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I agree the SEC should just add each team's next two non-division opponents. If you try to get cute with the scheduling, it will just complicate things, and some school is going to be left pissed off no matter what. For UK, I'm fine with adding LSU and Ole Miss.
Great to see UK getting some love. I think they can live up to top-3 defense status this year. But like everyone is saying, I think several teams are top-3 candidates this year. Really looking forward to UK vs UF, which is only (hopefully) a few weeks away.
Ron Swanson for sure. It kinda annoyed me how they labeled him a libertarian but portrayed him as an anarchist. Libertarians just want a limited, efficient government. Come on!
To me, SC is the toughest team to peg in the East this year. Not sure if they'll be closer to the top or the bottom, but their schedule probably dictates that it'll be hard for them to compete for the East this year. But I'm sure they'll make things tough on the teams they play.
We were a home win vs UGA away from winning the East two years ago. Seems doable this year, even if I wouldn't bet a lot of money on it. I can see UGA, UF, UT, and UK having a pretty good battle for it this year. Not sure if SC will be closer to that group or closer to Mizzou and Vandy.
I would argue Kentucky's defense will be better than last year at every level from a talent/ability/depth standpoint, but it gets complicated when you factor-in bad-weather games, strength of schedule, etc. Joe forgot to mention the addition of Kelvin Joseph (CB transfer from LSU) to the secondary. The secondary had such great results last year, so I can see why Joe would be reluctant to predict it will be better this year, but I think it probably will be. Maybe the best position group on the team.
Who does Kentucky have returning? Basically everyone. And we'll have a QB.
Yes. And Rodriguez. And we have a redshirt freshman named Tisdale who could contribute as a speed back. Very deep backfield. Plus true freshman Michael Drennen, who is similar to a Cobb or Bowden, so he'll likely get some carries, even though he'll primarily be a slot receiver.
Two players to keep an eye on for UK this year: 1. Josh Ali 2. Whichever RB who might separate himself for the pack. Could put up big numbers if he gets enough carries.
I think there's no question UK's offense will be more balanced and overall better this year. This biggest question is if we can come up with big throws/catches on critical downs. I do think Terry has the clutch gene, so hopefully he comes through and we win a couple big games.
I think Sankey is overstepping here. Would be very interesting if Mississippi sued the SEC.
Great article! Terry is easy to root for. I hope he stays healthy this year, and if he does, he might not light the world on fire, but I think he can be one of the top QBs in the SEC.
Speaking for myself (a guy in his 30s), I'd be comfortable attending a game, even if the stadium is at full capacity. To me, the elderly/at risk population should probably stay home, but everyone else should get back to normal. Seems to me the data supports that.
I'm sure FSU could pull scholarships, but I also bet there is some kind of internal appeal system at FSU, and the athlete(s) would probably get some sympathy. And most of all, it would be a PR nightmare for FSU, whether you think they're right or wrong. I can't imagine a big-time program like FSU pulling scholarships for that kind of thing.
I enjoyed reading that. Thank you, Tom Hart, for stopping by! And thank you, Adam.
I think PFF has UT at 19 and UK at 20. I think that's about right.
Well, based on the last 3 games between them, UK definitely isn't waaaay behind UF. We'll see how it plays out.
I agree UK and UT are being slept on as East contenders. I just don't agree with the idea that UF and UGA are a full level ahead of them. I think UF and UGA should be favored to finish 1-2, but I do think it will be a 4-team race in the East.
Yeah, I can't disagree with any of that. I'm just pointing out that UK's defensive upside might be a little underrated this year, even on this website. Snell was the man, and all UK fans miss him. You can't replace him with one guy. I do like our combo of Rose, Smoke, and Rodriguez, and we'll have an extra speed element this year with Travis Tisdale coming off his redshirt season. And with a very solid O-line and a QB who is a threat to run the ball, our running game should be very strong. My only concern is whether our passing offense can keep defenses a little honest.
I keep harping on this in the comments sections, but UK will be winning with (I think) an elite defense this year. The conversation seems to usually surround the offense, which admittedly has some questions outside of the offensive line and RBs, but should be improved since we'll have an actual QB playing the position. I could see the UK vs Auburn game playing out similar to UK at ATM a couple years ago where that game went to OT and UK barely lost. Maybe we'll catch a break this time and win this one. The opening line is definitely too high, that's for sure.
Other intriguing players, to me: Kyle Trask Kellen Mond Mac Jones Terry Wilson and/or Joey Gatewood Jamie Newman Ryan Hilinski (I'm starting to see a trend...) Even the UT QB situation is pretty intriguing. Lots of interesting QBs to follow this year.
I think SC is the biggest wildcard this year in the East. On one hand, I think Hilinkski is talented and could be better than Bentley, and I'm sure SC will have a solid defense. But they've just been so inconsistent under Muschamp. I feel like UK and UT will both take a small step forward this year, while SC might stay stuck where they've been the last few years. I think they'll beat Mizzou and Vandy, but that's it for SEC wins. I'll take the under at 5.