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Will be missed. Good luck! Hopefully another stud LB in the NFL for the Cats.
I like the hire. More and more NFL teams are going heavy play-action, and I think that's a great direction for UK's offense to go. Hopefully it works out!
I take issue with your post. That would actually be the most KENTUCKY thing ever.
I'm not a Calipari hater by any means, but we hear about "camp" every year at about this time. I always wonder, "What the hell have they been working on in practice the last two months?" Keep doing you, Cal. Who am I to judge?
I've made a 60 yard field goal off the ground (not off a tee, and also not in a game or with people trying to block it). Relative to other athletic endeavors, kicking a football is not difficult. Background: I was a D1 athlete (not soccer or football), and I played soccer from age 5-18. I'm sure there are many, many, many other people who could also do that. My wife played D1 soccer (she's now in her mid-30s). No question, she could walk out onto the field and do exactly what Sarah did. I'd love to see Sarah go out there and nail a tough FG, but don't pretend that what she did Saturday was special, difficult, or meaningful.
Don't sleep on Isaiah Jackson (PF/C) for Kentucky. Every once in a while, a "lower" (i.e., 4-star) UK recruit makes jaws drop during summer and fall practices, and everyone sees that player is actually elite. I remember that was the case with Rajon Rondo back in the day, then Eric Bledsoe a few years later, and then more recently for Devin Booker, Tyler Herro, and SGA. Isaiah Jackson is getting that same kind of hype, and people around the program expect Jackson to be a one-and-done. I'd pump the brakes for now on Jacob Toppin. He's more of a project.
Maxey is big time underrated. Won't be surprised if he's on the all-rookie team and a future all-star. That 3-point percentage will jump up, and he'll be a tough defender.
Um, I'm pretty sure Kentucky has had pretty good success at the QB position over the last 20-30 years when compared to Bama. It's not like Bama is some QB factory. Congrats on Tua, though. And it's great that Mac is doing well.
Would be very unexpected if Toppin dropped to 12.
Oof... I appreciate the effort here, but a few of these are way off. As a diehard UK and Griz fan, I can say with sufficient authority that Tyrese Maxey and Mike Conley aren't even close to the same player. Maxey is a power combo guard who looks to score first, while Conley is a traditional PG who looks to distribute first, and he gets his offense from being crafty in the pick and roll game, scoring off floaters and layups, but also adding more 3-point shooting in recent years. I think Maxey is kind of a blend of Marcus Smart (bulldog combo guard whose 3-point shooting has improved) and maybe Carsen Edwards (microwave ball-dominating scorer). That being said, I really like Maxey, but he's not anything like Conley. For Isaac Okoro, I'd go with more of an Iguodola comp, rather than Draymond. Okoro is a freak athlete. Definitely not Tayshaun Prince in that regard, either. Aaron Nesmith projects as a better shooter and not as good of an athlete as Jaylon Brown. I'd go more along the lines of Robert Covington or Rodney Hood. Anthony Edwards does comp with Oladipo, but that one is obvious. I haven't watched enough of Robert Woodard, but I do know Demare Carroll from his Griz days. Can't comment on that one. Not sure about Kira Lewis comping with Jrue Holiday. Holiday is a balanced, two-way PG with decent size. I view Kira Lewis as a score-first PG with some physical gifts. Not sure he's a lock to be a great defender. I think for now, I might comp him with Dennis Schroeder or someone like that.
This obviously won't happen, but I'd be curious to hear an economist or accountant, etc. come up with a dollar figure for how much it would be worth it to South Carolina to hire Dabo away from Clemson. Looks like Dabo is currently making $9.3M/year. Would it be worth it for SC to pay him $12M? $15M? $20M? I'd love to read a report breaking that down.
I feel like Calipari is becoming the Steve Spurrier of SEC basketball. He makes the league more fun, and I think the whole SEC will miss him when he's gone--even his rivals.
Well said, Joe. Such a terrible loss. Prayers for his family.
Well, the author didn't say UK is a better job than UT; he said UT is not a "significantly better" job than UK. Considering that UT's hires over the last couple decades have been Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, Butch Jones, and Jeremy Pruitt, I think the author has a legit point.
I understand that Stoops doesn't want to crush Terry Wilson's confidence, but I think TW is holding UK's offense back, big time. I'm not usually in favor of a QB by committee, but for this Kentucky team, it might be best to give Joey Gatewood the occasional series, and maybe even Beau Allen. We need to see if those guys can provide a spark.
I think the rosters are fairly even from a talent standpoint. If anything, UK has the more experienced roster. But I think this game (like 90% of all football games) boils down to which team gets better QB play. I can't say I'm too confident in Terry at this point, but at least Guarantano is on the other side, and he's just as up-and-down.
I suspect we're gonna see a little more of Joey Gatewood on Saturday. And maybe a little more of JuTahn McClain.
Time for the UK media to start holding Terry Wilson accountable. I'm sure he's a great kid, but it's not like Stoops and Gran are planning for the QB to throw 5-10 for 60 yards or whatever.
Why would UT want to wear black, grey, etc. jerseys, anyway? Stick with the orange and white, IMO.
Yeah, if you're going to whine about media disrespect and preseason rankings, you sure as hell better beat Ole Miss at home. And the AJ Rose "deuces" was beyond stupid. The most baffling thing to me, though, is our pass defense. It makes zero sense that a great unit from last year, all of whom are back this year, plus Kelvin Joseph and Davonte Robinson, can suck so bad. It's mind-boggling.
Well said. The coaching staff needs to take a long look in the mirror, IMO. Time to lay the smack down on basically every position group except the O-line.
I could see them splitting time. For instance, in that goal line situation last week, it would have been nice to put Gatewood in there to sneak it in. Same for third-and-short situations.
Yeah, I think people who are paying attention realize Ali's importance to the team. Hopefully he gets a payoff this year with a big year and maybe a spot on an NFL roster next year.
Probably not the best year to troll Calipari and UK. We should have a strong hoops team.