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You are lying or obviously know nothing of the realities of an injury.
This has to be another log in for that dawgs troll. That or he is not sharp enough to compare the OOC schedule of two teams, which have one common opponent in Louisville.
The good thing for Alabama fans is that he would much rather win the natty the the Heisman.
I’d take the Bills very heavily at that spread. I’d need around 42 - 50 to consider Bama.
Ole Nicky is going to shake all the way to a 50 point victory Saturday.
I wonder if Dabo, Urban, and Justin Fuente are the only three coaches who don't have Bama 1st.
Everyone knows Saban says the team that is up next is the best on all sides of the ball. It doesn't mean Saban or anyone else really believes it.
Nice win for Georgia, but I don't agree that it is the most impressive win of the 2018 college football season.
I've heard Hurts might be driving a few our east to play on the plains next year. Any truth to that rumor?
Big Obama fan based on my stock portfolio performance over the last decade. Hopefully you can say the same thing.
Jordan, do you even watch CFB? Alabama was using the turnover belt before the chains or garbage cans, before anyone.
I understand the game planning aspect verse Tua, but the question of how he responds on the road is a joke. The kid has ice water in his veins as proven when he came in against the second best defense in the country on the road (66% Dawgs fans) and delivered.
Actually it probably is relevant. If the schedules were reversed last year between Bama and Georgia and they had the same results, Ohio State most likely kelt gets in over Georgia.
At this point anyone who questions a decision Saban makes about Alabama football is a fool.
Thank you SDS for posting the fall Saturday's menu.
Agreed. It’d be cool if he had a great season.
None of those things could happen to her so she does not care.
That's exactly what I was thinking along with who is she?