nowhere near what it used to be. West Virginia has to start over from scratch, Texas is back [to being irrelevant], TCU has declined considerably over the past few years, and Oklahoma State is also on a downward trend. Baylor fans do have a reason to be optimistic though.
Clearly his players understand him. I don't think I've ever seen a Coach O-led team just quit during a game, maybe a bit in the 2000's but never between 2013 and now.
I agree, but there's a massive financial benefit to expanding to 8, which is why it'll happen once the current deal expires in 2024 I think?
Not even dual-threat, but someone who is willing to use his legs to make plays if necessary. Trevor Lawrence isn't a true dual-threat quarterback, but his ability to scramble has helped Clemson out many times the past two seasons.