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Cottage Hiil Rams, Municipal RaIders, 6A area 1 runner up as a junior (bench), and 6A area one division winner at Murphy High School as a senior (starter) in Mobile. Alabama 6A honorary ball boy on the North squad at the 95 Senior Bowl for athletes that competed in 6A ball in Bama that were not collegiate prospects. You sir are a liar. Nothing I’ve said, whether stupid or in disagreement with your opinion is made up. Stop lying.
I know you are a baby boomer on the last lap. Running down the foothills.
Bandwagon my ass, been Bama bound since I was 5 in 82. I bring AJ up because he was never an elite QB at the collegiate level, yet, Bama developed him into one of the most decorated QB’s in NCAA history. Saban has never had a Newton, Tebow, or an elite QB and you say he can’t coach. Name anyone besides Jones that won a title that was not an elite QB in the last decade. What kind of idiot says AJ won because he was elite and not coached up? He is going to Arizona and Bo was a better RB than Walker.
I wouldn’t bet on it, but It’s probable that you have made comments on how bad AJ was.
Ever hear of AJ McCarron? I guess it was the line and RB’s that won two and almost a third in a row.
Connor had been nipping a little when he wrote that article.
No one from our kansas will ever be worthy of a Heisman.
Bo Jackson is easily the best offensive player in NCAA history. Walker is a close second. Derrick Thomas is by far the best collegiate athlete ever.
I am so confident that I already bought my reservation for Santa Clara at collegefootbalplayofftickets.com. When Bama goes, I get to buy 4 face value tickets, If they don't make it, I lose the $1,200 reservation fee. Do you have your reservation? Do you have your plane ticket booked? Do you have a hotel reserved? 5 in 9. The way that Bama shut down the "best" running in the country in the second half of the natty with out Kirby is really troublesome. ven if those bad days come back, Georgia will never win 5 in 9. If Bama never wins another game I will still have experienced more championships than Georgia will in your entire life, and you know it.
Actually, this is the first off season that they have posted basketball stuff that I can remember.
The #1 reason Bama is not worried is that Georgia has averaged as the #2 highest class since they started tracking recruits in 2002 and is the only team in the top 10 besides Oklahoma and Michigan that have not won a title. Even perennial bottom dweller LSU has a couple. Even Clemson got one.
I am forgetful in my old age. Please remind me when the last time Mizzou won anything important. Tossing out names from other lack luster programs does not make you better. The SEC made a huge mistake when they let you cupcakes in. The recruiting and TV market in your state is nowhere near worth the revenue you get to have drip on you from the Tide.
That is one of the best perspectives I have read on this bog in the last few years.
USC and UGA have the same amount of titles in the last three decades. Stop blowing your load because you made the dance. Fact - Bama wins them. Opinion - Georgia might win one at some point in the future. Stop picking on USC fans you fn natty losing punk. Did I just read that correctly, is a losing punk from Georgia trying to bully someone. #5 in 9. I was at the game. I saw Tua drop that beautiful pass into Smiths hands in OT live. I saw the weak dawg fans that where barking at me all night just hang their heads and leave as we got to watch the stage get built and Saban smile. You are pathetic. Same you as your non title winning dawgs. You disgrace the army as well. We all know your punk ass never saw combat.
Deep in the heart of Dixie. Their might be a reason all SEC states rank among the lowest in education, income, etc., and highest in poverty and obesity. I’m not saying it’s because of guns, but when that is your priority at the ballot box over educational funding look at the results.
This Bama class that you label as a loser on NSD in 2018 will win three nattys!
Who gives a crap about spell checking a blog? Spelling is not the issue, it's blogging after happy hours drinks at Gordon Biersch looking out at Alcatraz and Treasure Island that causes me not to worry about spell check or iPad auto correct issues. Your punk butts just blew Kirby for a number one class and then you are accusing me of kissing a life sized cut out of Saban after 5 titles in 9 years. How funny and embarrassing for you. Congratulations on your class finishing number one today. Congratulations for losing the title game this year. I am pretty positive that was your goal going into the lockers at half time, job well lost!!!
Bro, no one will remeber anything about what UCF did this year in 2 - 3 years. Everyone will remeber that Tua drooped a 41 hard bomb on Georgia to win the title in his first half of meaningful collegiate action.
Mountain Dog, not graduating from the school you are a fan of is irrelevant. That’s a tired and elitist argument shared by actuall middle of the pack people. I watched Bama with my grandma starting when I was around 8 because she was a grad and my grandfather played ball their but didn’t graduate as he left to defend his country in the Pacific in WW2. When he got back, he had a family and didn’t have the ability to go back to school and graduate so you take that argument and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I didn’t attend Alabama for various reasons and you are sick if you think you are a a better Georgia fan than I am a Bama fan ecause of that. I’ve have pretty successful career building apartment and office buildings all over this country, so just because you went to Georgia and work as an insurance salesman or some stupid crap, doesn’t mean that my education at more lucrative places than where my college football allegiance falls means you are a better fan than me. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with my career and knowledge of Bama football with you any time.
If you have no respect for Alabama pitting southern football on the map in 1925 by best might Washington in the Rose Bowl then you are just showing your ignorance. I’ll give the 41 title, but there are a few Bama was robbed of as well. They have support groups and classes for jealousy issues. You’ve never bossed anyone and Vanderbilt fans have no business in the conversation jealous tool. You are just like the rusted screw driver next to my drill.
Judging from listening to graduates of both schools, he might need a few more years of learning to compete with UA grads.
I hear this is because of his expected finish in recruiting tomorrow. Also, don’t doubt the man that has 5 in 9. That is simply foolish.
His wife hates him for blowing his load to early as well. Reminds of the Florida and LSU dynasties, wait never mi d, neither of those schools have ever had anything even remotely close to a dynasty, much less one that has lasted a decade. I try to be silent on this blog, but the ignorance of someone me Georgia posters is freakin hilarious. I hear they are building a statue of Kirby in Athens on campus.
That’s what the hicks from Warner Robbins were saying to me inside the Benz on 1/8. I think Saban proved that catching Georgia was an achievable task. I said before the game and I’ll say it again, you guys blew your load to early. To hear you talk crap after Bama hoisted the trophy proves your ignorance. Recruit all you want but only ignorant people get used to thinking they we’ll beat Saban , especially when it hasn’t happened in over a decade. What an imbesile you are.