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arky also has a great DC in Odom...the best in the SEC imo.
I don't agree with any of you dirtbags very often, but yes, Harris will be POTUS by early 2022...a "black" woman is what all of these Dem Libtards wanted anyway
right, at no point does anyone with half of a functioning brain thinks that flarduh should "beat the mess" out of UGA. Tennesse and flarduh both mashed mizzou, and UGA did pretty well vs one of those teams lol
just shut up, you moron...he never made an excuse. and the 2 defensive starters you were "missing" last year had no bearing on the game compared to what UGA is missing this year. one of the guys missing completely shut down your "elite" TE last year...yep, ZERO catches when he was on him. that guy makes much more of a difference than the 2 bums the gayturds were missing last year
how so? because I agreed with what the gayturd said? I mean, dude typed about 3 pages of his vast football knowledge! I agree with it, and I'M the dumb one. lmao
you don't think George Pickens can separate? lol K
sounds to me like you have it all figured out and the poor old dawgies have absolutely zero chance! i'm putting big money on the mighty gayturds!!
yeah, because he's playing turds are so f'n lame.....why is UGA favored by 4 1/2 points? should be easy money for those mighty gayturds!!
when did anyone say what Richt let those players do was right???? dumbass comment from a dumbass gayturd
you might be a bigger douchebag than him! you SERIOUSLY think you are better than others because the team you cheer for (because no way in hell u attended bammer) beats them??? "continue to be yo daddy"...and the OTHER dude has a mental problem? all u idiots are retarded I swear
take off your ugly ass orange and blue glasses, nashvilleturd....your douchebag of a coach acted just like a whiny brat that picks on someone only when he has backup! dude is a JOKE
look at his handle....and his comments are dumber than mine! hahahaha little turds, all these assclowns are
little buddy, your rant is BY FAR WORSE than ANY I've EVER posted on here! and it is much dumber than anything I've ever said on here as well. your coach is a slimy little yankee douchebag, and deep down inside your gayturd body, you know it. and no, he can't coach his way out of a paper bag. and what 5 star talent does Kirby have more than other teams? bammer, Clemson and OSU ALL have more 5 stars than UGA. do some research, moron
and these gayturds say I'M bad lmao...these tools will defend this goon, douchenag of a coach no matter what he does.
you gayturds are worse than libtard'll defend this goon no matter what he does. if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd be screaming for him to be fired! the guy is a douchebag assclown. watch the entire video without your ugly ass orange and blue goggles on. the guy instigated the whole thing. he's just like one of these "peaceful protestors" that screams and hollers about racism right in a cops face then cries when someone pops on him!
uga trolls?? we're ok with mullet, besides the fact that he comes of as a complete douchebag 24/7! has he beaten UGA as a HC at ANY school? not yet. maybe he will this Saturday (if he doesn't, y'all should fire him) but he'll always be a complete tool no matter if flarduh beats UGA or not!
go f yourself SDS1967 douchebag....I have one handle here, but thanks for remembering my greatness. redneck trash
nah arrowflight, I didn't need a blow-up doll, your mom and toothless sister took good care of me.
gayturds will gayturd…..I would cheer for satan and his minions vs those disgusting creeps. and until you beat UGA, they can bash the turds all they want lmao
huh? wtf is your stupid ass even talking about, douchebag? defend that assclown of a coach all you want...the rest of the sane people that saw what he did realize what a TOOL that dumbass is. if he was coaching somewhere else, you'd say the same! lmao
hahahahaha….we'll see. UGA lost some defensive studs today, but they'll be ok. depth kills
class? hahahaha the dude is the biggest douchebag in the SEC, even worse than Lane Kiffin. flarduh fans won't admit it though. deep down they know what a clown this TOOL is lol
oh gtfo with THAT nonsense. they take care of your gayturds more than they hurt them. even with the dawgs injuries though, flarduh ain't "kicking UGA's butt" next week
gawd what a pathetic douchebag. c'mon flarduh fans admit it, you don't like this TOOL. seriously, the guy is a complete CLOWN
did you watch the UGA game? it was comical. lost some defensive studs for the gayturds game. if flarduh doesn't win this time, they might not ever beat UGA again. then Lecounte wreck a motorcycle when they get back to Athens. good luck dawgies, even though flarduh isn't nearly as good as they think
prove it...I wanna see a mizzou coach punching a flarduh player lmao....i'll believe it when I see it. why? because it didn't happen
biggest douchebag in the SEC, plain and simple. if flarduh fans were truthful, they'd probably agree lol