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Might be a good fit for both sides. Hopefully Wan'Dale's success makes UK an appealing destination for transfer WRs.
Congrats to the UGA fans! One of my best friends is a longtime UGA fan, and I know this means so much to him, so congrats to all. Glad to see the SEC East get a Natty. UGA deserved this one, no doubt.
Things are looking bright for UK football in 2022!
I understand how Cal can rub people the wrong way. I get tired of his act sometimes, too. But the man is an amazing basketball coach, there's no question. He's won way too many games with way too many rosters everywhere he's been to argue otherwise. After watching last night's game, I came away more impressed with Duke than I was disappointed in Kentucky. I suspect Duke will be a top team this year with their stud freshmen. Kentucky looks like a team that will not overwhelm opponents with sheer talent, but once they get connected on offense and defense, they'll be good. I think Cal realizes that, and so he was in good spirits after the game. He wants the team to peak in March/April, so we'll see what they look like in a few months. I bet this team will wind up as a top 4 seed and in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. But we'll see.
Not sure I'd put any UK players on the first team right now, but I'd have Oscar and Tyty on the second team. Maybe Wheeler, Grady, Mintz, or Brooks on the third team.
Yeah, I'm not sure Adam has a good feel for the Kentucky team yet.
Nice article. Definitely a great opportunity Saturday for Wan'Dale to make a bigger name for himself.
This is a great day for college basketball fans everywhere. In what world was he "the best guy at ESPN, period"? He probably didn't realize they were patronizing him. See ya, Dan.
It speaks volumes about the states of the programs that a Tennessee fan is pulling for Florida to beat Kentucky.
Agree with this take. You can't always win pretty (especially Kentucky). Take the W and move on.
I think UK's checkerboard actually outdates UT's. Not 100% sure on that, though.
That kid looks unreal. Amazing get. If he doesn't go #1 overall when he enters the draft, I'd like to see the kid who will.
Figures! But good for him. By that same token, Houston Baptist is not UF, UGA, etc.
If we get past Mizzou and start 2-0, I think UK will be right in the thick of the East race. Good to see UK getting more respect.
Not to nitpick, but ... 1. The NFL has 4 rounds of playoffs, obviously; 2. A couple of perm rivals and full rotation with no divisions does not ensure the best two teams can play in the CC--permanent rivals will create a scheduling imbalance every single year because some permanent rivals (e.g., UT playing Alabama) are inherently more difficult than others (e.g., UK vs MSU); 3. You could still break the pods into two larger divisions, just like the NFL has the AFC and NFC and the NBA has Western and Eastern conferences, and there are divisions within each conference. You could do the same with the SEC. 4. I wouldn't mind a two-round conference championship tournament, but it's not "the only other option."
I'm in favor of the pods. Three permanent division/pod games, plus two games from each of the other three pods = 9 total conference games. It's clean and it ensures fair scheduling probably better than any other model. It works for the NFL, so why not the SEC?
Agreed that it will all come down to QB play. Not too concerned with anything else. I'm cautiously optimistic because we have some talented guys at QB and the system should help them play efficiently with play action off the run game.
It will raise all ships as long as there remains equal TV revenue sharing.
You mean DURING the UK game. Remember, UK is the team that knocks out the UF QBs ... and then loses the game. Sigh.
Yeah, I think the 4 divisions of 4 is the best option. And for the love of God, do away with the "permanent rival." Play each team in your pod every year, then play all other teams every other year; that should be good enough, and it ensures scheduling sanity. I'd go with: 1. UGA, UF, UK, USC 2. Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vandy 3. LSU, ATM, Ole Miss, MSU 4. Texas, OU, Arky, Mizzou In basketball, play teams in your pod twice, then everyone else once (18 games total).