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Get rid of 1964 to free up some room. You did lose the last game of the season after all.
Did you seriously EFF UP FRAN TARKENTON?!? Damn SDS... Someone should be fired.
Bro, 1964 was a championship for 11-0 ARKANSAS not weak-lose-their--bowl-game Alabama. "Consensus", probably means that Alabama was getting some inertia in the polls just for being Bama. Bama has 9 titles, plus two shared, if you look at the records of the entire season with bowls and apply a consistent standard. Nick Saban is definitely the greatest ever right now, the bar is higher, tougher, and more exacting than in the Bryant Era.
They memorialized it by claiming 5 extra titles they don't deserve to claim... It's 9 undisputed, two shared. That's 11 titles, a hefty number for sure, but don't lie and claim 16.
Hey man, even ESPN thinks it's at AT&T in Arlington... Not Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock..