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1st - Langham’s interception that saved the BCS and eventual playoffs. 2nd - The one with Tebow’s reared that announced the changing of the guard back to it’s rightful protector.
Yes, you never know in advance of a season what a win or loss against Auburn will mean on the national stage.
Saban is dictating policy here. The SEC will not be going to a 9 game conference schedule.
It will take three season to have that much fun at Ole Miss.
My Fitbit says my sleep score was 92 last night.
2nd and 26. Tebow crying announcing the shift or power. He’s got the ball, Teauge’s got the ball!
People, talk to your parents, especially if they smoke.
Kirby - what's rare is Georgia national titles. JTF - the off season after the loss is still fair game. Falcon - Why come on to one board that, is not in a frenzy and say look at those other boards that are in a frenzy? Did you do the same thing on those boards and mention SDS? Guys - It's a big personality loss for Bama, but I do not think any top recruits came to Bama because they saw Cochran on TV or met him on a visit. Losing the big time coordinators is much harder to deal with than Cochran, Herb is over reacting for reactions in a slow sports part of the year.
Bama at 15-0 would be sweet. Especially if they get Ohio State and Clemson in the playoffs. That would require them beating the the last 6 teams that beat them.
Go back to school and learn the definition of obscene before continuing to display your ignorance.
I was hugely disappointed when Rich Rod didn’t take the Bama job. What a fool I was.
Being God in Louisiana doesn't make you God of the NFL. I'd be career suicide to threaten to not play for the Bengals. What GM or owner in their right mind would trade for him after he tried something like that.
I don't see them winning out. Would a possible deep SEC Tourney run get them in, say 18 wins and at least make the finals? I think the NIT is this teams future.
Hotels can be cancelled. The flight booking date was after the LSU game. I lost on the reservations, but it still works out cheaper over time. It’s called planning, when you go every year it’s easy.
You can dream can't you. We are not worried about anything but reserving hotels for January 11th in Miami, putting the team ticket reservation dates on our calendars, determining when to pull the trigger on the flights. You probably don't know what I'm talking about, but Bama fans get ready for the championship in the off season, not worry about other teams. I'll book my ticket to Miami on 9/20/20.
They are proposing that in MLB so that is probably where you got that from.