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Santa Clara is in Northern California son. You should try reading a book or news article sometime instead of wasting away on a sports board.
You are correct. I only watch two types of football, Alabama football, and good football. I apologize for not paying attention to bad football from all schools in Mississippi in 2009.
It can't be 50. The two streaks in the 50's and 60's were 63 weeks. I would guess it was meant to be 69. They had a three weeks in 2014 and three in 2015. I can't think of any time between the early 60's and High Freeze where they sniffed the top 10.
The thing I fear most about Georgia is their black jerseys.
If you do not feed the stray abused mutt, it will go away.
Your like the old dude behind me in Atlanta last January after Tua got sacked. He blew his load too early.
I dropped 10K in Reno last week at 3/5 for Bama to win it all. Why do we all respond to this punk?
Funny how Stanford is #1 because their women's teams preform better than their men's teams.
Just remember to wear your black jersey's next time you the honor of playing against the GOAT.
They are going to catch you over 4,000 yards of passes from Tua this fall.
He checks in at 10/1, 4th best odds in the country. That's kind of ridiculous for someone who has never started a game in college.
lol, I heard he has to take his fast food wrappers to Saban's office because he couldn't even have a waste basket in his.
The Peole obviously does not know anything about Bear Bryant. Try reading something besides SDS before you comment on things. Mountain Dawg, yes Saban is the best coach ever, but that does not take a single thing away from Bear Bryant, even though it seems as if that is your intent.
Sorry dude, you can’t bash on a blog site for blogging. If you want news, there are ways to find news.
Why are Georgia fans so quick to predict the future? Not trying to be an ass, just wondering. At half time in the Georgia Dome last January, I must have had over a thousand Dawg fans tell me how bad they were going to kick Bama’s ass. I’m not talking about the bad Dawg fans, Even the elderly gentlemen right behind us were singing overly loud some crap about a new kid in town. How about win something, then talk.
You are 100% correct about both of your statements.
Connor, the reference to tax day was weird. An overwhelming majority of people don’t care about tax day. Stick to poor football reporting.