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Ummmm, come up short????? Vols are butthurt that UGA now has the same amount of championships as they do,and the overall series, me, KIRBY and his recruiting aren't going anywhere!
Hey if winning the SEC championship in 2017 (which tied mighty UT for 2nd behind Bammer) and catching (and passing) mighty UT in the overall series is "nothing to show for it", then I'm cool with it! Pruitt has always been a good recruiter, but NONE of these kids have SIGNED, and Kirby isn't going anywhere anytime soon either......LOTS of 4-5 starts out there with GEORGIA on their minds!
Gayturds always make me laugh with the "relevance" and "40 years" talk hahaha.....they can't stand they they are back being OWNED by UGA! If u wanna talk all-time, we can do that, but it won't end well for the little gayturds. UGA has the same amount of SEC championships as Tn, trailing only Bammer. And if UGA counted national championships like Bammer and UT, they'd have 6 and the gayturds 5, so be glad they don't count some of theirs!!
Gayturds can't STAND the fact that UGA finished #1 in recruiting yet again and will win the East yet again in 2020!
Just keep beating those little gayturds and have them watch the SECCG for the 4th year in a row, and all will be right with the world. 3 in a row and 53-43.....a 10 game lead even after douchebag spurrier and Meyers success, the little gayturds STILL couldn't overtake the dawgs!
Hahahahah gayturds are so jealous it's scary! How many "meaningful" games have the dawgs LOST in January? One? To the bammers for the championship? U know if UGA counted championships like Bammer and UT, They'd have 6 and your little gayturds 5 lmao. But keep thinking "the gap I see closing", because from where I'm sitting, UGA still getting the top recruits that the turds aren't!!!
When did Flarduh win more national championships than UGA? 1996, 2006, and 2008? That's three. If UGA claimed the ones they should and could (like Bama and UT) they have 6. Look it up
How is he in the portal, moron.....he is in HIGH SCHOOL. Gayturd dorks
If u think this guy is an "insurance policy", you are proving that you know NOTHING about college football, or maybe you just don't ever watch games! Well, you are an idiot, so I guess your post just proves my point. This guy can run an offense and he can sling it! And of course, he is a bruising type runner when he takes off outside the pocket
All the vol fans I know talking that crazy talk.....ain't no way they beatin jawja in Athens next year, nor are they anywhere CLOSE to good enough to,win the East hahahaha
Tennessee is gonna win the East next year!!!!!! Hahahaha. At least, that's what the vol fans are saying!
Lmao, jealousy sucks dude. Hot Rod was a great 4 year starter for UGA. don't hate, homie. let's don't stick UT in the Seccg just yet hahahaha. UGA and Flarduh aren't going anywhere!
Y'all forget how many games this clown gave away! He isn't gonna "light it up" anywhere, and he sure isn't NFL talented lol
U think y'all can replace UGA atop the EAST with THAT guy??? Good luck! Lol
Yep, I've already criticizec the idiot thug yesterday (Pickens)......but undefending this punk is comical. Just go back and watch his video from a couple years ago. Dude is a PUNK
Hahahahaha.....what's happened since that miracle catch by your precious THUG loser????? I'll help u. 41-0 at YOUR place, 38-12 in Athens, and 43-14 at YOUR place AGAIN. OUCH! If I were a vol, I'd just stfu
This is one of those cases where it's clear to EVERYONE (except the fans of that team/player) and they'll defend him to the death! Dude is a thug and always has been. It's obvious he did it on purpose, but UT fans will swear up and down that he is a good dude and it was an accident. Bama, jawja, and gayturd fans would do the same for their players too!
You're a complete moron, plain and simple. Larry Munson? It was a SAYING that had nothing to,do with actually doing it, idiot. And yes, it is CLEAR that this thug did it on purpose. Dude was a punk in high school. Useless thug
Dude has always been a punk.....even at Blackman high school he was a thug. No surprise from anyone that knows him or the program!
Yep.....bigger douchebag than dan Mullen, and that is hard to do!
Exactly, my dawgs can't beat BAMMER or LSU, but we beat the gayturds!! Hahahahaha
You know NOTHING about football if you believe that Grantham called a soft zone on every third down. Watch the replay of the game, dude, and you'll see a blitz on almost EVERY 3rd down in the first half......and the UGA o-line picked it up EVERY time, which led to open receivers. Quit making excuses.....the UGA o-line was the best corps of players on the field BY FAR!
Idgaf what you say, crybaby! Keep crying and making excuses for your sorry team! Dawgs own the turds and your arrogant coach! And YES, it IS about recruiting! UGA just has better players, deal with it
The difference in THIS game was NOT one play or "blown call"! The difference was the BETTER TEAM controlled the entire game and therefore came out on top! Dawgs, beeotch! Keep making excuses and crying those gayturd tears!!! It's HILARIOUS!!! And Nashville gator, I can read just fact, I'm reading the crybaby post you made right now!! Hahahaha. Your poor whittle crybaby gayturds lost to the dawgs yet again!
You are an idiot and in no way a true dawg fan! Leghumpers??? Lmao. Gtfo with your stupid bs No dawg fan says "go gators and go leghumpers"! Troll
And just an FYI......From was 83% completetion for 158 yards and 2 td' s against the mighty blitz! Only 58% for 121 yards against 4 man rush hahahahahaha. You gayturd fans are CLUELESS!!