I'm a State fan. A State fan that is frequently upset by the ineptness of MSU's teams.

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Whoever wrote this better not step foot in Columbia for a while.
“Due diligence” Right. Tell me, did you spend one second or two seconds looking at his Wikipedia page? Just asking.
It doesn’t even have anything to do with college sports!
Does anyone actually read these? They’re just glorified advertisements masquerading as front-page stories. These and the sportsbook posts are equally insufferable in my mind.
This guy gives off a “substitute listening to a podcast with a magazine over his head while the kids go crazy” kind of vibe.
I’m not gonna say anything. Not a thing. … … … Man, this is hard.
That’s an ice cream cone emoji, not a cupcake. Lane, if you have to troll, do it right.
They must have gone to the Cleveland Browns School of Belated Damage Control.
Alabama’s in. They shouldn’t be, but Boo Corrigan’s Bama B0ner is showing aready.
He got win? Did you hire a 1st Grader as your proofreader, SDS?
What will become of the CGI bear that would pop up whenever he came on the GameDay cameras? That animated thing’s the highlight of the show if you ask me.
I thought last year was the rebuilding year.
Instead of banning artificial noisemakers, they should focus on this. Stay classy, Oxford.
He also anticipates money at Auburn, but they didn’t ask him that. Got to be explicit with greedy coaches.
This was the Egg Bowliest Egg Bowl to ever happen. Go crazy, everybody.
I’m thankful for the fact that Leach finally considered the idea that the run game might have a place on an offense. Too bad he’s too proud to admit that the Air Raid in its current form just can’t find success against upper-tier SEC competition.
So, the strategy here is to give every reason why one team will win the game, then say the other team will win with no evidence except record? SDS, everybody.
“So this is what the commoners call ‘storming the field,’ Jeeves! Very exquisite. Mother would most certainly NOT approve of this excursion, no sir!”
I think the cannon is trying harder than both teams.