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It’s a good thing for Bama fans that Saban understands that the value of the game film is infinitely more important than a final score or covering a line.
Enjoy your two week dude and make sure not to get caught up by Kentucky.
I guess I'm kind of clueless unless you meant call a lawyer. I don't have a lawyer and most people I know don't have one either.
I’d be fun if they could regulate how much noise is pumped in based off who is watching. If I could press a button or something online every time an opposing offense takes a snap against Bama at home I’d do it.
I agree Tiger TD, they are in the exact opposite order of what the reality will be.
They had a pick em 4 or 5 seasons back and the winner was supposed to get a trip to the SEC Championship but they stopped it sometime mid season with no explanation.
I'll consider your laughable comparison as soon as tens of thousands of people pack stadiums or millions of people tune in to watch a sweat shop worker in China make the Air maxes that Mr. knight is going to sell me.
It seems as if they are trying there hand in the real world. Our opinions will not determine if they succeed or not.
The left coast that is the 5th largest economy in the world. Change has to start somewhere.
The employees should always be the ones making the demands. If their demands don't merit their contributions to the product then they won't be met. For you to say what you think someones pay should be is absurd. Working for what the state thinks you should make is Communism.
Saying someone can't demand a raise is the very definition of anti-capitalist. Some boomer fan wanting the ad and bowl execs to keep the profit instead of the kids that produce it is weird.
Goug- why do you object to them asking for more? Have you ever asked for a raise? I could understand if it would cost you more money to buy the product, but that is not the case here. If the market doesn’t dictate more pay, they won’t get a raise and if they hold their guns then the product will be inferior. It makes no sense to not pay them market value.
The market dictates pay in a capitalist economy, not the employer or consumer.
So you are going to punish them by doing what they are saying they won't do if you don't give in to their demands. Dad, I'm going to cry if you don't give me candy. Girl, how dare you make demands, take this chocolate bar and eat it, because I'm never going to give in to your demands.
Wow, 6 of the top 12 classes in the nation are SEC teams.
Please correct me if I’m wrong but Ole Miss went to a bowl game less than 16 years ago.
I remember when Florida and LSU were pretty mediocre programs. Along cane someone that changed it for those programs.
1st - Langham’s interception that saved the BCS and eventual playoffs. 2nd - The one with Tebow’s reared that announced the changing of the guard back to it’s rightful protector.
Yes, you never know in advance of a season what a win or loss against Auburn will mean on the national stage.
Saban is dictating policy here. The SEC will not be going to a 9 game conference schedule.
It will take three season to have that much fun at Ole Miss.
My Fitbit says my sleep score was 92 last night.
2nd and 26. Tebow crying announcing the shift or power. He’s got the ball, Teauge’s got the ball!