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yes, yes, and YES! remember the 4th and goal at new England? a freaking jet sweep?!? wtf?
Tyson was by far the greatest of all time, not the loudmouth scumbag Ali
looks like you proved to be the BIGGEST idiot on here! hahahaha...what a moron
UT's lucky and miracle season was way back in 1998 and they haven't done SQUAT since! losers
that redneck should just shut-up... aint no way Allbarn is beating UGA in Athens next year. isn't the barn losing their ENTIRE o-line that's supposed to be so great?
that 41-0 ass ripping still hurts that bad? "lots of laughs on the way"? for who? UT? exactly...we now have the same amount of SEC ships as the mighty vols, as well as more bowl appearances AND victories, and if we "claimed" ships like you tards do, we'd have the same amount of those as well! OUCH!
did dude just say "ucf beat UGA the last time they played"??? yeah, UGA's WORST team in 25 years and UCF BARELY beat them! hahaha assclown
you're a complete retard if you think I coach little girls...although I did coach your wife last night. tell her to stop texting me, little dude. ask her who the REAL big daddy is! hahaha tard
you're a douchebag, plain and simple. I guess i'll check back tomorrow, because I know your simple ass will be back here trying to get the last word in, just like a little short man. lmao dumbass
internet tough guy? but here you are talkin trash, little buddy. I actually played college basketball, hence why I coach now, "snowflake". lmao keep proving how much of a douche you are, "tough guy"
Jalen Ramsey looks like a single momma because he's a beeotch!
dude, you're a douchebag no matter who you are a fan of...but u sure post on tons of UT articles! and don't even let me find out if your a COCK fan, which you prolly are! queer
lmao...UGA has the same amount of national championships as UT in the last 37 years, moron. your weakass argument is just that...WEAK!
ONE GOOD SEASON?????? wtf r u even talking about? go check out the top 10 schools in win, bowl appearances and bowl wins in the last 15 years. you have NO CLUE what you're talking about UGA having ONE good season in the last 30 years. UGA has 3 SEC championships since UT had their last ONE!
pretty sure ESPN has UGA at #1 with same amount of 5 stars
vol idiots fail to realize the relationship Mays has with his COACH....SAM PITTMAN! THAT is the MAIN reason he chose to be a dawg, and yes, the 2nd reason is we are where UT was in the late 90's..... these vol fans are seriously trying to act like UGA has never beed good or on top? UGA has 3 SEC chamionships since the vols had their last! and u claim 10 in a row over UGA, don't think so....check your facts! UGA is ahead of UT in bowl appearances and bowl wins and tied with 13 SEC championships...and if UGA counted national championships like BAMA and UT, they'd have 5 of those too!
I misspoke...I meant the guy above you...TClark. I was druuuuunk lol
30 years? UGA has been plenty relevant in the last 30 years...in fact, UGA is now tied with the vols for 2nd behind the ALMIGHTY bammers in SEC titles...and UGA could easily claim 6 national championships like UT does, but nobody compares to the bammers! and bowls and bowl wins? yep, right behind bama and ahead of everyone else in the SEC in appearances and wins. top 10 all-time in wins, not bad for those sorry old "irrelevant" dawgs. and alatide calling someone a moron is funnier than what bamatime said lmao
riff raff is clearly hurt over this lmao
FACT: "16tide" calling an entire fanbase "insufferable" is HILARIOUS, because he and "Bamatime" are the biggest insufferable douchebags to comment on this site, EVER! FACT: UGA has the same amount of CFP wins and win percentage as Vandy...and about 125 other schools (hey, dumbass, that's a LAME argument) FACT: Bama fans are so jealous UGA is in the CFP all they can say is "hey, I know it's your 1st playoff, but" blah blah blah....it's the whole "hey look at me, bammer is here too, don't forget about us" mentality (I call it short guy syndrome)