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They just did that and look what happened. Harbough will have Michigan ready to play.
They’ll believe until the Heisman drops a 73 yard dime on them. Then the doubt will creep in just like it did to Georgia last night.
Just under 4 weeks for Bama to heal and rest. They’ll be ready.
First time ever a basketball and football team had top three wins on the same day!
It's funny how the narrative moved. Many were saying that if Bama loses a close game, they shouldn't get in. Georgia gets blown out of the stadium against the only playoff caliber team they faced and are still going to get in, which I'm fine with. They are one of the top three teams in CFB this year. Bama would have still been one of the top three teams if they lost a close one last night. You can only wonder what the committee would have done.
You can't underestimate what that means. Auburn consistently plays Bama tougher than they do any other team all year. The QB from A&M played the game of his life. I think everyone being surprised by this has more to do with who Georgia played all year than anything.
They are lions, not sheep in Tuscaloosa. Stetson Bennett was never going to beat Bama. He won’t in January either.
I really hope Bennett has a great game against Michigan!
Rudy was never going to win a title for Georgia. It was just a pipe dream for a team with a decent defense that didn't play an elite QB all season. As soon as they did, they folded.
We know Saban has a robotic mind and doesn’t think about anything but how to win the next game. Does Kirby dream about schemes or possibly about where he wants to play in the first round of the playoffs?
Keep on thinking Georgia has this locked up. One thing is certain, every gave Alabama their best game. Georgia is just another SEC game for most teams. Good thing for you Kirby hasn't put an x in the win column yet.
MD - The odds are in Georgia's favor. I know it a loss will sting Georgia fans way more than it will me. May the best team, not best defense, win!
If Alabama gives Georgia a game and comes up just short late, anyone that says they aren't one of the top 4 teams in the nation has an ulterior motive.
I’m not sure if any surgeons receive a bonus if the Packers win the Super Bowl. Why hate on a man that donates a bonus to a good cause?
Mount Cody’s FG blocks, AJs screen to TJ, Several games against UGA and Florida. They win more of these type of games than they loose.
Those type of fans aren’t the die hard fans that Saban is refereeing to the team representing.
I think a overwhelming majority of Bama fans are not bandwagon fans. That’s more of a pro thing or maybe a Boise State type thing. Most of us were watching Perkins, Curry, Stallings, etc. I disagree with Saban a bit on this though, I think this is a media narrative and not a fan narrative. They’ve only played one regular season game since 2008 without at least a chance of playing for a title. Anyone disappointed with that or the team this year has issues besides Bama football team.
The missing can’t be accomplished until they win a natty. Are they big enough and fast enough. We will see.
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut or buckeye, or pea, whatever it is, on occasion. Bama would run Ohio State out of the stadium the same as last year. What's special is a keyboard tough guy that needs to go back 8 years because their team is only relevant once a decade. I think Mac just threw another TD!
You are behind the times, they are going to have a much better basketball season than Arkansas this year.
This is the 1st time since 2009 Bama hasn’t been on Gameday in the regular season. They did make Gameday once that year though.
AUpup, what are you worried about? If Georgia is that good then the SEC championship should be a walk in the park. To think, we are an Oregon (down early to Utah) or Cinncy loss away from Georgia having to beat Bama twice to win this title. This Georgia team is so unbeatable you shouldn’t be worried about anything.