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I'd love to see what your offense could look like with a full offseason to learn Monken's new scheme.
I certainly would like to see how Georgia's offense evolves in Monken's second season with a full (hopefully non-COVID) offseason of work. You don't necessarily need to become a pass-first team operating out of the gun spread formation but it'd probably be helpful to use lots of flood concepts as well as bunch and trips formations.
I think DJ's issue was that he didn't have good rhythm with Etienne yet which explained some of the fumbles and overall less-than-crisp handoffs.
Wasn't Emory Jones the #6 dual-threat for the Class of 2018, according to Rivals? I know it says 4-star but he was a heavily anticipated recruit that year.
It's not the transitive property. Bama has looked like a more dominant team than Clemson all season long despite the struggles on defense.
As long as Brian Kelly is the head coach, I am putting them on a post-season major bowl ban whether it is the CFP or a NY6. He has not done the best job when it comes to preparation for these marquee games. Last year Georgia and Michigan were hyping the ND game up as highly-anticipated matchups, whereas BK was like "business as usual", and I don't think that's going to help you win these important games. I know Notre Dame fans really respect all he's done for the program, and that's a totally valid argument to make. But it is possible to be very grateful for how he turned the program around, and still feel that a different HC will be what they need to take them over the top.
I always loved Ryan Day. Way better at taking accountability than Urban Meyer.
If I was a GM I would be very worried about Justin Fields. He's been injured his whole time at Ohio State. Maybe he needs rest, maybe he takes too many hits (but Steve Young got hit more and hit harder), maybe he's not fit enough, maybe he just has bad genetics. I don't know. It sucks because he's such a talented and tough player, and I would hate to see his NFL career get ruined by injuries.
"Dad, what's a flood pattern?" "I don't know son, we're Georgia fans!"
I think he meant best college offense in his lifetime, not best Alabama offense in his lifetime.
And if you have a great offensive line and RBs, like A&M does, you run it. I for one like A&M's offense, even though I criticize Mond all the time.
@HailzBullyYall so it would've been better for them to lose?
Kirby Smart's blue chips on defense don't look like first round draft picks like they should.
A lot of people have compared Mullen to Andy Reid, who has a reputation as an extremely recalcitrant head coach and doesn't believe in the run. It only took Reid 20 years, but he reinvented himself and finally broke through. Mullen is going to have a rude awakening in the NFL.
Clemson seems to struggle running the ball against elite offenses. They're sometimes too quick to abandon the run and go pass-heavy. Not just against Ohio State, but also against LSU the previous year and even Notre Dame in November (which by the way is not an elite offense).
Unless the Pac-12 champ is like Oregon in 2014 (who wasn't even a great team, only a good team), then they should not even be considered ever. That conference is a dumpster fire.
Make it direct acceptance for the top 8 teams. No automatic bids based on conference titles.
Is he trying to pull some mind games on Dabo or something? This is Jim Harbaugh behavior right here. Not good.
Will Florida win if Steve Young 2.0 Kyle Trask turns the ball over 3 times like he did against LSU?
I admit, I doubted Mac Jones last year. But Jones proved me wrong early this year and continues to prove me wrong. Congratulations to him on his huge improvement this year.
You high? Jones threw for 385 and 4 touchdowns with just 8 incompletions and no turnovers.
Did I say Mac Jones? I meant Devonta Smith. (not that I'm not happy for Jones, but this comment was supposed to be about Smith).
Congratulations to Mac Jones on his amazing collegiate career! Can't wait to watch him on Sundays.
There's a difference between holding your players accountable for letting their teammates down and throwing your players under the bus. It is one thing to get beat or drop an interception, but it's another to make such a selfish mental mistake like what Marco Wilson did. There's a 160 hours of practices behind that, you cannot do something stupid especially in that situation.
Ohio State is losing five chances to give up 49 points in a loss to Purdue.
When has Texas A&M complained about they should be in the playoff? They're saying it's a possibility but that it's remote.
Twenty-five completions, 338 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions against Florida is a much more marquee performance than his games against Arkansas and SC.
Congrats to Devonta Smith on his amazing college career! Looking forward to watching him on Sundays.