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Many people said the same thing about Mac’s talent level.
For fans of other teams, sure. For teams with the killer defenses it’s absolutely entertaining to watch them perform.
It's funny to see all you rednecks pounding your chest about by who's better. Florida is the drain and you are all the bowl. Some of the most inbred, drug addicted, toothless people on the planet come from Tennessee. Alabama and Georgia are no better. The south seems stuck in the 20th century to the rest of the world.
I don’t think you realize that you just complimented Bama.
Jones is a dying breed. Businesses and coaches that can't adapt to the times will become irrelevant unless you are a plumber. Chances are you would be lying if you said you would not take an opportunity to give your family a better life. Accusing kids of being un-American for taking a chance at a better life is pretty un-American in and of itself.
Luck never won anything and Eli has more rings than his brother.
No but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. X-ray vision is your super power? Not hardly.
Hey Dave, I know you are worried because Bama is 0-2 when the OC leaves but a far more important stat is they are undefeated when Labron wins a title!
Plays I've viewed the most in my lifetime. 1. 2nd and 26 2. The interception heard around the world 3. This hurdle!!!
Sark will call a great game and has enough character to game plan efficiently this week. Planning for your future is what most humans do. You can't blame Locksley for Tua's performance in Santa Clara. Lawrence played lights out and everything he tossed up was caught. Tua was off, I like to think because of nagging injuries.
They will come to realize what most people already know over the next 3 -4 seasons. 2017 was the peak.
Uncleknub are you a short person, because this went way over your head.
Not saying it's a possibility, but what what the record be for former assistant coaches be after Gus was no longer on his staff. Would they then be able to say a former assistant has beaten him?
Nobody is telling you to stand by. Do something besides cry on the web though, it's a bad look.
Enjoy your 4 loss seasons bro because that's all you are going to have until you find a coach no matter how many times run around the basement pounding your chest over a weak division title like a clown over a pathetic season.
Even if he does all that I can guarantee you he won't be tossing a shoe!
You are crotch grabin crab stealin right!
Scribe - you are responding to a confused troll to validate your opinion. The stats you post below clearly indicate that Mac had a afar superior year. When adjusted for number of plays per game required it isn't even close. Keep on clouding your biased mind with the playing time argument below. Trask fumled away his Heisman consalation
You are confused as Mac definitely has better stats. Just because a team doesn't run and the QB has to play all 4 quarters doesn't mean they few statistical categories he leads in a better than another. Wins, yards per attempt, completion percentage, QBR ratings etc., are the stats that are most important. You might as well say Trask should get the Heisman because he had to play for Mullet instead of Saban.
Fumbles in the SEC championship does lose games though.
If there is an MVP award Trask should get it but the Heisman if for the most outstanding player. Fumbling away your teams conference title shot has to count for something. I do agree with you though, Smith, Mitchee, and Bolden are far superior receivers than Pitts and Toney - thank you for reminding us of that.
Agreed, the much more efficient of the two will win. Trask fumbled away his Heisman just as Marco threw away their season.
Does the blank avatar mark you as mentally empty? Please inform us what your Mom told you should happen.