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Gatorsdontplay is about as dumb as they come, plain and simple
And they have a final 4, something UT will never have lol
Worse as in UGA has something UT may never have?? Yeah, a final 4….,nobody chokes in the ncaa tourney more than the vols
He said “remaining edge”…,,try to keep up, gayturd
And there you go, proving what a m o r o n i c Vol homer u truly are.
dude wtf are u smoking?? Did u watch the UGA game?? Like the last 3 years games, the UT lines were dominated after the first quarter! UT had ZERO chance of winning those games, much less make them “one score games”!!
Didn’t UGA already sweep the turds?!? flarduh isn’t catching UGA for 2nd lol
Dude he wasn’t even talking about Georgia….but since u brought it up, who was the FIRST SEC school to win a college World Series? And what has UT done in baseball…..EVER?!?
I mean geeez little guy, u respond to EVERYTHING about your precious little vols! You’re acting like a fan of a team that’s never won anything….oh wait, UT hasn’t ever won anything in baseball
You’re an insecure little dude aren’t you buddy?!? Before you talk too much smack, maybe win something other than regular season games!! I’m not a fan of either team, but geez u may be overreacting to a simple series win vs a team that just got ranked for the first time all season!
You represent bammer universi try so nicely with your disgusting lame comments 33-18
Typical bammer doofus reply….saying UGA is making excuses for the 2018 game, then immediately making excuses for the 2022 gamemorons
Wait, so now BAMMER is making excuses?! See the irony here, doofus?
huh?? Not top 6?? Correct, top 2 or 3! Do you know ANYTHING about the SEC or football? UGA is tied with UT for most sec titles, second to bammer in bowls and bowls wins, and 3rd behindUT and bammer in all time wins and win%!! And if we counted nattys like bammer and UT did, we’d be right behind them
Big surprise! Another nfl thug “outchea” thuggin he’s from Norcross GA, nuff said
Who cares if he goes to school A or B?? There are TONS of other QB’s out there that can help these programs without the name manning on the back of their jersey! Dude isn’t even that great
Like your comment below about "children", you are showiñg how salty you are....crybaby
Like bammer didn’t pay for Albert means, and probably 3/4 of their rosters since then
Dude, you REALLY need to go look up the stats about both teams offenses! You are clearly underestimating UGA’s offense
Dude you’re a complete clown if you truly believe UGA’s defense isn’t legit! Like, don’t post again because you lose all credibility with that BS. And just an fyi, UGA has 6 nattys if you count them like bammer and UT do, 2 that they claim.
Bammer beats UGA next week! Book it! U heard it here first!