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Why would you compare QBs against different defenses?
Agreed, most likely the next guy will not be as successful. But, unless Saban sticks around too long, which I don't think he will, the guy will inherit a loaded roster.
They can get smacked by their three toughest opponents and still finish 2nd in the east.
What people say doesn't really matter when opinions are already formed. Good thing they signed a few athletes this week, because next week the beginning of the end is upon Saban and Bama. I do not think any coaches that have a serious chance at signing the players Saban is after will say that he blames the loss on his assistants and players to a recruit. It's laughable to think that a statement like that would sway a decision. The age factor might start becoming an issue, but his comments at Media Days this year won't cost Bama anything on the recruiting trail.
Michael, not sure where you went trick or treating but the poorer families in Southern Alabama were better scores than the rich ones.
Unfortunately for Georgia they will need to beat Alabama to win a natty, not Florida.
One of these decades Georgia will beat Alabama again. Then you can relax a little more. I hope.
Not as far fetched as SC staying within one score of Bama.
Yep, and they are paying the least if he hangs it up in 2025. That will be close to two decades of Bama not losing to Georgia.
Auburn has a better chance of beating Bama this year than Georgia.
Berkeley is called Cal due to them being the first campus of the UC System and remaining to this day the flagship of the University of California. When they started competing in collegiate athletics they were the California Golden Bears. They have the same right to Cal as Texas, Bama, Washington, etc. have to their names and do not need to change it because the system expanded. Lafayette has no such claim and the comparison is a bit off.
I suggest you look into other ways of finding happiness, you might enjoy life more. Especially as a Georgia fan, it's been a rough four decades or so.
I'd put Vandy 4th although I think Memphis will knock of Ole Miss. Georgia of course is the toughest team the SEC will play in week 1. I have Auburn loosing to Oregon and the SEC going 11-3.
You best get a better grasp of the English language before you throw out insults. My memory tells me that there are 5 or 6 teams that have won more Super Bowls than the Raiders, Google tells me it is 6 and that only 7 teams have been to more. Yes, they haven't won anything since the early 80s, but neither has Georgia and you are still here. I was just pointing out that they are one of the most storied programs in the NFL, sorry if I offended you.
Not many teams have won more Superbowls than the Raiders. Maybe 5 or 6?
I don't even think Dabo knows the answer to that question. Even if he has convinced himself he knows, until the hypothetical is removed and he has to decide anything he thinks could change. Unless there is some promise he has made to his family that has not become public, I think that he really doesn't honestly know what the decision between a program he pushed over the top or his childhood dream will be.
Not to mention the 8 wins it cost Bama has them fourth in all time wins instead of second. Not that that matters much.
Alabama could match or beat LSUs tidbit on Thursday depending on where White and Williams go. Georgia's could be matched as well depending on when Jacobs goes.
Sorry Nick, you do have enough guys that can play winning football!
Yah, I think the play should have been played over with just a warning. Still a high probability the result would have been the same, but at least Georgia would have gotten a chance to heave one or tip one in.
Only game a kicker cost Saban at Bama was LSU in 11. They still won a batty that year.
I doubt moving this game will cause either school to play better non-conference opponents, especially in November when the game has been played lately.
If he is in the mix I believe it proves that the defenses he will play against are weak and allow for over inflated stats.
Let's throw away a natty so we can punish Jalen for transferring when we benched him. That makes perfect sense. You should read your comments before you hit publish dude. Maybe your grade school teachers punish themselves to get even with you, but that's now how the rest of the world works.
This guy has been great at Georgia and will be fort another year. He did miss one that probably puts Georgia in the playoffs this year if it goes through.
LSUSMC - "If it was not Alabama and Clemson there would be no dip in ticket prices." If it was Oklahoma vs ND they might not be the highest ever but I would not be sitting where I will be for as cheap as I am. Bcreek - No one gave me anything in life. I worked for everything I have.