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William do you not know who Pharoh Cooper is? Labeling him as a fan is
Selling out an 80,000 seat stadium for two years while going 1-21 kind of speaks for itself. We're there when we win, and we're there when we lose. Nothing bold about that statement. It's just true.
You guys are sensitive. Bet y'all loved the Urban Meyer gameday sign a couple weeks ago.
Do you all just bash your heads into your keyboards until a barely readable article comes out?
Why would girls be the 21 millionth reason listed?
If he stays at Clemson, awesome. If he goes to Florida, awesome. Win win.
I'd just like to say, even though we didn't play last weekend we're still pretty sad. :(
ALMOST. You can only come close so many times before it becomes a pattern, not bad luck. I like Bielema as a person, but there is no excusing 0-13.
It's a shame we don't have the defense to help him and Thompson out. Cooper might be the most underrated player in the conference.
Or if our defense doesn't give up three straight touchdowns in the 4th quarter...
BCS National Championships are so last year dude
Wish I could have made it to Auburn this year. Who knows when we'll play there again.
Actually forgot how young Mauk is. I guess he could come into his own, but I don't see it.
Lol Mauk is a late-rounder but Thompson is simply "No"? Okay Crawford. Good analysis.
This might be the biggest pile of crap I've ever read. We couldn't stop Collins? We didn't have too much trouble with Gurley. Arkansas hasn't won an SEC game in two years. Let them win one of those first before hypothetically saying they could win the East. Garbage.
Uh no. It was a horrible spot and should have easily been a first down.
Well, Kentucky can beat South Carolina.
So ESPN hypes us up, we lose two tough games and now we're the biggest disappointment. Cool. Every Gamecock fan knew we were gonna have troubles losing as much as we did. You don't lose Shaw and Clowney and not regress a bit. One dropped pass away from being this so called "championship material" you speak of. This article is dumb and nothing but a ratings grab.