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I think the comparison with Nebraska is a fair one. I'd put Nebraska in the top 10 programs of all time, too, but they're not going to be sniffing the CFP anytime soon. Not even a NY6 for the Huskers. The Vols were in the same boat even before the upcoming sanctions. After? They might be within seeing distance of the Gators and Dawgs by the time kids born in '98 turn 30. Might. But I doubt it.
As the story goes, Bullet Bob once threw at his kid during a Father/Son game. LOL But he talked no trash. He barely acknowledged their existence.
This is the first time I can remember that the previous year's champion didn't even receive a single vote in the final poll.
All of which are reasons why they will forever be remembered as a one pump chump, even before the Death Valley Demolition last Saturday. LSU rebuilds. Alabama reloads. Every season.
I wouldn't say that come basketball and baseball season. Not to mention women's soccer.
"He don't know the meaning of that word. In fact, I seen his grades. He don't know the meaning of a lotta words." ~ Bobby Bowden You can tell by the fact that he brags about OAN and such that he's geriatric and thinks the world should revolve around him. He's also probably prone to believing wild conspiracies. All we have to do is invent one and before long it'll be all over r/thedonald.
Condolences to Hail State and the Tigahs.
I live in Clarksville. I went to Austin Peay. Trust me when I tell you that the Govs do not have much of a platform here to to affect change. Not like Hotty Toddy or Hail State do in Mississippi. Certainly not like the Titans. Take your conspiracy theories back to OAN.
Using UCF logic, Minnesota is now the National Champions.
As long as she doesn't give me anything. I had to go to the doctor after doing that movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. I'm still not sure which one it was.
Yeah, okay. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually the King of Anvilania, and I’m going to be starring in a movie where I have a sex scene with Margot Robbie. After that, I’ll be sailing my yacht around the Med before completing my Jedi training. So Hail Hydra, May The Force Be With You, and Roll Tide.
Gotcha beat. I remember when MTV played music videos! :-) Seriously, though ... I can understand that if they went to the biggest game of the week each week that they'd be in the same places all the time. But this is the Cocktail Party. That would make for some much better signage than Memphis/SMU. And I'm saying this as a Bama fan.
Bear did it all the time. I watched him do it to a lineman on national TV when I was a kid. I guarantee you that all you would've said to Bear was, "Yes, Coach."
CBS = Commercials Between Snaps Whenever Bama is on CBS, I find something else to do and use the TuneIn app to listen to Eli Gold. Gary was a lousy QB, and he's a lousy color analyst. Uncle Verne had enough flair to counterbalance Danielson being an idiot. Nessler is no-frills play-by-play, and that only serves to accentuate how awful Danielson it at his job.
Saban's mojo > Lyle's ability to kill a program
I high school you do, because usually you're in a competition. In college, though? At Austin Peay we'd have at least dragged the member off the field when I marched in the Governor's Own. Of course, that was in the 80's, and they would've most likely passed out due to too much pregame, if you get my drift. LOL
Yeah, but LSU will put heart into the game. Auburn was the kid who showed up to the party just for the goody bags.
Please don't say 'kick'. Bama's inability to kick has me traumatized.
He's trying to be an Alex Smith type of troll, but he doesn't realize that Clay Travis is already covering that angle for college football.
I feel the same way. It's not just here, though. I hear it day in and day out.
Don't forget Dubose and Coach Fran. At least Dubose got all of the old money in the boosters to realize that being one of "Bear's Boys" wasn't a guarantee of anything. And yes, I would have to say that after Gene retired, the program hit the point that by the time they hired Shula it was no longer a destination job. Why do you think that decade of hell happened?
Currie was trying to get what he could get. If he could've gotten Frost, he'd have gotten Frost. The fact is that no big names have been interested in Knoxville since the fanbase ran Fulmer off. That's how they ended up with Kiffin, Dooley, and Butch in the first place. Those of us who live in the state have always known that the tail wags the dog in Knoxville. After Sunday, the whole world knows it. They'll be lucky to get someone with ties to the campus at this point. More likely, they'll end up with a coach from a FCS school who wants a SEC job as a resume builder.
Wow, did they ship it in a package of salt? I wonder what it's like to have to watch your highlights on The History Channel instead of on ESPN with the rest of today's sports. (If you could see my face, the look that's on it is like the look you get when you're picking on your little brother. Don't get all tilted.)
'Championship of Life' to the 4th quarter of the state championship ... that was actually a nice segue.