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Sorry dude, you can’t bash on a blog site for blogging. If you want news, there are ways to find news.
Why are Georgia fans so quick to predict the future? Not trying to be an ass, just wondering. At half time in the Georgia Dome last January, I must have had over a thousand Dawg fans tell me how bad they were going to kick Bama’s ass. I’m not talking about the bad Dawg fans, Even the elderly gentlemen right behind us were singing overly loud some crap about a new kid in town. How about win something, then talk.
You are 100% correct about both of your statements.
Connor, the reference to tax day was weird. An overwhelming majority of people don’t care about tax day. Stick to poor football reporting.
As a Saints fan I hate that pick. That makes ATL an even scarier division rival. Happy for Calvin though.
The difference between you and I is that the dreams of my youth came true. Alabama returned to glory in my lifetime. Saban out did the Bear. You just have dreams of Kirby doing things, which nobody knows will happen. It's good to have dreams though dude. It also sucks for the Dawg women out there because you guys historically blow your loads to early. I feel sorry for them because just like you, they never know satisfaction. Stop being a DB, wait until you win something before you post ignorant comments. You sound just like the old dude behind e that was saying some ignorant crap about a new kid in town as Tua dropped a 41 yard bomb to Smith. Get a life Mr. 2nd place man.
"UK just tossed them into the river out back of the arena" So you can insult me, but don't expect to get insulted back? Weird? I'm glad that we come form a country full of Natural Born Leaders that help shaped the history of the world. Whether you accept that or contributed is not for me to decide, but it doesn't change the facts.Nice win today Cats, they do on the hardwood what Georgia wishes they could do in football. Maybe one day with, your #1 class you can get there.
I could be wrong, but I do believe you insulted me being from Alabama before I discussed anything about you a year or so back. Typically I make comments about teams and do not respond to idiots until they tell me that Bama is going to lose in football, which we all know is stupid. I do appreciate any and all service that anyone did to protect the innocent and weak around the world and no lie you can type will change that fact.
LSUMC - Yes they both get info from odd sources that are not main stream, the same as you that are good insights. It's just fun to tell them they are idiots because they love to say that to other people. I can't remember 5 to 6 years back when I first started visiting this blog, but I would be willing to bet that I never made fun of either of them until they said some ignorant crap about by Alabama upbringing.
BT, nobody cares about you. You lie. I don't troll anything. Just because I have a career that mandates that I am not afforded the time to read and post about every article on SDS does not mean I am a troll. Why make up lies? I'm die hard Crimson dude and I don't lie like you do. Look through my posts and you will see that I might say some stupid stuff, but I don't lie like you do child. Does the small thing between your legs tickle a little when you lie? I was a ball boy on the 94 Senior Bowl as a Senior from Murphy in Mobile. Kerry Collins was the QB for the North, the late McNair was the QB for the South. How does it feel to know that you make up lies on the internet? Liar.
I remember this old dude on the 5th row right behind me singing some stupid crap before the half about,"There's a new kid in town" I guess we all learned our lessons this year. Cats rule the hardwood and Bama rules the gridiron. And there is nothing anyone can type that changes those facts. Sucks to be Georgia who has to bow to LSU is baseball as well.
You will die before you can say that you saw Georgia win a natty old man.
Hey bro, yah, I can walk my comment back. Kentucky did what Kentucky does in basketball. It still was impressive that Bama earned their ticket to the dance by destroying Auburn who won the regular season. Kind of like in football this year when Auburn and Georgia won the regular season but Bama hoisted the natty! I'm not saying bama will even win a game in the tourney, but I am saying I was on the 4th row of the upper deck when Devonte Smith caught a walk of natty on the opposite side of the end zone than where I was sitting.
Is it just me or is it funny to watch these old white ladies cheer for the the black dudes destroying Alabama right now.Yes BT - Die hard Bama here but can admit that Kentucky is doing what they do on the hardwood. Kind of like you do to hard things.Kentucky will be in the final 4 of my bracket.
I might be an ignorant dude born in Mobile, but bandwagon and troll are not accurate. I've got pictures with posters of Derrick Lassic on my wall as a kid. Teague's got the ball. He's got the ball. Punk kid, go take a nap.
BT - since you love to correct people, you missed that I stated Bama was elite 8 in 2008, that was when I sold my house, not when I bought it in 2004 when they actually made the Elite 8. You are a blowhard Alabama fan and we all dismiss you. Rammer Jammer biatch! You probably try to suck your own junk.
BamaTime, I'm sorry I did not read your post in full before my last response, but what the F dude. Look at my posts, nothing even remotely relates to me being a Georgia fan. I actually had to restrain my brother from fighting a Georgia fan in the Benz on a Monday in early January, a game that you unfortunately was not able to attend with me. You are freaking delusional and just lost all credibility. Google Scarborough Middle School. I'm the first picture on the 1994 Murphy High School yearbook. You literally open the front cover and see me sweating my ass off on an August afternoon on the second practice of the day. Liar! Just because you disagree with what I say does not change the fact that you lied today on a blog post. Liar. Type some more lies if you want but you are a liar!
Bamatime = liar. I’ve listened to Eli or watched every Bama football game 85. Keep lying bro if it makes you feel better, just because I corrected you on one post a few years ago you do not have the right to lie, liar! Facts bro, I state truth, you lie. It’s really crappy that you get to lie on the internet without repercussion. I’ve left you alone got a whole because you’ve actually made slime good pints lately, and then you bust out this lie. Born and bread in Bama son, and nothing you can type changes that fact!
Isn’t 6 the record from the SEC in one tournament? I like Bama’s chances vs. Kentucky today. I think they have a chance to beat either Tennessee or Arkansas as well. Collin Sexton is a baller. If he is hot they could make a sweet 16 or Elite 8 run.
I actually do appreciate your service. I’m not as bad as you think, just a smart ass.
LSUMC, you got me. I do not always care about Bama basketball as much as football. I’m in Northern California so I do not get to watch games all season because I don’t pay for cable. I do watch every time they are on. Please don’t hold my reactions to Auburn fans blog posts against me. Looks like I have a bit of space in your head as well.