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Well, the author didn't say UK is a better job than UT; he said UT is not a "significantly better" job than UK. Considering that UT's hires over the last couple decades have been Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, Butch Jones, and Jeremy Pruitt, I think the author has a legit point.
I understand that Stoops doesn't want to crush Terry Wilson's confidence, but I think TW is holding UK's offense back, big time. I'm not usually in favor of a QB by committee, but for this Kentucky team, it might be best to give Joey Gatewood the occasional series, and maybe even Beau Allen. We need to see if those guys can provide a spark.
I think the rosters are fairly even from a talent standpoint. If anything, UK has the more experienced roster. But I think this game (like 90% of all football games) boils down to which team gets better QB play. I can't say I'm too confident in Terry at this point, but at least Guarantano is on the other side, and he's just as up-and-down.
I suspect we're gonna see a little more of Joey Gatewood on Saturday. And maybe a little more of JuTahn McClain.
Time for the UK media to start holding Terry Wilson accountable. I'm sure he's a great kid, but it's not like Stoops and Gran are planning for the QB to throw 5-10 for 60 yards or whatever.
Why would UT want to wear black, grey, etc. jerseys, anyway? Stick with the orange and white, IMO.
Yeah, if you're going to whine about media disrespect and preseason rankings, you sure as hell better beat Ole Miss at home. And the AJ Rose "deuces" was beyond stupid. The most baffling thing to me, though, is our pass defense. It makes zero sense that a great unit from last year, all of whom are back this year, plus Kelvin Joseph and Davonte Robinson, can suck so bad. It's mind-boggling.
Well said. The coaching staff needs to take a long look in the mirror, IMO. Time to lay the smack down on basically every position group except the O-line.
I could see them splitting time. For instance, in that goal line situation last week, it would have been nice to put Gatewood in there to sneak it in. Same for third-and-short situations.
Yeah, I think people who are paying attention realize Ali's importance to the team. Hopefully he gets a payoff this year with a big year and maybe a spot on an NFL roster next year.
Probably not the best year to troll Calipari and UK. We should have a strong hoops team.
No one seems to be seriously considering that Kentucky might just have better players than Auburn this year. Something to chew on! 247 and Rivals are nice, but they haven't completely solved the riddle.
I think UK definitely has a mental hurdle when it comes to UT. I'm obviously hoping they can get over it this year. Regardless, I expect a great UK vs UT game this year.
I wish I had that level of confidence in anything in my life.
I agree re Terry. I'm really confident in our defense and running game, since we have so much quality depth and those guys have proven it. But Terry scares me a little. I think he has a high ceiling but also a low floor since he's not the most accurate passer, and he's not your typical dropback QB. He will rely on his athleticism, and although he's looked healthy and fast during camp, apparently, it's not the same as SEC defenses chasing you and trying to do physical damage. I'm cautiously optimistic that our supporting cast, as well as Eddie Gran, will make it easier on Terry and he can have a smooth transition back to the playing field. If we get slightly above-average QB play from Terry, I think UK could not only go 6-4 or 7-3, but perhaps surprise some people and win 8+. Auburn will be a big test coming out of the gate, and I'm hoping that's a great game.
He's talking about UK vs UT. UGA comes to Lexington: "Where opponents' dreams come to ... err... become kind of worse dreams than they were originally."
For sure, I agree it's a good thing. We didn't rely on freshmen last year, either, as none of them burned their redshirt. We'll have several redshirt freshmen contributing this year. But the guys I mentioned are true freshmen (and Tisdale). Octavious Oxendine (DL) is also getting some hype.
No Kentucky players on the list, but keep an eye on WR Michael Drennen a/k/a "Donut." The hope is that he turns into the next Randall Cobb or Lynn Bowden. RB JuTahn McClain is also getting serious praise from Eddie Gran, who has coached some good RBs in his day.
UK's backfield should be awesome this year. Reminds me of those fantasy football teams (like the Broncos in the early 2000s) where you're trying to guess which RB will separate from the pack and get the bulk of the carries. Whoever gets the carries will put up big numbers in the system. I wonder if AJ, Smoke, or Rodriguez will become the featured back, or if it will truly be a RBBC.
I think Adam has a Big Blue you-know-what. As he should. And as we all should.
I think UK vs Auburn could be an awesome game. I don't think UK will get blown out, simply because they should have a really solid defense and run game. I'd be surprised if it's high-scoring. If Gatewood is able to take a few snaps, that will make for a great story line. Should be a fun one.
Maybe they're waiting on the Joey Gatewood verdict.
I think courts should enforce COVID-19 waivers. No one is hiding the 8-ball. Everyone understands the common symptoms and the varying percentages by age group for hospitalization, death, etc. Importantly, 99% of college athletes are 18 years or older. Seems to me college athletes want to be treated like adults, so let's treat them as such. They can choose whether to expressly assume the risk. And if a school commits gross negligence, then the court simply would not enforce that particular waiver.
I'm hoping to see UT in the Final 4 for the first time in program history very soon. A second Elite 8 in program history would also be great. Good luck!
Seems to me the SEC should carry-on and play this fall and not worry about what other conferences are doing. The SEC should do what is best for it, and if they think playing is best for the SEC, then they should play. If the MAC, B1G, and other conferences choose to cancel, then that is their prerogative. This smells like peer pressure from other conferences. I'd hate to see a lose-win situation turn into a lose-lose.