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I agree with Thomas and Walker. I would debate Amari a bit before I declared him the winner. I would lean towards Tebow. Cam had the best season but Tebow had the best career. Thomas wins the final four in runaway fashion.
The 42% of you that voted for Jadeveon Clowney over Derrick Thomas are either fools, children who didn't watch Thomas play, or biased. DT was the greatest defender in NCAA History.
Auburn and LSU are equal threats in my opinion. Auburn has ended Bama championship runs, recently and in the past. I don't recall LSU ever ending a Bama title run.
You are most assuredly from a nowhere Mountain if you think this will change the fact that Foster will collect a check bigger than every amount of money your entire family tree has received from the beginning of time in May. This kid is an instant millionaire and will start somewhere next year on Sundays.
One day, maybe in the future, SC can win the east again, maybe one day. Stop Clowneying fool. At least Foster played every play his last year.
To bad this "thug" will make more money in May than your entire family tree has from the beginning of history. Go back to the barn and give your cow some lovin.
No, Foster will just collect his multiple million dollar signing bonus in May.
You are about as smart as the rocks in the bottom of my fish tank.
Yo Andrew, where are you gonna be this afternoon. Let's hook up. I need some of the stuff you are smoking. 1. GA 2. Tenn 3. SC 4. FL 5. Kentucky 6. Vandy 7. Missouri
Foster will be paid millions in another two months or so. The only person in the entire world that would call him a loser, is of course, the loser John Christ. Nice click bait blogger.
Except San Francisco is a much better place to live than Cleveland.
Maybe in Texas it takes you guys a half a day to read this?
What are you saying? 30 seconds to read this and you think you can only comment if you care? Get a life.
Very classy dude. OJ Howard will might still be on the board when the Pats get to their pick.
It's good to be the King.
I think Bo will start against FSU.
It seems like he bounced around a lot in the league. I'm sure if Saban made the hire it will be fine.