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They can score so much and people seem to forget that the other team scores almost as much. I hope that is the case.
Georgia, Baylor, and Minnesota won't win out. Oklahoma might get a look if they win out. Oregon does not go over Bama if Bama beats Auburn. 1. LSU, 2. Ohio State, 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma / Bama
Congrats to LSU, they have a great football team. The Committee also looks at quality of your loss and common opponents. If Bama beats Auburn it eliminates Oregon. I think 12-1 Oklahoma goes over Bama but I also think Bama is one of the best 4 teams in the country. Good to be LSU and not thinking about any of this instead of Bama hoping for an Oklahoma and possibly Utah loss.
Yah, I was feeling confident until I read this!
For one to assume that this is the year Saban does not have Bama ready to play at an elite level is absurd logic. I at least hope it's some dude at the local bar that gets your money instead of some online book.
I think it's Florida when Mullen gets his QB in a few years, LSU and Joe Burrow, an Ohio State recruit, will not end the dynasty.
You will never be John Christ no matter how hard you try.
I remember the years you describe. The Bama of the 2000s was nowhere near the pre- Spurrier Florida. There were a few bad years, but nothing like the hopelessness of rock bottom.
Hopefully he gets rid of the ball a little quicker if he is pressured. He needs to wait and try to extend plays if it is needed to win, not just because he is a competitor.
The help for the loser of this game has already occurred. Oklahoma Loss to a nobody. Oregon lost to Auburn. ND is out. If this game is close and the loser wins out, there is a good shot they get in.
I disagree. I think the nod will go to the loser of the Bama LSU game if it is a close game, especially if the loser has two losses.
It will be hilarious when they are on here after losing by three scores claiming that the refs gave Bama the game.
Good thing for you Breezy is back and looking great, because LSUs is in for a rude awakening in 11 days.
Why would they be interested in a second rate version of an SEC game when they can wait a week for the real deal?
They weigh in on the quality of your loss as well. LSU will have one of the best losses of the one loss teams and has a legitimate chance of getting in.
They played many home games at Legion Field in Birmingham through the years. They probably lost just as many games, if not more there over the years.
Live it up while it lasts. They party on the Bayou ends on 11/9 and everyone knows it.
Smith took a pretty good shot on the chin before he got ejected, no helmet there.
Talking season is over, get with the times.
Look at Florida's schedule. I am fairly certain the team that squeaked by Miami and Kentucky has had a pretty light schedule so far. Maybe #10 Towson will be tough this Saturday. Your party ends on October 5th.
You take yourself a bit too seriously. All the data in the world doesn't change an opinion statement about a relative word,"plenty". Research a blog post, really? Beating Bama is the only try again you should be worried about, and yes, you need to beat Florida to even get your chance to do that.
Why would you compare QBs against different defenses?