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It will raise all ships as long as there remains equal TV revenue sharing.
You mean DURING the UK game. Remember, UK is the team that knocks out the UF QBs ... and then loses the game. Sigh.
Yeah, I think the 4 divisions of 4 is the best option. And for the love of God, do away with the "permanent rival." Play each team in your pod every year, then play all other teams every other year; that should be good enough, and it ensures scheduling sanity. I'd go with: 1. UGA, UF, UK, USC 2. Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vandy 3. LSU, ATM, Ole Miss, MSU 4. Texas, OU, Arky, Mizzou In basketball, play teams in your pod twice, then everyone else once (18 games total).
I think Kash would be really good on SEC Nation if they had him interact with the crowd, interview fans and just joke around with them. He's a man of the people! Would give him experience to potentially wind up with a studio gig. Could also have him do an Xs and Os segment on the defense or something.
I think Joe has the right idea. Probably fewer INTs this year, but definitely more sacks and probably a more solid unit overall. UK's overall quality and depth just keeps getting better.
How many officials do kids get? Like 5? It's a win in and of itself for UK to get an official visit from an out of state 5-star kid. It shows he's actually considering UK. Recruiting improvements take time (unless Hugh Freeze is your coach).
Would love that. AJ Brown has also said Julio is his idol. Would be such a beast offense.
Hopefully this is a good fit for both parties. Kentucky will be able to surround him with shooters like Tyty, Grady, Fredrick, Allen, and hopefully Mintz. Just penetrate and pitch, baby.
Did Greg McElroy really say "big smack"?
You talking about recruiting one-and-dones? UK is owning the transfer portal, FYI.
I disagree. Not only has UT taken a (prolonged) step back, but UK has invested in football to a much greater degree than in decades past. UT will eventually rebound, but I think the days of UK being a significantly weaker program than UT are over. UK is your rival now, not Bama. Sorry!
Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Cal has his flaws, but when it comes to recruiting: In Cal We Trust.
Actually ... they led Spring Hill to the 5A state championship last year. First in school history. Not bad.
So you're going to complain about Rick Barnes not being able to get past the Sweet 16, yet the UT men's basketball program, in its entire history, has made it past the Sweet 16 exactly ... ONCE?! Am I correct on that? UT could do a lot worse than Rick Barnes.
Actually, I do think young adults should be held accountable for promises they make. But I also "wish him the best of luck."
This won't help UK's recruiting ranking, but a kid like this is much needed. Welcome!
I suspect Calipari has an ace up his sleeve for PG next year. Will be interesting to see what happens there.
Are we talking about Devin "I ain't going nowhere" Askew?!?! Surely not! (rolls eyes).