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I bet he plays fullback in Scangerello's system.
Agreed. If our tackles hold up, then I think the running and passing games will be fine with the talent we have, even without C-Rod. If the tackles struggle, the entire offense will probably struggle.
Well, except Cal will get to sit at his table next Thursday. I guess he gets something out of it.
Sorry, but it's hard to root for that kid. All take and no give.
With Keion Brooks gone, I could see Toppin having a very nice season and establishing himself as a late first round pick next year. We shall see!
Keion seems like a good guy, but in my opinion he's a lesser version of Alex Poythress, and we saw how his NBA career panned out. Would love to be wrong on that. Definitely needs to improve basically every basketball skill.
Anyone who follows Kentucky football knows the secondary is the big question mark for the defense. Front seven should be very good and deep. Hopefully our pass rush will be good enough to help our secondary make enough plays to get stops and turnovers. I agree with Joe that Geiger looked like a kid last year who could become a pretty good player. We'll see what he can do.
Thank goodness no one was hurt. So dumb. Curious to see how the school/team handles this. I'm guessing he'll pay a fine, do some community service, and miss one or two games to start the season. And hopefully learn a lesson and never do that again.
Not sure if circling a game means overlooking the other games, but UK has done pretty well against the other SEC schools lately.
I think scouts look at him and see a lot of Josh Allen traits. I think everyone understands he is an unfinished product and has to prove it on the field this year. Hopefully he does.
I think O-line is another big question mark, but there is reason for optimism there. CB has to be the biggest question mark right now. Hopefully we get a good transfer this summer.
I think UK's offense will be much more balanced as far as the passing game is concerned. I also envision more easy passes to TEs, RBs, and apparently a FB this year. I think this could help Levis perform more efficiently and reduce the turnovers, as he probably won't need to force feed the ball to 1-2 targets so much this year. We shall see!
Not surprised, nor do I blame him. Good luck elsewhere, bud!
Not sure "overrated" is the right word for this Kentucky team. They put beat-downs on Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and they had other good wins. I think the main issue was weak PG play. Wheeler was not able to create good offense for the other guys, so they were taking lots of tough shots out of rhythm. I don't mean just last night, but for much of the season. I don't just blame Wheeler; I think Cal is also largely to blame for choosing to have Wheeler run the offense the way he did (i.e., put the ball in the hands of a PG who can't shoot, but then clog the lane with one or two bigs at all times). I think Cal would be wise to basically hand over the offense to one of the assistant coaches, and he can focus on defense and program/CEO issues.
Seems like a wise hire. Hope it works out all around. Welcome!
Honestly, Kentucky fans don't really care that much as long as we make a good run in the NCAA Tournament. UT can have that one if they want it so bad. Not that I want UK to lose or anything, but we have bigger fish to fry!
1. Get ready to see Sharpe on the court. 2. Bye, bye, Shaedon. Will be shocked if he doesn't enter the 2022 draft. He'll go top 4, no question. Possibly #1.
The UT game will be a battle. I suspect it will be a little lower scoring than this year's game.
Might be a good fit for both sides. Hopefully Wan'Dale's success makes UK an appealing destination for transfer WRs.
Congrats to the UGA fans! One of my best friends is a longtime UGA fan, and I know this means so much to him, so congrats to all. Glad to see the SEC East get a Natty. UGA deserved this one, no doubt.
Things are looking bright for UK football in 2022!