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So you're going to complain about Rick Barnes not being able to get past the Sweet 16, yet the UT men's basketball program, in its entire history, has made it past the Sweet 16 exactly ... ONCE?! Am I correct on that? UT could do a lot worse than Rick Barnes.
Actually, I do think young adults should be held accountable for promises they make. But I also "wish him the best of luck."
This won't help UK's recruiting ranking, but a kid like this is much needed. Welcome!
I suspect Calipari has an ace up his sleeve for PG next year. Will be interesting to see what happens there.
Are we talking about Devin "I ain't going nowhere" Askew?!?! Surely not! (rolls eyes).
Probably him or Beau Allen. Allen might have a leg up since his skillset (pro style) might fit the new offense better. Will Levis (Penn St transfer) will also compete when he arrives this summer. Should be a good battle.
This is not a surprise, but it's maybe somewhat noteworthy because we've had a couple west coast kids struggle in year one and then transfer back west (Jemarl Baker to Arizona and Johnny Juzang to UCLA). Nice to see Askew sticking with it. I think he'll wind up being a solid player for UK.
Very solid coaching staff. Looking forward to a more balanced offensive approach.
It's hard to defend UK's history against UF and UGA (and UT until very recently), but I think it's wrong to rank UK below SC and Mizzou, considering UK's dominance of those two over the last 5-6 years. You could make a pretty easy case that UK is a competent passing game away from challenging UF and maybe UGA.
I think there is no magic act this year, the primary reason being lack of effective PG play. We still lack that straw that stirs the drink. I think UK's best chance of turning around the season was for Terrence Clarke to come back and pull an SGA, but that isn't happening. I think UK's season is about to (mercifully) come to an abrupt end.
Pretty cool that UK went into Knoxville and beat UT 34-7 with a mediocre team that is in-limbo.
... just ignorant that Bob Stoops is Mark's brother, not his dad.
Will be missed. Good luck! Hopefully another stud LB in the NFL for the Cats.
I like the hire. More and more NFL teams are going heavy play-action, and I think that's a great direction for UK's offense to go. Hopefully it works out!
I take issue with your post. That would actually be the most KENTUCKY thing ever.
I'm not a Calipari hater by any means, but we hear about "camp" every year at about this time. I always wonder, "What the hell have they been working on in practice the last two months?" Keep doing you, Cal. Who am I to judge?
I've made a 60 yard field goal off the ground (not off a tee, and also not in a game or with people trying to block it). Relative to other athletic endeavors, kicking a football is not difficult. Background: I was a D1 athlete (not soccer or football), and I played soccer from age 5-18. I'm sure there are many, many, many other people who could also do that. My wife played D1 soccer (she's now in her mid-30s). No question, she could walk out onto the field and do exactly what Sarah did. I'd love to see Sarah go out there and nail a tough FG, but don't pretend that what she did Saturday was special, difficult, or meaningful.
Don't sleep on Isaiah Jackson (PF/C) for Kentucky. Every once in a while, a "lower" (i.e., 4-star) UK recruit makes jaws drop during summer and fall practices, and everyone sees that player is actually elite. I remember that was the case with Rajon Rondo back in the day, then Eric Bledsoe a few years later, and then more recently for Devin Booker, Tyler Herro, and SGA. Isaiah Jackson is getting that same kind of hype, and people around the program expect Jackson to be a one-and-done. I'd pump the brakes for now on Jacob Toppin. He's more of a project.