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I was hugely disappointed when Rich Rod didn’t take the Bama job. What a fool I was.
Being God in Louisiana doesn't make you God of the NFL. I'd be career suicide to threaten to not play for the Bengals. What GM or owner in their right mind would trade for him after he tried something like that.
I don't see them winning out. Would a possible deep SEC Tourney run get them in, say 18 wins and at least make the finals? I think the NIT is this teams future.
Hotels can be cancelled. The flight booking date was after the LSU game. I lost on the reservations, but it still works out cheaper over time. It’s called planning, when you go every year it’s easy.
You can dream can't you. We are not worried about anything but reserving hotels for January 11th in Miami, putting the team ticket reservation dates on our calendars, determining when to pull the trigger on the flights. You probably don't know what I'm talking about, but Bama fans get ready for the championship in the off season, not worry about other teams. I'll book my ticket to Miami on 9/20/20.
They are proposing that in MLB so that is probably where you got that from.
And the name that will get them there is Dylan Moses!
It’s goi g to be even funnier when Georgia loses to that class in September.
I'm kind of fond of the UGA home blackout look.
As one of the world's pound for pound greatest boxers Roy Jones Jr. once said, "And they got the nerve to say I ain't fight nobody I just make em look like nobody Ya'll musta forgot!" Can you name a team they will play against more NFL bound athletes next year?
Winning 12 games doesn't mean what it used to. It's similar to 10 or so wins in the BCS era and 9 or so pre-BCS era.
They should have played the title game Monday. This extra week is weird.
I read somewhere it was over not giving up his cell phone for the game.
There is nothing stopping him from getting an insurance policy per his current draft grade. It will be more expensive because of his injuries, but per NCAA rules Bama can pay for it.
Don’t confuse Vol Train Boy was being a Bama fan.
I love that they are all mentioning unfinished business!