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Unless you are Saban and get a warning before you get a penalty.
I'm not sure if I've ever seen this many sensitive Alabama fans in my life... Someone should make a website for you guys called I'm just wondering how many more Alabama fans he will troll by the end of the week... And yes I was at the game and saw great sportsmanship from auburn fans. I graduated in Dec 2010, and this was my last student ticket as a graduate student. I tend to leave the student section for the ramp under the flagpole to hang with my non-student friends and I will say that your band is perplexing. Why they play songs when you lose yardage or go three and out is beyond me. Do they always play so often :)
So let me get this straight Florida is undefeated right now with basically all Muschamp recruits, yet he destroyed UF Football? I agree that DC is where he belongs, but the sour-ness is high in this post.
How is 2-3 incidents out of many thousand high schools a trend? A few bad apples among an orchard. IMO
We played pretty bad, but you have to admit the lack of a targeting penalty on that play was beyond absurd. I was at the game and I noticed more than a few times where we would tackle the RB in the backfield, which is great when the RB has the football, but he didn't. Also plenty of 3rd downs converted by them with a quick pass to the sideline. Not having Lawson out there certainly hurt us, but there were still some shining moments out there on defense among the abysmal rushing D and passing D. That video board was beyond amazing though so big that when you are on the other side of the field it feels equivalent to the size you'd having sitting at home with the tv 10 feet away from you.
This isn't just any Krystal the owner has been doing this for years. If I remember right he was an alumni and is for sure a huge Auburn fan. Just google it.
Really? chills that video put me to sleep. They call that a hype video?
Our state is in a budget crisis and our senator Tom Whatley is trying to put up legislation about this? Come on Tom don't make Auburn look bad.
That's hilarious coming from ThUGA course this is troll bait so.
Does this take into account the punters ability to pin teams deep in their end zone at <5-10 yards because it would be great if it did and likely more accurate to 'great punters'. Unless touch backs are accounted for in total yards. (which they may be)
My roommate is a University of Wisconsin grad and you can believe me when I say Most of them were extremely happy that he left. He makes some really bad calls, is poor at clock management, and for the most part is not that consistent. The coaches around him were likely why they had any success on top of good athletes in a mediocre conference.