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This is not right. I played for a now legendary coach in Mobile in the early to mid 90's that was an average coach. his name was terry Curtis. He had some minor success in the late 80's and early 90's at Shaw high school in Mobile. He came to Murphy at the beginning of my Jr. year in 1993. We had amazing talent but he called plays horribly and in my Senior year at 9-1 ranked 2nd in the state we lost to Daphne because he called a crappy game. he leaves a few years later and goes to McGill Toolen and has now won 4 or 5 state titles because they are a private school and can offer scholarships in high school. This along with this academy is wrong and only happens in the back woods of the south.
Deacon Blues is the best SEC fight song ever!
You guys are lame. Why is this a post?
wah, wah, wah. Thank you for the title you helped Bama get, but so long!
The 4 out of 4 by Clemson cost Bama a title. Just one stop was all that was needed. Does anyone know what the red zone stats were in the 2015 Clemson game?
It would be sweet to get two Iron Bowls from time to time in back to back games.
You are just like the screwdriver next to my drill, a jealous tool. It's not my fault LSU is middle of the pack. Has LSU left New Orleans since the 2011 BCS championship? I painted a 50 yard line on I 10 and last I heard they couldn't figure out how to cross it. How does it feel to have the best running back in the history of college football go to your school and not,do anytime no? Troll elsewhere tool.
You are a useless tool. Learn how the response flow works before you try to police the internet loser.
Get over yourself loser. It's a blog. If an article post about the best 1st round pick from each team pops up and someone post their opinion of the best draft pick ever from a school and you have to go correct on them then you need a life. If Insinuating that I can't read makes your feel better then keep it up, but we both know it's a weak attempt for you to try to make yourself feel big. I am fluent in three languages fool.
You are right. I do not pay attention to Mississippi St. draft picks that closely. Although not pertaining to the exact subject of the article I still stand behind my statement. It is not wrong for someone to veer off subject slightly on a blog internet police dude. Dak Prescott is the best player to ever go through the Bulldog program and the Dallas Cowboys will benefit more from picking him then any other franchise has ever benefited from picking a player from Mississippi State.
I think Dak is the best Mississippi State draft pick ever. The way he ousted Romo and took over for the Cowboys was impressive.
It's Georgia, you can't surpass the Richt era. That was your glory days.
Stretching and impossible are two different things.
If anything it will strengthen their classes. He will close a bunch of talent in December and then can re focus on what he needs in February.
Pebbles, you only dream of the life I live. In the last 8 months I've been to London, Paris, Rome, New York, and Chicago. I live in Silicon Valley. I work about 30 hours a week at an annual salary over what your entire trailer park is worth. Keep reaching child. Zeitgeist on Valencia St., Pizza Florida in Rome. The Dome in Florence. Picasso Museum. You are so blinded by your ignorance punk.
Pot calling the kettle black. How does it feel to know that your school just wasted the best recruiting it will ever have on crappy seasons?I'm sorry if you are not up on modern culture bulldawgpebble, being from Mississippi at least you have an excuse. The expression is correct, go back to school. Wait, never mind, school in Mississippi can't help you.
You are a fool Willy. The west will not have a race. It will be decided in early November when Bama takes out LSU candidates are jokes. If you actually believe Kentucky you r SC can challenge in the East I've got some coastal land in South Florida I coud sell you really cheap.This post is a joke as some stupid add is blocking the right half of my screen. Again SDS are just a bunch of sellout bloggers.
Joe, stop telling tall tales. You know as well as everyone at LSU, Auburn, and Georgia knows that Bama is going to win the SEC. The Kick Six was once in a lifetime, won't happen again. Whatever this new QB they have, he is not CAM. Give it up.
Sorry everyone, it's a 2 team race. Alabama and the field. None of the other four teams mentioned pose a serious threat.
When examining your statement and his post, must would agree that you have a very poor understanding of hyperbole is John. Your kind of like the guy that makes a mistakes when correcting grammar on a blog post.
Why did they draft him? Cleaveland being Clevaeland?
Except we live in the real world where he will be driving a Budweiser truck 5 years from now talking about that one time he knocked off Bama.
You have no clue what happened. Stop acting like you have special knowledge folk. Stick to Missouri articles about being middle of the road.
You must not pay that much attention. Please change your name asslicker.
Again, SDS got me with a false headline. As far as Spurier zingers goes this is a 3.