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I think PFF has UT at 19 and UK at 20. I think that's about right.
Well, based on the last 3 games between them, UK definitely isn't waaaay behind UF. We'll see how it plays out.
I agree UK and UT are being slept on as East contenders. I just don't agree with the idea that UF and UGA are a full level ahead of them. I think UF and UGA should be favored to finish 1-2, but I do think it will be a 4-team race in the East.
Yeah, I can't disagree with any of that. I'm just pointing out that UK's defensive upside might be a little underrated this year, even on this website. Snell was the man, and all UK fans miss him. You can't replace him with one guy. I do like our combo of Rose, Smoke, and Rodriguez, and we'll have an extra speed element this year with Travis Tisdale coming off his redshirt season. And with a very solid O-line and a QB who is a threat to run the ball, our running game should be very strong. My only concern is whether our passing offense can keep defenses a little honest.
I keep harping on this in the comments sections, but UK will be winning with (I think) an elite defense this year. The conversation seems to usually surround the offense, which admittedly has some questions outside of the offensive line and RBs, but should be improved since we'll have an actual QB playing the position. I could see the UK vs Auburn game playing out similar to UK at ATM a couple years ago where that game went to OT and UK barely lost. Maybe we'll catch a break this time and win this one. The opening line is definitely too high, that's for sure.
Other intriguing players, to me: Kyle Trask Kellen Mond Mac Jones Terry Wilson and/or Joey Gatewood Jamie Newman Ryan Hilinski (I'm starting to see a trend...) Even the UT QB situation is pretty intriguing. Lots of interesting QBs to follow this year.
I think SC is the biggest wildcard this year in the East. On one hand, I think Hilinkski is talented and could be better than Bentley, and I'm sure SC will have a solid defense. But they've just been so inconsistent under Muschamp. I feel like UK and UT will both take a small step forward this year, while SC might stay stuck where they've been the last few years. I think they'll beat Mizzou and Vandy, but that's it for SEC wins. I'll take the under at 5.
Knocking Franks out of the UK game last year cost us that game, but who knew how that would affect not only the rest of last season, but this season, too.
He said he expects Bo Nix to have a big day, but again, people don't seem to realize UK will be a very strong defensive team this year and will take the air out of the ball with the run game. I think Auburn will rightfully be favored, but it will be Auburn's defense shutting down UK's passing game which will be the difference. But hopefully not. Take the under, though.
Is Vandy so bad this year that even Mizzou considers that game an "automatic win"? Poor Vandy. Mizzou is always a gritty team, but I'd either stay away from this one or take the under. I think UK and UT (and probably SC) are clearly better than them this year.
No, unfortunately Ahmad Wagner (aka Ahmad "Flagner") is no longer around. We have some talented but unproven WRs on the roster, and that really is the main question mark with this team (along with Terry Wilson's health and Joey Gatewood's eligibility).
Not sure people realize how good UK's defense will be next year. Surprised to see the offense getting more love.
I think it's interesting that Stoops is being so opinionated on Gatewood, considering he usually keeps it very neutral and dry when asked about hot-topic issues. I'd be curious to see what facts UK put forward in its appeal.
I would also put my $100 on Florida, but I think UT and UK are being slept on just a little. I'm also not quite sure what to think about SC. But no one would be surprised if UGA won the East again. Basically, nothing would shock me except for Mizzou or Vandy winning it. Should be a fun season to watch the East teams slug it out. I think it's safe to say the East is as competitive and deep as it's been in several years.
I think Coach Irvin raises a fair point: you need to look at average player rating when it's this early in the game. I remember when Stoops first took over at UK, we had the #1 recruiting class for like a month. By the time signing day was over, UK finished somewhere around 25-30. Obviously UT will finish higher than that, but other teams will catch up to UT once they start getting more commits. Another thing to keep in mind is that football recruiting rankings are notoriously unreliable. While I'd rather sign a bunch of 4 and 5 stars than 2 and 3 stars, we regularly see lower-ranked guys not only do very well in college, but become great pro players. You just don't see that in other sports nearly as much. For instance, it's not absurd to hear a story like Josh Allen's, where he's a 2-star who becomes a top 10 pick (just look at Baker Mayfield). On the other hand, you look at a guy like Ja Morant who was underrecruited and become a top NBA pick, and it's almost unheard of. The point is, good for UT for bringing in some good recruits, but football recruiting rankings are overrated. And ... having said all that, I also think college football is better when UT is rocking and rolling, so good luck to them.
As a neutral Kentucky fan observing this grammar/punctuation battle, I have to say I agree there should be a comma before "too." Or maybe I should say, I think there should be a comma there, too. Indeed, I, too, think there should be a comma after structure. God, I love this. Cats over Vols this year, by the way.
Good power and balance. Not that fast. Welcome aboard!
Maybe he could transfer to Southern Arkansas and get a degree in secondary education.
Bilas had a good article on this yesterday. I recommend reading. You have to think basically every starting QB in the SEC is going to make some money off this. UK basketball players, too. I can't imagine what John Wall would have made.
I'd take UK over 6.5 all day. I think this will be a better team than the one that won 10 games in 2018. Of course, that doesn't automatically translate to more wins, but it should translate to at least 7.
No UK players mentioned (and they're probably won't be a first rounder from UK), but I'll mention a few top guys: Landon Young, OT - former 5-star; has prototype size for NFL left tackle; bounced back from injury to have solid year last year. Should also mention Darian Kinnard, who is a massive RT and was maybe our best lineman last year (2nd team all-SEC by PFF). Not sure he has the athletic upside of Landon, but he'll get drafted. Drake Jackson, OC - first team all-SEC at center last year, probably not ideal size and athleticism, but is a "technician," as they say; there is usually a center who goes late first round every year, so maybe it could be Drake. Jamar "Boogie" Watson, Edge - He's on the smaller side for a classic edge player, but he is really athletic and had a great year last year. He's not Josh Allen, but if he gets double-digit sacks (a very real possibility) and shows his speed in coverage, then I could see him rising up draft boards and going first round next year. His best position might be OLB in a 4-3, but that position seems to be going extinct in the NFL. If I had to bet on a UK player going first round, it'd have to be Boogie.
Yeah, KAT is more recent for UK than AD.