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You can’t be disrespecting Chris Rodriguez like that.....
He can be quoted as saying “I’m a college coach at heart” Yeahhhhhh Surrrreeee
JHarryPope what the heck does being in internet troll have to do with being a racist?
AlltheSEC what else are we really missing besides proven quarterback play, and a good transfer linebacker, and maybe a transfer defensive back (mainly corner, might play some nickel if devante Robinson isn’t up to that) I think we’re jockeyed up for no. 2 or maybe we stun the dawgs this year and make it to the SEC championship game.
You know you could post this to an actually political site.
sds our program direction is a one-way ticket north, our record was bad this year, but next year could very well be 10 wins, compared to where we were in say, 2015, we are miles better, and will continue to grow.
I guess we’ll just wait till midseason to get ranked...
Dang I really feel bad for his family, way too young, prayers.
UK isn’t at the level where we can turn away top talent for personal reasons, we have to jump on someone this talented when we really have the opportunity to get him.
Yeah, all we as UK football fans can hope is that next year they still have Pruitt, the more years they sick, the longer it’ll take for them to get outta the basement.
Common saying, do the crime, do the time. Being a lemming doesn’t get you anywhere in life, they might be a wet fish, but there still wrong.
I saw the title and thought it was Marco Wilson lol.
The Alabama defense is gonna be something that Justin Fields will have no chance against, it’s well known that SEC defense is head and shoulders better than any other conference, Ohio State struggles against B1G defense, infamous for being terrible. Ohio State has no chance.
In the nfl, I’ll take Justin Fields over both Mac and Trevor. In the natty, I’ll take Mac game management, time management, and a very talented defense to go up against (not sign stealing).
Why the heck would they give the Heisman to Trask other than your heavily, heavily biased, dude sucked when he didn’t have Pitts, they simply don’t give the heisman out for his bowl game, the game that you played last is the one that matters most, as recency bias suggests.
Vols are a dumpster fire as long as they have Pruitt.