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Let's throw away a natty so we can punish Jalen for transferring when we benched him. That makes perfect sense. You should read your comments before you hit publish dude. Maybe your grade school teachers punish themselves to get even with you, but that's now how the rest of the world works.
This guy has been great at Georgia and will be fort another year. He did miss one that probably puts Georgia in the playoffs this year if it goes through.
LSUSMC - "If it was not Alabama and Clemson there would be no dip in ticket prices." If it was Oklahoma vs ND they might not be the highest ever but I would not be sitting where I will be for as cheap as I am. Bcreek - No one gave me anything in life. I worked for everything I have.
Of those Dallas and Atlanta are not currently on the list for future championships, Los Angeles is. Indy is not a place I would like to go in January, or ever for that matter.
There are several issues in the story that don't make perfect sense. If it was not Alabama and Clemson there would be no dip in ticket prices. It was crazy expensive for Clemson and Alabama fans to go to Phoenix in 2015 and that didn't hurt ticket sales. ND to Miami, Auburn to Pasadena. Hungry fans bases would pay to go. I realize the ND and Auburn scenarios included a BCS invite in early December so the flights were a little bit more reasonable with a month's notice instead of 9 days. Most Clemson fans and Bama fans had a pretty good idea that their teams were going for a few months. Airline tickets can be cancelled with a change fee. Hotel reservations can be cancelled with no fee within 24 hours. I already have my reservations for New Orleans for January 12th and 13th 2020. The weather aspect is a complete joke. Atlanta was freaking miserable last year. The tailgate sucked because of freezing cold rain and the lines to get in where long, freezing, and wet. They delayed all entrances for hours because of the Presidential visit. The writer mentions the weather with no recollection of what the pregame was like last year. I'll admit all other venues where Bama played where great, the Rose Bowl tailgate being my favorite so far. 50 degrees and cloudy in Santa Clara in January does not make for an unpleasant time. A light wind breaker is all that will be needed for the tailgate and perhaps a mid size jacket for the game. You won't need gloves or anything else heavy. Yes, there are no casual college football fans in the Bay Area, but at any of the other Bama championships there were no casual fans either. Come to think of it, in my opinion this was a fairly poorly written article that lacked much insight or research.
It seems to me you should be more interested in getting a chance to play Bama again next year. I guess we all not what the results will be if that happens, thus you look forward to beating SC.
You have no clue how Vegas makes their lines.
I think his chances of success in sports management are excellent as well.
It's funny what people say on a blog post to make themselves feel better. I say things like Georgia will never beat Bama as long as Saban is there. You say things like one of the most successful people in the history of sports is staying where he is at because he can't handle the NFL. Both statements are most likely not true. I'd bet that mine is closer to the truth.
Not pretty sure, an absolute fact.
I hope the players don't have this mentality, but Bama just won the toughest game it will have this year a few weeks ago. All three of the QBs could put up 40 with this offense against Oklahoma.
Bama could be the 1st team to win 15 games. I’m not sure if that is modern era only. I think that is much more important to everyone in Tuscaloosa than what Tua does and very much within sight.
The Zoo keepers need to put him in protective custody after that prediction.
Of course it's too soon. Kirby and UGA will be good for a long time. I was joking.
Is it too early for a beginning of the end comment?
So does the vol train conductor come back now that everything you said all season is wrong?
I agree with the fact that yesterday's game was the national championship. I disagree that the committee lost all credibility. It was actually a pretty easy choice for them. I know I would feel differently if Alabama was in Georgia's situation though. See you next year in Atlanta.
You must be a little hung over this morning.
I'm not even sure Clemson can handle ND. The Irish match up well against Clemson.
But nobody will play us. We refuse to sign anything other than a home and home, and all the Power 5 schools that could help us won't come down here to receive a huge loss of revenue vs a home game for them. It's not our fault, we are the champions. Champions of life.
They are not worried about the Bama game so it is easy for them to go off trolling to make themselves feel better. They, along with everyone knows exactly what is going to happen this Saturday.
I think you mean bloggers. There is a difference between a writer and blogger.
I disagree, I think that even when Georgia loses this Saturday, they are still one of the best 4 teams in the country. Why should a lesser team get a shot instead of them getting a second chance? They are better than Oklahoma and Ohio State. UCF is a joke. Win or lose, Georgia is one of the top 4 teams in the country.
I like Stoops for coach of the year as well.
The Bulldogs are in serious trouble if they need a blog writer on SDS to motivate them for this game.
Wow dude just wow. There are doctors even in rural Alabama that can help you.