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You are becoming LSUMC Jr. Nice sentence structure though.
Sad but true, Bama 1st string vs. Bama 2nd string would be the best game this year!
You Dawgs have fun. Enjoy the next 6 weeks. Deep down, you know you don't want any of this Bama squad! Any of you that say you do are just fools or liars.
What LSUMC? You are missing a few words there. Sipping a bit? The blog was about injuries, not rosters. Do you have any injury stats? If not, please stop trolling Bama articles.
Honestly, the only one of those I expected to see was Jacob Eason. I specifically posted that 4 of them would not happen after reading off season articles.
Like the nature boy used to say. Alabama is the man. Hats off to A&M. Great game.
Any thoughts of grandeur you have are just delusions. Fromm, Eason, hell Joe Montana couldn't make this team win the SEC. The only thing Alabama lite about Georgia is going to be the scores they have against common opponents. Please remember to bring your black jerseys to Atlanta if you make it there. Hows that 7 -0 Vandy lead feel at the end of 1?
I've been to Lincoln. It was a painful experience. I'll take the white sand a crystal clear water over corn fields any day. You can brag about winning games all you want. There is a reason they call Tuscaloosa Title Town dude. You can fool yourself into believing Nebraska is a better job than Alabama. While your doing that, we'll add a few more titles to the Trophy case. You know what they say about assuming don't you? I've been to 42 states and 12 countries. Nebraska is one of the worst and most boring places on the planet.
The dynasty will end but Georgia will not have anything to do with it.
Connor - there is no can. Will or will not. Georgia will not beat Bama this year and therefore can not beat Bama. Grow a pair.
Poor journalism Adam. I guess that's what we get from a blog. Why not list the current record holder? Are you lazy or incompetent? Why not state that you tried to search it 4 times and it didn't come up on Google so you quit. Why state something in a headline that you have absolutely zero clue about? You are just a hack. I know 6th graders that can do better. If SDS wants to buy the information I can provide the current quarter and play records in Division 1 and FBS.
My offensive line coach at Murphy criminally assaulted one of the back ups my Junior year for talking to this friends in the stands. He literally slapped his helment so hard he had a neck brace for a week or so.
He knows as well as any that the process works. The only thing that matters is am I going to do what it takes right now, to get better and prepare myself for this Saturday.
It's a shame Kiffin couldn't figure out hot to use him more.
Guys, sorry, I don't mean any disrespect, I just don't see how beating a bunch of teams that will end with 3-5 losses is more impressive than being the first team to beat two SEC teams in a row by more than 50 points since WWII. VT - 8-4, AU - 9-3, Kent ST. - Who cares, Boston College - 5-7. Really? That is more impressive than ending the season of Clemson's only challenge in the ACC? You fools sound like you think the ACC is tougher than the SEC. Wait until the draft chumps.
Only one of those squads will end the season ranked. Stop disrespecting a squad that just posted 59 point plus wins, not points, in the SEC for the first time since WWII. Your bias shows. Please bring your black jerseys to Atlanta in December.Clemson - "Thank you Alabama, for ending the season of the only team in our conference that could challenge us"Get the hell out of here chump! Bama 48 - Georgia 10 in Atlanta in December. Enjoy your 10 win season troll.
I listen to Eli when watching the games, so I didn't catch the ESPN mention.
He's got to be school media. I can't imagine they would let recruits bring cameras on the sidelines.
Fact - Alabama leads the nation in scoring D. Fact - Alabama is second in the SEC to Georgia, not Auburn in total D. Fact - you blew your load too early. How is an Alabama fan that responds to a blog that has Alabama in the title a troll boy? Fact - Alabama will beat Auburn in November.
Yah, but ending FSU's season is way better than losing to Clemson.
Who else besides media get to bring cameras to the sideline?