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Hahahaha, what a dufus. UGA all time is behind ONLY bammer and UT from the SEC. and UGA is tied with UT for SEC championships, so u r obviously CLUELESS about history. Also, bowl appearances and victories UGA is behind only bammer. Flarduh is nowhere NEAR UGA hahaha
Yes, but it wasn't those precious black jerseys that everyone loves! Lol. Those helmets were AWFUL
Hahahahaha.....bruh, a gayturd fan saying ANYTHING right now is HILARIOUS! NO UGA fan thinks the dawgs are the "most dominant program on earth"'re just a JEALOUS GAYTURD. you prolly think SPURRIER created football, like most of you jean short wearing douchebags! UGA was winning LONG BEFORE your little gayturds were!
He won't come back....UK and their senior laden "best defense in the nation" just got humbled, BIG TIME, by the youngest team in the SEC!
F all that trash.....gayturds suck!! They talk trash then have to eat crow like everyone else....quit being such a snowflake and rub it in their faces like they'd do to u!!
"Cocky for making it to the national championship game"???? What are they supposed to be? You cats fans are cocky after going 7-1 hahahahahaha DAWGS just DOMINATED your little kittens
What's REALLY comical is this cocky UK fan......come eat some crow homeboy because UGA just DOMINATED that awesome defense with the YOUNGEST roster in the SEC vs UK's senior laden team!! THAT MUST SUCK for you and your silly fans!
He looks pretty smart now, doesn't he?!?!? Should have won by about 21, but gave away a few points thanks to mishandled snaps (UK) caused NEITHER fumble lmao
Hey chief, we got some, and it was too EASY!!!! I mean EASY. UGA didn't even play that well and still MANHANDLED your "dominant defense" or the so called "number one defense in the nation"!!! Hahahahaha, complete a$$whipping
Nah.....we've beaten all barn so many times we got over that Hail Mary pretty fast...remember, we were barely ranked for that game, so it wasn't a shock to lose. But U.K. on the other hand, just got MAULED by the DAWGS!!
Hahahaha just here to call out this cocky idiot above!!! Stick to basketball and leave football for the big boys because your "dominant defense" got MANHANDLED by UGA. I mean MANHANDLED
Typical GAYTURD douchebag response. Look at the comments on the instagram page. Hahahaha his dumba$$ family thinks it's jake Fromm .....typical ignorant, uneducated thug behavior from turd players and fans!
Sorry Cody, it's actually supposed to be F your sorry excuse for a team and your pathetic, sorry a$$ thug wanna be players!
Yeah yeah, excuses excuse, as usual from gayturds! UGA has huge injuries across the o-line, yet they just plug in the next man pup thanks to incredible recruiting/depth! "Shot themselves in the face"? Really? UGA had nothing to do with it, right? Just like your terrible QB's fumble (that UGA took from him! Hahaha pitiful, pathetic turds crying their baby tears!! Give credit where it's due, homie.....DAWGS should've put 45 on ur little turds....with a REAL OC, they would've!
yes, yes, and YES! remember the 4th and goal at new England? a freaking jet sweep?!? wtf?
Tyson was by far the greatest of all time, not the loudmouth scumbag Ali
looks like you proved to be the BIGGEST idiot on here! hahahaha...what a moron
UT's lucky and miracle season was way back in 1998 and they haven't done SQUAT since! losers
that redneck should just shut-up... aint no way Allbarn is beating UGA in Athens next year. isn't the barn losing their ENTIRE o-line that's supposed to be so great?
that 41-0 ass ripping still hurts that bad? "lots of laughs on the way"? for who? UT? exactly...we now have the same amount of SEC ships as the mighty vols, as well as more bowl appearances AND victories, and if we "claimed" ships like you tards do, we'd have the same amount of those as well! OUCH!
did dude just say "ucf beat UGA the last time they played"??? yeah, UGA's WORST team in 25 years and UCF BARELY beat them! hahaha assclown
you're a complete retard if you think I coach little girls...although I did coach your wife last night. tell her to stop texting me, little dude. ask her who the REAL big daddy is! hahaha tard
you're a douchebag, plain and simple. I guess i'll check back tomorrow, because I know your simple ass will be back here trying to get the last word in, just like a little short man. lmao dumbass